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  1. mapping

    if this is a server side mod you can place it into @epochhive/addons folder
  2. It should spawn mostly Goldenseal, then poppy and pumpkins. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/experimental/Sources/epoch_server_settings/EpochEvents/PlantSpawner.sqf
  3. [New] Epoch is leaving alpha and entering beta! All Epoch Asset project sources are now available via our GitHub +LFS and under APL-SA license here: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/EpochCore [Added] 64-bit database extension support for Windows (EpochServer_x64.dll) and Linux (epochserver_x64.so) servers. Linux support is pending testing. [Added] Custom event handler and OnEachFrame hooks added. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/tree/experimental/Sources/epoch_code/customs Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan [Added] Crafting recipe: Mortar (Uses: 12x Rock, 2x dirty water) (Requires: Fire and workbench within 3m). Thanks to @baaljayjay for the suggestion. [Added] Customizability of units spawned by UAV alert via CfgEpochClient > uavAlertUnitSpawnTemplate. (Default: I_Soldier_EPOCH) [Added] Toxic Smoke Grenades can now be found in the world. [Added] Respawn in base feature, each player must interact with Jammer and choose "Make Spawnpoint" to enable. [Added] Selling to traders with bank debt greater than -50000(default), pays the bank debt back to below the limit instead of the player. Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan [Changed] Epoch Event: ChangeWeather has been updated to allow for better random control of weather and defaults to bad weather. [Changed] Optimized database SET and SETEX calls in both SQF and C++. [Changed] Optimized database GETRANGE call. [Changed] Optimized NPC Trading and fixed issue if trade failed. Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan [Changed] Great White Sharks will now spawn if the player is deep enough in the ocean. [Changed] Objects or Players that have been given "Crypto" variable can be accessed via the dynamic menu (Space Bar) for a "Take Crypto" action. [Changed] Air Drops are now triggered via Epoch Events server side every 45m at random, instead of randomly triggered client side. [Changed] To prevent issues with ownership only Group Leader can place a Jammer. jammerGLOnly = 0 in CfgEpochClient to disable. Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan and @82ndab-Bravo17 [Fixed] Crash bug when opening base building upgrade menu since Arma 3 1.68. [Fixed] Wrong variable name in EPOCH_clientRevive.sqf. Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan [Fixed] Sometimes getting stuck only walking. Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan [Fixed] Repack of Energy Pack is now possible. [Removed] EpochServer extension calls 100 and 101 as they are no longer needed. [Info] Re-add missing comments in some config files. [Info] Numerous other fixes and optimizations. *Note: expected release is within 1-2 weeks.
  4. b701 should solve this issue and a few others.
  5. From now on we have solid build environment built on Centos 5 Holy Build Box via Docker that uses shared glibc and the rest of the dependencies are now statically linked (hiredis, pcre, and libstdc++).
  6. Anyone is welcome to run the experimental branch but consider unstable, it may update often and possibly be broken from time to time. Also, changes can be proposed using pull requests via GitHub on the experimental branch for inclusion in future updates.
  7. bump updated again
  8. Too early to tell, The only reason I bought DayZ SA game was because I wanted to mod it, but at this point, let's just hope that when/if DayZ SA Modding does release it has tons of documentation.
  9. Ya, it seems that hotfix was supposed to fix that. If not report back and we can try to follow up with someone at BI.
  10. also, Dwarden posted this 1.68 hotfix yesterday it may help: 1.68.140925 new PROFILING branch with PERFORMANCE binaries, v00, server and client, windows/linux only 32-bit binaries + sync with 1.68.main branch 1.68.140940 new PROFILING branch with PERFORMANCE binaries, v01, server and client, windows/linux only 32-bit binaries + fixed linux issues and some crashes note: 64-bit binaries in near future (not this week(end)) details: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/160288-arma-3-stable-server-166-performance-binary-feedback/?do=findComment&comment=3164769
  11. Check your RPT to see if you are running x86 or x64. I am working on x64 support for both Linux and Windows for 0.5. Maybe this need to be reported to BI: https://feedback.bistudio.com
  12. These are the older epochserver.so files just in case the newer ones have issues: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/tree/experimental/Server_Install_[email protected]/legacy Also to use these you need to have this line in your startup script so that I can load the dependencies. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/experimental/Server_Install_Pack/epoch_linux_startscript.sh#L18 I am working on a new static lib that should have less external dependencies, I must note that these newer extensions may not work currently.
  13. Testing,
  14. We did not use the extra features of Cloudflare that are reported to have caused this. We should be good, but I still changed my password.
  15. please see this post for a follow up