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  1. I can't get this to work with Infistar's latest update
  2. Awesome, thank you! I have always wanted this mod for my players.
  3. Can someone share this mission please? The original has been deleted. Thanks!
  4. Why do people do this....? Create something, share it.... and then take it back?
  5. Tricks

    dayZ Night Lighting

    Awesome to see you back Axeman! Join the Epoch Discord!
  6. This is awesome, thank you very much. I will try it this evening on my test server.
  7. No, but that’s really interesting! You should share that with the community! i was trying to get loot crates to spawn on my aircraft carrier. Which I have done thanks to some help.
  8. If you look into your mission.sqm you can see an area that notifies you when you enter the safezone. You can add 2 more entries and have them for your two PvP areas, just increase the area you are notified. Just be sure to increase the "items=6" to however many you add to the list.
  9. Is this the item required to have before applying the handcuffs? player removeMagazine"PartGeneric";
  10. Hello community, I am working on a custom mission that takes place over the waters of Chernarus. Its actually an Aircraft Carrier mission I had on my server in 2014. However I can't seem to get loot to spawn on the ship. Has anyone had any success in spawning custom loot boxes over water or on the carrier? Thanks!
  11. Hello community, Well last night I had a player message me on Discord asking for a free Lapua. He was very rude and insistent, then left all of a sudden. Some players were doing a mission and all of a sudden AI would spawn right on top of one of the players who then became invincible. I know the player and he was not hacking. He also had 999,999,999 coins and humanity on him. I restarted the server to fix the issue with the AI. Later anytime he accessed his safe, all the players on the server would explode into the air and die when they landed, not by the explosion. We later figured out it was the 2 Lapuas he took from the mission that were in his safe. I deleted them and it seems to have fixed the issue. Anyone else experienced this?
  12. Tricks

    Juandayz's Mods?

    I have been browsing the forums looking for unique mods to add to my server. I noticed Juandayz deleted a lot of his mods before leaving the community. Just curious if anyone has them all and would possibly repost them giving him full credit? I am particularly interested in his "Admin Skin" and "Debug" mods. Thanks community, here's hoping someone will step up!
  13. Great work, you should make this an official [Release].
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