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  1. Filter for shit like: nearestObjects, nearEntities, setDamage, PVDZ_obj_Destroy, etc. Don't even bother using infistar's default filters.
  2. @syco still spreading bullshit around like he used to back when he was running DeadCell. He can't stop shit, he just pays his bum buddy Dami too much. I can remember the guy saying that he doesn't do this shit anymore because he's 30 odd years old, but look at him still trying to be relevant on this dead game. Go back to using your hashtag menu lmao. p.s. do tell your friends not to use other peoples names when they go hack on servers, thanks b0ss
  3. So you let them test their cheats on your server to go use on other servers?
  4. How can this be done so that only the banks are hived across an overpoch and epoch server? Don't need gear to be hived.
  5. Hi, Does anyone have a scheduler.xml for BEC with 2 hour restarts and warning messages? Thanks, Shawn.
  6. Shawn


    The commanding menu's from infistar work fine, like wardrobe, but one which an admin or player tries to open client side gets them kicked to the lobby. And it isn't a dialog or display.
  7. Shawn


    Every time I open up a commandingmenu, I get kicked to the lobby with nothing in the rpt. I set both of these to false in infistar: /* Check CMDMenus ? */ _CCM = false; /* true or false */ /* only disable this if you know what you are doing. I strongly recommend to use this! */ /* BLOCK ALL CMDMenus */ _BCM = false; /* true or false */ /* we don't need commandingMenus. so have this true as well. */ But it still happens. Any ideas?
  8. Or use the admin tools/test kit made by @ebayShopper. Link: https://github.com/ebayShopper/TestKit The default filters work just fine with it, and i find it way more useful than Infistars "admin tool".
  9. Shawn


    In scripts.txt, you can filter for stuff that is usually used in menu's. I recommend filtering for stuff like playableUnits, allUnits, FunctionsManager, addWeapon, execVM, etc. There are a lot more, just look through public menu's and find out what most of them use. To actually add it, what i do is add this into the scripts.txt for example 1 execVM And then let the server log all the legit code, so that i make make an exception for them. Then I use: Which works by you pasting the log quote mark to quote mark, and it will create the exception which you can then paste onto the end of the line. Then when a script kiddie comes along, and tries to execute something that isn't in the exception, it logs like this: 02.05.2017 11:33:37: Negan ( 4c10e157b302cda8f11254fe13240df0 - #32 "[] execVM "Hashtag2\basewipe.sqf"; if (!isNil 'reRunCheck') then { endMission 'loser'; };" That was someone that deleted all the bases on my friends server, so go ahead and ban him, if you want of course.
  10. Shawn


    What I do is find public menu's that are around, such as this: https://pastebin.com/Ta6Jv5N2 And then filter for specific stuff in them. I set it to log instead of kick so i can get chunks of code that these guys use. Most of the guys that go around deleting all the bases on servers are using the same menu..
  11. Shawn


    @LunatikCH sums it up really, decent battleye filters will help with those that are coming straight from unknowncheats and other forums. Clark asked me to come on his teamspeak after all the bases on his server were getting deleted, and deletevehicle.log and publicvariable.log were getting spammed by the script kiddies. A good idea is to have one of those log scanners made in python, and have them instantly ban anyone that uses any blacklisted code. Also, if anyone uses infistar, be careful because it's really quite easy to hijack the RE that is used on the admin menu.
  12. BigEgg already answered how to do this.
  13. Hmm, I installed the single currency on a clean 1061 mission and server PBO, but when i sell some briefcases to the trader, it doesn't actually give it to me. Anyone know where I could have messed up? No errors in .rpt.
  14. Shawn

    Too much Antihack!

    Btw, I recommend you get rid of Nox admin tools, and disable the default epoch antihack and their RE security. Just use infistar, and make some good filters. Scrap the filters that come with infistar though, they're useless. If you want some help with the battleye filters, pm me.
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