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  1. Push Added: Evac Chopper Ai REcruitment Masterkey Bankrob IngameTablet
  2. Nice one, works but i can set the helipad without money after placement i have -100000 coins
  3. [Release] Player Tablet Menu

    Great work, like it. One prob i dont understand the addon for the Clickaction. I have bike and mozzie but only mozzie work, if i click on bike nothing happens.
  4. Hi salival ,thanks but its not working corectly^^ my scrollmenu are invisible and i thought i dont get this work. I´ts working but with invisible scrollmenu i have to look later
  5. I cant get this work, no erros client and serverside, https://pastebin.com/dZRuBK0q i used your publishvehicle3
  6. Aloha, one problem if i craft a gyro it spawns 2 gyros ["ItemToolbox",[0,8,2],7,0.1,true,true,false,true,false,true,true,["CSJ_GyroC"],[],["PartVRotor","PartEngine","PartFueltank"],"true"],
  7. Aloha all Our new Server are open now :-) The good old Cherno Map, we have a PVP PVE System that Means, NO PVP on Missions. IP Features: - Plotmanager - Doormanager - Vector/Snapbuilding - Runing Zombies - Walk amongst the Dead - Take Clothes - Portables ( craft something from Backpacks) - Gem crafting - Deploy anything - Virtual Garage ( Mats only in Sector) - Lift and Tow ( only Trucks can tow) - No Highloot - No Startmoney - tons of Missions - Sector C - over 40000 new objects on the Map - Npc Vehicle Patrol - Special Trader 50k Hum ( custom Vehicles) - Day Night / 3h-1h - Snow - Fog - Coins (Deutsche Mark) - Global Banking - Evac Chopper - Ai Recruitment - Masterkey - Bankrob - IngameTablet and many more Administriert von alten Leuten :-) juhuu Gartenzaun
  8. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.3 [1.0.6+]

    i think i clicked on the greeen download :-)
  9. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.3 [1.0.6+]

    Nope, with my 1.0.61 Files it runs, i try it with your bbut nothing happens so i update my files self. im relly cofused, the overpoch files wolrs too but the epoch wont start and no Errors- Arma Faature^^ Edit i donwload the files again und now it works. i love Arma really
  10. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.3 [1.0.6+]

    The Epoch version wont start, no errors, nothing
  11. Afetr update its not saving to database, i try a fresh server vanilla files

    looki look :-)
  13. Hy i think you missing something , the beste way is to connect with the dayzlauncher, wich error?