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  1. @Sneer I had to rework the script again and added some more infos. The "old" variant has added turrets with more than 1 count of mags multiple. So I have added a merge for it. Now it also works with the stable and experimental branch (I had to change the config for cfgServicePoint). If there are questions, we can also discuss it in Discord. Would be a bit easier and faster than in a forum.
  2. On each restart or only after maintain?
  3. I have not noticed this by myself for now, but by chance I found something. In general the items should not move, but at least on maintain they could. Is it only after maintaining something? If so, you could try: Find this line: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Sources/epoch_server/compile/epoch_bases/EPOCH_saveBuilding.sqf#L25 and change it like this: _worldspace = [(getposATL _this call EPOCH_precisionPos), vectordir _this, vectorup _this]; change to: _worldspace = [(getposATL _this), vectordir _this, vectorup _this]; I am not sure if this works, but it could be the issue you have explained. So please make a backup of your database first! And please give some feedback!
  4. @Sneer I have changed the script, so it can also be used in Editor. - Run you Epoch Mission file in Editor - Place all Vehicles you want to configure for the ServicePoint - Run this Script in console - Read out the Variable "NewVehiclesAndAmmo" - Paste the array you get from the variable into an empty file - Replace all [ by { - Replace all ] by } - Replace all 999999 by the price you want for the Ammo - Add it to cfgservicepoint Sure, you have to add some line breaks, to make it a bit easier to get an overview. But in general, you get a final config (with the above changes)
  5. @Grahame You can use this script to find all Vehicles on the map with weapons, but not currently in the default Epoch ServicePoint. This Script will give you the needed config entries for cfgServicePoint.cfg but you have to sort it a bit and change the price from 999999 to what you want. _allveh = allmissionobjects "landvehicle" + allmissionobjects "ship" + allmissionobjects "Air"; NewVehiclesAndAmmo = []; _AlreadyFound = []; _AmmoConfig = (missionconfigfile >> "CfgServicePoint" >> "VehiclesAndAmmo"); _VehiclesWithAmmo = ("true" configClasses _AmmoConfig) apply {configname _x}; _VehiclesWithAmmo = _VehiclesWithAmmo + ((getarray (missionconfigfile >> "CfgServicePoint" >> "VehiclesAndAmmo")) apply {_x select 0}); { _type = typeof _x; { if ((tolower _type) == (tolower _x)) exitwith { _AlreadyFound pushback _type; }; } foreach _VehiclesWithAmmo; if !(_type in _AlreadyFound) then { _AlreadyFound pushback _type; _magsturrets = (magazinesAllTurrets _x); if !(_magsturrets isequalto []) then { _entry = [_type,[]]; _tmp = []; _cnts = []; { _find = -1; _curmagturret = _x; { if (str _curmagturret isEqualTo str _x) exitwith { _find = _foreachindex; }; } foreach _tmp; if (_find == -1) then { _tmp pushback _x; _cnts pushback 1; } else { _cnts set [_find, (_cnts select _find) + 1]; }; } foreach _magsturrets; { (_entry select 1) pushback []; (_entry select 1 select _foreachindex) pushback (_x select 0); (_entry select 1 select _foreachindex) pushback (_x select 1); (_entry select 1 select _foreachindex) pushback (_cnts select _foreachindex); (_entry select 1 select _foreachindex) pushback 999999; (_entry select 1 select _foreachindex) pushback (_x select 2); } foreach _tmp; NewVehiclesAndAmmo pushback _entry; }; }; } foreach _allveh; Edit: I have changed the Script, so it is compatible to Epoch 1.3.1 and also the upcoming Epoch 1.3.2. The Output is an Array like this: [["B_G_Offroad_01_armed_EPOCH",[["100Rnd_127x99_mag_Tracer_Yellow",[0],4,999999,100]]],["B_HMG_01_high_F",[["FakeWeapon",[-1],1,999999,1],["100Rnd_127x99_mag_Tracer_Red",[0],4,999999,100]]],["O_UAV_01_F",[["Laserbatteries",[0],1,999999,1]]]] Add some linebreaks and tabs for a better overview like this: [ [ "B_G_Offroad_01_armed_EPOCH", [ ["100Rnd_127x99_mag_Tracer_Yellow",[0],4,999999,100] ] ], [ "B_HMG_01_high_F", [ ["FakeWeapon",[-1],1,999999,1], ["100Rnd_127x99_mag_Tracer_Red",[0],4,999999,100] ] ], [ "O_UAV_01_F", [ ["Laserbatteries",[0],1,999999,1] ] ] ] Replace the 999999 by the price for this kind of magazine, like you want. Then you should be able to add the Vehicles to the cfgServicePoint. Do not copy / paste it, but add new entries with the same syntax like others already in the cfg
  6. @Sneer Why do you not use the build in Service Points from EpochMod for it? You can add configs for all Vehicles within CfgServicePoint.
  7. _jammers = nearestObjects[_CheckLocation, ["PlotPole_EPOCH","SleepingBagGreen_EPOCH","SleepingBagBlue_EPOCH","SleepingBagBrown_EPOCH"], 6]; This should still work. "call EPOCH_JammerClasses" is only needed, when you have defined other types than the default Jammers as PlotPoles. But you can also use: _jammers = nearestObjects[_CheckLocation, call EPOCH_JammerClasses + ["SleepingBagGreen_EPOCH","SleepingBagBlue_EPOCH","SleepingBagBrown_EPOCH"], 6]; @Tarabas
  8. Forceadduniform is disabled via a config in Epoch. when you need it, you can simply remove it from this file: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Sources/epoch_config/Configs/CfgDisabledCommands.hpp
  9. I would also recommend to use Discord for small questions / answers. There are also experienced Admins / Players / Devs who help very quick... https://discordapp.com/invite/0k4ynDDCsnMzkxk7
  10. There are Service Points. You have to add your Vehicles, Turrents and ammo classes into the config for it: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Sources/epoch_config/Configs/CfgServicePoint.hpp
  11. Pricing is only needed for wespons / intems to spawn in loot crates and to get weapons / items / vehicles in the spawn menu. To get vehicles random spawned in, it should be enough to add them into the allowed vehicle List.
  12. To get them into the Spawn Menu, you have to define a trading price for them within cfgpricing
  13. These model errors are related from CUP itself. But mostly you can ignore it.
  14. Here again (already talked about that with Honey Bee in Discord): Change this back to 0 as a quick fix. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/commit/f0182aba7c6082ce81fc2a514d65454a1354d165
  15. He-Man

    error in waitUntil

    Spawn a "new" script and add your code there. For example: [] spawn {mycode};
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