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  1. if i want more then 3 admins it doesent work #define ADMIN_LIST ["765611980283313xx","765611980171856xx","765611980293472xx","765611979965042xx"] #define ADMIN_NAMES ["xxx","xxx","xxx","xxx"] only the first 3 get acces to t he admin tool
  2. Hi ,@salival with your custom Hive .dll server wont start :-( may an issue with nitrado
  3. Some Feedback: If you want a unique Server with unique Scripts and a lot of costum then play on this server. the most server are copy and paste . Why can i this say? I had own Servers a few years :-) btw english not my native ;-)
  4. Suche neues Adminteam server bleibt bestehen, habe aber keine Zeit und Lust im mom Searching fopr a new Adminteam, Server stays alive but i have no time atm :-)
  5. it runs with static fine. have you comment out the settings in the scheduler?
  6. I lost 140 h of map making ,my hd and my backup hd go to heaven at the same time
  7. hi, not much a bit more vegatation and buildings , have no time atm, im moving into a new home i hate it. To many garbage to move from my old House to my new one . Maybe my funproject will be a never ending Story AND i lost a bit interested in arma 3, waiting for new content after 5000 hours arma 3
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