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  1. Still works it is a discord.me link... But can use discord.gg/GRBwMTy
  2. Pretty busy atm with RL and some other dayz mod projects I'm working on but could do in future. If you wanted someone to ask questions, bounce ideas off, test things etc then jump on discord.me/dzrevival and message me. Only done basic map/model editing in arma but have pretty broad knowledge and a fast learner
  3. Yeah this is a check i could probably remove now was more relevant when it was purely for dayz mod. Can cancel when up to that part in the mean time.
  4. Just incase have helped out the odd person where it was the integrity of dayz mod but yeah its very rear. Also originally made it for dayz mod admins running servers wanting to run custom maps and wanting an easier way for novice users to join. But works with any mod or map.
  5. Keep up the good work, pretty neat to see people still creating content.
  6. What is DZRLauncher? DZRlauncher is a server/mod manager not a server browser. Built to be a lightweight portable application. Windows XP to 10 compatible with no other files or dependencies. Communities can preconfigure and distribute with the setting file to make it easy for users to join their servers. Adding a Server. You can find the download on discord: https://discord.gg/UsDaDFD Will be available on the web site www.dzrevival.com with preconfigured settings option once i get a change to update the site. Any issues or feedback please let me know. Cheers, nzjocko
  7. Anyone still working on SargeAI? Only just found this post after editing the original SargeAI to get it working on on DayZ mod 1.9.0 so far have it working ok but have trouble with some AI/groups of AI spawning with no leader so they do nothing but stand there unless fired upon etc, sometime can spawn lots before this happens other times can be in some of the first few spawned. From what i can tell it seems to be to do with an array or an error in the loop that happens sometimes where it cant find an AI to assign as a leader. I don't mind doing some sort of band-aid fix tho not ideal like use function try{ } cause i know every now and then it will throw an exception and then maybe have a script that looks for any AI or group without a leader and kills/removes them. But ideally would like to clean the code up and get it working right as I'm planning on slimming it down and removing some of the functions i don't need and maybe adding other player interaction functions to the survivor/solider factions I.E give supplies/help/directions to supplies etc. If anyone is still working on this and wants to share findings or if you are an exceptional script writer and want to be hired get in touch. Or maybe try convince me why i should use DZAI as a base and modify that (if possible) to get the same type of good and bad AI, just so far from what i have read/seen SargeAI is more inline with what i want.
  8. Would i just need to add something here to allow this script? or is it to do with something else like my coords? Battleye sripts.txt 5 setDamage !"([4654,9595,0] nearestObject 145259) setDamage 1;\n([4654,9595,0] nearestObject 145260) setDamage 1;" !"if (_entity isKindOf \"Animal\") then {\n_entity setDamage 1;" !"player setDamage 1;\n\nif (dayz_onBack != \"\") then {\n_body addWeapon dayz_onBack;" !"if(\"\" == typeOf _tree) then {\n_tree setDamage 1;\n};" !"if (_ent isKindOf \"Animal\" || _ent isKindOf \"zZombie_base\") then {\n_ent setDamage 1;" 5 setDammage
  9. @Legend thanks, yeah Ive got to reconfig the coords for lingor but just wanted to test it before getting the coords I want and putting them in. It is working sorta I logged out in the test rad zone when it wasnt working. I now get battleye kicked #32 when logging in
  10. This still working? maybe I've done something wrong will recheck it all tomorrow getting nothing and had no other "class Sensors" like above i could add to.
  11. yeah it would require a fine balance ie might need to be a max cap amount say if percent taken greater than cap then only take cap. or another way to balance it could be adding a banking interest system of some sort say the opposite of robbing ie every so many hours u earn interest of say 2~5 percent of what u have in the bank.
  12. Im wanting to add a rob banker option but I am pretty fresh with arma scripting, has anyone got a script similar or can assist me in writing one. Basically want it so that every banker also has an option to rob banker, how i picture this working is when rob banker action is done there will be a script that reads all players money in the bank It will then pick a random percentage say between 5% and 20% and use that to remove that percent of money from each players bank value and pay the robber the combined value in coins. Would like it so that once it has been done it cant be done again for the next 3 hours or set time it would also disable robbed banker for this same time so that the robber cant deposit using same banker and no one will be able to use robbed banker again until timer is up. would need to be some timer or action when activated so that the player robbing is stuck there taking time to rob but player can die before robbing action is completed which would stop the robbery. It would also publicly announce that banker {location description} is being robbed allowing players time to try stop the robber or rob him before he makes it to next banker to deposit.
  13. @ebayShopper guessing i would modify spawn_fill.sqf with check for player class? Sorry only 1st week doing anything with arma scripting, have programming experience so can read it ok but pretty much learning as i go.
  14. Is it possible to hide or show certain spawn locations based on the class picked? Ie. say i have 5 class setups to pick from if they pick "class 1", only spawn locations i have allowed for "class 1" will be displayed to pick as a spawn location etc.
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