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  1. that is what I was wondering as well.
  2. I had someone complain about a similar graphics issue on one of our servers and I was wondering if it was a problem with graphics drivers or some other PC-specific issue. Do other players also have the same bug?
  3. Is there an island up there? I don't recall. I have not looked at that code in a year or so but I believe the spawner will search for locations at a specific range of depths and I think, near shores. It is possible the spawner needs a tweak. Would you be able to send a screenshot?
  4. No, for that you need a roaming AI mod, such as A3EAI or DMS/Occupation which I believe DirtySanchez ported to Epoch a while back.
  5. Thanks - I expect to be making a few more changes to that branch before merging it with the Master. If anyone notes any odd behavior related to simulation management please let me know.
  6. There is a new build now in testing available on the github which includes many bug fixes and code enhancements. Many thanks to He Man for looking through and working on the code. https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/blckeagles-revisited-RC/tree/V-6.88-Build-160
  7. Updated to V 6.86 Build 155 to add some new functions and a set of tools for pulling missions from the editor without a whole bunch of copy/paste or reliance on editor plugins.
  8. For 'blck_configs_epoch.sqf', there is near-duplication. It looks like I meant to have a conditional preprocessor command there to add the biopod provided by Apex. I will update accordingly. You are correct about bipods, silencers etc. See \custom_server\Compiles\Units\GMS_fnc_spawnUnit.sqf lines 131-135 for how this is coded.
  9. I just created a new branch on the GitHub for Build 152 (Experimental) which adds two new functions: 1) I included tools and templates with which one can easily export mission configurations from the editor. You now just need to run one script for the markers and second for everything else, paste the output of each script into the template and add the new mission wherever you like. 2) One can now spawn AI in buildings. AI can be placed in specific locations in the editor, or you can designate a building as a location for AI, and AI and statics will be spawned at the predefined Arma building positions. See the directions for more information about designating buildings for use for garrisons using the Arma building positions. You do need to place a marker object inside the building. I also added a new feature for static missions AI patrols whereby you can limit the number of respawns. Setting this value to -1 disables tracking of number of respawns. That is the default, and the mission are backwards compatible with older builds of blckeagles. Download this updated version here: https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/blckeagles-revisited-RC/tree/Build-152
  10. There are four variables you could increase: Alert distance, which the maximal distance from an AI killed or hit that will result in the group leader being given info about the players location. Intelligence, which translates to how much information the group leader gets, where 4 would be a great deal. baseSkill, which is the overall skill level of ai before any modifiers are applied. spotDistance and spotTime, which are self-explanatory. 1.00 is maximal here. Start increasing these and the missions should get harder. blck_AIAlertDistance = [250,425,650,800]; // Radius within which AI will be notified of enemy activity. Depricated as a group-sed system is used now. The group is informed of the enemy location when a group member is hit or killed. //blck_AIAlertDistance = [150,225,400,500]; // How precisely player locations will be revealed to AI after an AI kill // values are ordered as follows [blue, red, green, orange]; blck_AIIntelligence = [0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9]; blck_baseSkill = 1; // The overal skill of the AI - range 0.1 to 1.0. /*************************************************************** MISSION TYPE SPECIFIC AI SETTINGS **************************************************************/ //This defines the skill, minimum/Maximum number of AI and how many AI groups are spawned for each mission type // Orange Missions blck_MinAI_Orange = 30; blck_MaxAI_Orange = 35; blck_AIGrps_Orange = 5; blck_SkillsOrange = [ ["aimingAccuracy",0.6],["aimingShake",0.9],["aimingSpeed",0.9],["endurance",1.00],["spotDistance",1.0],["spotTime",1.0],["courage",1.00],["reloadSpeed",1.00],["commanding",1.00],["general",1.00] ];
  11. Just start Arma3Launcher before starting the server. It will stay running if configured appropriately. You can start/stop your server and Arma 3 client any time and come back to restart Arma 3 client at a later time if for some reason it freezes or crashes.
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