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  1. You have tried adding this: setViewDistance "+str _skn_viewDistance+"; setObjectViewDistance["+str _skn_viewDistanceObects+", 100]; setTerrainGrid "+str _skn_terrainGrid+"; just before before line 1299 uiNamespace setVariable['ESP_mainMap', findDisplay 12 displayCtrl 51]; On a quick look, it should still work (we have nothing changed here)
  2. He-Man

    CfgItemSort.hpp in CUP or RHS

    Something must have broken your mission config. Adding a Mod can not break your mission config without changing anything into the mission file (I am pretty sure).
  3. He-Man

    CfgItemSort.hpp in CUP or RHS

    Looks like you have something broken in your mission configs. Have you added something to cfgitemsort? Be careful by just copy paste something! Sometimes there are not visible chars (especially by copy from html-sites).
  4. In your case 973.9 could also be 973.90005, but the log will cut (round) it. Thats what I expect to be the Problem.
  5. He-Man

    "authentication failed disconnect and try again"

    Okay. Then I will do some final tests and add it to Experimental files. Thx for testing it
  6. He-Man

    "authentication failed disconnect and try again"

    Can you replace this file in your mission file for a test? epoch_code\System\player_login.fsm https://www.dropbox.com/s/tsrwxqhwt1iqh18/player_login.fsm?dl=0 But make a backup from your original file first!
  7. He-Man

    "authentication failed disconnect and try again"

    There are some debug logs in the client rpt... C:\Users\He-Man\AppData\Local\Arma 3
  8. He-Man

    A3 Epoch v1.3 Update

    Many thanks to @orangesherbet for this nice video to the EpochMod 1.3 update!
  9. He-Man

    after update 1.3

    Some custom scripts can be broken, if they use not allowed Commands. You can comment out this new security function. Can be found in sandboxconfig. Something like cfgdisabledcomands.
  10. He-Man

    Reload at Service Point

    Nice! Once understand how it works, it is easy to add Vehicles to the Rearm script :)
  11. He-Man

    Reload at Service Point

    I am only using the default magazines (on Vehicle spawn). I have added a link in the config to the comand to get them as an array: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Sources/epoch_config/Configs/CfgServicePoint.hpp#L82 So spawn the Vehicle in Editor, get in as driver and run: magazinesAllTurrets (vehicle player) Then you get an array with the needed entries back... className: String - magazine class name turretPath: Array - turret path ammoCount: Number - how many rounds left in the magazine id: Number - id of the magazine object. The number starts at 10,000,000. This gives it about 7,600,000 possible ids before the number starts losing precision and cannot be used in scripts. creator: Number - owner / clientOwner of the PC that created the object
  12. He-Man

    Reload at Service Point

    Ah and you have to be the current user of the weapon (be local to the turret). It do not work as driver, if the driver is not the gunner
  13. He-Man

    Reload at Service Point

    {"20Rnd_125mm_APFSDS_T_Green",{0},1,300}, This means {"MagName",{Turretpath},MaxAllowedMags,PricePerFullMag} So if you already have 1 mag on the vehicle, you can not rearm
  14. He-Man

    Reload at Service Point

    Oh maybe you have just reached the max mags??? If you shoot your weapon empty, the menu should come up...
  15. He-Man

    Reload at Service Point

    But... what I have noticed: "O_T_MBT_04_command_F " -> "O_T_MBT_04_command_F<space>" There is a space between _F and "