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  1. How would we know? This is the Epoch Mod forum... To answer your question, Exile has a completely different script, same principles, different code
  2. Grahame

    Deployable Sleeping Bags as Spawn Points

    Make sure that this line is there for all the bags in CfgBaseBuilding,hpp: bypassJammer = 1;
  3. I think you have a syntax error in the safe zone setting: SafeZonePositions =  [  [[4021,11653,],175] ];  UseHarassingZombies >  19:30:26 Error position: <],175] ];  UseHarassingZombies > 19:30:26 Error Missing [  19:30:26 File epochz\init\fn_init.sqf [epochz_fnc_init], line 1380 There is supposed to be no , after the y position. That probably explains the issue. The one infected you saw was probably an Epoch adversary. Would personally recommend setting ryanZombiesEnabled = "false"; in CfgEpochClient.hpp since Epoch and Ryan's infected behave differently
  4. Just add the class names with prices (and tax if you want it) to HSPricing.hpp
  5. Grahame

    [Solved]AddWeaponCargo restriction #0

    My current addWeaponCargo entry in scripts.txt is: 7 addWeaponCargo !="_acceptHolder addWeaponCargo [_wWeapon, 1] ;" !="CBA_fnc_addWeaponCargo" !="\\fnc_addWeaponCargo" !="\"addWeaponCargo" !="cba_fAddWeaponCargo" !=ryanzombies !="_WH addWeaponCargo [_x select 0,1];" !="_box addWeaponCargoGlobal [_x,1];" !="_object addweaponcargoglobal _x;" !="_gwh addWeaponCargoGlobal [_empty, 1];" !="_vehicle addWeaponCargoGlobal [_x, 1];"
  6. Grahame

    [Solved]AddWeaponCargo restriction #0

    No... Just the addWeaponCargo.txt. I have the scripts one still in place.
  7. Grahame

    [Solved]AddWeaponCargo restriction #0

    Do not recommend removing some filters to solve these types of problems... but in this case, given that if you have an extensive loot selection it is really six of one or half a dozen of another
  8. Grahame

    [Solved]AddWeaponCargo restriction #0

    Home now... and LOL. I solved this issue years ago by removing the addWeaponCargo filter... see the thing is that you are going to need to add exceptions for every item... and even if you wildcard them with filters like !acc_ you are pretty much allowing everything (depending on your loot tables). So you have two choices. Add filters for everything wildcarded like, !U_C_ !acc_ !arifle_ Or add every item individually. Or remove the filter... Same goes for things like towing scripts where you need to add every towing vehicle in the attachto.txt filter... or remove the filter...
  9. Grahame

    [Solved]AddWeaponCargo restriction #0

    Yes. On phone so misread message. What's the actual error in the log file?
  10. Grahame

    [Solved]AddWeaponCargo restriction #0

    I suspect you need to increase the value of this - maxAddWeaponCargoPerInterval In the battle config file and fully restart BattlEye
  11. Grahame

    Is there a max limit on antagonist spawns?

    You should not have to put ryanszombies.pbo in the Epoch addons folder... that issue needs to be resolved, fixing whatever you broke. The easiest way to have "hordes" of zombies would be to add this to your server...
  12. Yes... it means that you have a item in HSPricing that either does not exist or there is a typo in the classname. I run a debug version of tradermenu.sqf to find these when I make a new HSPricing. Basically copy tradermenu.sqf to tradermenu-prod.sqf and create a new tradermenu with this code: Upload the new mission PBO. Then log into the server. In your client RPT (in C:/Users/<username>/AppData/ARMA3) you will see a list of the trader items and you'll be able to see the item that causes the glitch... When you have finished, move this version to tradermenu-debug.sqf for use in the future and move the tradermenu-prod.sqf back as tradermenu.sqf (Yes, I will produce a version that can be used for both with a flag in the settings file but I did this ages ago as a one-off check that has proved very useful over the years)
  13. Grahame

    Unlock vehicles left in trader over restart

    Not all trader camps have protection zones or props... Better way though for vanilla A3E users (rather than hard coding them) would be: private _config = configFile >> "CfgEpoch"; private _configWorld = _config >> worldname; private _A3E_SafeZonePosArray = []; { _A3E_SafeZonePosArray pushback [_x select 3, 200]; } foreach (getArray(_configWorld >> "telePos")); { if (_vehicle distance (_x select 0) < (_x select 1)) then  { _vehicle lock false; diag_log format["Vehicle %1 left in trader unlocked @ %2", _class, mapGridPosition _vehicle]; }; } forEach _A3E_SafeZonePosArray; Then you get the locations from the map files in epoch_server_settings...
  14. Grahame

    [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.84 BUILD 148

    Of course will only work in buildings that have correctly defined pos positions for AI. But I'll be on that after the other stuff I owe you @Ghostrider-GRG