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  1. Oké that I understand so here are the files hope you can help would be sick mission :D (dont know if it happend this restart because most of the time happends and somethimes they work normal) and I am using infistar don’t know if it’s still smart to use here is the WAI Static mission rpt is in the same spoiler!!
  2. Hello, so iam making a island for ai. The online issue I am having is that somethimes one or more vehicles explode randomly I think it’s due to the ai getting kicked anyone else knows a fix? iam on thanks
  3. @salival Thanks a lot I’ll try this asap do you by any means have time to help me with an issue iam having on DZAI and WAI? thanks a lot !!
  4. I did. I even made to try a custom folder an changed the path to it name is correct as I copied it so some reason its not reading it
  5. Hello, so I installed this following the instructions on my server and I get the following error in my console, z/addon/compile/server_deleteobj...... error not found and the path is correct and all checked it 15 times anyone know why? Ill try to upload my rpt tommorow Thank
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