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  1. Grahame

    Standalone Epoch mod ? Maybe ? Maybe Not ?

    @vbawolstated on the Epoch discord that:
  2. Grahame

    arma3 1.86 update

    ARMA3 discord. Hotfix expected tomorrow morning, US time... may be delayed again. https://discord.gg/7rvJHB
  3. Grahame

    WTF do I do with these files?

    Uploading content to Steam that you do not have permission to do so will end up with a world of hurt... Uploading DayZ mod or standalone content for an ARMA3 mod will end up with a message from Bohemia's lawyers... so...
  4. Grahame

    [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.88 BUILD 167

    LOL, and I had just downloaded it earlier for the Black Tide relaunch... Nice timing! Good job guys, best A3 mission system right now!
  5. Spearhead Gaming is pleased to announce our new hardcore ARMA3 Epoch survival server set on the island of Saint Kapaulio. For information on joining the server please visit DevilDogGamer's Discord at: https://discord.gg/NJ7kKJW Features PvP welcome and encouraged Full ACE3 integration including ACE3 Basic Medical Fully unlocked uniforms, all uniforms can be picked up from ground loot and from dead players and AI New buildables including among a host of other things, static HMGs for base defence and a new plot pole that fits into a 1x1x1 base building Missions, roaming AI and infected Vanilla Epoch traders - what you sell them is what they have, keep the gucci gear for yourself but be aware everyone else will want what you have Epoch Advanced Vehicle Repair Seven custom trader camps Ambient sounds (including flies on corpses) and animal herds Mods Mod Preset List: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/508317420134334464/508317815288365066/Spearhead_Epoch_.html CBA_A3 Epoch @EpochZ CUP Terrains - Core Saint Kapaulio NIArms All in One RHSAFRF RHSUSAF RHSGREF RHSSAF Project OPFOR RDS Civilian Pack ARMSCor 3.4.6 Kurt's Survival System (KSS) Zombies and Demons Flashpoint : RHS Uniform Re-textures Enhanced Movement Immersion Cigs
  6. Grahame

    EpochZ: Bandit Country

  7. Grahame

    EpochZ - Battleye setvariable restriction #0

    No re: anti-virus. You need to add them as Ryan's Z loot via the Ryan's Z loot module or add them to server loot (they are items not magazines). BE should reload at restart so the filters should be done then (assuming you do not loadscripts via RCON in the meanwhile). And no, BE kicks are only related to BE, nothing else
  8. Grahame

    EpochZ - Battleye setvariable restriction #0

    No, your entries are !"ryanzombiesimmunity\" = false" !"ryanzombiesinfected\" = 0" not what I suggested and use which is: !"ryanzombiesinfected" !"ryanzombiesimmunity"
  9. Grahame

    EpochZ - Battleye setvariable restriction #0

    Just add !"ryanzombiesinfected" !"ryanzombiesimmunity" to setvariable.txt, That works for me
  10. Grahame

    EpochZ Server - Turn Off Vehicle Spawns

    See above for removing the vics, just TP around, remove those that you cannot unlock... have had to do that before myself to avoid a full DB wipe
  11. Grahame

    EpochZ Server - Turn Off Vehicle Spawns

    No problem. If I can help fix your issues I will. Want to support all Epoch server owners. Post here, PM me or contact me on discord with the problems you have outstanding
  12. Grahame

    EpochZ Server - Turn Off Vehicle Spawns

    When I first started running an ARMA3 Epoch server I thought to myself, what would be a good name... server that had just been taken down was called Epochistan.... great name for that server and it was a great server... was the reason I stayed on A3 rather than bouncing back... But despite the fact the server was dead, I could not take their name. So I started thinking... all variations on Epoch something... so Epochalypse... but I found YouTube videos (over a year old videos from a then dead server) and I thought nope, can't do that. In the end, I was astounded that when I searched for it there was nothing on the web or youtube showing up for EpochZ... I mean, seriously... Even now you search online and there's nothing but the band and me.... and now you @C4-timahIt's not like I have the name trade marked or anything, but we're a small community here mate and if you're just trying to get people with that name on an Altis map while Black Tide is down, well, good luck to you
  13. Grahame

    EpochZ Server - Turn Off Vehicle Spawns

    Otherwise you have to do what I did a long time ago and TP around the map... can I unlock the vic, yep... deleted... nope... player vic. Doesn't take very long and avoids the wipe. Nice server name btw... had people letting me know
  14. Grahame

    EpochZ Server - Turn Off Vehicle Spawns

    Did you wipe your database after turning off vehicle spawns cause they will persist for as long as your vehicle timeout on your server that you have decided to name EpochZ: Blah... which I thought was my thing...
  15. Grahame

    EpochZ: Bandit Country

    No problem. server issue was fixed.