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  1. Firstly, sorry for the late reply, I was out of the city. Second, thank you @A Man, for the info, I'm not playing much these days, so I kinda forgot about that thread, but I'll point Discord to the admins. @JasonTM, nah, we are fine with both Hero&bandits missions, the only problem is the above-described.
  2. Hello everyone, first post over Epoch forums! Pretty much noobish question here but still... (I googled and searched through the forum before posting this but I couldn't find anything similar so I'm posting a separate thread, but still excuse me if any exist ). So this is the little issue I have: I am playing on a Overpoch server where the missions are divided to Heroes and Bandits. The server is set up to gain humanity regardless of the mission's type but on some missions (these are only on which I've found the problem so far, but there are probably more of them) your humanity decrease by killing the fallowing AIs: on "(Heroes) Captured MV 22" by killing Doctors only and on "(Bandits) Disabled Convoy" - only at killing the paratroopers who come afterward, for the other kills the humanity is as it should be. I'm not really a player who care much for his rank but when I noticed this thing happens, I was annoyed, I have done already a tons of those missions, so I've probably already lost a huge amount of humanity by doing these missions, which is kinda irritating, you know... So I talked with one of the admins by drawing his attention to the problem (there are 2 of them, the one handle with the scripts, while the other one is rather a player, and I talked with the second one). What he explained to me was something like that the AIs on those missions are under the same class, so they cannot be "fixed", something with which I disagree, even without being familiar with scripting. I intend to talk with the main scripter but since he's busy recently IRL and he can't pay enough attention to the server at the moment or (an assumption of mine - he might have lost interest of modding or he's a bit lazy to dig through the problem, not really sure as I haven't communicated much with him), so that's the reason why I decided to try on my own to find out how this can be resolved, or at least any tips. I'll really appreciate any help at where he should look at and what must be changed to get this fixed. Thanks in advance!
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