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  1. BRPVP 2.0 Altis and Malden 2035 Server Files

    Admins can now construct Nature where they want. Without mods or addons, all in the mission:
  2. BRPVP 2.0 Altis and Malden 2035 Server Files

    Changelog for Version 010C: 1 - Big buildings now have more points of loot acordingly to this table: BRPVP_lootRepeat = [ ["Land_Radar_F",2], ["Land_Offices_01_V1_F",4], ["Land_MilOffices_V1_F",4], ["Land_Cargo_Tower_V1_F",3], ["Land_Cargo_Tower_V2_F",3], ["Land_Cargo_Tower_V3_F",3], ["Land_Cargo_HQ_V1_F",2], ["Land_i_Barracks_V1_F",5], ["Land_i_Barracks_V2_F",5], ["Land_u_Barracks_V2_F",5], ["Land_Airport_Tower_F",3], ["Land_Hangar_F",3], ["Land_Airport_left_F",3], ["Land_Airport_right_F",3], ["Land_Airport_center_F",3], ["Land_Chapel_V1_F",3], ["Land_Chapel_V2_F",3], ["Land_i_Shed_Ind_F",2], ["Land_WIP_F",6], ["Land_Hospital_main_F",2], ["Land_Hospital_side1_F",2], ["Land_Hospital_side2_F",2], ["Land_Factory_Main_F",3], ["Land_dp_mainFactory_F",4] ]; 2 - All options of the F2 menu now have images. 3 - Zombies now find player position when player shot. 4 - You can sell vehicles in Collectors (only the driver can sell and he can sell only if he have access to the vehicle). 5 - When zombies spawn for you and there is a cemetery near, some zombies will rise from the graves (maximum of 10 additional zombies will come from the cemetery + the normal spawn zombies).
  3. BRPVP 2.0 Altis and Malden 2035 Server Files

    A movie showing zombies finding player position when player shot a gun (720p 60fps).
  4. BRPVP 2.0 Altis and Malden 2035 Server Files

    BRPVP Updated to version 010. See http://www.brpvp.com for download and more info. Versions 006, 007, 008 and 009 are unreleased. Here a video about jump in BRPVP, it's called Mario Bros Jump or Quake 2 Jump:
  5. BRPVP Code Repository for Epoch

    Auto Find Militar Areas This code will find militar areas on the map and add icons for it. The military buildings classnames are set in the variable BRPVP_militarBuildings and the map center in set in BRPVP_mapCenter. You can use it to mark any other kind of areas, you just need to set the buildings in BRPVP_militarBuildings. You need to set the function BRPVP_considerBuilding to bypass any building that have its classname in BRPVP_militarBuildings but dont have to be considered. BRPVP_militarBuildings = [ "Land_Medevac_house_V1_F", "Land_Medevac_HQ_V1_F", "Land_Radar_F", "Land_i_Barracks_V1_F", "Land_i_Barracks_V2_F", "Land_u_Barracks_V2_F", "Land_MilOffices_V1_F", "Land_Research_HQ_F", "Land_Cargo_HQ_V1_F", "Land_Cargo_HQ_V2_F", "Land_Cargo_HQ_V3_F", "Land_Cargo_Tower_V1_F", "Land_Cargo_Tower_V2_F", "Land_Cargo_Tower_V3_F", "Land_Cargo_House_V1_F", "Land_Cargo_House_V2_F", "Land_Cargo_House_V3_F", "Land_Dome_Big_F", "Land_Cargo_Patrol_V1_F", "Land_Cargo_Patrol_V2_F", "Land_Cargo_Patrol_V3_F" ]; BRPVP_mapCenter = [15360,15360,0]; //============================================================== //CHECK IF A BUILDING MUST BE CONSIDERED //============================================================== //THIS IS THE ORIGINAL CHECK FOR BRPVP //BRPVP_considerBuilding = {_this getVariable ["id_bd",-1] isEqualTo -1}; //THIS IS YOUR CHECK BRPVP_considerBuilding = {true}; //============================================================== _nearToSame = 100; _militarBuildingsGroups = []; _militarBuildingsMarker = []; _militarBuildings = nearestObjects [BRPVP_mapCenter,BRPVP_militarBuildings,20000]; _del = []; {if !(_x call BRPVP_considerBuilding) then {_del pushBack _x;};} forEach +_militarBuildings; _militarBuildings = _militarBuildings - _del; while {count _militarBuildings > 0} do { _oldGroup = []; _newGroup = [_militarBuildings select 0]; while {count _newGroup != count _oldGroup} do { _newGroupAdd = []; { _del = []; _nearMil = nearestObjects [_x,BRPVP_militarBuildings,_nearToSame]; {if !(_x call BRPVP_considerBuilding) then {_del pushBack _x;};} forEach +_nearMil; _nearMil = _nearMil - _del; _newGroupAdd append _nearMil; } forEach (_newGroup - _oldGroup); _oldGroup = +_newGroup; _newGroupAdd = _newGroupAdd arrayIntersect _newGroupAdd; _newGroup = (_newGroup - _newGroupAdd) + _newGroupAdd; }; _militarBuildingsGroups pushBack _newGroup; _militarBuildings = _militarBuildings - _newGroup; }; { _group = _x; _center = [0,0,0]; _diameter = 0; _count = count _group; { _buildingA = _x; { _buildingB = _x; _dist = _buildingA distance2D _buildingB; if (_dist > _diameter) then { _diameter = _dist; _center = (getPosWorld _buildingA vectorAdd getPosWorld _buildingB) vectorMultiply 0.5; }; } forEach _group; } forEach _group; _militarBuildingsMarker pushBack [_center,_diameter/1.85,count _group]; } forEach _militarBuildingsGroups; _max = _militarBuildingsGroups apply {count _x}; _max sort false; _max = _max select 0; { _x params ["_center","_radius","_count"]; _marca = createMarkerLocal ["MILAREA_AREA_" + str _forEachIndex,_center]; _marca setMarkerShapeLocal "ELLIPSE"; _marca setMarkerSizeLocal [_radius,_radius]; _marca setMarkerColorLocal "ColorBlue"; _marca setMarkerAlphaLocal (0.25 + 0.55*_count/_max); } forEach _militarBuildingsMarker; { _x params ["_center","_radius","_count"]; _marca = createMarkerLocal ["MILAREA_TXT_" + str _forEachIndex,_center]; _marca setMarkerShapeLocal "Icon"; _marca setMarkerTypeLocal "mil_dot"; _marca setMarkerColorLocal "ColorWhite"; _marca setMarkerTextLocal ("X " + str _count); _marca setMarkerAlphaLocal (0.6 + 0.4*_count/_max); } forEach _militarBuildingsMarker;
  6. BRPVP Zombies for Epoch Mod

    Kenobi, I will take a look in that. Helion4, thanks. Can you guys share the server where BRPVP zombies is running?
  7. BRPVP Zombies for Epoch Mod

    Hey friend, the last problem is BE Filters? Add me to Steam so i can help you. My Steam is Donnovan. Or send me a link to your Steam profile and i will add you. Have you saw the installation tutorial in the first page?
  8. BRPVP 2.0 Altis and Malden 2035 Server Files

    I could say FPS optimization gone extreme now in BRPVP, but i will say its gone soft, because it is so simple and powerfull, that extreme does not fit. Extreme is for the weak.
  9. BRPVP Zombies for Epoch Mod

    How much time he must be in crouch mode to zombies spawn?
  10. BRPVP Zombies for Epoch Mod

    Run should call less zombies than walk, and walk shoud call less zombies than dont move?
  11. BRPVP Zombies for Epoch Mod

    Kenobi, To solve problem 2 get the code inside player addEventHandler ["FiredMan",{...this code...}]; in the file brpvp_zombies_stuff_client.sqf and put it in the Epoch file https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Sources/epoch_code/customs/EPOCH_custom_EH_FiredMan.sqf Thanks to He-Man for helping.
  12. BRPVP Zombies for Epoch Mod

    kenobi, 1- Add that to the end of your description.ext: class CfgRemoteExec { class Functions { mode = 1; jip = 1; class BRPVP_remoteExec { allowedTargets = 0; jip = 1; }; }; }; If you already have a class CfgRemoteExec {...} declaration in description.ext, merge the above with the one you have. 2 - I see your sound is out of sync. Have you removed those lines from the script? enableSentences false; enableRadio false; They are located in init.sqf and you need it for the sounds to work correctly. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS UPDATED!
  13. hey ok i would  accpet your help ^^ what do you need my mission file only ? 

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      it is possible then we can add us in steam? for sendeing my mission file pls?

    3. Donnovan


      Yes! My Steam is Donnovan. I'm going home and will send you the link.

    4. FloAtompilz