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  1. This script worked out great! Scroll up and see the discussion with Mig and Kmiller for the deployables if anyone has a problem in the future. Still works in
  2. This is a great script! Only thing I can't get to work are the deplorables. The bike works great on its own but when I add the other vehicles, the wrong vehicle deploys when I pick the bike. The rules and info work exactly as intended. Great job on this. Is there an update for or is it not necessary?
  3. Is there something like Admin tools for dayz vanilla other than infistar?
  4. Any luck with this working in I need help understanding step 6: 6. Configuration: in `Dayz_Epoch_**.Mapname\dayz_code\init\variables.sqf`. Customize and add below: ```sqf //elevator ELE_MaxRange = DZE_PlotPole select 0; // maximum range the elevator can travel / stop points can be built (in meter) ELE_Speed = 30; // speed of the elevator (meters per second) ELE_StopWaitTime = 0; // disable the wait time if you call the elevator ELE_RequiredBuildTools = ["ItemToolbox", "ItemCrowbar"]; // required tools for building an elevator and elevator stop ELE_RequiredBuildItems = [["PartGeneric",2], "PartEngine", "ItemGenerator", "ItemJerrycan"]; // required items to build an elevator ELE_RequiredBuildStopItems = [["PartGeneric",2]]; // required items to build an elevator stop ELE_StopClass = "MetalFloor_Preview_DZ"; // elevator stop classname ``` before lines you added in 3. Do I add this above s_player_elevator_next = -1; or above the block completely? This is a great community and glad to see it still active after all these years. Very helpful for Noobs like me. Update: I get an elevator initialized msg in the log but no other mention. Seems like I am missing a click action or something to give me the option to build the elevator.
  5. Having the same issue. I could not find the correct copy of the sqf. Could you post it here? Looks like a real cool script.
  6. Looks like a real cool script. Have it running on my Epoch/Overwatch server but the ai do not shoot, fight or get out of their vehicles. Also the vehicles don't seem to travel. Just stay in one spot. I can shoot the ai but they don't die.
  7. I have this via the mod pack. Great work!
  8. Great pack! Works on my Epoch/Overwatch server.
  9. It was my server, have it now. Works great!
  10. I unfortunately cant send it atm. I forgot I have this installed on a Vanilla server and that works great. I am trying to install this on an Epoch server and both are installed identical. Must be something in my server?
  11. Yes, its there. Thank you for replying. I have installed this twice, not sure what I missed.
  12. Same problem here, doesn't matter how you upload it. Just an empty class selection box. Followed instructions, didn't miss anything.
  13. I must have missed something, will check.
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