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  1. Okay i found the problem, bec not working because battleye off, and if i open battleye i can't login server because i'm using linux system and not working battleye. There's a way, if admin logging don't need batleye?
  2. Blocked through the Hosts file. Bec was working before, but now not working and I can't figure out what I've done. I also tried the mbcon and was not working the same way. I've formatted the server and reinstalled it all, but the result is still the same.
  3. Hello, My server restarts every 4 hours, bec do not work for a reason I can't figure out. For this reason, I want to write a script, I want it to announce in the game as soon as the seconds I mentioned. I've seen a few examples in Arma 3, is it possible to show a simple example code if it's happening in Arma 2, and where can I specify where to write the script? Sorry for my bad english, and thanks :)
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