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  1. JasonTM

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    Killzone Kid's Shuffle Plus function assumes that there is more than one element in an array.
  2. JasonTM

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    OK, it's because of the findSafePos count check. This is the fix. https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/WICKED-AI/commit/a20ae05e4df52ab2fad84c00e340cefa10f425bc
  3. JasonTM

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    If you have debug mode enabled, there should be entries for WAI. It helps to see where it is having an issue.
  4. JasonTM

    (Help required) Losing humanity on some missions

    If you only want to gain humanity, then just run the Bandit missions. Set this entry to 0. https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/WICKED-AI/blob/master/WAI/config.sqf#L128
  5. JasonTM

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    Fixed here. This only happens when you have debug mode turned on. https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/WICKED-AI/commit/7b4b0d976fc4d47893d412cb8582b6d913998373 You can also just replace the whole file.
  6. JasonTM

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    There's not really much I can do to address these issues if I don't have more information, like if there are any errors in the server rpt. There are generally 2 versions of WAI available, the "stable branch" and the "development branch". The stable branch is kept on f3cuk's github, currently version 2.2.5, here: https://github.com/f3cuk/WICKED-AI The development branch is on my github, version 2.2.6, here: https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/WICKED-AI As soon as all of the bugs are worked out of the dev branch, it moves to stable and I make a release announcement. What I see often is that people are mixing these files and that is causing it to break. If it breaks, I recommend checking to see that the files are not mixed, and ultimately re-installing and testing with default configuration. If errors persist, report them here with as much documentation as possible. If missions stop spawning after the initial limit is met, then there is an issue with mission data not clearing when a mission is completed. Specifically, the "missions running" variables are not being adjusted here: https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/WICKED-AI/blob/master/WAI/compile/mission_winorfail.sqf#L191-L196
  7. JasonTM

    Custom Attachments

    Wow! That is some serious work you put in that.
  8. JasonTM

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    No problem. Let me know if it works. You are using WAI version 2.2.5?
  9. JasonTM

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    Yes, you were missing the mission variable on your spawns. Try this one:
  10. JasonTM

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    Are you on Discord? You can send me your mission there and I will look at it. Otherwise you can post it here in a spoiler tag. That error is referring to static data not mission data. In order for the AI count to go up there needs to be a mission number: https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/WICKED-AI/blob/master/WAI/missions/missions/armed_vehicle.sqf#L3 If the mission variable is nil, then the AI are added to the static count: https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/WICKED-AI/blob/master/WAI/compile/spawn_group.sqf#L179-L184 I have not made a static position mission in this new version of WAI.
  11. JasonTM

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    I forgot to update airdrop_winorfail.sqf. That is causing the loot error. The github is updated. https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/WICKED-AI/commit/547812ad698c52bdbaec54bed00a4be2809179b7 The Bandit tank column gunner targets object GUE_WarfareBAircraftFactory for some reason. I removed it. https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/WICKED-AI/commit/be15961acd4a6d2958c0a732a5ac6d24013c701e I also updated file mission_loot.sqf into a more readable format. Some server owners may not understand the multi-dimensional array. https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/WICKED-AI/blob/master/WAI/configs/mission_loot.sqf Thanks for the feedback.
  12. JasonTM

    [BASIC GUIDE] 4 ways to add scroll menu options

    In your custom self actions file around line 250, put this: if (_typeOfCursorTarget == "MH6J_DZ") then {_cursorTarget lockDriver true;}; // Remove the "get in pilot" option. This will probably not work if the server spawned the vehicle because it says. "This command must be executed where vehicle is local " in the wiki. Then use this: if (_typeOfCursorTarget == "MH6J_DZ") then { if (local _cursorTarget) then { PVDZE_veh_Lock spawn local_lockUnlock } else { publicVariable "PVDZE_veh_Lock"; }; };
  13. JasonTM

    Error in carge_trucks?

    That array cargo_trucks is in WAI here: https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/WICKED-AI/blob/master/WAI/config.sqf#L189 If you don't have WAI installed, then it is undefined as Helion4 suggested. Instead you can just declare your variable using one of the cargo truck classnames like this: _vehclass = "MTVR_DES_EP1"; That will solve your problem.
  14. As I have said before, I have been unable to replicate this on my test server and I haven't seen anyone post any error logs. Are you using GTX Gaming? That seems to be the host that had problems previously.
  15. JasonTM

    Admin Tools V-1.10-7 antihack.sqf #line 1

    I have a new server-side version of Epoch Admin Tools in the works, but my motivation for coding is really low right now. Hopefully, I can get it going soon.