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  1. Heya guys, have edited the weapons a fair bit by removing weapons and adding overwatch weapons to AI. I got this error And this is what it looks like in spawn_group.sqf I haven't touched this file at all and for some reason threw me this error. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. Hmmm, that's strange. I do not seem to have the trader object file. - trader object and some other map additions dayz_code\system\mission\***.sqf
  3. Heya guys! I owned a server quite a while ago and had made custom trader zone and military areas. So I've gone to add them in but I can't remember for the life of me on how to remove the existing Stary trader zone. (items and buildings spawning on each other). I've added all the other compounds and markers fine as it was in a clear area but can't find default start items. Thanks in advance
  4. @JasonTM @NateDayZ I have also located the source of the problem, thanks for the help.
  5. Heya fellas. I am currently having an issue on my server when players try to join. They can join normally after restart but once they die / disconnect, they log back in but get stuck on "Spawning Items" then counts to 120. Then they have access to type but have a blank screen. I am running infistar so normally when you press ESC it comes up with infistar menu, but when this happens to players it looks like a normal mission. There is nothing on my RPT to suggest that something is wrong. I have tried deleting my character from the database and MPMISSION file from my computer but nothing seemed to have fixed it. Does anyone know of this issue or has a fix for this? RPT - https://pastebin.com/XsQ5EufK Screenshot -
  6. Hi @NateDayZ Did you find a fix for this? I am having a similar issue.
  7. Heya! I was admin on a server recently and it got shut down. I liked the way that the Dichina compound looked so I decided to remake it. I searched for Dichina Compounds but could not find the one I was looking for. It's one of my first map edits I've made (except for 2 other compounds on my server). So if you like the look of it, feel free to use it. I have already done the changes so all the loot will spawn (including in the crashed c130) and it has a fuel station that works! (if your server has a re-arm script) Compound has 9 barracks, 1 construction site, 1 shop, 1 fire station, 1 hospital, 2 tents (1 not shown), 1 c130 with loot and 4 castle towers. Screenshots Instuctions 1. Make a new folder in your dayz_server.pbo and call it buildings. 2.Make a new file in buildings folder and call it dichina.sqf and copy this code into it (or download this file HERE) 3.Navigate to dayz_server/init/server_functions.sqf and add this code at the bottom of your file. If you already have a custom buildings folder elsewhere, just change the directory to match yours. 4.Repack your PBO and upload to your server. Optional Marker If you would like to add a map marker to your server follow below. Screenshot 1. Go to mpmissions and open up your mission.sqm 2.Find where it says class Markers and add another marker. I already have my marker in here. 3.Edit the marker details to your preference. The text will be the one shown in game. You can find a list of markers here. For the colours, I could not find a post for it but you can use. Black, Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Pink... (you can use the coordinates that I have posted if you wish, they are centered on a helipad at this compound) 4.Go to the top of class Markers and find where it says items=xx; You will need to add 1 number to this or else you will not load in. 5.Upload mission.sqm to your server and give it a shot! I hope I didn't make any mistakes on this post as I haven't posted my own content on here. Regards.
  8. Tell me about it. :P I can merge all but the configs yes? Or do my configs need to be replaced with yours? - EDIT
  9. Hey guys, I had a search through this forum but couldn't find what I was looking for. When a player starts constructing a bike or a pook, player goes through an animation. Now say if someone came along, got inside that vehicle then the person stop constructing. The player that got in was teleported to the ocean. Is there anyway to make the vehicle unenterable while in construction. I want to make it instant crafting but I know that isn't an option with this script. Another thing I have to ask. Is there a way to edit the config so when I right click on something in my gear, it does the action and closes the gear? I have implemented right click rules on my server but the rules I am using pops up in the middle of the screen in front of the gear and is unreadable. If you press ESC it closes both pages. Thanks.
  10. Hello Juandayz! Am I running these both over my database under query or events? Thanks.
  11. juandayz helped me resolve the issue. Since I had to make a new file and put code in, i copied an existing sqf file and named it remote_key.sqf.sqf but was completely unaware. xD Thanks for the help @juandayz Beautiful script!
  12. @juandayz Yes I am calling keyboard.sqf from my custom compiles which is dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf I have aimed and and pressed all key variants (impatient) . Gave the server 10 minutes just to be sure and tried with 2 different vehicles. I will give the test a shot. Thanks.
  13. @juandayz Thank you for posting your files for assistance. I went and tried to reinstall this just now. All files and paths seem to be correct that I'm aware of. I'm probably missing the smallest things. Here are my files. Just a warning, my files are messy :P init.sqf compiles.sqf keyboard.sqf description.ext
  14. I thought as much. But in game i get nothing and nothing in logs to say there are any errors. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow! Thanks for the reply. EDIT - Noted, I will see if I have placed this code in the correct location. I'm pretty sure its under the last }; I had read somewhere that it needed to load both dedicated and server. Cheers!
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