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  1. A3E Take Clothes

    Think I see the issue there. Will post an update later after real-life work is complete for the day. Thanks for the heads up @Kenobi
  2. I'll pass back the code to the A3/Epoch devs if they want it and if someone has or can get a public domain generator sound... obviously the one I use on my servers is not afaik (though it might be...) P.S. Apologies for the poor quality of the video, my PC is a potato...
  3. Door remote script

    Also, for anyone who wants it, this is KillZoneKid's script for the automatic doors at the hospital in Karvala: call { if (!isDedicated || worldName != "Altis") exitWith {}; private ["_hs","_var"]; _hs = [3760,12990,0] nearestObject "Land_Hospital_main_F"; { _var = createTrigger [ "EmptyDetector", _hs modelToWorld _x ]; _var setVariable ["parent", _hs]; _var setTriggerArea [5, 5, 0, false]; _var setTriggerActivation ["ANY", "PRESENT", true]; _var setTriggerStatements [ "this", format [ " (thisTrigger getVariable 'parent') animate ['Door_%1A_move', 1]; (thisTrigger getVariable 'parent') animate ['Door_%1B_move', 1]; ", _forEachIndex + 2 ], format [ " (thisTrigger getVariable 'parent') animate ['Door_%1A_move', 0]; (thisTrigger getVariable 'parent') animate ['Door_%1B_move', 0]; ", _forEachIndex + 2 ] ]; _hs setVariable [format [ "bis_disabled_Door_%1", _forEachIndex + 2 ], 1, true]; } forEach [ [2.80469,15.7993,-8.47323], [2.78027,7.52686,-8.4725], [-4.17358,-7.89453,-8.4725] ]; }; Run this and the airport one by adding: if (isServer) then { [] execVM "custom\auto_altis_intl_doors.sqf"; [] execVM "custom\auto_kavala_hospital_doors.sqf"; }; to init.sqf with the path and file names matching whatever you called them.
  4. Door remote script

    The exitwith on the unowned jammer is important because that check in your code @Tarabasjust prints the message and doesn't stop the door opening code from being run... which is why anyone can open the door whether they are in the jammer's group or not. Your actual check was fine it just only affected the printing of messages not the running of the later code. Also, may be going mad but what is EPOCH_Doorcheck? Did a grep on the mission code/configs and epoch_server... could not find it anywhere... I know of EPOCH_lockcheck which is used by the doors... is that what you meant to use?
  5. Door remote script

    Can you post the script with all the code (including the group jammer stuff) together? Also the scanner range should be a lot smaller than 25km... Ideally this would not be an action but an automatic thing (maybe, can see reasons why not). I use a script from KillZoneKid for the automatic doors at Karvala Hospital and Altis International Airport. Here's the AIA one: call { if (!isDedicated || worldName != "Altis") exitWith {}; private ["_fnc","_tr","_side"]; _fnc = { { _tr = createTrigger [ "EmptyDetector", _side modelToWorld _x ]; _tr setVariable ["parent", _side]; _tr setTriggerArea [5, 5, 0, false]; _tr setTriggerActivation ["ANY", "PRESENT", true]; _tr setTriggerStatements [ "this", format [ " (thisTrigger getVariable 'parent') animate ['Door_%1A_move', 1]; (thisTrigger getVariable 'parent') animate ['Door_%1B_move', 1]; ", _forEachIndex + 7 ], format [ " (thisTrigger getVariable 'parent') animate ['Door_%1A_move', 0]; (thisTrigger getVariable 'parent') animate ['Door_%1B_move', 0]; ", _forEachIndex + 7 ] ]; _side setVariable [format [ "bis_disabled_Door_%1", _forEachIndex + 7 ], 1, true]; } forEach _this; }; _side = [14619,16810,0] nearestObject "Land_Airport_left_F"; [ [-0.62,-15.16,-7], [-0.62,15.16,-7] ] call _fnc; _side = [14587,16776,0] nearestObject "Land_Airport_right_F"; [ [0.62,-15.16,-7], [0.62,15.16,-7] ] call _fnc; }; Should be a way to integrate your idea for a auto-door opener with KZK's scripts maybe...? You just set the triggers on found doors to run the code to open them if you are part of the group at the time you come into the trigger's range
  6. A3E DZMS

    Mostly, but there will be inconsistancies without the extra body hit locations in the arms and legs. You also need the new login, respawn and other scripts I have for medical persistence and to stop Epoch from handling damage...
  7. A3E DZMS

    Works with few changes. But you need a client side mod to handle medical properly and make epi pens a magazine. Also, infiSTAR needs a small bit of code removed, if you use it, to allow advanced throwing and tactical ladders to work with the scroll wheel. I'll put up a mod on Steam with just the character model changes if you'd like @Sneer
  8. A3E DZMS

    Not yet for the bloodbags... I have been working on some stuff on the side though... Was using them on my ACE3 Epoch server when I had it so that you could transfuse into and out of the bloodbag
  9. A3E DZMS

    Yes @SneerThey do spawn elsewhere, but bis_findSafePos really likes the salt flats. That's one of the things I need to fix
  10. A3E DZMS

    Couple of things I need to fix (minor things) and will be adding all the missions for those with CUP Terrains Core on their servers. Will provide an update in the morning. Does work and look so much better with CUP Terrains Core (and CUP Weapons/Vehicles for the graphics on the mission notifications)
  11. A3E Animated Crash Spawner

    No problem... and when I release LootSpawnerZ you'll have infected at the crash site too @natoedObviously you will get a look at that before I make it public. Just dealing with the deletion of corpses and working on a LOS mechanism so Zs don't spawn in eyesight of a player and then it should be good to go (and spawns infected at all buildings covered by the enhanced Haljv's LootSpawner with CfgLootPositions.hpp)
  12. A3E Take Clothes

    Okay folks, I have made some changes (will update the first post with them) based on suggestions and good video reports from @Kenobi- Cheers mate! First, a small change to the take clothes code in CfgActionMenu_target.hpp so that the option to take clothes will not be provided when looking at dead things with no uniforms, like the vanilla Epoch adversaries like sappers, cloakers and zombies and the Ryan's Zombies zombies (which are not the same): // Take Clothes class take_clothes { condition = "((!alive dyna_cursorTarget) && ((dyna_cursorTarget isKindOf 'SoldierWB') || (dyna_cursorTarget isKindOf 'SoldierEB') || (dyna_cursorTarget isKindOf 'SoldierGB')))"; action = "[dyna_cursorTarget, player] call TakeClothes;"; icon = "x\addons\a3_epoch_code\Data\UI\buttons\group_requests_ca.paa"; tooltip = "Take Clothes"; }; The definition of the base classes for west, east and guer soldiers should catch most AI wearing uniforms from any mod. That definitely is the case for CUP. Changed the custom/TakeClothes.sqf script to set a variable on the corpse so a uniform can only be changed once, even if you subsequently take the uniform off them (thanks @Ghostrider-GRG) and present a message to the player if they attempt to take it again: /* Author: Grahame Description: Take and wear any clothes from a dead player or AI Licence: Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA) - https://www.bistudio.com/community/licenses/arma-public-license-share-alike */ private ["_target","_player","_target_uniform","_player_uniform","_target_carried_items","_player_carried_items","_clothes_taken"]; _target = _this select 0; _player = _this select 1; _target_carried_items = []; _player_carried_items = []; _items_to_add = []; _clothes_taken = _target getvariable ["CLOTHESTAKEN", "false"]; if (_clothes_taken != "true") then { _target setvariable ["CLOTHESTAKEN", "true", true]; _target_uniform = uniform _target; _player_uniform = uniform _player; _target_carried_items = uniformItems _target; _player_carried_items = uniformItems _player; _items_to_add = _player_carried_items + _target_carried_items; _target forceAddUniform _player_uniform; _player forceAddUniform _target_uniform; { _player addItem _x; } foreach _items_to_add; } else { ["Clothes have already been taken from this body", 5] call Epoch_message; }; As a result of that change you will also need to add !"CLOTHESTAKEN" to your setvariable.txt BattlEye filter. Please let me know if you find any other issues.
  13. Epoch buildings hit points

    Yes @exploadeadthough the easiest way is to create a new mod that overrides Epoch's config definitions in it's config.bin rather than touching the Epoch client mod. I do that myself on one of my servers in a mod I have published to Steam. Anyone connecting to your server would have to have this new mod installed. There is no way around this. All the core ARMA configs (CfgWeapons, CfgVehicles, CfgMagazines and all the others) must be installed on the server and client and cannot be overridden in the mission file.
  14. Epoch buildings hit points

    I passed the link to where the parts are configured in the first line @exploadead In order to change you will have to make a new client side mod that is installed on the server and each client. CfgVehicles can only be overridden in a client side mod...
  15. Epoch buildings hit points

    https://github.com/EpochModTeam/EpochCore/blob/release/Sources/a3_epoch_configs/Configs/CfgVehicles.hpp In case you did not know, you can make building parts indestructible on an individual part basis in the serverside @EpochHive/epochconfig.hpp. For example this would make all parts indestructible apart from storage and doors: // BaseBuilding UseIndestructible = "true"; // Enable / Disable Indestructible BaseObjects IndestructibleBaseObjects[] = { // Can be Names or Classes "Constructions_static_F", "PlotPole_EPOCH" }; ExceptedBaseObjects[] = { // Not Indestructible, also if in a Class of IndestructibleBaseObjects "CinderWallGarage_EPOCH", "CinderWallDoorwHatch_EPOCH", "WoodLargeWallDoorL_EPOCH", "WoodLargeWallDoor_EPOCH", "WoodWall4_EPOCH", "Buildable_Storage", "LockBox_EPOCH", "Safe_EPOCH" };