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  1. This is a reworked and updated version of JAEM originally from @OtterNas3 This version is compatible with DayZ Epoch 1.0.7. A complete set of install instructions is provided on my github repository Download Here Let me know if you have trouble understanding them or if I made a mistake. New Features ZSC support - you can choose between Epoch currency or ZSC to pay for your evac chopper. Deploy Anything - you can use Mudzereli's right-click actions to call the evac chopper instead of using the built in self-action loop. Plot pole and plot friends restriction - to prevent players from placing evac helipads in obnoxious places, they have to build them on their own plots or their friends plots. I have placed all of the config variables in one place in varables.sqf. The variables all have explanatory comments. Adjust them to your preferred settings: // Evac Chopper Config Variables evac_chopperPrice = 1; // This is the price players pay in full briefcases to set up an evac chopper (between 1-12 briefcases). Players must have the briefcases in their inventory. evac_chopperUseZSC = false; // If you have ZSC installed you can set this to true and have players pay the amount below to set up an evac chopper. evac_chopperPriceZSC = 100000; // Price for evac chopper if you have ZSC Installed and evac_chopperUseZSC set to true. evac_chopperMinDistance = 500; // Minimum distance for player to call evac chopper. Do not set this lower than 500. evac_chopperZoneMarker = 0; // Evac zone marker type (0 = Landingpad | 1 = Smoke). evac_chopperNeedRadio = 0; // 1 - Require player to have a radio in gear to call evac chopper | 0 - Doesn't require radio to call evac chopper. evac_chopperUseClickActions = false; // If you have Mudzereli's Deploy Anything installed and are going to use click actions to call the evac chopper, set this to true (disables call chopper self-action loop). Functionality Instructions if you have any other mods which save classname "HeliHRescue" to the database, be aware that this particular classname is used along with ownerID to make this mod work. If you already have an instance of HeliHRescue saved to the database with your playerUID, then you will get a message stating that you cannot create another when trying to set an evac chopper. To create an evac chopper you need a keyed helicopter, a plot pole, and the money to make the purchase. You have to have the key in your inventory to set and clear the evac chopper field. Walk up to the helicopter and you will get blue self actions for setting and clearing the evac chopper field. You do not have to have the key on you to call the evac chopper. There is a flight status monitor that appears in the same place as the debug monitor, so you will want to have the debug toggled off to view it. If you use Mudzereli's right click actions, make sure to set variable evac_chopperUseClickActions to true to disable the built in self action loop. If your helicopter is destroyed simply place a new one on the rescue helipad. The call evac chopper function finds the nearest heli (within 10 meters) of your rescue helipad. It does not return your money when you disable the evac chopper. Known Issues There is only one known issue at this time. If the player is killed while the evac chopper is in route, the helicopter will not return to base. The pilot lands at the evac zone, gets out of the heli and just stands there. The helicopter remains locked. The way the code is written, it looks like it should work, but everything I have tried thus hasn't fixed it. I might try using some diagnostic logs to try to find where the breakdown is later. As long as you don't die before it gets there, it's smooth sailing. Enjoy! OtterNas3's original release topic
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