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  1. can't create a data base with xampp

    Check to make sure he didn't pack the wrong dayz_server folder into a PBO. There was one left over by the devs in the download.
  2. Returning array as variable

    _object = cursorTarget; if(isNull _object) exitWith {}; if(_object in array1) then { your code here ); if(_object in array2) then { your code here ); if(_object in array1 && _object in array2) then { your code here );
  3. Dynamic Crate

    I already told you how to fix that in the WAI release thread. You have to have 5 parameters passed to the dynamic crate function. You are missing the 5th parameter, which is for backpacks. that has to be done in each of those additional missions you added.
  4. Increase number of animals that spawn

    You can place it in any of those.
  5. Increase number of animals that spawn

    There is also this variable dayz_maxGlobalAnimals = 50;
  6. Sever Help

    I'm going to guess that "PVDZE_send" is part of some old safe zone script. You should be using this one.
  7. [POLL] Is anyone interested in dialog tutorials?

    Go for it. I can edit existing dialogs (mostly Zupa's), but I'd like to see some made from scratch.
  8. In that example in the spoiler the LAV25 exceptions are not on line 2.
  9. Sever Help

    Post your server launch batch file. Your launch parameters don't look right.
  10. Yes, you need to pull the file to the mission and redirect in custom compiles. You cannot change the code in the Epoch client files' PBOs, they are signed.
  11. @salival Pull request submitted with files and updated install instructions. Shit. Step 11 should be to repack your mission PBO.
  12. Call Car

    Find this line _vehDriver = _vehGroup createUnit [_driverModel, _vehTarget, [], 0,"LIEUTENANT"]; Place these lines below it removeAllWeapons _vehDriver; removeAllItems _vehDriver; Let me know if that works.
  13. Yeah, the install instructions are missing some steps and formatting could use some work. @Aelenia this video walks you through installing this mod. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEc9p4SAVzE
  14. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.1

    The drone that is in the mission is just a prop. I seem to remember seeing a working drone in Arma 2. One could probably swap out the vehicle class and do a little adjusting to the mission code and have a working drone though.
  15. I just did an install video for this. It should be up in about an hour.