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  1. well no error at all, but I could trace it to snapbuilding this far, so I'll have a closer look into the corresponding files there...
  2. evenin! I installed ZSC to my server and imho it's working the way it should, exept when I build a safe (vaultstorage), the safe isn't saved - after restart. It's entirely gone. where do I look into this to fix?! edit: not sure it's rly coming from ZSC, but before ZSC install it used to work...
  3. "EAT_RequireToolBoxMozzie" has to be set to = True in order to work. this variable has been taken from EAT and is not defined in this scriptsnippet here. last 'bug' noticed here is, that the menu wont show up anymore after a few minutes of playing...
  4. have been adding this to my server yesterday. loads fine, no errors in the RPT... it's just...: I can e.g. build unlimited mozzies without having the required gear in my inventory and when trying to pack em, it says "Target is not a player built mozzie". wots wrong here? edit: menu wont up show after a few minutes of playing and I used to blow up in pieces when using one of the mozzies. -> I could fix this by adding "CSJ_GyroC" and "Old_bike_TK_CIV_EP1" to DZE_safeVehicle in variables.sqf are these log OR conditions supposed to be correct? dont think so...? like this I can indeed always build the mozzie because there are "negative requirements" in here too, no? if((_hasItems && _hasTools && EAT_RequireToolBoxMozzie && EAT_RequireToolBoxMozzie) || (!EAT_RequireToolBoxMozzie && EAT_RequireToolBoxMozzie && _hasItems) || (!EAT_RequireToolBoxMozzie && EAT_RequireToolBoxMozzie && _hasTools) || (!EAT_RequireToolBoxMozzie && !EAT_RequireToolBoxMozzie)) then { if(_hasItems && _hasTools && EAT_RequireToolBoxMozzie) then { hasMozzieItem = true;
  5. ffs, this really was the problem. so "session lost" refers to multiple enabled nics^^ just make sure you dont have any other network interface enabled, and everything is running smooth mark as solved! thx everyone for assisting me!
  6. omg, I finally figured it our last night! and in the end it was so plain & simple^^ actually my GF gave me the missing 'hint' on this one: on the machine I've been testing last night I had a wireless adapter plugged in and she asked me why in ARMA lobby it said "LAN servers"... cus I was on WLAN actually. and then it came to me disabling the real network adapter card in the network settings - and all was fixed up and running! -> so on my gaming machine at home I guess it'll be the same thing - as I have 2 real network adapter cards onboard. problem with win10 just is, that as of update 1603 the network-order has been removed and you cannot priorize a card anymore. you will have to manually disable all of the adapters that are not in use. I will check this on my gaming-machine asap and get back here,
  7. I've been setting everything up again on a completely different machine - with the same result in the end. I'm really getting now, I dunno what I'm actually doing wrong?! I can join other servers with no problem at all, but not my own one. When I join a public one from the list, the GUID is correctly computed and shown, on my LAN server there is NO GUID ... or at least I dont get that far when it comes to joining. I thought I'd check, if I ever get a connection attempt in my local database from the dayz-server - which is a negative. no attempt at all. so I guess, thats the rub :/ my dayz server wont connect to my local database at all, and I rlly aint got a clue why. hiveext is setup bingo, so where's the point? suggestions?!
  8. arma2OAserver.RPT https://pastebin.com/MF1j6ckA config.cfg https://pastebin.com/rnpcvfvP umm... even tho loggin is on and set to "trace" in hiveext.ini I cannot find a log for this one?! in the RPT I always get this beautiful "Server error: Player without identity Force (id 1459431605)" so and I ended up googlin at this thread http://opendayz.net/threads/solved-server-error-player-without-identity.21461/ unfortunately I already did this (and even just did it again) and it remains the same shitty way... always flips me back to LAN lobby :/ in the thread mentioned up there they even state this error is not rly bad and they can still join while getting this - well, I cant
  9. well just give it a try: logs coming in a second...
  10. same thing happening. Player Ri5c connected (ID = 76561197973089278) Player disconnected we've already been playing together on other epoch servers, so I assume he launched the game with correct parameters (using dayzlauncher anyway)
  11. no Corepatch_a2.pbo around to delete... but I'll give it a try and get someone from outside on my server. lets see what happens then^^
  12. Hey there! I know I know, common problem you're gonna say... we've read that so often.. It's just that I dont get any useful error msgs from the console, so I thought I'll drop a line here (or two). -> starting the server seems to do just fine. -dedicated host created -battle eye initialized -host identity created so when I try to join myself now I instantly get "session lost", I'm back in the LAN lobby and nothing useful popped up on the console. "mission DayZ Epoch loaded from PBO..." "player xyz connected ID = manynumbers" "player xyz disconnected" and thats about it. any clues or hints what I could do about this? I've already completely wiped and reinstalled Arma2 and BattleEye, this error remains even after reinstall. I compared a lot of tutorials out there and I'm damn sure I've set up everything the same way (it's rly no heck at all). any help appreciated^^ Fred
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