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  1. He-Man

    Bunker Event

    There are some (currently) unused bunkers in the Epoch files and I thought, what can we do with them...??? So I have written a small script to spawn them in a configureable square. It is just a small "fun-event", that needs Admin support! Only the doors between the bunkers are opened. So nobody can enter it from outside. (Only ported in Players can enter this event) You can also configure some missing bunkers for a bit more opened feeling. By default, loot is spawning. To disable it, you have to add this line (already in experimental): https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/commit/e033973debd25bb8d16582a194bd62d2a731cb1a Here are 2 small Videos from the "Event": http://plays.tv/video/5b7b30a4cb1bc433b6/bunker2 https://plays.tv/video/5aa5961bd853eb1462/bunker-event You have to run this Server Side by console or via "if (isserver) then {...};" By default it is located in the salt lake on Altis, but you can change the parameters by yourself at the bottom of the script. _BunkerEvent = { params ["_startpos","_countx","_county","_skip",["_loot",true]]; _bunkerarr = ["bunker_epoch_01","bunker_epoch_02","bunker_epoch_03","bunker_epoch_04","bunker_epoch_06","bunker_epoch_09","bunker_epoch_10","bunker_epoch_11","bunker_epoch_12","bunker_epoch_13","bunker_epoch_14","bunker_epoch_15"]; _spawnpos = []; { _spawnpos pushback _x } foreach _startpos; _dist = 12.9; for "_i" from 1 to _county do { for "_k" from 1 to _countx do { if !([_k,_i] in _skip) then { _veh = createVehicle [selectrandom _bunkerarr, _spawnpos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; if (!_loot) then { _veh setvariable ['EPOCH_Skiploot',true,true]; }; _veh setposasl _spawnpos; _veh animate ["One",0]; _veh animate ["Two",0]; _veh animate ["Three",0]; _veh animate ["Four",0]; if (_i == 1) then { _veh animate ["Four",1]; }; if (_i == _county) then { _veh animate ["Three",1]; }; if (_k == 1) then { _veh animate ["Two",1]; }; if (_k == _countx) then { _veh animate ["One",1]; }; }; _spawnpos set [0,(_startpos select 0) + _dist*_k]; }; _spawnpos set [0,(_startpos select 0)]; _spawnpos set [1,(_startpos select 1)+_dist*_i]; }; }; _startpos = [23807.1,18623.1,3.19]; _countx = 10; _county = 10; _skip = [[3,3],[8,3],[3,8],[8,8]]; _loot = false; [_startpos,_countx,_county,_skip,_loot] call _BunkerEvent;
  2. Have you also put the keys on the Server into the keys folder?
  3. He-Man

    Data Base

    You can use redis desktop manager
  4. He-Man

    Fully Integrated Vector Building System

    Yes, it is already in. Use the arrow keys by default. You can Change the keys in Epoch ESC menu
  5. He-Man

    signature missmatch

    Nitrado install by default? Oh damn, we are on 1.2 I would propose to start with a small local server on your PC (same we have done on startup). If you get some players, you can have a look for a root server.
  6. He-Man

    Player Proximity Scan Script

    Hey, sorry for my late reply. Was a bit busy... To spawn the function, you have to predefine it. I would put this in your Init: Ich (hasinterface) then { GOM_fnc_scan = compilefinal preprocessfilelinenumbers "GOM_fnc_scan.sqf"; }; Create a file in your mission root called "GOM_fnc_scan.sqf" and put your code into this file: params [["_scanObject",objNull],["_scanRadius",250],["_duration",5],["_debug",false]]; _scanObject setVariable ["GOM_fnc_scanActive",true,true]; if (_debug) then {systemChat "Scanning for Players!"}; hint "Scanning for Players!"; sleep 1; _stopTime = time + _duration; waitUntil { _nearPlayers = (_scanObject nearEntities _scanRadius) - [player] select {isPlayer _x}; hintsilent format ["Scanning: %1\nPlayers detected: %2",[-(time - _stopTime),"HH:MM"] call BIS_fnc_timeToString,count _nearPlayers]; time > _stopTime }; if (_debug) then {systemChat "Scanning Complete!"}; _scanObject setVariable ["GOM_fnc_scanActive",false,true]; hint "Scanning Complete!";
  7. He-Man

    Player Proximity Scan Script

    You can use the same settings as in your addaction: class Playerscan { condition = "player isEqualTo vehicle player && !(player getVariable ['GOM_fnc_scanActive',false])"; action = "[player,15,5] spawn GOM_fnc_scan"; icon = "x\addons\a3_epoch_code\Data\UI\buttons\geiger_alarmon.paa"; tooltip = "Player Scan"; }; I think this should work
  8. He-Man

    Player Proximity Scan Script

    I think antihack is blocking your Addaction. I would move it into the dynamenu
  9. He-Man

    New to game.Need help?

    You could try to get in contact with other Player in the the Epoch Discord: https://discord.gg/0k4ynDDCsnMzkxk7
  10. He-Man

    Health Regen for Epoch

    Oh no... If your hunger / thirst value is higher than the defined limit (here Hunger > 3600 / Thirst > 1800), then you heal yourself over time.
  11. I think the workaround is still needed. But not sure
  12. He-Man

    how to unlock vehicle as admin

    I have added a function for this into experimental. So you can lock / unlock Vehicles and Storages with "7" by default. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/commit/92c3280f4fa16cb843ca52b3f76c5e1d60f64e09 But it is in development!!!
  13. He-Man

    Spawn vehicles on 1.2.0

    @lammeronline, your errors are in the lines that contains "getPlateNumber" and "setPlateNumber". These are new commands introduced in Arma 1.82. Could it just be that you have to update your Arma Server files?
  14. He-Man

    Spawn vehicles on 1.2.0

    Hmm, have you taken the vanilla pbos from install Pack? Or have you changed something? I can double check a fresh install this evening, but for now I got no reports about any issues.
  15. He-Man

    Epoch 1.2 Release Changelog