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  1. Not a problem at all, looking forward to using this. I saw the guy's comment who said he was going to work on them too which is why I'd subsequently guessed the answer to my question ;) BTW, thanks a lot for the Vector Building mate, my players love you! Finally they can easily build garage doors that an M1A2 TUSK can fit through!
  2. Actually had missed this error in the RPT file: 7:43:58 Client UnknownCryptic - client's ticket has become invalid. Code: 6 And, I had actually deployed the experiment login fsm back in May and there are no errors written that would indicate that it is related to the REDIS problems previously seen. Still investigating
  3. Missing animation source is a CUP model issue I believe. The actual issue is a known problem though very rare. This server did not have the experimental player login fsn, Will be adding it at the next restart and asking you to log in again. Then I can send that data to @vbawol I can then subsequently clean your character record in REDIS and you should be good to go again.
  4. Travel back to where it all began... When the Pacific Flu hit Chernarus the country was recovering from the disastrous civil war that had wracked the country for years. Luckily, Russian, CDF, Red Star, NAPA and CFOR units were already in place, forgot their former rivalries and immediately jumped in to help... It wasn't long before they too had succumbed to the plague! IP: Visit the EpochZ Community Forum or contact us on Discord. Required Mods Ryan's Zombies and Demons: using a new mechanism to spawn the Zs in a more DayZ manner (thanks @natoed). There are also irregular hordes and one or two harassing infected walking around in the night time. Zombies can also infect you. Watch out because if you die from the virus then your body may not be where you left it when you return... CBA_A3, CUP Weapons, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles: it's 2025 with 2025 weapons and vehicles. I've completely overhauled loots.h for CUP but not increased the loot spawn chances. CUP Terrains Complete (or CUP Terrains Core and CUP Terrains Maps) Tryk's Multi-Player Uniforms: lots more uniforms for the uniform junkies out there. This is the one that you want if you are downloading via Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=779520435 Scripts A3EAI: with vehicle and helicopter patrols. AI patrols and spawns replace the default Epoch antagonists (apart from the Epoch UAVs and subsequent militia if you don;t shoot them down). The AI will interact with the Zs and vice versa. SEM, BlackEagl's and WAI Missions: all with weapons, equipment and loot customized for CUP and including SEM Convoy missions. And yes, there is the WAI Nuke mission. If no one's dealt with that before the timer expires run like hell DayZ style Helicopter Crash Sites: with reduced CUP-based loot. C-130 Supply Drops, guarded by AI and with CUP-based loot. Black Market Traders in the three trader cities (Stary, Bash and Klen) and elsewhere. HALO/Ground Spawns and you can select limited Starting Gear Halv's Repair and Reammo Script, rearm and repair your vehicles at the kiosks at gas stations. Extended Safe Zones with Vehicle Protection! Advanced Towing and Advanced Rappelling And lots, lots more... Features All players are BLUFOR, roaming, dynamic and mission AI are OPFOR, infected are RESISTANCE allowing the interaction between the Ai and infected - they will fight each other when spawned together. DayZ Trader cities at Stary, Bash and Klen Dynamic vehicle wrecks on the roads make driving a more interesting experience... No building restrictions, build where ever you want 75m Jammer range 7-day base maintenance 48-hour vehicle locks 4 hour restarts, day/night cycle PvP, but attacking other players in or around the trader cities is prohibited and will result in a ban!
  5. I took the code from the "Pre-0.6" commit on the GitHub, not the latest Experimental, just modded my release code and don't have the green crosses btw. If they'd been on the map I would have thought that they shouldn't be...
  6. Thanks for all the work on this map. I'm thinking of using it for my Chernarus server. Are the buildings defined with indexed positions for AI so that the Epoch custom LootSpawner script by Suppe can drop loot in them? If so I might migrate this weekend...
  7. I took the code and installed them on one of my servers and they do add more of a post-apocalyptic feel and harken back to DayZ dynamic wrecks. They also make players a little more careful those few times they drive on roads. Probably should be configurable via the events variable in the server's EpochConfig.hpp though, for people who don't want thwm
  8. (1) There is a vehicle permissioning system to allow others to access your vehicle and, (2) Yes, newly bought and spawned vehicles can be stolen. Personally I just ban the people who do so though... it's not like the idea of what's allowed in safe zones is new or anything...
  9. I added Tryk's instead, since I only use Steam mods on Black Tide (and last I looked the Unlocked Uniforms did not have all the CUP outfits)
  10. I want to second this! My players and I are delighted with this mission system now, it knocks all the others out of the park. AI are responsive and much more of a challenge and everything about the system seems to have just got better. Now all we need are for us to provide more custom missions to give BlackEagl's the same breadth of missions as SEM or WAI.
  11. I'm not sure that maintaining different CfgPricing.hpp files for the different maps is needed. For example, Tanoa and Australia depend on Apex, the others don't. The standard CfgPricing.hpp has almost every ARMA3, CUP and Apex item, since you can only buy what is sold to the Epoch traders or defined in their original loadouts. If an item is missing then that is an oversight and should be reported, I'd guess, as an issue on GitHub with the missing class name (or, even better, you can pull a version of the price list, add the item and @vbawol will I'm sure merge the change back into the main branch). If you want to give these non-standard items out then really the right way is to maintain custom copies of the loot tables (which by default are not in the mission files), black market trader price lists or spawn gear selections - but that's the work that we server devs are responsible for. There's plenty of other, more important things for the Epoch devs to be working on IMHO.
  12. One minor "bug" seems to have been introduced, though this may be intentional. Players often will start clearing loot from AI bodies before popping the mission crate. On my servers they will probably use the captured mission vehicles to store this loot. In previous versions (definitely in v.53) this was not a problem. Now in v.57 when the mission crate is popped the cargo of the mission vehicles is cleared, removing all the captured loot. Given that the mission vics do not generally contain any cargo anyway, is this behaviour necessary? In the interim I believe I should just be able to remove line 36 in GMS_fnc_vehicleMonitor.sqf [_v] call blck_fnc_emptyObject; Does that sound right? It's weird because this line was in the old code anyway...
  13. "Camp Redoubt has received reports that the Russians have found an experimental weapon in the ruins of Damascus and are planning on testing it out on the island of Altis. Be on your toes, stay frosty and alert" A major overhaul to the server began yesterday with the following changes being made: Simple Epoch Missions system updated to new version provided by @He-Man Modified all AI gear, vehicles and loot to use CUP though and added several new dynamic convoy missions. Lock picking of storage is now possible in the same way as vehicle lock-picking. A new price list has been installed for Epoch and Black Market traders. This has been in the works for some time now but we wanted to get it right. Although prices are now higher for military gear it is balanced by the fact that sale prices have also risen proportionately. It does however mean that it will be a little more work to get the high end military gear. Several new additions to the Black Markets including new Littlebirds, woodland and black versions of the Mk16 and Mk17 SCAR rifles, Vector SMGs and the SpecOps HMMWV and Mk-19 equipped Land Rover. InfiSTAR updated to latest version. A "surprise" has been added to the roaming land vehicle AI (see the top of this post). A few minor bugs and glitches have been fixed.
  14. Your version removes the lock-picking of doors though. To add storage in addition to doors you can do the following: (1) Add a new file fn_storageunlock.sqf to the ALP PBO with: (2) Add the following line to the start of fn_alpinit.sqf: [] ExecVM "\a3_epoch_autolockpicker\fn_storageunlock.sqf"; (3) Re-PBO the ALP PBO and upload to @epochhive. (4) Replace AutoLockPicker.sqf in your mission file with the following and change the variables as you need them: (5) RePBO your mission file and upload, (6) Add !="ALPSTORAGEUNLOCK" to publicvariable.txt BattlEye filter. (7) Enjoy!