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  1. I solved this by doing these next steps 1: put this on HiveExt.ini > CleanupPlaced AfterDays = -1 2: delete these line from AH.sqf (infistar) https://pastebin.com/tJD9Kncz try and do it if it works, let me know :)
  2. you use infistar? When do you maintenance it repairs the walls that are damaged? or does not repair? When do you maintenance it repairs the walls that are damaged?
  3. I have a question there would be a way to make VIP weapons go away when dropped on the floor???
  4. https://github.com/ebayShopper/ESSV3/blob/master/SCRIPTS EXAMPLE.txt Do you put these lines in your script.txt?
  5. make sure that line does not start with ;
  6. try to put this on HiveExt.ini try to put this on HiveExt.ini: CleanupPlacedAfterDays = -1
  7. hello! Is there any way to put custom vehicles to sell like this?/
  8. victorks

    plot pole bug

    Hello. I have a problem that my plot it does not repair damaged walls help-me
  9. how to put a vehicle to be bought only for 1 ruby and not for the coin?
  10. I installed the right infistar it works but the server closes alone without giving anything in rpt help-me
  11. hello the infistar is expelling players that has the name with () example: victor (KSBR) help please
  12. how to create a new selling character ??? epoch epoch
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