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  1. _Jack


    I had a similar problem to this. The issue for me was infistar. Around version 1440-1443 there was a bug that caused players to get stuck on spawning items. Switched back to version 1439 and it fixed the issue.
  2. Fire in the booth mans not hot
  3. hey guys found a script the autists use to find be passwords lol hope you enjoy :)))) <censored> your welcome :)
  4. You could argue that for pretty much anything from infistars admin tool.
  5. Hey guys releasing another script I made(or rather a compilation of scripts). I created this to make my admins lifes(lives?) easier in the game, hope someone finds it useful! :) I created this for overpoch so some functions may not work on other mods(e.g. delete all nissans) Tools Included: Quarantine Target(teleports the selected player to debug island, could come in handy for misbehaving players) Explode Target(Explodes the selected player) Edit Bank(Opens a dialog that allows you to edit the selected players bank if you use zsc. If you dont use zsc everything else should still work) Temporarily Delete all the Bikes on the map Temporarily Delete all the nissan 350z's on the map OTF Script Writer(thanks DuMa for the help with this) Explosive Bullets(makes big bang bang) How to install: In your a2_infiSTAR folder create a folder called "custom". In this folder create a file called "category.sqf" and another file called "functions.sqf"(without the quotation marks, obviously) In category.sqf put this code: In functions.sqf put this code: Now, open your AT.sqf In the code find this section: Add the highlighted line: adminadd = adminadd + [" +View Jacks Tools","jackEdits","0","0","1","0",[0,0.6,1,1]]; Now find this section: And add the highlighted line: case 'jackEdits':{call admin_fillJackCustom}; Then find(around line 46/47): And add the highlighted line: #include "\a2_infistar\custom\category.sqf" Then find this section of code(around line 530-535): And add in the highlighted line. For the edit bank feature to work you need to add this dialog somewhere in your mission file(ensure that is included in description.ext, could just add this to an already existing .hpp file as long as it is included in description.ext file): Hope you find this post useful(and thanks to infistar for creating his tool, its pretty good)
  6. Could try something similar to this; _dir = [player, VeinsCountIron] call BIS_fnc_relativeDirTo systemchat format ["There is %1 Iron vein at %2 on compass",VeinsCountIron,_dir]; Might have to play around with foreach. Could cause lag if there are a lot of gems nearby though.
  7. Hey guys, here is a simple script I made that allows players to scan for ore veins. I no longer run arma 2 servers so I decided to release some of the scripts I used! Hope you find it useful! :) //Range that it will scan for veins ScanRange = 1500; //Get number of each vein within defined range VeinsCountIron = count ((position player) nearObjects ["Iron_Vein_DZE",ScanRange]); VeinsCountSilver = count ((position player) nearObjects ["Silver_Vein_DZE",ScanRange]); VeinsCountGold = count ((position player) nearObjects ["Gold_Vein_DZE",ScanRange]); //Get total veins VeinsCountTotal = VeinsCountGold+VeinsCountSilver+VeinsCountIron; //Display results to player systemChat format["[IG]Within %1M there are %2 ore veins: %3 Iron, %4 Silver and %5 Gold.",ScanRange,VeinsCountTotal,VeinsCountIron,VeinsCountSilver,VeinsCountGold]; format["[IG]Within %1M there are %2 ore veins: %3 Iron, %4 Silver and %5 Gold.",ScanRange,VeinsCountTotal,VeinsCountIron,VeinsCountSilver,VeinsCountGold] call dayz_rollingMessages;
  8. Yeah you banned the right guy, no doubt about it.
  9. Anhor that was just an example. Could be cars, alcohol, knives anything.
  10. Guys, fini is not the one nuking servers. Blaming him for this would be like holding firearms companies liable for all the people there products have killed. Fini helped me a great deal in the past when it came to the running of my server and he is not a bad guy.
  11. This is to do with the spawning of the player. The script in the rpt that is spitting out errors is supposed to find a safe space to spawn the player. Maybe because you are using a custom map?
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