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  1. how do I install infastar to overpoch server?

    I'm not at liberty to distribute infistar's files. If you bought it from survival servers, then they should provide updates. I don't know what their service agreement is though.
  2. how do I install infastar to overpoch server?

    Survival servers must have modified the files or something. I would contact them for support if you bought it from them. The date is from 2016.
  3. how do I install infastar to overpoch server?

    I don't have that version so I don't know what's in it. But I don't think that version is updated to be compatible with
  4. how do I install infastar to overpoch server?

    What version of infistar do you have? The latest versions have a folder called a2_infiSTAR and there are 3 files in there: AH.sqf, AHconfig.sqf, and AT.sqf. The line that goes at the bottom of server_functions.sqf is [] execVM " \z\addons\dayz_server \a2_infiSTAR\AH.sqf";
  5. Restriction 0

    You need to add an exception not a filter. That's why you are getting kicked.
  6. Please help with this LAN project

    First of all, don't leave your backups with your working PBOs. Put them somewhere else. Second, don't use $PBOPREFIX$. Go back into the downloaded files and grab the original PBO. It should have a file in there called $PREFIX$ and when you open it, the only thing that is in there is this. z\addons\dayz_server I think you have merged files somehow. The only thing that should be in that server side addons folder is the working server PBO. No backups or other stuff. Third, don't install any scripts on your server until you have a good install with error free RPTs.
  7. Please help with this LAN project

    No, just delete the extra folder. It was left in there by mistake. It contains non-binarized files and extra directories. Use the PBO that is in the download.
  8. Please help with this LAN project

    Also if you used my video, I made a mistake with the dayz user permissions. I made a comment about it.
  9. Please help with this LAN project

    Yes, I brought this up in discord. When you download the server files immediately delete that extra dayz_server folder. It should just have the dayz_server.pbo in there.
  10. virtual garage

    Well, at least it's free. Survival servers is predatory and apparently retarded.
  11. virtual garage

    Do they charge to install that stuff like survival servers? Is it at least installed correctly?
  12. virtual garage

    What is in the epoch community pack?
  13. [Release] ESSV3 - Enhanced Spawn Selection

    @leegreaves I made install and config videos for this mod. ESSv3 is extremely configurable so it is very difficult to cover all aspects of it, but the config video explains how it works and how to make your own classes. Install video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkoweMcrh8g Configs video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeuSwGgNBzg
  14. RPT Getting spammed with same error message

    I guess this is something to ask when someone comes in here with problems. "What server host are you using?" Sad that they can't just do a proper install.
  15. Wicked AI 2.2.0 Updated for Overpoch 1.0.6+

    I explain how it works in the video in the first post. You open each mission and find a line similar to the one below and adjust the quantities. [_crate,5,5,10,2] call dynamic_crate;