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  1. I think mgm is still travelling the world on a hoverboard...
  2. Want the DayZ SA broken windows effect for Livonia or maps that use its buildings (like CUP's Chernarus 2020 map) then run this script on your server on restart? { _house = _x; _hitPoints = "isClass _x" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> (typeOf _house) >> "HitPoints"); { _hitpointname = (configName _x); if ("Glass" in _hitpointname) then { _house setHitPointDamage [_hitPointName, 1]; }; } forEach _hitPoints; } foreach ((getArray(configFile >> "CfgWorlds" >> worldName >> "centerPosition") ) nearObjects ["House", worldSize]);
  3. Download Origins from DayZLauncher. Upload to your server and load. Ask someone on discord to send you the server key you'll need. Voila, Taviana 3.x (works with the Tavi mission from salival's mod pack without change). Just moved from Tavi back to Chernarus myself, but was using that setup for some time
  4. Uh, why not just use what I posted earlier in this thread? Then you just walk into them...
  5. The EpochZ SCUM server, reconfigured to feel a lot more like the old DayZ Mod... and it does... - Removed mechs - Removed snitch drones - Drastically increased the max number of infected on the map, with possible increases in the future - Reduced max number of spawned vehicles to 16 - Reduced loot by 25% from vanilla Search for the name in the in-game launcher
  6. Also, if you are running lootspawner you probably want to turn off the new vanilla Epoch ground loot...
  7. Excellent @He-Man Looks like I migrate to the service points then
  8. In my opinion this is a better safe zone script now...
  9. Did you edit something @Sneer because their is a typo in that error: HALV_spwan_map.LineMarker
  10. I use it because I have never had time to add all the CUP vehicles into the configs tbh @He-Man
  11. Are you missing the stringtable.xml if that is a problem cause systemChat format[localize"STR_HS_FAILEDTOSELL",_x select 8]; is fine for me... You need the stringtable.xml in your mission root folder
  12. Interestingly Nitrado are a supporter on the main forum page but their infiSTAR version and battleye filters don't support Epoch 1.3.1 despite the fact that they rent and supposedly support servers on which they load Epoch 1.3.1...
  13. In case anyone wants it... Here are the classnames from the Contact mod - specifically uniforms, rifles, handguns, launchers, helmets, vests, backpacks, etc. No vehicles
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