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  1. Forum Updated: this is only a test

    Seems fine here
  2. Autorun Scripts

    Had a little play around with the code, will stop autorunning if the player enters water and changed hints to the new Epoch messages autoRun.sqf if (!DBD_AutorunOn) then { _canRun = call DBD_canRun; if (_canRun) then { DBD_AutorunOn = true; ["Autorun Activated", 3] call Epoch_message; }; } else { call DBD_stopAutoRun; player switchMove ""; }; canRun.sqf private["_legsHit","_canRun","_allHitPointsDamage","_index"]; _legsHit = (vehicle player) getHitPointDamage "HitLegs"; _abdHit = (vehicle player) getHitPointDamage "HitAbdomen"; _diaphragmHit = (vehicle player) getHitPointDamage "HitDiaphragm"; _injured = if (_legsHit > 0.25 || _abdHit > 0.25 || _diaphragmHit > 0.25) then {true} else {false}; _overWater = !(position player isFlatEmpty [-1, -1, -1, -1, 2, false] isEqualTo []); _canRun = (vehicle player == player && !(_overWater) && !((damage player) >= 0.5) && !(_injured)); _canRun stopAutoRun.sqf if (DBD_AutorunOn) then { DBD_AutorunOn = false; if ((vehicle player) isEqualTo player) then { if (alive player) then { ["Autorun deactivated", 3] call Epoch_message; player switchMove ""; }; }; }; true EPOCH_custom_OnEachFrame.sqf if (DBD_AutorunOn) then { private _OK_toRun = call DBD_canRun; if (_OK_toRun) then { player playAction "FastF"; } else { DBD_AutorunOn = false; player switchMove ""; }; };
  3. onPlayerRespawn.sqf

    Make sure in sandbox_config in your mission file, you have respawnOnStart = 0; and not = -1
  4. BIS_fnc_dynamicText

    [parseText format["<img size='2' image='yourimage.paa'/><br/><t size='0.7' color='#ff0000' font='PuristaLight'>Your Text Here</t>"],0,0,10,1] spawn bis_fnc_dynamictext; This will display an image and a message in red for 10 seconds in the center of the screen with a fadeout Fonts in Arma 3 are PuristaLight PuristaMedium PuristaSemiBold PuristaBold LucidaConsoleB EtelkaMonospacePro EtelkaMonospaceProBold EtelkaNarrowMediumPro TahomaB
  5. Groups

    Group system is standard in, but disabled by default To enable it, in your mission file init, after #include "\z\addons\dayz_code\configVariables.sqf" Add and configure the following dayz_groupSystem = false; // Enable group system dayz_markGroup = 1; // Players can see their group members on the map 0=never, 1=always, 2=With GPS only dayz_markSelf = 0; // Players can see their own position on the map 0=never, 1=always, 2=With GPS only dayz_markBody = 0; // Players can see their corpse position on the map 0=never, 1=always, 2=With GPS only dayz_requireRadio = false; // Require players to have a radio on their toolbelt to create a group, be in a group and receive invites.
  6. Snow Effects

    Like this?
  7. [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.71 build 77

    Just a heads up, on a full server 60/60 there were 95 server threads, 90 of which were from blckeagles i'm going to see if I can fix it
  8. Epoch Playground

    What server?
  9. [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.71 build 77

    No need, i'd left a custom public variable i'd had in there from the previous version, all working ok now
  10. [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.71 build 77

    It happens on a vanilla blckclient if you enable the dynamic announcement's
  11. [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.71 build 77

    it was always false :) Just using blck_useDynamic = true; Still does Client rpt 9:34:06 "[blckClient] blck_Message = [""showScore"",[25,"""",2],""""]" 9:34:06 "blck_Message ====] Paremeters = _this = [""showScore"",[25,"""",2],""""]" 9:34:06 "blck_Message ====] Paremeters _event showScore _message [25,"""",2] paramter #3 " 9:34:06 "blck_Message ====] _message isEqualTo [25,"""",2]"
  12. [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.71 build 77

    Is there anyway to remove the text from the middle of the screen? I have set everything to false, yet it still displays
  13. 1.0.6 Is there a way to "take clothes" (skins)?

    Error in expression <s_player_clothes = -1; _skin = (typeOf _body); _itemNew = _skin; switch (_ite> Error position: <_body); _itemNew = _skin; switch (_ite> Error Undefined variable in expression: _body File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.namalsk\custom\takeClothes.sqf, line 18 Action doesn't get added to player, with this error in client rpt and not working if executing the code locally
  14. The old extra right click "extra_rc.hpp" for 1.6

    Works fine for me using mine from
  15. Epoch 1.0.6 Bugs

    No, I just wiped all doors, not had anymore reports of it happening since the wipe.