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  1. There is a port to A3 on steam. It adds the islands north and west, and debris as well as fixes for some of the glitches. We ran it for a while for other mods.
  2. Try reducing some of those distances or the number of missions. The arma script blckeals uses flips out if you use such large values for spacing.
  3. Have you checked the logs? Does VEMF start? If not, then you have the change the dependencies in the config. If AI Spawn but do not attack players check their side and the side you spawn in as.
  4. I suggest you go to the Epoch Discord for more timely help. However, Zombies: be sure you have ryan's zombies and demons in your -mod= list Safezones - do a quick search here for scripts. there are a few you could use. Adding items: you need to manually add the items you want the traders to carry. Start by defining price lists for them. You would modify \epoch_config\cfgPricing to do that.
  5. Ghostrider-GRG

    New Server

    There is still support on the Discord. I do not know what plans are for further development, that may be on pause. I would ask on the discord for more info about where those plans stand. There do seem to be more players drifting back to or discovering A3 Epoch based on population on our server. I hope that helps.
  6. It is best to start with the server files from the github and modify the configurations for your particular server. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch
  7. The issue has been fixed in Version 7.04 Build 235 which I just pushed to the master branch on the githb.
  8. this is obvivous I guess, but you need to update your server. Is this a hosted server (GTX, Nitrado, etc)? The server companies usually have a tool that helps you do that.
  9. Have you tried exporting the mission using the editor plugin? EDIT: It seems this is an issue with V 7.04. I will address in a future build in the near futurel
  10. Which build are you using please? I think that is one of the things I fixed recently.
  11. Try build 230 on the experimental branch. Everything works smoothly on our Altis and Namalsk servers.
  12. what version are you running ? The issue with all missions spawning one after another has been fixed in Ver 7.00 / Build 218. I will double-check that loot vehicles are spawning. By plugin do you mean the mission system?
  13. Accessible via A3Launcher - just search for GRG IP: Port 2322 Key features: Home to GRG Epoch since its initial release. Running the latest version of blckeagls mission system and VEMFr town invasions. Many customizations have been added including: AI strongholds Claim mission vehicles Virtual garage and Virtual Hanger Kill messages, study body and bury body (new versions) Rope towing IgiLoad support for loading crates and smaller vehicles into larger ones. Call your banker banking Halo spawn at selected locations Paintshop Repair/refuel at service stations Blackmarket traders at Epoch trader compounds and roaming around the map Earplugs (Ignatz/He-man's version)
  14. Final (I think) version pushed this evening.
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