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  1. BEC Bug after Last Update

    I am only using the Lobby kick of BEC and it is working. So I think you really have a fail in your port configuration. Port in "SC\BattleEye\BEServer.cfg" is 2310 In BEC Config: Port = 2310
  2. Oh sorry, this can not work. I have combined it with SEM, so you need SEM running to get AI spawned in. You can also try it (I think you will get some errors like "SEM_fnc_spawnAI not found". If you are using SEM, there should also come up some AI's. I could download the latest officiel version and modify it a bit, but only in a few days. If I remember right, the fix was very easy... But it is a long time ago.
  3. I found something in my archive. Not sure, if it is currently working and I will not support it, if it fails. But you can try: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qjsetwqvw9uzht6/a3_epoch_server_zcp.pbo?dl=0 Should work without any client files. If you find rpt errors, I can try to help you. But again, I am not official supporting it...
  4. Enable God mode

    Indestructible Base objects? https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Server_Install_Pack/%40epochhive/epochconfig.hpp#L75-L88
  5. Epoch Vehicles Unlockable By Anyone

    It is related on too long expire values for VehicleLock. This should fix it: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/commit/8b6a25506de5b4ef3666d9cc5de0b649fe446bf3
  6. Epoch Vehicles Unlockable By Anyone

    Can you pm me and give me this files from your Sever? - epoch_server.pbo - mission file - epochconfig.hpp - last server rpt Then I will check, if there is a problem in the Epoch files, or on your side...
  7. Few bugs, not worth separate threads.

    We made some tests yesterday and have moved the Door / Gate functions (lock / unlock / open / close) to the Space Bar Menu. But all of us 3 Testers have the same opinion. Moving it to the Space menu is a bit confusing, because all other Doors of Map Buildings will stay in mouse wheel menu. So we should not change it. But I have talked to DirtySanchez today, because he is already changing something for the Door mechanism. He will also change, that opened and locked doors can be closed (currently it can stuck on opened and locked and you are not able to close it until restart) I think this was the main problem here (as we have already talked about in private chat). This change needs an update for the client files, so it will take some more time to be on the Servers.
  8. Epoch crafted bombs

    If I remember right, you just have to put it on the Ground and can activate it with the mouse wheel.
  9. Few bugs, not worth separate threads.

    As I know, you are playing on our Server... I think it is not related on lags (as you already written), but we can test to move the Actions to the Space Bar Menu. I will write a prototype I think tomorrow evening. Unfortunately I can not block the mouse wheel actions without changing the Client files, so both will be possible then. If this works better, I will talk to the other Devs, if we can change it for the next official update. For the disappearing Backpacks: We have some extra anti dupe checks on our Server. First I thought, this checks cause it, but I have no logs, that you have tried to dupe for the last 3 Weeks. When has it happened to you? Then I will doublecheck the logs.
  10. Command menu

    Look for showhud in sandboxconfig.hpp false, // Commanding menu Set this to true
  11. How radioactivity works now in 1.0.0?

    Some food also effect radiation
  12. How radioactivity works now in 1.0.0?

    If I remember right, Medical.
  13. Buildings on Tanoa

    Hmm no, we don't have these Buildings there...
  14. Game crashes, really need help!

    Are you Running 32 or 64 Bit? 32 Bit has some memory problems, what is fixed since 64 bit
  15. Disable Radar (Sonsors of Vehicles)

    If somebody is also looking for a script function to disable the Radar of Vehicles: { _sensor = _x; if (_sensor isequaltype []) then { if (count _sensor > 0) then { _sensor = _x select 0; }; }; _vehicle enableVehicleSensor [_sensor,false]; } foreach (listVehicleSensors _vehicle);