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  1. onPlayerRespawn.sqf

    Make sure in sandbox_config in your mission file, you have respawnOnStart = 0; and not = -1
  2. BIS_fnc_dynamicText

    [parseText format["<img size='2' image='yourimage.paa'/><br/><t size='0.7' color='#ff0000' font='PuristaLight'>Your Text Here</t>"],0,0,10,1] spawn bis_fnc_dynamictext; This will display an image and a message in red for 10 seconds in the center of the screen with a fadeout Fonts in Arma 3 are PuristaLight PuristaMedium PuristaSemiBold PuristaBold LucidaConsoleB EtelkaMonospacePro EtelkaMonospaceProBold EtelkaNarrowMediumPro TahomaB
  3. Groups

    Group system is standard in, but disabled by default To enable it, in your mission file init, after #include "\z\addons\dayz_code\configVariables.sqf" Add and configure the following dayz_groupSystem = false; // Enable group system dayz_markGroup = 1; // Players can see their group members on the map 0=never, 1=always, 2=With GPS only dayz_markSelf = 0; // Players can see their own position on the map 0=never, 1=always, 2=With GPS only dayz_markBody = 0; // Players can see their corpse position on the map 0=never, 1=always, 2=With GPS only dayz_requireRadio = false; // Require players to have a radio on their toolbelt to create a group, be in a group and receive invites.
  4. Snow Effects

    Like this?
  5. Just a heads up, on a full server 60/60 there were 95 server threads, 90 of which were from blckeagles i'm going to see if I can fix it
  6. Epoch Playground

    What server?
  7. No need, i'd left a custom public variable i'd had in there from the previous version, all working ok now
  8. It happens on a vanilla blckclient if you enable the dynamic announcement's
  9. it was always false :) Just using blck_useDynamic = true; Still does Client rpt 9:34:06 "[blckClient] blck_Message = [""showScore"",[25,"""",2],""""]" 9:34:06 "blck_Message ====] Paremeters = _this = [""showScore"",[25,"""",2],""""]" 9:34:06 "blck_Message ====] Paremeters _event showScore _message [25,"""",2] paramter #3 " 9:34:06 "blck_Message ====] _message isEqualTo [25,"""",2]"
  10. Is there anyway to remove the text from the middle of the screen? I have set everything to false, yet it still displays
  11. 1.0.6 Is there a way to "take clothes" (skins)?

    Error in expression <s_player_clothes = -1; _skin = (typeOf _body); _itemNew = _skin; switch (_ite> Error position: <_body); _itemNew = _skin; switch (_ite> Error Undefined variable in expression: _body File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.namalsk\custom\takeClothes.sqf, line 18 Action doesn't get added to player, with this error in client rpt and not working if executing the code locally
  12. The old extra right click "extra_rc.hpp" for 1.6

    Works fine for me using mine from
  13. Epoch 1.0.6 Bugs

    No, I just wiped all doors, not had anymore reports of it happening since the wipe.
  14. Epoch 1.0.6 Bugs

    I've wiped all my doors built before the patch, we couldn't go on with such poor client performance from the duplicates
  15. Epoch 1.0.6 Bugs

    The updated dll/files haven't fixed our errors Items built before the update are duplicating up to 3 times on the server Items built after the update are fine Has been tested on vanilla mission file/server file with no addons