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  1. EpochZ: Day Zero

    Been a busy morning today. Some of the changes made to EpochZ: Day Zero today include: An important fix related to the integration of ACE medical on respawn after death has been deployed Revives do not now delete spawn point data for players Fixed all the military tents on the map (except the new ones at NEAF - have to work out what the map devs did there) to deal with the issue that they were not recognized as buildings by hiding them and placing new ones Added the new Apex buildings on the map as of the 0.48 update to the loot tables and Z spawns Deploy bicycle now requires Vehicle Repair Parts not a Tool Kit You can now deploy an unarmed Mozzie with Vehicle Repair Parts, an Engine Block, Rotor, Fuel Tank and duct tape The Mozzie at the traders is now the grenade-armed version Played with Z spawn numbers. Lower numbers for civilian buildings (though they add up in a town or village) and higher numbers at military or paramilitary sites The blood icon now shows ACE Blood Volume not damage
  2. EpochZ: Day Zero

    You will no doubt be very happy to learn that the EpochZ server mods for EpochZ: Day Zero are now available on Steam. You can remove the existing local mods from your PCs and subscribe to the following: @EpochZMod @EpochZ_Cows In addition, there were some changes to the server traders on Day Zero today (to some extent just a reorg and fix of item placement): - New category Magazines>Medical containing all Epoch and ACE medical items - Other ACE items (cable ties, etc.) moved to Magazines>Other - Some building items (tents, sleeping bags, new campfire) correctly placed in Magazines>Building Supplies - New category Magazines>Vehicle Repair containing all vehicle repair items (except small salvage metal that remains in Magazines>Building Supplies) - MicroDagr and Map Tools correctly placed in Attachments and Tool Items - Firing Devices moved to Explosives>Other - ACE3 Magazines have been added to the price lists. See the list at https://ace3mod.com/wiki/class-names.html#ballistics and some explanation of concepts at https://ace3mod.com/wiki/feature/ballistics.html In addition, Epoch's painkillers have been made to work with ACE. Morphine reduces pain by 0.4 (on a scale of 0-1.0) but has potential negative effects. Pain killers have no negative effects and reduce pain by 0.1. To use them, double click on the pain killers in your inventory. I will be making them "magazines" of 6 pills in the near future but for the moment they are just single use.
  3. EpochZ: Day Zero

    And just to clarify: (1) ACE Medical overrides any Epoch medical information or actions (other than Epi pens and self/filling blood bags). Information in the debug panel will be removed since it is no longer applicable. There may be an inconsistency that I am actively looking into at the moment though... if there is a bug I expect to fix it by the morning. (2) The Z attack code/mechanisms are vanilla Ryan's Zs. (3) As @BetterDeadThanZedsaid, I am trying to recreate the feel of the original DayZ/Epoch, not the easy servers that I have created before. That is why you have the shore spawns for example. It is supposed to be a moderately hard server where survival is a primary feature, not harvesting gear from your dead body before heading back to finish a mission for its loot... (Though the issue of returning to your body quickly is not necessarily easy on vanilla Epoch servers either where you only spawn at trader camps). (4) Z deletion is a known issue (not really an issue as such) but there is a bug in the deletion code that I know about and am working on. This only applies to dead zombies, not live ones which do despawn correctly, and seems to be the result of defining them as agents (a good thing, makes them dumb) instead of AI (where they would pursue you to the ends of the earth... However, at this time this is a minor bug that has no effect on game play.
  4. EpochZ: Day Zero

    @Spiff Then Black Tide or another Epoch server would seem to be the right choice for you... Not seen the Z issue, nor has anyone else reported it and I've encountered a lot of them. What was your ping at the time?
  5. EpochZ: Day Zero

    Yes, use the ACE self-interaction (default, Ctrl-WIndows key) for yourself or ACE interaction (Windows key) for bandaging others. Check out this video for a brief tutorial of ACE configuration and interaction:
  6. EpochZ: Day Zero

    Changes to the server this morning, mostly relating to self-bloodbagging functionality: For the purposes of the following discussion, note that ACE deals with bloodVolume on a scale of 0 to 100. A 1000ml blood bag will restore 70 blood (max 100), a 500ml bag half of that (35) and a 250ml bag will hold a quarter (17.5). Added the ability to fill a blood bag You double click on an empty blood bag in your inventory and select how much blood you want to take, 250ml, 500ml or 1000ml. Note that you must have 10 more blood in your body than what you are taking out so, for example, to fill a 1000ml blood bag you must have 80% of your blood left. Added self bloodbagging Double click on the blood bag in your inventory. It will remove that item and add back the the blood in the bag to your bloodVolume (max 100). Eating cooked meats will restore a small percentage of ACE bloodVolume (between 1 and 10%) Added the crude hatchet to the list of items that will allow gutting of animals or opening cans. This fixes an earlier oversight. Added a new POI at NEAF courtesy of @BetterDeadThanZed The A2 Animations for ARMA3 mod was updated on Steam Note that blood bagging others is unchanged and performed through the standard ACE interactions menu... look at your target and hold down the WINDOWS key by default
  7. EpochZ: Day Zero

    Both you and @Drokzhave been invaluable help in getting the server to where it is now. Thanks also to those who helped beta test it and point out stuff that needed rework and fixing. Long way to go yet, but I'm pretty damned happy with where it stands now. Must not forget a shout out to @natoedfor some suggestions on mods and other help too. Real community effort!
  8. EpochZ: Day Zero

    Journey back to where it all began and experience ARMA3 Epoch in ways that you might never have tried or seen before! IP: Port: 2312 Steam Mods (NOTE: UPDATE AS OF 12/16: All mods are now available on Steam) Epoch CBA_A3 Advanced Combat Environment (ACE3) CUP Terrains Core Chernarus Redux DS Houses CUP Weapons, Units and Vehicles CUP Weapons ACE3 Compatibility TRYKs Multiplay Uniforms RDS Civilian Pack Enhanced Movement LordRampantHumps Items Pack Kurt's Survival System Massi's WW2_units_mas (This is specifically the name of the right mod. Do not bother with the so-called "Fixed" one... WW2_units_mas uploaded by Massi is the right one - or use the link here) Immersion Cigarettes Ryan's Zombies & Demons ARMA2 Sounds for ARMA3 ARMA2 Animations for ARMA3 EpochZ Cows EpochZ Mod Features Full integration of ACE3, including the ACE3 Basic Medical system into Epoch. Epi pens use Epoch's standard revive system. Just look at a dead player while carrying an epi pen and a revive option will appear in the SPACE menu Over 100 random shore spawn sites, just like in the old days, no spawn chamber Rewrite of LootSpawner to spawn zombies on buildings rather than in an area. The Zs (which are reskined to match the map - including military Zs - are also dumber than in standard Ryan's Zombies with animal intelligence and thus easier to sneak past and evade). There are generally lower amounts of loot than normal on EpochZ servers though to fit the feel of the server Wicked AI Missions, including several more ported from ARMA2/Epoch including the slaughter house, abandoned trader, drone pilot and Old MacDonald's farm. More to come soon! New items include Hunting Knifes, gas masks, laptops and PC Parts for looting and lots of new food and drink (fruits together with the Russian food and drink from KSS Mod, including vodka) New Buildables: Sleeping Bags (green, blue and brown) - can be made spawn points, a Large Workbench - required for crafting more complex base kits, Storage Crates and a Portable Generator. Also have provided new models for certain building parts to better fit into Chernarus Redux including the Plot Pole (you'll recognise this from somewhere...), Outhouse, Well and Deer Stand Cows! kill them and take and cook the steaks. Note, to gut animals you now need a hunting knife or hatchet Can opener, knife or hatchet required to eat from canned food. You get less or more hunger back depending on which you use Harvest apples and pears from their trees (and sunflowers for their seeds too!) New Points of Interest designed by @BetterDeadThanZed including new trader camp layouts at Bash and Stary All uniforms are unlocked for all players A complete rework of the hunger and thirst values from food and drink New spawns now have energy so that they can build campsites Self-bloodbagging and filling blood bags. Restoration of blood from cooked meats Coming Soon Karma-based bandit and hero status with unique skins and traders DayZ-style categorized traders Much, much more!
  9. SM_Sheds | More enterable sheds.

    @StokesGamingMCReally like the look of these but after installing the mod they vanish from the editor so I cannot place them or the old ones when it is loaded.
  10. The latter (2312) is the same as my server that kicks after two or three minutes unfortunately... Just sort of pissed off that I'm running with what was exactly their desired port choices and now they do not work...
  11. As I wrote on BI's forum: I did read the changelog and assumed all would be okay since I had been using 2306 for BattlEye for my server on game port 2302 since they moved the port months ago... but no... neither RCON nor BEC could connect anymore. As recommended by a fellow server owner I moved the port to 2307 and it works perfectly... go figure?!? However, for my second game server on my dedicated hardware, I am SOL... it uses game port 2312 (and now BE port 2317, which allows BEC and RCON to connect to the server)... However, after a few minutes clients are kicked with BE client not responding. Have turned BE off on that server until Bohemia fix... oh well (And yes, 2302-2307 and 2312-2317) have been open ports for months and the servers worked perfectly before the 1.78 upgrade. I feel for those on hosted servers though...
  12. [RELEASE]Perfect Night Time Settings! (Within EPOCH)

    Turning off the NiteLite works perfectly for me
  13. Fixed by moving to port 23x7 as recommended by @xDrokZ... Weird
  14. Doesn't seem to want to connect on any of my servers. I am using, for example 2306 for the 2302 server, 2316 for the 2312 server, etc. Nothing changed there on my end...
  15. If you use infiSTAR you will need to change these lines in its config to suit your needs: /* ViewDistance Value */ _VDV = xxx; /* ObjectViewDistance */ _VOV = yyy;