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  1. One of the reasons I first started using LootSpawner was the fact that I could tailor loot to a specific type of building (e.g. military loot predominantly in military buildings, medical in hospitals, etc.) but one failing has been its reliance on building positions being set up by map developers for each of the buildings used on the map. Recently, for example, I know of someone who really wanted to use Napf for an Epoch server but was really unable to do so because the buildings have not been defined for standard Epoch loot (the beds, tables, chairs, etc.) and the map's new buildings did not have building positions defined, so LootSpawner would not create ground loot. Well, that got me thinking (as did the fact that I'm using @DirtySanchez's Open Chernarus Project to add additional new buildings to Chernarus. Of course the new buildings do not have positions defined that LootSpawner can use.... but Exile does... Here I present some code fixes to allow you to use the Exile Loot Position files for any map with the old LootSpawner system. Credit for LootSpawner goes to the original developers and @Suppe(who produced so much good software for Epoch back in the old days). So, in order to get this working you need to download the original LootSpawner files and make the following changes: Replace LootSpawner.sqf with: If, like me you have altered the chances of loot spawning or added additional loot building classes do not forget to change that in this file. Replace fn_LSgetBuildingstospawnLoot.sqf with: Now, find an Exile CfgBuildings.h for the map you are using. You need to create a new file in your mission file in epoch_config/Configs called CfgLootPositions.hpp. Copy the code from the CfgBuildings.h into this and wrap the whole thing in: class CfgLootPositions { ... the original file contents ... }; Now just make sure that all the buildings are listed in the LootSpawner LSlootBuildings.sqf file. Rebuild the loot_spawner and mission PBOs and upload to your server. Now you have loot spawning on the ground, on bunks, under them, on tables and shelves, depending on what the original author of the loot position config provides. If you want to change a building's loot positions or add a new building not covered in the CfgLootPositions then simply download the Exilemod Loot Position Creator which does not require that other mod to run and is pretty easy to use and set things up how you would like them. TODO: Tidy up the code and add error checking on whether the buildings defined in LSlootBuildings.sqf are defined in the new CfgLootPositions.hpp
  2. Shipwrecks Loot table

    So, in the simplest of cases, say you wanted to make the shipwreck loot really high value, you could do that by changing the table to look like this: class Shipwreak { items[] = { { { "ItemGoldBar10oz", "magazine" }, 15 }, { { "ItemGoldBar", "magazine" }, 20 }, { { "ItemJade", "magazine" }, 15 }, { { "ItemRuby", "magazine" }, 15 }, { { "ItemSapphire", "magazine" }, 20 }, { { "ItemOnyx", "magazine" }, 15 } }; }; This would give a 15% chance of a 10oz gold bar, 20% of a 1oz bar, 15% chance of a Jade gem, etc...
  3. Shipwrecks Loot table

    class Shipwreak { items[] = { { { "Gems", "CfgLootTable" }, 5 }, { { "MetalBars", "CfgLootTable" }, 26 }, { { "PartOreGold", "magazine" }, 10 }, { { "PartOreSilver", "magazine" }, 13 }, { { "ItemKiloHemp", "magazine" }, 12 }, { { "ItemScraps", "magazine" }, 16 }, { { "PartOre", "magazine" }, 18 } }; }; The items in this table are the name, type and percentage chance. For the first two, Gems and MetalBars, with a 5 and 26% chance respectively they say to look at other tables, see below. For the other items, they are magazines - specific items - with their own percentage chance. The Gems and MetalBars tables are: class MetalBars { items[] = { { { "ItemGoldBar10oz", "magazine" }, 1 }, { { "ItemGoldBar", "magazine" }, 9 }, { { "ItemSilverBar", "magazine" }, 20 }, { { "ItemCopperBar", "magazine" }, 20 }, { { "ItemAluminumBar", "magazine" }, 20 }, { { "ItemTinBar", "magazine" }, 30 } }; }; class Gems { items[] = { { { "ItemJade", "magazine" }, 5 }, { { "ItemRuby", "magazine" }, 8 }, { { "ItemSapphire", "magazine" }, 9 }, { { "ItemTopaz", "magazine" }, 10 }, { { "ItemOnyx", "magazine" }, 10 }, { { "ItemAmethyst", "magazine" }, 10 }, { { "ItemEmerald", "magazine" }, 10 }, { { "ItemCitrine", "magazine" }, 10 }, { { "ItemGarnet", "magazine" }, 13 }, { { "ItemQuartz", "magazine" }, 15 } }; }; In these tables, which are called up if the weighted percentage hits their entries in the original table, there are percentage chances of each of these specific "magazines" being found... Note: vehicle, magazine, weapon, item are ARMA specific definitions and do not necessarily mean that a "magazine" is a magazine... they are configuration definitions. For example, every person is a a vehicle, as is a building... but that's probably TMI...
  4. Shipwrecks Loot table

    Look at the Shipwreak class (yes, it is spelt like that...) in the loot tables in your epoch_server_settings.pbo (path in that is configs/CfgLootTable.hpp or CfgLootTable_CUP.hpp)
  5. new villian?

    The way around that is to alter the day/month/year to be a full moon night btw. Easily checked by server devs in the editor for the best one for early moonlight. Then you get real light (without that ambient night light nonsense) that allows players to see their away around at night
  6. new villian?

    All my servers have 3 hours of day and 1 hour of night, but you are right, the server pop drops drastically when night hits... Not gonna change anything on that though
  7. Epoch Dead?

    Just want to add a personal note here: This is exactly why, after getting into A3 Epoch server development in 2015 I have stuck with Epoch and not considered moving to another mod - it is designed as a sandbox that can be configured and reworked (within ARMA's limitations) to provide exactly the environment you want. Looking at the 0.6 changelog is very exciting (and I hope to contribute myself to that) and the number and quality of contributors is, to be honest getting back to where it was before I even played A3 Epoch. The work @vbawoland the other long timers have done is exceptional, and the new core contributors who have provided content and are providing even more for 0.6 and beyond are taking everything to a new level. Hopefully @vbawolis getting reinvigorated by their work cause this mod was, is and will continue to be the best survival sandbox mod that exists for ARMA3! A big shout out should also be made though to those fine people who, not only have brought out brand new versions of ARMA2/DayZ/Epoch but as devs and modders continue to improve that fantastic product too!
  8. That one's not important, more house cleaning. As long as the first file is replaced and the code indicated in the second is commented then this will work.
  9. WAI: 1.0.0 - Alpha / Arma 3

    Can you post your config in a spoiler or message me with it and I'll take a look. I do not have that issue.
  10. EpochZ: Black Tide

    A few changes, some major yesterday on Black Tide: Addition of the Hellenic Armed Forces Mod Addition of the Enhanced Movement Mod (map custom Use Action to '5' and that'll jump and climb) Addition of Autorun - default 'Y' key to turn on and off (thanks @Ghostrider-DbD-) Removal of Toolkit when you start deploying a bike and adding it back when you repack the bike Several tweaks to both the BlackEagl's and Wicked AI mission systems (including rare hotwire kits as mission loot) Addition of the Jammer Z Shield around your base Roaming AI tweaks - crypto from the roaming AI is now found on their bodies, not mobile phones To use the climb/jump from Enhanced Movement, set your Custom>Use Action 5 to a key like '5' in Keyboard Configuration. If you set it to another number key you will need to remove the mapping of the other number key in the Commands section of keyboard configs Also by default autorun will be mapped to the Y key (turn on/off toggle). Hitting another WASD or the 5 key will also take off autorun by default (that's why I recommend '5' for your enhanced movement jump/climb)
  11. OCP does not have the LODs defined for buildings yet afaik (lootspawner places loot where AI are defined to stand based on the buildings being defined for this)... This is as far as I understand being worked on. In the interim you would need to use the Epoch tools (specifically saveLootPositionsVector.sqf) to define Epoch loot container positions (beds, chairs, tables, etc.) for any loot to be in those buildings.
  12. Factions / Groups

    What @DirtySanchez said re: siding in Epoch... you would need to use factions from INDEPENDENT (or GUER) side (or move all Epoch players into BLUFOR...) I would add though that 1.98 is not a new version of EOS... it is the same old one that's been available for years. While a great script and very handy for those who want to do something smaller than that which would require ALiVE, it will have an enormous adverse effect on server FPS - that's the main reason I stopped using it for safe zone "guards" quite some time ago. There has been talk of remediating the issues on the BIS forum thread, but no one ever came through with a full fix (and 1.98 does not have the fixes that were posted).
  13. If anyone is interested (who has not done this themselves) then here are the changed files to store crypto on the roaming AI's bodies rather than in dropped cellphones. Replace compile/A3EAI_group_functions/A3EAI_generateLootOnDeath.sqf with: Comment lines 126-169 in scripts/A3EAI_serverMonitor.sqf: Comment line 87 in init/loadSettings.sqf: And you're done.
  14. Is the master good to go - looks like the updates are there? If so I will download and install on my three servers and test...
  15. EpochZ: Tanoa

    There have been quite a few additions to EpochZ: Tanoa today: The addition of the RDS Civilian Pack mod adding all the missing vehicles that you love so well, including the mountain bike, Thomas the Tractor, Skoda vans, an ambulance and militia car with working sirens and lights among many others. Deploy and repack a bicycle if you have a ToolKit (available in the initial gear selection). New Buildables at your base (all are saved to the database and behave as any other base parts, apart from the lack of PhysX when building): working Portable Lights, a Sink and Field Toilet (both are water sources), Razor Wire, Watch Tower, various Sandbag Walls (all in a lovely Tanoa green), Fuel Pump, large and small Camo Nets (green hex ones of course), Loudspeakers, a Burn Barrel and an ATM (which acts as an ATM unsurprisingly). Toggle on and off plot pole jammer boundary markers to see the extent of your demesne. Dynamic Road Debris from Epoch 0.6 Experimental (this one's been there for a while). See the EpochZ community forum for the crafting recipes for the new buildables in the Tanoa section.