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  1. This is to do with the spawning of the player. The script in the rpt that is spitting out errors is supposed to find a safe space to spawn the player. Maybe because you are using a custom map?
  2. Can vouch for OVH, they are an excellent company and have used their services for many years. If your on a tight budget I reccomend a dedi from kimsufi(child company of OVH) or getting one of their windows cloud vps(should be able to run decent population server well but dedi would be much better).
  3. Could be to do with low server performance; check the server fps when this occurs.
  4. Found a fix: replace the hiveext dll and the dlls in that come with the server files from epoch website. Edit: This doesnt actually fix it, it just makes it happen less often.
  5. Hi, did anyone find out a fix for this? Had this problem for 3 days now and its killing my server population. Thanks
  6. Hi, did you ever find a fix for this? Currently experiencing exactly the same problem as you.
  7. Anyone got a fix for this? Sorry to bring back a dead and buried thread but i'm really stuck on this one. Sometimes players get stuck on "Spawning Items..." due to this
  8. Hm ok seems not. Still happening with decent server fps(~20). Anyone got a fix?
  9. Seems to be an infistar issue, as far as i can tell.
  10. Server fps is cancer atm, around 7-10 this started happening around 35-40 players, but only to specific players. Some could load in straight away while other couldn't load in at all. I am trying what is suggested in this thread Will post update after Cheers for the reply matey