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  1. Command menu

    Look for showhud in sandboxconfig.hpp false, // Commanding menu Set this to true
  2. How radioactivity works now in 1.0.0?

    Some food also effect radiation
  3. How radioactivity works now in 1.0.0?

    If I remember right, Medical.
  4. Buildings on Tanoa

    Hmm no, we don't have these Buildings there...
  5. Game crashes, really need help!

    Are you Running 32 or 64 Bit? 32 Bit has some memory problems, what is fixed since 64 bit
  6. Disable Radar (Sonsors of Vehicles)

    If somebody is also looking for a script function to disable the Radar of Vehicles: { _sensor = _x; if (_sensor isequaltype []) then { if (count _sensor > 0) then { _sensor = _x select 0; }; }; _vehicle enableVehicleSensor [_sensor,false]; } foreach (listVehicleSensors _vehicle);
  7. A3 Epoch v.5 Traders Inventory

    Only by Scripting it.
  8. List of EPOCH Buildings Missing Loot Spawns

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/92rr4off5ba3qwy/LootPositions.zip?dl=0 It is a bit ago, as I have used it... First of all, it is only for test-servers, because you have to disable Battleye / remove all filers. Easiest way is, you have access to the debug-console, so you can simply cope paste the code ingame. - FindLootableBuildings will check the epoch config for already defined lootable buildings. If there are undefined buildings, it will create map markers for all undefined Buildings (some exceptions for irrelevant building types are included) - LootPositions is a keydown-Eventhandler to create new loot positions 1. Go to a not defined Building, look at it and press enter. If there comes "warning ... is already in loot list, then it is already defined in the config. Otherwise there should come "selected buolding ... 2. Use Pos1 / Ende (Home / End) to select the wanted Crate 3. use arrow-Keys to move / turn the Crate 4. Press Space to save this uilding Loot Position 5. Repeat 2-4 to define more possible crates to this building. ... 6. Move to the next building and repeat it ... 7. When you are finished, read the Variable LootArray with the Debug-Console. 8. Change in this Array the Crate-Names according to this (example: Shelf_EPOCH -> shelfPos): { "shelfPos", "Shelf_EPOCH", true}, { "fridgePos", "Fridge_EPOCH", true }, { "bedPos", "Bed_EPOCH", false }, { "couchPos", "Couch_EPOCH", false }, { "wardrobePos", "wardrobe_epoch", false }, { "cookerPos", "cooker_epoch", false }, { "chairPos", { "Chair_EPOCH", "ChairRed_EPOCH" }, true }, { "filingPos", "Filing_epoch", true }, { "pelicanPos", "Pelican_EPOCH", false }, { "tablePos", "Table_EPOCH", false }, { "lockerPos", "Locker_EPOCH", false }, { "toolRackPos", "ToolRack_EPOCH", false }, { "shoeboxPos", "Shoebox_EPOCH", false }, { "palletPos", "Tarp_EPOCH", false }, { "freezerPos", "Freezer_EPOCH", false }, { "cabinetPos", "Cabinet_EPOCH", false } 9. Convert the arrays according to the config in CfgBuildingLootPos.hpp This Script works with publicvariable, so you can use it with more than only 1 Player at the same time. The Variable will be synchronized by the clients. I hope you can work with it. If not, just ask...
  9. List of EPOCH Buildings Missing Loot Spawns

    Okay, let me sort it a bit...
  10. List of EPOCH Buildings Missing Loot Spawns

    I'm not sure, if this is all correct, but if I remember right, the script must be run in Editor, I think. Because copytoclipboard is not working in Multiplayer. Because that I have written my own script to handle it in Multiplayer. But is is then in "ARRAY" and not in config format. It is also a bit work wo rewrite it in the correct format then, because you have a lot to do manually. But it checks all map Buildings for already defined positions and give you markers for missing buildings. If you are interested, I can send you the files...
  11. Hi everyone, we have started a new Project: "Epoch pure Survival". We think for the best survival feeling, Chernarus keeps the best map, so we started next to our Altis and Tanoa Server a Chernarus SURVIVAL Server. We have done a lot for now, but are not finished, so we will add more and more in the next time. Because I will not repeat everything, here just a link to my Facebook announcement for the Server (I hope this is okay, otherwise please delete it or contact me). Server IP:
  12. Respawn at Base

  13. Respawn at Base

    You are correct. I can reproduce it from the scripts. Will try to fix it...
  14. Hopefully your next question is not "how to disable Basebuilding in Epoch" ;)
  15. [solved]Trader problem

    Seems there is a small mistake in the Trader Load script : epoch_server\compile\epoch_traders\EPOCH_server_loadTraders.sqf: change line 30 from: for "_i" from 0 to _maxTraderLimit do { to for "_i" from 1 to _maxTraderLimit do { And please give Feedback, if this helps, so we can change it in the files.