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  1. New update

    I'll bring you back a Rib :)
  2. New update

    Unfortunately I'm leaving for a BBQ in about 15 mins
  3. New update

    What did you use to update arma server side?
  4. New update

    maybe its an issue with the EPAH and the new marker system causing problems for people?
  5. New update

    Apart from some errors mine loaded fine and is playable.
  6. New update

    The graphical issues are definitely related to CUP terrains. Should be a fix coming for this soon from the CUP guys.
  7. Vehicles get damaged when spawning in

    Great News Indeed. Good job
  8. Vehicles get damaged when spawning in

    Let us know if this works Grahame :)
  9. Spawn Areas

    Thanks He-Man and Axeman for helping. I'm at a loss also. I have no idea where these spawn bases are coming from if the map.h file is empty.
  10. Spawn Areas

    I have a local test server setup on my PC. I have Epoch, CUP terrains Core and Maps, CBA_A3, CUP units, weapons and vehicles running. I'm using the epoch.Sara_dbe1 mission pbo.
  11. Spawn Areas

    These spawn/trader buildings are not in the base map. There is a circle of garage buildings with an ATM and several traders at each spawn point, if they are not being pulled from the map.h file, where is the server finding these objects? http://i.imgur.com/UtCTyZR.jpg
  12. Spawn Areas

    Are there other files that contain the building classnames and traders postions for the spawn areas other than the map.h file?
  13. Spawn Areas

    Yes, I was looking for where the building objects at the spawn point are pulled from. On Sahrani there is a circle of garages and a few traders there I would like to remove.
  14. Spawn Areas

    I've been working on a United Sahrani map and have a question about where the server pulls the buildings and trader positions for the spawn areas from. I would have thought it was from the map.h file in the @epochhive\addons\a3_epoch_server_settings\configs\maps but this file is empty of anything in the propPos or staticNpcPos. where is the server finding the building and trader postions for the spawn areas, I would like to remove these objects. Thanks
  15. RHS Tanks kicking when Shot

    I removed the Setdamage line from my scripts.txt.