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  1. New Arma 2 Overpoch Server, Need Assistance

    Lots of stuff here to choose from: https://epochmod.com/forum/forum/122-resources/
  2. Please see prior posts by charliekelly in this thread. He ended up switching hosts. I think GTX Gaming might be running their server software on toasters.
  3. Taviana wont work

    Open the folder and you can see that there are PBOs for an old dayz vanilla version. There are also some other 3rd party addons in there.
  4. Taviana wont work

    Sahrani 1.1.0 has old DayZ Vanilla files built in. 1.5.0 doesn't have them. If you download 1.5.0, the server key will be in one of the folders. You also have to change the mod name in your batch file, because Maca renamed the mod on DayZ Launcher to @smd_sahrani_a2_1.5.0
  5. I figured out why this occurs. It happens when you don't pack your mission folder into a PBO. If you don't pack your mission PBO, the client downloads the mission folder and packs it into a default PBO called _cur_mp.pbo. Since the name is different than what is on the server, the directories won't watch up for the file check and you get kicked. Pack your mission folder into a PBO.
  6. Having issues with finding a good Admin Panel/Menu.

    Another free set of admin tools is Ebay's testkit: https://github.com/ebayShopper/TestKit
  7. Having issues with finding a good Admin Panel/Menu.

    Nox's custom action menu has not been updated for and it is included in the admin tools. What is this custom player monitor? Have you checked both rpts for errors?
  8. Having issues with finding a good Admin Panel/Menu.

    Ideally, the admin tools should be installed first and tested since it is so complicated. Check server and client rpts for errors.
  9. Having issues with finding a good Admin Panel/Menu.

    What other mods did you have installed along side the Epoch Admin Tools. I did all of the updates for and I am not having any problems with white screen.
  10. Looking for OverPoch Server Pack

    Wicked AI is now configured to work with both Epoch and Overpoch.
  11. Server Help

    Who installed this code, BTW? Is it something you found on here or was it done by a server host?
  12. Server Help

    You should really have a test server for this stuff.
  13. Server Help

    lolz, never mind. The Origins mod would not have a variable that starts with DZE. In your custom variables.sqf add this at the top DZE_SubMarine = objNull; Put your original fn_selfActions.sqf back.
  14. Server Help

    Hold on. Let me go look at how that DZE_SubMarine variable is initialized in the Origins mod.
  15. Server Help

    Does it work now? I can't imagine it does. If these files exist then you can probably make it work. origins\sub_down.sqf origins\sub_up.sqf