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  1. The main branch was updated to 6.96 build 197 which seems to be pretty much bug free and stable. That version adds the ability to offload AI to clients or HC (but not both), includes many bug fixes, and adds a few other features some of you have requested. I'd like to give a bit Thank you to everyone who participated in bug identification. There was a lot to sort out.
  2. he may not have know about that alternative.
  3. It is unlikely that there will be one that is officially supported unless permission is given for it to be released to the public. there was one on steam but I am not sure what its status is. I have been advised to be careful with that map in A3 implementations for now.
  4. I have Identified the cause of the dissapearing bodies which was due to how simulation was being managed. I just pushed an update to the experimental branch that disables the script that manages simulation along with a bunch of other minor bug fixes. I will get back to this after New Years to finish the remaining updates which deal with: new ways to identify locations to spawn missions; updated simulation management.
  5. A typo that slipped in there - thanks for the heads-up. Correction is being pushed now.
  6. I just pushed experimental build 186 which has some changes I hope improve efficiency and a few bug fixes. Any testing reports would be appreciated.
  7. Thanks - I think I saw that as well. The issues should be fixed in 6.94. I am nearly done with the updates to consolidate mission spawning so a single script runs rather than a zillion. Once that update is done I'll push it to Experimental. I will have the fix for the issue you reported and, hopefully, be a bit more efficient as well.
  8. Thank you for that information. Yes, it was caused by changes I had made which threw a script error causing immediate body deletion, and by how proximity of players to bodies scheduled for deletion was determined. I am glad to have independent confirmation that the issue is resolved. There are two pending updates: replace the current system of pre-compliing the mission file and an entire copy of the mission spawner with something new wherein all data describing the mission is stored in tables in an array and checked ever 1-2 secs by code based on the old mission spawner but present in pre-compiled functions which should, I hope, result in some small increase in efficiencies by reducing the number of scripts running and eliminating a few while {} do {} and uiSleeps. The final update would be an implementation of https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_stalk which I think would add an interesting dimension
  9. I'd like to apologize for all of the issues with the experimental build. it is a substantial revision to address a few issues (vehicles dont unlock, for example) and take what I have learned about coding since I started the project to try to clean up code and make some parts more efficient. I have also added some features. Like every new effort there are bumps in the road, like the bodies issues, but I will get them sorted. Thank you to those who report bugs. I'll be pushing build 169 which workks pretty well in a bit for those who do not wish to stick with the current experimental build.
  10. what build is it based on? He did a lot of work on 166 which was very helpful. I did not know he continued to improve it.
  11. somewhere during development of build 185 that got fixed on my server - as far as I know. Anyway, I'm still working on bug fixes, more error checking related to reaching the maximum number of groups, some performance improvements that should reduce memory usage a bit, and so forth.
  12. I have been pushing updates every few days as I find bugs or disable logging. The last update was about 4 days ago. https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/blckeagles-revisited-RC/tree/Experimental-6.94
  13. Just pushed an update to the experimental branch which I have confirmed spawns missions. Let me know how it goes.
  14. OK Thanks - I'll test this weekend. And - sorry about that. I am not sure what the error is but there clearly is something wrong.
  15. thanks for the head's up visitor. I pushed some bug fixes; give those a try.
  16. Working on a fix; think I know the reason for the wierd positions; working on why they despawn. Thanks for the report.
  17. Pushed a small update to the experimental branch with a bunch of little bug fixes.
  18. which version did you download? That path does not exist in the versions I am maintaining. Did you download the original v 2.0 from blckeagls by chance ?
  19. Definitely take a look at the status bar / earplugs / other cool things in He-Man's github at: https://github.com/Ignatz-HeMan For missions you have a few choices. for traditional styles of missions SEM by Kiloswiss is nice (and grahame or He-Man may have an updated one), and I have been developing blckeagls for some time. https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/blckeagles-revisited-RC/tree/Experimental-6.94 Vampire has made a very nice town invasion / base attack system that was updated a while ago. Finally, if you like roaming AI, A3EAI has been working well for me. I can send you a dropbox link if you like.
  20. The instructions are at the bottom of the file named halv_spawn\spawn_locations.sqf and are as follows: /* //create new world spawns, use lower case letters only or it will not be detected (only [x,y] needed) case "myworldname":{ [ [[0,0],2,"customname"], //spawn locked for everyone but lvl 2, customname is "customname" [[0,0],1], //spawn locked for everyone but lvl 1 [[0,0],0,"customname"], //spawn open for all, customname is "customname" [[0,0]] //minimal spawn, open for all ] }; */ I've edited the one on the version forked on my github so that all spawns on Altis are available and added a dropbox link below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ue272acolpc8wjs/spawn_locations.sqf?dl=0
  21. post your spawnlocations.sqf and i'll show you how to edit it to make all locations available.
  22. I just make a copy of dump.db with the date appended to the file name. On my server, I do this on a separate drive but you could do it anywhere. All the data you need is stored in that file.
  23. I just pushed Build 176 which includes some bug fixes to the github master branch.
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