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  1. Hi All, Since there seem to be quite a few people who seem to be interested in zombies for Epoch, I thought I'd provide a small tutorial based on my experiences setting up the Ryan's Zombies & Demons mod for my server. I'd like to acknowledge posts by Knives (on configuring Epoch) and synnr (for configuration of the Civilian Occupation System for spawning zombies) on the Ryan's Z&D thread on BIS' forums. Note: This tutorial assumes that you have basic administration experience on a dedicated Epoch server, you are comfortable modifying PBO sources and editing mission files and have an understanding of coding in the Arma 3/Epoch environment. Installing the mod The first thing to do is, of course, to install the Zombies & Demons mod. For your client you can simply subscribe to the mod on Steam or install it via one of the many Arma 3 launchers. For the server I downloaded the mod from Dropbox (the link is on the first page of the thread on the BIS forums and changes with each release) and FTPed the @Ryanszombies folder to my Arma root folder on my dedicated server. Copy the bikey found as RyanD.bikey in the @Ryanszombies/Keys folder to the Keys folder in your Arma 3 root folder. You now need to add the mod to the start up parameters for Arma 3 on your server as below: @Epoch;@allinarmaterrainpack;@EpochHive;@Ryanzombies; There are changes to be made to the mission PBO, so you'll need to download that from your server's MPMissions folder and open it using a PBO manager such as Eliteness or PBO Manager. Go into the mission folder and you'll see a number of files, the only one of interest for this process being mission.sqm. To easily edit mission.sqm you'll want to use a code editor such as Notepad++. The first change to mission.sqm is to add "ryanzombies","ryanzombiesfunctions" to the addOns[] list. Now to configure BattlEye Add the following line to setpos.txt: 1 "" !="RyanZombieC_man_1mediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_1_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_2_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_4_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_5_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_6_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_man_p_fugitive_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_man_w_worker_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_scientist_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_man_hunter_1_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_man_pilot_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_journalist_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_OrestesmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_NikosmediumOpfor" Add the following to the end of the first line in createvehicle.txt: !="RyanZombieC_man_1mediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_1_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_2_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_4_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_5_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_6_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_man_p_fugitive_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_man_w_worker_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_scientist_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_man_hunter_1_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_man_pilot_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_journalist_FmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_OrestesmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_NikosmediumOpfor" !="RyanZombieC_man_1medium" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_1_Fmedium" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_2_Fmedium" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_4_Fmedium" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_5_Fmedium" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_6_Fmedium" !="RyanZombieC_man_p_fugitive_Fmedium" !="RyanZombieC_man_w_worker_Fmedium" !="RyanZombieC_scientist_Fmedium" !="RyanZombieC_man_hunter_1_Fmedium" !="RyanZombieC_man_pilot_Fmedium" !="RyanZombieC_journalist_Fmedium" !="RyanZombieC_Orestesmedium" !="RyanZombieC_Nikosmedium" Add the following line to setdamage.txt: 5 "" !=RyanZombieC !="0.700000" Make the following changes to scripts.txt: Add !="_zombie enableFatigue false;" to the line beginning with 7 enableFatigue Add !="fnc_RyanZombies_SetHitIndex = compileF" to the line beginning with 7 setVelocity Add !"ryanzombies" to the line beginning with 7 addWeaponCargo Add !"ryanzombies" to the line beginning with 7 addMagazineCargo Add !"ryanzombies" to the line beginning with 7 addItem Add !="Ryanzombiesdamage" to the line beginning with 7 setDamage Add !="_zombie = _this select 0;" "_zombie setdammage 0.7" to the line beginning with 7 setDammage Add !="_zombie addMPEventHandler" to the line beginning with 7 addMPEventHandler I found that I also needed make one change to the BEServer.cfg (how you edit this file depends on who you're hosting the server with). You'll need to alter the line beginning MaxSetDamagePerInterval as follows (I chose 10000 simply as a number that probably won't ever be exceeded): MaxSetDamagePerInterval 10000 1 After making this change I believe that you need to restart BattlEye using a utility like RCON. At this point Ryan's Zombies & Demons is installed on and available for use after you start up the server. Download the mod to your PC using your preferred launcher (or manually if you wish). However, as yet you don't have zombies on the map. I'll deal with this next. Adding the Z to a Zombie Epochalypse Adding Zombies to your map can be achieved in two different ways. The first and easiest is to take advantage of the Civilian Occupation System (COS) scripts and use them to populate all population centres with zombies; the second is to spend a lot of time placing native Ryan's Zombies & Demons mod zombie spawners; and the third (my own personal preference) is to use a combination of both. I use COS to populate all the towns and villages on Altis in my map and set up specific zombie spawners for special locations that, IMO, deserve a horde. No matter which option you choose, you are going to have to set up some basic GameLogics on the map to let Ryan's mod configure the default configuration. This will involve creating and editing a new mission from which you will extract information to add to your Epoch mission files. Setting up Ryan's Zombies & Demons Basics First off, start up Arma 3 with Ryan's Zombies and Demons as a loaded mod. When you get to the start screen select Editor and then the map that matches that of your Epoch server. When in the Editor the first thing you have to do is place a unit - can simply be a Rifleman, doesn't matter, you just need to place a unit before you can place the GameLogics you will need later. The next thing to do is place the Game Logic Spawner. Select Modules and double click on the map. Select the category 'Zombie Settings' and then the module "Game Logic Spawner' (see the screenshot below). This allows you to set the overall configuration for zombies on the map, for example the maximum number of spawned zombies, how many are spawned per horde initially and how close you need to be to the spawn point for the zombies to start to appear. Note, you should give it a name, for example, 'Zombie_Settings' to make it easier to see in your mission file when you've finished editing. You can also select other Modules after to set other defaults for the zombies or demons spawned. Here for example is screen for setting the health of zombies: Set those up how you like them and then we'll move on to how to get zombies spawning on the map. You'll want to stay in the Editor for the moment. Later when we've finished I'll let you know how to get this information into your mission so that the zombies will appear on your server how you want them. Setting up Zombies via the default Spawn mechanism Ryan's Zombies & Demons has modules called Spawners which you can place on the map and which will, when so placed, spawn a horde where you placed it. Select Spawner from the drop-down list of modules for Zombie Settings and double click on the map where you want to place the spawn. You'll then see this screen: Name it based on the location for convenience and to be able to easily see it in the mission.sqm you're going to save. You'll want the side to be Independent. The type should match your view of what zombies should appear and how they behave. You have slow (Walking Dead), medium (my view of Ringo's Black Tide zombies) and fast (think 28 Days Later) and military and/or civilian and a few other types to choose from. Activation should be for both Blufor and Opfor since in Epoch men are Blufor and women characters are Opfor. This guarantees that the zombies activate for all player characters. You can also select the activation radius and the cap for the total number of spawned zombies in this location at any time. If you are poplulating the world using these spawners then simple rinse and repeat until you've set all of the spawns up and then save the mission with a name that you'll recognize, for example "zombie_setup". Using Civilian Occupation System as an alternative or in addition to the standard spawns Civilian Occupation System (COS) is a set of scripts that populate urban areas with civilians but it just so happens that it is also a way to easily place zombies in all urban areas on your map. I personally use COS to do exactly that and then set up a few additional spawns in areas where I think a massed horde should be present (for example Karvala Hospital...). If you're simply going to use the default spawners then you can ignore this step. We'll get to configuring COS later, but while you're in the editor you will need to add a GameLogic to get it working. To do this, select the individual unit function, double click anyway on the map select units and select the side as Game Logic and the class as Objects: Name it SERVER and add the following to the INITIALIZATION field: null=[] execVM "cos\cosInit.sqf"; After hitting okay, save the mission again. Adding the Zombies to you mission PBO At this point you have all the information you will need to configure zombie spawns using the default spawn mechanism and it will be simply a case of extracting that information from the mission.sqm that you've just created and placing it in the mission.sqm in your server's mission.sqm (the one you extracted earlier from the mission PBO, e.g. epoch.Altis.pbo). The saved mission.sqm will be, by default, located in C:\Documents\Arma 3\missions\<the name you saved the mission as>, e.g C:\Documents/Arma 3\mission\zombie_setup\mission.sqm. Here's an example of a file with entries for COS, Zombie settings and a Spawner: version=12; class Mission { addOns[]= { "A3_Characters_F_BLUFOR", "a3_characters_f", "ryanzombiesfunctions", "A3_Modules_F", "a3_map_altis" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "A3_Characters_F_BLUFOR", "a3_characters_f", "ryanzombiesfunctions", "A3_Modules_F", "a3_map_altis" }; randomSeed=2746002; class Intel { timeOfChanges=1800.0002; startWeather=0.30000001; startWind=0.1; startWaves=0.1; forecastWeather=0.30000001; forecastWind=0.1; forecastWaves=0.1; forecastLightnings=0.1; year=2035; month=6; day=24; hour=12; minute=0; startFogDecay=0.013; forecastFogDecay=0.013; }; class Groups { items=6; class Item0 { side="WEST"; class Vehicles { items=1; class Item0 { position[]={12040.725,5.5149193,10609.327}; id=0; side="WEST"; vehicle="B_Soldier_F"; player="PLAYER COMMANDER"; leader=1; skill=0.60000002; }; }; }; class Item1 { side="LOGIC"; class Vehicles { items=1; class Item0 { position[]={11948.96,11.335839,10503.363}; class args { items=9; class Item0 { value="100"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawner"; typeName="Amount"; }; class Item1 { value="10000"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawner"; typeName="TotalAmount"; }; class Item2 { value="5"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawner"; typeName="Start"; }; class Item3 { value="60"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawner"; typeName="Frequency"; }; class Item4 { value="0.5"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawner"; typeName="Delay"; }; class Item5 { value="0"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawner"; typeName="Density"; }; class Item6 { value="0.9"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawner"; typeName="Activation"; }; class Item7 { value="100"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawner"; typeName="ActivationRadius"; }; class Item8 { value="14"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawner"; typeName="HordeSize"; }; }; id=1; side="LOGIC"; vehicle="RyanZM_ModuleSpawner"; leader=1; lock="UNLOCKED"; skill=0.60000002; }; }; }; class Item2 { side="LOGIC"; class Vehicles { items=1; class Item0 { position[]={11970.136,10.336121,10379.738}; class args { items=2; class Item0 { value="0.7"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleZombieHealth"; typeName="ZombieMaxHealth"; }; class Item1 { value="0.7"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleZombieHealth"; typeName="DemonMaxHealth"; }; }; id=2; side="LOGIC"; vehicle="RyanZM_ModuleZombieHealth"; leader=1; lock="UNLOCKED"; skill=0.60000002; }; }; }; class Item3 { side="LOGIC"; class Vehicles { items=1; class Item0 { position[]={11850.136,12.167753,10422.125}; class args { items=3; class Item0 { value="0.7"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleInfection"; typeName="Infection"; }; class Item1 { value="30"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleInfection"; typeName="InfectionTimer"; }; class Item2 { value="0.9"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleInfection"; typeName="Uniform"; }; }; id=3; side="LOGIC"; vehicle="RyanZM_ModuleInfection"; leader=1; lock="UNLOCKED"; skill=0.60000002; }; }; }; class Item4 { side="LOGIC"; class Vehicles { items=1; class Item0 { position[]={10777.195,4.790421,10895.428}; class args { items=15; class Item0 { value="0.9"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawn"; typeName="Side"; }; class Item1 { value="0.65"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawn"; typeName="Type"; }; class Item2 { value="0.95"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawn"; typeName="Type2"; }; class Item3 { value="0.95"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawn"; typeName="Type3"; }; class Item4 { value="0.7"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawn"; typeName="Activation"; }; class Item5 { value="0.5"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawn"; typeName="Activation2"; }; class Item6 { value="0.9"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawn"; typeName="Activation3"; }; class Item7 { value="100"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawn"; typeName="ActivationRadius"; }; class Item8 { value="100"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawn"; typeName="AliveAmount"; }; class Item9 { value="10000"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawn"; typeName="TotalAmount"; }; class Item10 { value="5"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawn"; typeName="Start"; }; class Item11 { value="60"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawn"; typeName="Frequency"; }; class Item12 { value="0.5"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawn"; typeName="Delay"; }; class Item13 { value="0"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawn"; typeName="Density"; }; class Item14 { value="14"; parentCls="RyanZM_ModuleSpawn"; typeName="HordeSize"; }; }; id=4; side="LOGIC"; vehicle="RyanZM_ModuleSpawn"; leader=1; lock="UNLOCKED"; skill=0.60000002; text="Orimea_Spawn"; }; }; }; class Item5 { side="LOGIC"; class Vehicles { items=1; class Item0 { position[]={12128.96,8.0174341,10521.024}; id=5; side="LOGIC"; vehicle="Logic"; leader=1; skill=0.60000002; text="SERVER"; init="null=[] execVM ""cos\cosInit.sqf"";"; }; }; }; }; }; class Intro { addOns[]= { "a3_map_altis" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "a3_map_altis" }; randomSeed=3426787; class Intel { timeOfChanges=1800.0002; startWeather=0.30000001; startWind=0.1; startWaves=0.1; forecastWeather=0.30000001; forecastWind=0.1; forecastWaves=0.1; forecastLightnings=0.1; year=2035; month=6; day=24; hour=12; minute=0; startFogDecay=0.013; forecastFogDecay=0.013; }; }; class OutroWin { addOns[]= { "a3_map_altis" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "a3_map_altis" }; randomSeed=9212940; class Intel { timeOfChanges=1800.0002; startWeather=0.30000001; startWind=0.1; startWaves=0.1; forecastWeather=0.30000001; forecastWind=0.1; forecastWaves=0.1; forecastLightnings=0.1; year=2035; month=6; day=24; hour=12; minute=0; startFogDecay=0.013; forecastFogDecay=0.013; }; }; class OutroLoose { addOns[]= { "a3_map_altis" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "a3_map_altis" }; randomSeed=1247975; class Intel { timeOfChanges=1800.0002; startWeather=0.30000001; startWind=0.1; startWaves=0.1; forecastWeather=0.30000001; forecastWind=0.1; forecastWaves=0.1; forecastLightnings=0.1; year=2035; month=6; day=24; hour=12; minute=0; startFogDecay=0.013; forecastFogDecay=0.013; }; }; Take a look at class Groups. All the entries to be copied are located here. Ignore the first entry which is the Rifleman you placed on the map. Now open the mission.sqm for your server. You'll see a class Groups in here to. It should start like this: class Groups { items = 100; class Item0 { side = "CIV"; class Vehicles { items = 1; class Item0 { position[] = {23598.076,3.19,17997.086}; azimut = 136.241; special = "NONE"; id = 0; side = "CIV"; vehicle = "VirtualMan_EPOCH"; player = "PLAY CDG"; leader = 1; skill = 0.6; }; }; }; It then has another 99 items (class Item1 to Item99). The items that you created in your mission file will need to be copied and pasted into this list at the end, changing their names to Item100, Item101, Item102, etc. For example, the object Item1 in the file above should be renamed Item100, the object Item2 would be Item101, etc. When you've added all the entries you will also need to change the line that reads, items = 100; to items = xxx where xxx is one more than the last Item number you added. For example, if the last class Item object is Item 106, then change this line to items=107. At this point, if you're not using the Civilian Occupation System to populate zombies in urban areas you are almost done. All you need to do now is re-pbo your mission file, upload it to the server and restart the service. Enjoy zombie awesomeness.... If you are using COS then read on... Configuring COS You'll want to download COS to your PC from Armaholic. Unpack the archive and go into the COS_05 folder created. Inside there is a folder called COS.Altis which contains a folder called cos, a mission.sqm and a 'Read me' text file. You want to copy the cos folder to your mission folder. Go into that copied folder and you need to edit two files. First open cosInit.sqf in Notepad++. Change the line that reads: DefaultSide = Civilian;// Set side of units spawned to DefaultSide = Resistance;// Set side of units spawned Change the lines COScars=true;// Spawn Cars COSparked=true;// Spawn parked cars to COScars=false;// Spawn Cars COSparked=false;// Spawn parked cars And the line that reads COScivPool =["C_man_1","C_man_1_1_F","C_man_1_2_F","C_man_1_3_F","C_man_hunter_1_F","C_man_p_beggar_F","C_man_p_beggar_F_afro","C_man_p_fugitive_F","C_man_p_shorts_1_F","C_man_polo_1_F","C_man_polo_2_F","C_man_polo_3_F","C_man_polo_4_F","C_man_polo_5_F","C_man_polo_6_F","C_man_shorts_1_F","C_man_shorts_2_F","C_man_shorts_3_F","C_man_shorts_4_F","C_man_w_worker_F"]; to COScivPool =["RyanZombieC_man_1medium", "RyanZombieC_man_polo_1_Fmedium", "RyanZombieC_man_polo_2_Fmedium", "RyanZombieC_man_polo_4_Fmedium", "RyanZombieC_man_polo_5_Fmedium", "RyanZombieC_man_polo_6_Fmedium", "RyanZombieC_man_p_fugitive_Fmedium", "RyanZombieC_man_w_worker_Fmedium", "RyanZombieC_scientist_Fmedium", "RyanZombieC_man_hunter_1_Fmedium", "RyanZombieC_man_pilot_Fmedium", "RyanZombieC_journalist_Fmedium", "RyanZombieC_Orestesmedium", "RyanZombieC_Nikosmedium"]; As you gain experience with COS you can also later modify the numbers of zombies spawned in each urban area and whitelist or blacklist areas of the map. I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader. Finally, you have a choice of having the zombies stand statically until they detect a player by sight or shot or whether they patrol their towns and villages. If you want them moving around then you don't need to make any further changes. If you want them static to start with then edit the file cosCore.sqf and change the lines // Apply Patrol script to all units null =[_civilianArray,_PatrolVehArray,_roadPosArray] execVM "cos\CosPatrol.sqf"; to // Apply Patrol script to all units //null =[_civilianArray,_PatrolVehArray,_roadPosArray] execVM "cos\CosPatrol.sqf"; After this just repack your mission PBO, upload to your server and restart it and enjoy some yummy zombie action. There are a lot of other features that can be customized with this excellent mod and a lot more tales to tell. For the moment though I'll leave it off here. If you see any issues with the tutorial or things that need further explanation please let me know and I'll edit this post. I think I've covered and caught everything and it's working well on my server but Murphy's Law is a terrible thing. A final note: once configured correctly the zombies are there and will viciously attack you. At this time you will not see any attack animations due to the removal of certain functions from Epoch a while ago. I raised an issue on GitHub for this and VBAWOL has said that he will be restoring these remote execs now that BIS has provided security for server admins via the CfgRemoteExec class. In order to get these animations working when this has been done you will need to change the following lines in description.ext from class CfgRemoteExec { class Functions { mode = 1; jip = 0; class EPOCH_server_save_vehicles { allowedTargets=2; jip = 0; }; }; class Commands {mode=0;}; }; to class CfgRemoteExec { class Functions { mode = 1; jip = 0; class EPOCH_server_save_vehicles { allowedTargets=2; jip = 0; }; // Following added for Ryan's Zombies & Demons class fnc_RyanZombies_SwitchMove { allowedTargets=0; }; class fnc_RyanZombies_PlayMoveNow { allowedTargets=0; }; class fnc_RyanZombies_DoMoveLocalized { allowedTargets=0; }; class fnc_RyanZombies_Bleeding { allowedTargets=0; }; class fnc_RyanZombies_Velocity { allowedTargets=0; }; class fnc_RyanZombies_SetHitIndex { allowedTargets=0; }; }; class Commands {mode=0;}; }; Cheers, Grahame.
  2. Nut Hut Epoch Server Auto Refuel Self Blood Bag Tow & Lift Snap building Advanced Trading Groups Spawn Selection Fresh Database Custom Skalisty Outpost Zeleno Improved Elektro Fleshed out Berezino Weekly Server Events Many Custom Missions New Player Awards Discord Server Antihack Active Admins Awesome Community!! If you're like us and want to relive the good old DayZ, come hop on!
  3. After reading a couple of guides on setting up a DayZ Server for people to play on I have noticed that many tutorials have missing information or the user is left with different error messages to deal with or ignore. The following tutorial is based on my knowledge, trial and error, debugging and contact with different users on the issue. I hope to provide the most detailed, and easy-to-follow tutorial on the web. [Files Required] Steam. http://store.steampowered.com/about/ Arma 2 (Look at "Creating your server" section.) Arma 2 : Operation Arrowhead (Look at "Creating your server" section.) DayZ Commander, http://www.dayzcommander.com/ Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013, http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784 (x86 is for 32 Bit.) Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2010, http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5555 WAMP / XAMPP, http://www.wampserver.com/en/ or https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html (XAMPP for this tutorial) HeidySQL, http://www.heidisql.com/download.php (I recomend getting the installer) uTorrent, http://www.utorrent.com/ DayZ Epoch Client Files, http://goo.gl/IN1Pt1 (Taken From http://epochmod.com/a2dayzepoch.php) DayZ Epoch Server Files, http://goo.gl/3GyZ0P (Taken From http://epochmod.com/a2dayzepoch.php) WinRar, http://www.rarlabs.com/download.htm Notepad++, http://notepad-plus-plus.org/ (Optional) Download this package made by Rotzloch https://mega.co.nz/#!uc9E0SgK!pZxZflTVTSs2jgYuBM6tUmBsYksAC4DtUeitSgmRfTU [Prerequisites] A Computer with atleast 2GB Ram for a smooth experience for about 24 players. (4GB for around 60 players.) Harddrive of atleast 25GB for the game files. A Good connection (40Mbit Upload / Download) Atleast a Two-Core CPU. [Creating your server] If you have any of the games installed previously, I would recommend deleting them to not face any problems in the future. Install the C++ Redistributable Packages and restart your computer/box. (I recommend to install both x64 and x86 if you have a 64bit Operating system. Create a folder, preferably on your Desktop called "Dayz Epoch Server". Launch steam, login. Download Arma 2. Download Arma 2 : Operation Arrowhead. Wait until they are complete. Launch Arma 2 in windowed mode, wait until you are at the main menu, then close the game. Do the same for Arma 2 : Operation Arrowhead. Launch DayZ Commander. Click "install/update" in the top right of the window. Install the Arma 2 Beta Patch http://i.imgur.com/RwNq8ti.png Wait until that is complete. Now, go to your Steam Folder. Usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ Copy everything from inside your "Arma 2" Folder inside the "DayZ Epoch Server" folder we created on your desktop in Step 1. Do the same for your "Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead" Folder EXCEPT any folders starting with an @. Click "Yes" to any popups asking you to overwrite the files. Take a deep breath. The easy part is now done. Take the Epoch Client and Server files that you downloaded earlier and put them on your Desktop. Open them up with WinRar http://i.imgur.com/g48k2s5.png Copy "@DayZ_Epoch" from the Client files into "DayZ Epoch Server" on your Desktop. Copy "@DayZ_Epoch_Server" from the Server files into "DayZ Epoch Server" on your Desktop. Copy the "Keys" folder from the Server files into "DayZ Epoch Server". Open the "Battleye" folder inside the Server files and copy everything inside into the "BattlEye" folder inside the "DayZ Epoch Server folder" on your Desktop. (Note the difference in Capitalization.) Copy all the 4 ".dll" files from your Server files into the "Dayz Epoch Server" folder. http://i.imgur.com/vzYLZ4v.png Open up "MPMissions" from your Server files and find the mission that you want. I will be using "DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus" for this tutorial. Copy that to your "MPMissions" folder inside the "Dayz Epoch Server" folder that is on your Desktop. Open "Config-Examples" from your Server files, then copy the matching instance number as your Mission to your "Dayz Epoch Server" folder. We will use "instance_11_Charnarus". Copy "DayZ_Epoch_instance_11_Chernarus.bat" from that same folder into the "Dayz Epoch Server" on your Desktop. Setup and install XAMPP, then make sure mysql and apache are started. Click the "Admin" button next to MySQL in the XAMPP control panel. Once the phpMyAdmin page is loaded, at the top, click "Users". Under the Users overview, click Add user. Enter "Epoch_User" as the User name. (without the "" ). As the Host, select "Local" from the dropdown box. Enter a password. I will use "password123" but please make sure to use something more secure. Scroll down and click "Check All" from the Global privileges then remove ALL Administration privileges like GRANT and SUPER. At the bottom, click Go on the right. Now you have your user created. Click "Databases" at the top. Under Create database, type in "Epoch_Database" as the Database name then click Create. Now you have your database. You can go ahead and stop Apache from the XAMPP control panel, you dont need it enabled anymore. Inside your Server files, open up the SQL folder and copy "epoch.sql" to your Desktop. Open HeidySQL. As the session name in the top left, we will have it just named as "DayZ Server SQL" Hostname / IP should be "". User should be "Epoch_User" Password is "password123" or whatever you specified in your user setup. Click "Save" at the bottom left. then click Open. On the left hand side, you should see "Epoch_Database" go ahead and double click it. It should say "Database: Epoch_Database" at the middle tab on top. Click the "Query" tab. You should be presented with a text box, just drag your "epoch.sql" from your desktop into that textbox. Click the blue Play button above the Query tab or press F9. It should start executing the SQL into your database. You might get a "3 Warnings" popup at the end, ignore that. Restart HeidySQL and double click your database on the left, you should see some tables created. http://i.imgur.com/xBknVUv.png Close HeidySQL. Take another deep breath. The hard part is now done, you are nearly finished with your server! Go to your desktop and open your DayZ Epoch Server folder. It should look something like this. http://i.imgur.com/CHeOg9o.png Open up your instance_11_Chernarus folder. Open "config.cfg" with Notepad++. Edit this file to your liking, and set a "passwordAdmin" value for you to be able to login as an admin from ingame. Add requiredSecureId = 2; under BattlEye = 1; This is to prevent the UID spoofing. At the bottom, change your difficulty="veteran"; to difficulty="regular"; Save and close. Open up "HiveExt.ini" with Notepad++. Scroll down to the [Database] section. Make sure Host = Same with Database = Epoch_Database The same with Username = Epoch_User And finally, Password = password123 Save and close. Run DayZ_Epoch_instance_11_Chernarus.bat to start your server. (Optional) Open up "cmd" from your start menu and type ipconfig to get your server's ip. Put that into DayZ Commander as a favorite so you can connect easily. (Note) If your MySQL hosting is provided by your host, you can skip the MySQL setup part and not download XAMPP / Wamp and just use that info from your host. (Linux Note) If you are running a linux machine, and running Wine to allow you to run windows applications, please put "msvcp120.dll" & "msvcr120.dll" into your "DayZ Epoch Server" folder. A simple google search should help you find those two files. <Credits to Flodding for reminding me about this.> (NEW) Created an Auto-Restarter. I hope that my tutorial has covered any questions you may have, and good luck with all your servers!
  4. NOTICE For those who want to use this in 1.0.6 The tools are partially updated for the new release. Most features are working so far and it can be downloaded from here (follow the readme for install): https://github.com/noxsicarius/Epoch-Admin-Tools/tree/TestBranch IMPORTANT: Under NO circumstances should you download this tool from a different source. I have been notified of numerous virus downloads listed as my work (usually second page of google and farther). I have petitioned to have all of the ones I know of blacklisted and have sent virus profiles to all major antivirus companies. If you find a .exe in any work claiming to be mine, it is a virus and should be shredded. Please only download from MY github link or the links in this post. My github repo will NEVER be removed and if I leave the project and someone wishes to take over, they will be given rights to the repo. Features: For help with Administration: Multiple Admin levels Spectate players "Display code" for locked vaults/doors "Create key" for vehicles with lost keys Force lock and unlock vehicles without keys Base Destruction - Destroy all buildables/vehicles within a customizable radius Spawnable crates with weapons, items, and supplies Spawn locked or temporary vehicles via the menu or a custom-made graphical vehicle menu (screenshot) Other features: Godmode Teleport self (or others to you) Flying Invisibility Delete and repair/refuel vehicle on crosshairs ESP - display players, zombies, safes, tents, vehicles, and AI on the map ...and more! Installation, changes, additional information, FAQ, credits, issues and everything else can be found at the project page on Github: Epoch Admin Tools on GitHub Click here for an install tutorial video for the tool I have been informed that some places block GitHub, so here are direct links hosted by me: Newest full release: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pjvj07u5yemo7we/Epoch-Admin-Tools-master.zip?dl=0 Beta build: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xm6t1k3gvp3t8ex/Epoch-Admin-Tools-TestBranch.zip?dl=0 If you have an improvement you would like to add, make a pull request and make these tools even better! Error Reporting: BEFORE posting an issue on Github or on this forum: If you think you might have installed it incorrectly, follow the YouTube Video Install Tutorial Try reinstalling the tool. You more than likely missed something important. Do a quick search on this forum for a fix to your problem. Check your server's RPT log for errors. This will identify 99% of problems with the menu. Be ready to copy/paste the RPT log into Pastebin or Gist in an issue or in the discussion forum for help with troubleshooting. If your problem persists after doing the above: Open your arma2oaserver.rpt file in a text editor and copy/paste the RPT log into Pastebin and post your issue in this forum with the rpt log. If you post something like "It doesn't work" I will not acknowledge you. Not giving all possible details in the first post simply makes it take longer to resolve and will waste everyone's time. I am hard pressed for time these days so if you won't take the initiative to provide information, I won't ask for it either. I am not trying to be mean, but I am quite tired of getting 5 or less word posts that provide no information other than this person has some kind of problem somewhere on their server that may or may not be related to this mod. If the problem you are posting is a bug and not a general install problem then post it to this forum AND to the github issues page. I have been asked by someone if they can donate to the project so I am adding the link here. I have invested a good deal of time into this so if you find it useful please give a little donation. (DONATE) I also accept Crypto Currency: Bitcoin: 1GkzMzwnVwVpnUCVFaAyLDsgD9cqSfigdm Litecoin: LbUrUxXzA557VeTWXM8jP7hNf3uZHEqW5b A sincere thanks to those who made a monetary contribution to this project.: calamity, CRHASH, BMovieQueen, zixxel, 8BitSigdom, Anarior, f3cuk, Caveman1, Nathan, [member=WootyWoop], [member=Terrance Smith] Please leave your name in a note if you donate so that I can list you above.
  5. Hi, Since Zabn is MIA I have updated his Take Clothes script to 1.0.6 compatible. (original install url: http://opendayz.net/threads/release-zabns-take-clothes-2-0.19290/) (original discussion url: http://opendayz.net/threads/help-discussion-zabns-take-clothes.13198/) Github with install instructions and download location: https://github.com/oiad/TakeClothes
  6. Hi, With Axe Cops permission I am releasing my updated version of his amazing Service Points script. This includes support for original briefcases, gems (from epoch 1.0.6) and coins. (original github url: https://github.com/vos/dayz/tree/master/service_point) (original install/discussion url: https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/3935-release-vehicle-service-point-refuel-repair-rearm-script/) **** *REQUIRES DAYZ EPOCH 1.0.6* **** Major Changes: This version adds support for both single currency and gems (from the epoch 1.0.6 update) as well as the original epoch briefcase currency system. Instead of pricing things like the original way, prices are now done on a "worth" similar to how coins are done. The price value of items are below. If you are using coins, I would recommend using the _currencyModifier variable since coins typically are 10x the value of briefcase based currency (1 brief == 100,000 coins) (You can either set this _currencyModifier variable to 1 then set the proper value or use the modifier, the modifier is mainly for dual currency servers) 1 silver = 1 worth 1 10oz silver = 10 worth 1 gold = 100 worth 1 10oz gold = 1,000 worth 1 briefcase = 10,000 worth Please see dayz_code\configVariables.sqf for the value of gems (DZE_GemWorthArray) and their relevant worth if they are enabled. Example config settings for _refuel_costs, _repair_costs and _rearm_costs: All 3 sections can either be made free, disabled or a specifc price with the following examples: ["Air","free"] will make the vehicle config class of "Air" free for the specific action. ["Air","disabled"] will make the vehicle config class of "Air" disabled for the specific action. ["Air",2000] will make the vehicle config class of "Air" have a worth of 2000 for the specific action. ["Armored_SUV_PMC",2000] will make the specific vehicle have a worth of 2000 for the specific action. ["Armored_SUV_PMC","free"] will make the specific vehicle be free for the specific action. ["Armored_SUV_PMC","disabled"] will make the specific vehicle be disabled for the specific action. Valid vehicle config classes as an example: "Air", "AllVehicles", "All", "APC", "Bicycle", "Car", "Helicopter", "Land", "Motorcycle", "Plane", "Ship", "Tank" Visit my Github page to download and read the README.MD : https://github.com/oiad/service_points
  7. GenesisPC Epoch Server Auto refuel Self Blood Bag Tow & Lift Vehicle Salvage Vector & Building Snap Group Management Advanced Trading Deploy Bike Smelting Repair & Rearm Stations ieds ElectroPLUS Klen Castle Black Forest Base Bor Outpost Checkpoint Charlie Dishina Outpost HM Prison Maze Ai Fortress Skalisty Ai Fortress UN Ai Vehicle Convoys UN Ai Helicopter Convoys Custom Buildings Custom Airfields Custom Crashsites Starting Loadouts 133 Missions Bountys Top Hero Top bandit Player voted events New Player Starter Packs 8 Levels of Humanity Based Spawns Teamspeak Server Active Admins Anti Hack Great Community of Players Can you survive here ? Can you Dance ? Server Website www.suckitupprincess.org
  8. I was playing on this server for many hours now. I just can say its the best server for playing tanoa epoch. everything is running so stable and there is enought loot to find everywhere. they have many cars spawning over the whole map. zombies and ai-hunter will cross your way to kill you so you always have to watch out. of course the new apex stuff is available. the basebuilding system is revolutionary.missions are fun to solve. there are many traders and gas stations where you can modify almost every type of vehicle and equipmment. Its a new server so there are not so many players at the moment. thats why its limited to 60 player only. I talked to the admin and he told me if they have a stable number of players they will set the server up to 100 player. I would love to see that. The admins are very nice guys from swiss and they all speak good english and always listen to players problems. I hope that you will take a look inside and see how good it is and tell your friends so the server will get more full. hope to see you there check out their website: www.zombielandepoch.clan.su Babbaz server IP: or arma.no-ip.info Port: 2302 required mod: epoch http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=421839251 optional mod: jsrs4 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27827
  9. Lunatics Epoch Now Open We are a chill server with high fps and friendly admin support Server IP - DayZ Launcher - Search for lunatics Website - www.lunatics.enjin.com Teamsepak IP - lunatics.teamspeak3.com
  10. You want a challenge? You want to play freely and not be held back by unnecessary rules? You want PvP and PvE? And the whole on a revised map with many extra locations? The whole without Desyncs and Lags? Then enter the DayZ Epoch 1.0.6 server of myAmbush. We offer you a bunch of features, good server and script infrastructure as well as good admin support. NEW DATABASE (01.2017) Belong to the first players and assures you a limited starter package. Just ask an admin. We also provide you with a large Teamsepak server, which you can use freely. Active players can also get their own private channel. (ts.myambush.de) Support is provided by our admins in-game, via Teamspeak and in the forum. Server IP : Features: - Dedicated root server with SSD`s (Intel i7 6700k @ 4k clock, 32 GB RAM, 1 Gbit connection) - Performance-optimized scripts - Clean up scripts - Tow & Lift - Selfbloddbag - Strongly defended AI Base - Many AI missions - Optimized vehicle spawn (~ 300 vehicles) - Revised traders - Revised trader cities - Plot management - Doormanagement - Snap Build pro - Vector building - Group management - Color Correction - Coins & Banks - Revised Map Map (Chernarus) - Roaming AI - Helicopter patrol - Semi-militarized - Superhero Trader - Terrorist Trader And a Lot more... Rules: - No Cheating !!! - No Custom scripts !!! - No Gliching !!! - No Duping !!! - No Voice in Sidechat !!! - Only English and German are spoken !!! - No parking in Safezones !!! - No Safezone camping !!! - No base camping !!! - No Kamikaze attacks on Sector C, Basen, Trader Citys or Players !!! - No crying !!! - Hard nerves provided !!! Thank you for your attention and have fun on our server! Good hunting! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to visit us at Teamspeak! TS.MYAMBUSH.DE
  11. ARMA 3 Epoch | APEX | PVP | High Loot | Survival | | Custom | 24/7 My aim with this server is to grow it as a community, I will be doing nothing for my-self (By this i mean decisions will be community based). I want to expand this server over and over again!. Server IP: Server Page Status - ONLINE! Required Mods: Epoch Mod DLC's: Karts Helicopters Marksmen APEX! Scripts Installed: DayZ style Helicopter Crash Sites Black Market Traders ( There are 3 Traders Based Around The Map ) Custom Status Bar ( A status Bar Located In the Bottom Of your screen tells you "Drink %, Food %, Number Of Players On The Server, Health %, Stamina Level, Krypto Amount (Money), FPS ) Custom Spawn In Option ( Allows you to choose from a verity of spawn locations when you first join or Die ) Custom Ear Plug Script ( Automatic Ear Plug's, Activate when you are parachuting or driving a Vehicle ) Other Information: Restarts Occur Every 3 Hours ( Just so the server can stay FRESH and CLEAN ), Don't worry a WARNING is issued every 10 Minutes and 5 Minutes before the RESTART. Full Support ( Staff and Myself are pretty much online 24/7, So if there's anything you need? don't be afraid to ask us we don't bite ) No Restrictions ( Build Your base wherever you wish, all we ask is that it's at least 700m Away from Trader Safe Zones ) PVP & PVE ( The Server Features "Player VS Player" So keep Your Eye's Open, It also Features "Player VS Enemy ( AI's ), Hear a Drone? Be careful Enemy AI's may be approaching ) Server Staff: HAWK ( Which Is Myself ) Andy ( Awesome Guy, Loves a Good Laugh ) StarLight ( Another Nutter On The Team! Watch Him Guys "He's Dodgy xD" ) - Coming Soon - New Weapons, Clothing, Items, Vehicles, Skins + More If you have any Suggestions.. Or an item you'd like to see added? Let me know below. Can i just say a huge thank you to "Grahame" for helping me set up this server! Absolute Saint . Grahame
  12. New to DayZ Mod, but very experienced with Standalone. So far have about 12 hours in the Mod. I use DZLauncher, and have Overwatch and Epoch installed. I like to play on Namalsk mainly, but wouldn't mind playing on any other map. I'm looking to join a small clan of friends and make a base together, and to overall have fun and play together. I use any forms of voice communication (TS, Skype, Discord, etc.) Steam: Krispy (imherbalous)
  13. Hello Everyone, Contact: [email protected] I enjoyed dayz epoch so much that I decided on making a new 2017 server, I notice Arma 2 OA is going downhill, I want to offer a high quality hosted server for players that want to join. Details: -Epoch -No specified date of release but stay tuned, I need to talk to friends about funding -Many plugins (snap vector pro, slow zombies, advanced traiding, tow and lift, roaming AI not too difficult, etc.) -The map will be Panthera since it was very enjoyable and fun, unless there is a large amount of people that want a different map, or if we get enough donations we can set up a second mapped server. -We will listen to people's criticism, ideas, votes, questions and requests. -We will host weekly or even daily events that includes volunteered participants, such as maybe races accross the map to win a prize, a large shootout in a town till last man standing, or building competitions. all events will yield large and amazing prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners. Take this short survey please: https://www.quotev.com/quiz/9023264/To-make-the-ideal-DayZ-Epoch-server Date of release: Maybe a month or less. Stay tuned. Hope you are interested, this server will be hosted for a while, if donations are made. Spread the word. Best Regards -Bear Grylls
  14. Hello Everyone, Contact: [email protected] I enjoyed dayz epoch so much that I decided on making a new 2017 server, I notice Arma 2 OA is going downhill, I want to offer a high quality hosted server for players that want to join. Details: -Epoch -No specified date of release but stay tuned, I need to talk to friends about funding -Many plugins (snap vector pro, slow zombies, advanced traiding, tow and lift, roaming AI not too difficult, etc.) -The map will be Panthera since it was very enjoyable and fun, unless there is a large amount of people that want a different map, or if we get enough donations we can set up a second mapped server. -We will listen to people's criticism, ideas, votes, questions and requests. -We will host weekly or even daily events that includes volunteered participants, such as maybe races accross the map to win a prize, a large shootout in a town till last man standing, or building competitions. all events will yield large and amazing prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners. Take this shoort survey please: https://www.quotev.com/quiz/9023264/To-make-the-ideal-DayZ-Epoch-server Date of release: Maybe a month or less. Stay tuned. Hope you are interested, this server will be hosted for a while, if donations are made. Spread the word. Best Regards -Bear Grylls
  15. Server Name: [AES] DayZ Epoch Taviana Roots|Hardcore|SlowZ|SecB and more.. DayZ Epoch IP: are AES, our great players and staff are what has made us one of the fastest growing communities out there! We always try our best to give the best possible gaming experience to our players. We stand for the gamers, and are built by the gamers. We hope you enjoy your stay and maybe you will even become part of this amazing community!Our Promises To Our Gamers..1. To keep our services on the highest standard possible2. Active and friendly support3. Your gaming experience to be our top priority4. A reliable and stable gaming enviornment5. Fun and fairplay for all membersSearch for AES on DayZ LauncherNOTICE:You need Taviana and Epoch Installed. If you need help connecting or anything else feel free to check by this Ts3: you cant find it click on 'check server' at the bottom left and insert this ip on the website; then restart dayz launcher and search for the server again---------- Plant and Grow Weed!- Suicide!- SECTOR B!- No PlotPole- Walking Dead- Self BB- Lift- One step building - No Overburdend- Snap Build ProHope you enjoy your stay!
  16. DEPLOYABLE BIKE 2.8.2 all of this information is available in an easier-to-read format on github pages>> version 2.8.2 updates the code to work with Epoch Mod 1.0.6. Thanks @ebaydayz! version 2.8.1 should hopefully fix the long-standing non-moving-bike problem! Thanks @SchwEde! FYI: 2.8.0 adds the _condition and _ammo parameters to the config array so you will need to add a value for these parameter in each record of the DZE_DEPLOYABLES_CONFIG array in the appropriate spot if you are upgrading from 2.6 Out of the box, it adds a deployable bike with a right click action on a toolbox and a couple other neat deployables. Really, it can be used to deploy just about anything. See the configuration section below. For some samples of what it can do, check out this gallery on imgur Installation download the files extract the addons and overwrites folder from the downloaded zip file into your mission file root find this line in your mission file init.sqf (warning: if you have a custom compiles file, find that line instead of the one below!) call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf"; place this line directly after the line you found call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "addons\bike\init.sqf"; edit addons\bike\config.sqf to change some options or add different deployables (see configuration section for more info) Warning: due to the way the way arma handles numbers and the way addon is coded, using the save-to-database option may not allow you to re-pack some objects if you have Character ID's over 500,000 (which I don't think will be an issue for 99.99% of people). Adding Your Own Custom Actions If you use another right click method like extra_rc.hpp and want to switch to my method, see my click actions configuration github page. The click actions script is included in the deploy script as part of the core, so you don't need to download anything, just follow the instructions for adding your own actions. * note: before attempting to troubleshoot issues with adding your own actions, make sure you are using the most recent version of the addon. Configuration This addon is highly configurable, you can deploy just about anything, not just bikes. open addons\bike\config.sqf and edit the array to add your own deployables. DZE_DEPLOYABLES_CONFIG format -- (note no comma after last array entry) DZE_DEPLOYABLES_CONFIG = [ [_clickItem,_deployOffset,_packDistance,_damageLimit,_packAny,_cargo,_hive,_plot,_simulation,_deployables,_near,_parts], [_clickItem,_deployOffset,_packDistance,_damageLimit,_packAny,_cargo,_hive,_plot,_simulation,_deployables,_near,_parts], [...more stuff here...] ]; DZE_DEPLOYABLES_CONFIG array values (view on github to read easier): parameter | description | type | example --------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------|--------|-------- _clickItem | class name of the item to click on | string | "ItemToolbox" _deployOffset | [_side,_front,_up] array to offset the deployable when buiding | array | [0,2,1] _packDistance | how close does the packer need to be to pack the object? | number | 5 _damageLimit | item can't be repacked if damage is > this. (-1 = no re-packing) | number | 0.1 _packAny | can anyone repack the deployable? | bool | false _cargo | clear the cargo of the deployable? | bool | false _ammo | should vehicle ammo be cleared? (does not persist through restart) | bool | true _hive | write deployable to database? | bool | false _plot | require a plot from the owner to build the deployable? | bool | false _simulation | enable simulation (movement/damage) for the object? (true for cars) | bool | true _road | enable road building for this object? | bool | true _deployables | array of class names that can be deployed with this method | array | ["MMT_Civ"] _near | array of items required nearby to build (workshop/fire/fueltank) | array | [] _parts | array of parts required to build (will be taken from player) | array | ["ItemToolbox"] _condition | string of code to evaluate to determine whether action is shown | string | "!(isNull player) && {(getPlayerUID player) in DZE_DEPLOYABLE_ADMINS}" DZE_DEPLOYABLE_NAME_MAP array -- allows you to rename the deployable (on the right click/messages) format (note no comma after last array entry) DZE_DEPLOYABLE_NAME_MAP = [ [_class,_name], [_class,_name], [... more ...] ]; array parameters parameter | description | type | example --------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------|--------|-------- _class | class name of the item you want to replace the name of | string | "Notebook" _name | new name to display when right clicking | string | "Macbook Pro" Change Log version | change --------|------- 2.8.2 | updates for 1.0.6! Thanks @ebaydayz! 2.8.1 | fix from SchwEde that should fix bike not moving. Thanks @SchwEde! 2.8.0 | option to clear vehicle ammo 2.7.1 | better exit reasons 2.7.0 | option to add condition for showing action in config 2.6.1 | fix for unrideable bikes 2.6.0 | road building options, deployable name mapping 2.5.1 | fix a bug where preview items would sometimes disappear 2.5.0 | now uses a modified epoch building system to deploy the objects 2.4.3 | better click actions build conflict detection 2.4.2 | updated for new click actions handler build 2.4.1 | fixed deployables spawning in locked after restart 2.4.0 | multi-part deployables. yay! 2.3.1 | big fix on packing temp objects 2.3.0 | optional saving to database with post-restart memory of deployed items (see warning below about this) | configurable damage limits on re-packing | admin list for packing/deploying instantly & being able to remove all deployables 2.2.1 | positioning fix for deployed items 2.2.0 | option for clearing cargo of spawned items 2.1.0 | change way dependency call is made, only one line needed in init.sqf now for setup 2.0.0 | major update, allow multiple deployables, pretty much any class 1.1.0 | configuration options / code optimization 1.0.0 | release Issues/FAQ 1) people are getting kicked for createvehicle restriction when building a stone wall open your battleye filter createvehicle.txt and change this line 5 "Fort_" !="Fort_RazorWire" !="Fort_RazorWirePreview" to this: 5 "Fort_" !="Fort_RazorWire" !="Fort_RazorWirePreview" != "Fort_StoneWall_EP1" 2) I am using "A Plot For Life" and this is not working!
  17. If a player is killed within a defined range from a trader there will be a chat message notifying everyone so they can be punished. Step 1: Make a copy of player_death.sqf in your mission file and change the path in your compiles.sqf Step 2: Define your trader areas by making an array with the trader position, range, and trader name DZE_tradersarray = [ // [[position],range,"tradername"], // [[position],range,"tradername"] -- Don't forget the last one doesn't have a , at the end! ]; Example: Put this in your init.sqf somewhere at the top or put it inside your configVariables.sqf Step 3: Open your custom player_death.sqf and find Then add this below The whole block should look like Note: This is compatible with Comment if you have any problems!
  18. Any of you guys virtualize your epoch server? Mines running under a FreeBSD host using a virtualized windows 7 install of epoch 1.0.6 Wondering if anyone has any performance tuning tips for the virtualized install or if there's something better than windows 7 to be using (would I gain anything from a server based os?)
  19. Hello! So I want to make a new Epoch/Overwatch server. I'm not sure if I want to make it on Arma 2 or Arma 3. On DayzLauncher I see that there are quite a bit of Epoch servers that are highly populated on the other hand Arma 3 servers on A3Launcher seem less populated. I'm not sure on what game it's worth to make it on. I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions you have for me. If you can vote on the poll as well. Also I'm looking for a affordable host for Arma 2/Arma 3 to run the Epoch server on! If you know any comment below!
  20. Hey guys, I feel that this should be simple, is probably made clear somewhere, and that i'm just very stupid but I cannot seem to create custom zones on my Epoch 1.0.6 Chernarus server. I have tried as others have suggested and taken the code from mission.sqm which relates to entering and leaving trader cities and the like, increased the 'class item' from 6 to 7 then tried adding my own coords and description as below: class Item6 { position[]={066127,150,2572}; TRGDEF name="zonecherno"; expCond="(player distance zonecherno) < 250;"; expActiv="[""Chernogorsk"",false,""enter""] call player_traderCity;"; expDesactiv="[""Chernogorsk"",false,""leave""] call player_traderCity;"; }; I assume the problem lies with the 'position' numbers. I tried to decipher what they were from other locations and replicate but no joy...
  21. Arma Alpha Squad is a community of gamers who actually like the challenge that a Semi Vanilla Epoch provides. We don't have pre stocked traders, we have our traders based solely on the population of the server, you go in and sell some stuff, it stays there, there aren't any overpowered vehicles that you can get on and kill everyone with. We like to give players an actual challenge! Most servers now have fully stocked traders where you can buy any vehicle you please but where's the fun in that? I cant find it! I hope you guys would like to join us at Arma Alpha Squad today. Epoch.armaalphasquad.us port 2302 Ts3.armaalphasquad.us port 9987 A couple of people have already talked about the server on Twitter where I will regularly update everyone on how the server is doing, any changes we are making, or if we are opening another (we plan to within the next 6 months have another server online)
  22. Hello all, Wish the new year is/was well to you's. How do I change the trader prices for example Buying something worth 20 Krypto and selling something for 10 krypto? Is it even possible, is it a file edit or a database edit? Thanks!
  23. I started an Epoch server on my Home server and I am having issues. When I get on the server I try to use the scroll wheel when im at a trader and it doesn't have anything come up. Does anyone know whats wrong?
  24. Hello Everyone, Unstoppable Gaming is an Arma 3 gaming community with multiple server, our latest server is an Arma 3 epoch server. Features: - Large and Friendly community - AI Missions -Support Staff -Technical Support - Factions and Gangs Website: http://usgroleplay.com/ Teamspeak: usgroleplay.ts3dns.com
  25. MSG me if you would like the script Thanks!