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  1. Adding loot from the RHS

    Thank you very much for the reply, now the picture is almost clear, only one point, and that the figure is at the end { { "srifle_DMR_02_F", "weapon" }, 1 }, if the drop chance, then what is the percentage and can it be trusted?
  2. Adding loot from the RHS

    Yes that's right, I handled it in about 20 minutes after writing the post, but some things I still don't understand, for example: class SniperRifle { items[] = { { { "SniperRiflem107", "CfgLootTable" }, 8 }, // Marksman DLC { { "SniperRifleMarkDLC", "CfgLootTable" }, 10 }, { { "srifle_LRR_F", "weapon" }, 11 }, { { "srifle_GM6_F", "weapon" }, 16 }, { { "srifle_DMR_01_F", "weapon" }, 17 }, { { "SniperRifleM14", "CfgLootTable" }, 18 }, { { "srifle_EBR_F", "weapon" }, 20 } }; }; // All Marksman DLC weapons without attachments class SniperRifleMarkDLC { items[] = { { { "srifle_DMR_02_F", "weapon" }, 1 }, { { "srifle_DMR_02_camo_F", "weapon" }, 1 }, { { "srifle_DMR_02_sniper_F", "weapon" }, 1 }, { { "srifle_DMR_03_F", "weapon" }, 1 }, { { "srifle_DMR_03_khaki_F", "weapon" }, 1 }, { { "srifle_DMR_03_tan_F", "weapon" }, 1 }, { { "srifle_DMR_03_multicam_F", "weapon" }, 1 }, { { "srifle_DMR_03_woodland_F", "weapon" }, 1 }, { { "srifle_DMR_04_F", "weapon" }, 1 }, { { "srifle_DMR_04_Tan_F", "weapon" }, 1 }, { { "srifle_DMR_05_blk_F", "weapon" }, 1 }, { { "srifle_DMR_05_hex_F", "weapon" }, 1 }, { { "srifle_DMR_05_tan_f", "weapon" }, 1 }, { { "srifle_DMR_06_camo_F", "weapon" }, 1 }, { { "srifle_DMR_06_olive_F", "weapon" }, 1 } }; }; class SniperRiflem107 { items[] = { { { "m107_EPOCH", "weapon" }, 1 }, { { "m107Tan_EPOCH", "weapon" }, 1 } }; }; class SniperRifleM14 { items[] = { { { "M14_EPOCH", "weapon" }, 1 }, { { "M14Grn_EPOCH", "weapon" }, 1 } }; }; Here is the piece of code, if you can explain some points 1. What items "SniperRiflem107" and "SniperRifleM14" added to "class SniperRifle" and then they created more classes? Why "m107_EPOCH" "m107Tan_EPOCH" "M14_EPOCH" "M14Grn_EPOCH" could not be placed in "class SniperRifle" 2. Why in this piece (and not only) { { "SniperRifleM14", "CfgLootTable" }, 18 }, instead of "weapon" is "CfgLootTable" Why so many questions? It's very simple, I want to remake the table for your server, but without this knowledge it is simply unrealistic especially without auto compiler too subtly made. Thanks in advance for your answers! P.S. As I am typing through a translator, some things may be not clear to you, don't be surprised!)
  3. Adding loot from the RHS

    Hello! Dear friends, show for illustrative purposes how to add spawn loot items and weapons for example: I want to add the following classes rhs_6b23_6sh116_flora rhs_6b23_6sh116_vog_flora rhs_weap_t5000 rhs_weap_svdp_wd_npz rhs_weap_ak74mr rhs_weap_ak74m_camo add the example that is in the file CfgLootTable.h but nothing works, the topics that are on the forum, or not what you need, or deleted! P.S. Is there somewhere in the compiler or something like exile, but on Epoch? well, or a detailed description that would alter this table? Thanks in advance.
  4. a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Where were you before my friend?!)) I after writing the message after 10 min solved the problem! But the problem with bots doing nothing, will be resolved I'm sure another year or so switched to vampire to eliminate!
  5. a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    I only have one problem from the list, the bots don't move at all, and starting to shoot only when you approach them from the front! And you have that static machine guns are not lost, that is, the bot shoots out of him?
  6. Guys tell me! Can the choice of equipment to leave only for donors, but for ordinary players, the random generation function be turned off? I tried to play with settings "spawn_gear_settings.sqf" but the only thing I could do is completely disable the selection of items! And the second question, if I added in the sections "_lvl1items =" and " _lvl2items =" example hats that I want used only donors, they should appear in random generation of simple users or not? To put it simply, all the weapons and items I've added for use only donor poyavlyayutsya and ordinary users, is this normal or is it something you can disable? If the question is repeated, sorry! But I did not find the answer in this thread! Thank you!
  7. Everything is clear why I did not see the answer to the question yesterday, I have not loaded a picture, so I did not see this question!) Thanks again!
  8. Friend, I'm not arguing, just looking I have not found the answer, and this topic kind!( I hope I will be able to solve my problem in the subject which is the link that you sent me was! Anyway thank you!
  9. Don't understand the question? I have this script already like a week and I do not understand how to play a role, but now look! But if it was sarcasm then I explain, because I use a translator, and on the forum (not just this) the users do not use traditional , and typically 80% of the words changed, hence the translator cannot translate adequately the idea that the user wanted to say! So there is no need to be surprised!
  10. Hello! Guys tell me what is the error, someone faced with similar?
  11. Thank you very much for replying about loot, I threw Epoch after updating and see that many sores remained(

    if it's not difficult, tell me please why in combat transport there is no weapon at purchase, and also it is impossible to recharge using trucks  Ammunition, I remember that there is a solution, but I can not find it 2 day(
    Thanks in advance!

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      Checked, OK I will dig further, thanks for the answers!

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      This option is disabled, I checked. Okay if I get it I'll let you know!)

  12. The problem with loot!

    Prompt, at least who knows in which file to watch the loot, which will spawn and change accordingly! And how to make it so that loot spawned as often as possible. Changes in the settings in the file "epochconfig.hpp" did not give results, I checked for 30 minutes, only one building was caught with loot!
  13. The problem with loot!

    Hello! Guys I have a brain explodes, why does not appear loot ?? I do not understand anything at all, there are no scripts at all on the server, there are only add-ons RHS and Infistar! In the settings, I did not change anything either! Tell me, what could be wrong! Thanks in advance!