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  1. So i had this script working with Computermancers Earplugs script: (init.sqf) if(hasInterface) then{ waituntil {!isnull (finddisplay 46)}; earplugsout=true; execVM "SFM_VEH_EP\cm_veh_init.sqf"; execVM "addons\etv.sqf"; }; It needed; inSafeZone = false; Thanks to He-man and Natoed for narrowing that down.. I started a fresh new start since the new server files/build is released... And now i can't get this working anymore, Its vanilla as it can be... I've try'd like 20 different possibility's to get this to work.. with no results.. The script starts fine becouse i got kicked in the beginning, but somehow the scroll addaction menu doesn't show up anymore even thou, inSafeZone = false; is added in. I've installed the Earplug script and tested it, it worked like usual, next; i installed the Etv script like i did back then, but this time i can't get any results.. I've try'd onPlayerRespawn - initPlayerlocal - etc.. i even try'd, call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers in my own custom server-side pbo And ofcourse i've try'd all the other possibility sqf Calls in this tread, wearing only democharge's and trying it out on the specific vehicles that are allowed by the script itself... I hope somebody can clear my mind on this, is this script still working or iam i the only one with this problem? Maybe i'm searching/thinking to hard when the awnser is right there in front of me lol.. Thank you Second_Coming and Darth_rogue for customizing and re-editing this script, I really like this one.
  2. Agreed with Darth_Rogue it'll bring more possibilities.. But.... im kinda off topic on this one, It'll requires players to handle an additional action, (Download mod, Drag/Place files to location, Activating them) I think, We all know most of them wont do that, Unless the server is highly populated/Has a name /etc.
  3. Thank you He-Man for your quick reply! Your awnser worked for me, The mod is now working fine, i had to adjust some other stuff in the script aswel... For other people trying to get this mod running; "device (attached to player) = (object)" is not white-listed or allowed in Epoch, Change that object to something that is allowed, Before that my .rpt log was spamming with weird Dimension errors.. Ps: Advanced Rappelling uses the same Device Object.
  4. Verry nice! Well done! +Rep, Its working like a charm, Loading ingame after the main loading screen can cause some delays, This is because the use of a statusbar, He-Man has posted a smaller status bar wich does increasingly speed up that second de-layyed loading screen.
  5. Im trying to add the mod, Urban Rappelling by Duda, Not sure if this is allowed by the Epoch dev's? Getting these message's, While hanging in "mid-air" "DEBUG: Invalid Vehicle Token, deleted 6bba4100# 1699856: aa_01.p3d REMOTE"
  6. Hello Is there any way to de-crease the diffeculty /? Couse it looks like that aim-botting like pro's yes i know there ai's. thanks
  7. Hello All. I just can't figur out wich graphic setting needs to be adjusted to get rid of the Visuals in these foggy weathers.. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/307740101645344327/233D58AE423B5A70AB9D67F5EED36EA3F4AF863A/ and http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/307740101645354516/2B073F6A2A489556DA350150FF68B3DDAE406581/ Or maybe i could edit the epoch setup? I dont have a clue to be honest.... My graphics card: Geforce GTX 960, im using 2 of these in Sli setup Never had this problem before in all the years i've played.. But then again i just got these graphic cards.. Back then i had Radeon HD.. So i gues its something with my new graphics card setup? Ive try'd changing the settings to the lowest but with no results.. Thanks in advance!
  8. Its still a mistery to me that u guys can setup a server but cannot fix the script kicking :p When getting kicked, your server will make a .txt with the reason of the server kick. In your case its #51 so for advanced users they know its coming from your scripts.txt (otherwise it will call the file name(public variable/create vehicle/etc./etc.) Count +2 lines on 51 and paste the reason why its kicking your guys. Why +2 lines? Bcouse Line 0 doesn't count... and Line 1 = //new2 (Your server still read those 2 lines no mather what...) (well reading.... // is a block but nvr mind it still reads the // :P) Now paste the reason why its kicking you, The reason is Always between your 2 -> " <- and -> " <- So in your case -> "xecVM (_folder + " Dont forget the symbols != so its gonna be !="xecVM (_folder + " on line 53 and dont forget to Like the script owners + the people who fixed this again! Pay some respect to them.
  9. Thank you Halvhjearne for making this script! Thank you viper179 and Ghostrider-DbD- for fixing this script! Im using the bury body option, It worked great and it adds that little extra respect into the game! But like you guys already know, i to get the Action menu working,, but it stops when trying to Bury a fellow comrade, it says that You can't burry ai, even tho it was a player. I hope that Viper and all other persons can fix this script again! Thank you all for making these Scripts! You guys rock!