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  1. You need to change the script, But yea, Group members are already defined by 3d (hexegon) symbols. (not 2d map markers). But if you really want to, you could try this: /* playerMarker.sqf */ private["_markers","_members"]; _markers = []; _members = []; while {true} do { sleep 0.5; if(visibleMap) then { _members = units (group player); //Create markers { _marker = createMarkerLocal [format["%1_marker",_x],visiblePosition _x]; _marker setMarkerColorLocal "ColorGreen"; _marker setMarkerTypeLocal "Mil_dot"; _marker setMarkerTextLocal format["%1", _x getVariable["realname",name _x]]; _markers pushBack [_marker,_x]; } foreach _members; while {visibleMap} do { { private["_marker","_unit"]; _marker = _x select 0; _unit = _x select 1; if(!isNil "_unit") then { if(!isNull _unit) then { _marker setMarkerPosLocal (visiblePosition _unit); }; }; } foreach _markers; if(!visibleMap) exitWith {}; sleep 0.02; }; {deleteMarkerLocal (_x select 0);} foreach _markers; _markers = []; _members = []; }; }; I have not tested it out, Because i posted the similar script on the other mod 'which shall not be named' and someone else posted this Group marker system.
  2. So i wanted to share a script that make's players navigate a bit easier. I do not know who created this script its been out there for awhile otherwise i would've share'd his Credits for making this. In your init.sqf : // Player Location execVM "marker.sqf"; Create a file called marker.sqf and paste this code into it: if(hasInterface)then{ [] spawn { waitUntil{uiSleep 0.2;!isNil "EPOCH_playerEnergyMax"}; //wait for player to load _playerPos = createMarkerLocal ["PlayerPOS", position player]; //create marker "PlayerPOS" setMarkerTextLocal ""; // Player marker text eg: You "PlayerPOS" setMarkerTypeLocal "Select"; // Player Marker icon "PlayerPOS" setMarkerColorLocal "ColorBlack"; while{true}do{ waitUntil {uiSleep 0.2;visibleMap}; //update marker only while map is open "PlayerPOS" setMarkerPosLocal position player; }; }; }; Now paste both .sqf files into your mission.pbo. I can't remember wich BE filters i added to prevent kicking, But if you need help paste your BE kicks here.
  3. Hi He-Man Thanks for your reply /* Revert KeyUp */ _RUK = false; /* true or false */ /* recommended: true Removes custom KeyUps and sets back the default ones (false with Task Force Radio ?) */ /* Revert KeyDown */ _RDK = false; /* true or false */ /* recommended: true Removes custom KeyDowns and sets back the default ones (false with Task Force Radio ?) */ /* Check Keybinds */ _CKB = false; /* true or false */ /* recommended: true _RKB needs to be true! Checks Keybinds, if it finds added ones it shows: "KeyBinds added %1 should be %2" */ I already had them on false, I've checked infistar settings multiple times can't seem te see any block in it... I gues i am the only one with this little issue until someone else is gonna mention it, But because i got custom scripts running they might cause the issue.. Im gonna enjoy your script He-man and Thanks again!
  4. paste your Infistar_config.sqf and How did you add the a3_infistar.pbo ? With --servermod or dropped it in your @epochhive\addons ? You did added the files in your mission.pbo ? (infistar.hpp and call.fsm) ?
  5. Thanks He-man i got 1 little issue, the manual Earplug insertion and removal does not do anything for me, I've try'd adding T as a custom hotkey becouse F4 is conflicting with the Group Command Menu But T doesnt do anything either, I've dissable'd Auto-insertion and turned on Manual insertion, (maybe this was the issue) But it doesn't do either with T or the F4 hotkey. Auto-Insertion works like a charm, My infistar is checked for any keybinding blockers: Check Keybinds */ _CKB = false; /* _blacklistedVariables: The AntiHack will check if one of these variables is existing for the client (only if _UBV = true;) */ _blacklistedVariables = (deleted all the normal Keybinding processes)
  6. So my main reason is to ask if fellow server admins noticed this issue to? 1 of my players noticed his m900 (hummingbird) is dissapearing, there was no one in the server at that time and he wasnt in his own base when it happends. becouse iam running a zombie mod (it could've been a zombie running into it and pushed it etc.) So the hummingbird got blowed up but no one was there, The chopper was parked like 2 days on the same spot. (.rpt log: Debug Dead vehicle etc.) It was a legit vehicle who got spawned in by the server(not by a admin tool) So that's why im asking in this tread, maybe that someone else has noticed it to? In a nutshell: M900 got destroyed by no one..Rpt.log cleaned it up, (2nd time this happend)
  7. SM_UserBaseCheck = false; // Custom base checking SM_UserBaseCheckDistance = 50; // meters to check for custom base objects / plotpile SM_UserBaseCheckType = 1; //1 = object // 2 = marker SM_UserBaseCheckMarkerObjects = ""; //Object or marker type to check for Seems not to work, i've try'd adding KitPlotpole's and CinderWallGarage_epoch they still spawn close to it Its becouse the zombies walk through the doors.. On the other hand SM_UserSafezoneCheck = false; // custom safezone checking SM_UserSafezoneCheckDistance = 50; // meters to check for objects / markers SM_UserSafezoneCheckType = 1; //1 = object // 2 = marker; SM_UserSafezoneCheckMarkerObjects = ""; //Object or marker type to check for works if you add in the safezone ATM's believe it was the 01 edition.
  8. He-Man Thank you for your quick reply! And as always your sollution worked! The script is working fine now, and i kinda feel ashamed of myself... But even thou i try'd Natoed Call version wich had a: Sleep 30; in it, it did not triggered the script... Its becouse i had alot of more scripts running back then, Then now in 'vanilla' state... (Face-Slap-Myself) Thanks again He-Man, For clearing up the confusing in my mind lol.... Seriously thou.... I've learned my lesson again.. And trying to use the memory for this script by calling it: 'call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers' did not play the part, i can't say why, maybe i triggered to much stuff this way, Maybe the etv script has a block in it, becouse i did asume EtV was like this, it "Checked each frame per second" for any vehicle to display the Addaction function.... But anyhow, I'm Thankful for any bit of information i can get..
  9. So i had this script working with Computermancers Earplugs script: (init.sqf) if(hasInterface) then{ waituntil {!isnull (finddisplay 46)}; earplugsout=true; execVM "SFM_VEH_EP\cm_veh_init.sqf"; execVM "addons\etv.sqf"; }; It needed; inSafeZone = false; Thanks to He-man and Natoed for narrowing that down.. I started a fresh new start since the new server files/build is released... And now i can't get this working anymore, Its vanilla as it can be... I've try'd like 20 different possibility's to get this to work.. with no results.. The script starts fine becouse i got kicked in the beginning, but somehow the scroll addaction menu doesn't show up anymore even thou, inSafeZone = false; is added in. I've installed the Earplug script and tested it, it worked like usual, next; i installed the Etv script like i did back then, but this time i can't get any results.. I've try'd onPlayerRespawn - initPlayerlocal - etc.. i even try'd, call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers in my own custom server-side pbo And ofcourse i've try'd all the other possibility sqf Calls in this tread, wearing only democharge's and trying it out on the specific vehicles that are allowed by the script itself... I hope somebody can clear my mind on this, is this script still working or iam i the only one with this problem? Maybe i'm searching/thinking to hard when the awnser is right there in front of me lol.. Thank you Second_Coming and Darth_rogue for customizing and re-editing this script, I really like this one.
  10. Agreed with Darth_Rogue it'll bring more possibilities.. But.... im kinda off topic on this one, It'll requires players to handle an additional action, (Download mod, Drag/Place files to location, Activating them) I think, We all know most of them wont do that, Unless the server is highly populated/Has a name /etc.
  11. Thank you He-Man for your quick reply! Your awnser worked for me, The mod is now working fine, i had to adjust some other stuff in the script aswel... For other people trying to get this mod running; "device (attached to player) = (object)" is not white-listed or allowed in Epoch, Change that object to something that is allowed, Before that my .rpt log was spamming with weird Dimension errors.. Ps: Advanced Rappelling uses the same Device Object.
  12. Verry nice! Well done! +Rep, Its working like a charm, Loading ingame after the main loading screen can cause some delays, This is because the use of a statusbar, He-Man has posted a smaller status bar wich does increasingly speed up that second de-layyed loading screen.
  13. Im trying to add the mod, Urban Rappelling by Duda, Not sure if this is allowed by the Epoch dev's? Getting these message's, While hanging in "mid-air" "DEBUG: Invalid Vehicle Token, deleted 6bba4100# 1699856: aa_01.p3d REMOTE"
  14. Hello Is there any way to de-crease the diffeculty /? Couse it looks like that aim-botting like pro's yes i know there ai's. thanks
  15. Hello All. I just can't figur out wich graphic setting needs to be adjusted to get rid of the Visuals in these foggy weathers.. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/307740101645344327/233D58AE423B5A70AB9D67F5EED36EA3F4AF863A/ and http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/307740101645354516/2B073F6A2A489556DA350150FF68B3DDAE406581/ Or maybe i could edit the epoch setup? I dont have a clue to be honest.... My graphics card: Geforce GTX 960, im using 2 of these in Sli setup Never had this problem before in all the years i've played.. But then again i just got these graphic cards.. Back then i had Radeon HD.. So i gues its something with my new graphics card setup? Ive try'd changing the settings to the lowest but with no results.. Thanks in advance!