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  1. This is what @salival told me to do. Remove this from AH.sqf: That is if you are running infistar . [] spawn { _INIT_OBJECT ='HeliHEmpty' createVehicle [0,0,0]; _INIT_OBJECT setVehicleInit " if(!isServer)then{ [] spawn { while {1 == 1} do { waitUntil {hintSilent str time; !isNull findDisplay 46}; diag_log '<infiSTAR.de> connected too early, server is still starting..!'; findDisplay 46 closeDisplay 0; sleep 0.3; }; }; }; "; processInitCommands; waitUntil {!isNil "BIS_MPF_remoteExecutionServer" && !isNil "BIS_MPF_InitDone" && !isNil "BIS_fnc_init" && !isNil "infiSTAR_INIT"}; clearVehicleInit _INIT_OBJECT; deleteVehicle _INIT_OBJECT; };
  2. Call Car

    What do you mean?
  3. On Taviana and Takistan there is a little bouncing. Have not seen any duping. Working good.
  4. Takistan Server putting me back in lobby

    @salival Thank you, that worked
  5. We are putting together a Takistan server. Running good. The only thing is when you are logging into the server and you get to "Setup Completed, please wait". It will put you back into the lobby. Time is around 50 seconds when it does it. Once in the lobby, you can click ok and you will go into the game. Any thoughts what may be doing this. Only error is on Client Side RPT [144.839,"onPreloadStarted"] "<infiSTAR.de> connected too early, server is still starting..!" (I waited 10 minutes to join and still get this) Service Point: loading config... [144.992,"onPreloadFinished"] "Res3tting B!S effects..." "PRELOAD_ Functions\init [[L 1-1-A:1 REMOTE],any]" "MPframework inited" "dayz_preloadFinished reset" Group B 1-1-A (0x31357400) - network ID 2:1694 - no main subgroup Network simulation, time = 0.000 Group B 1-1-A (0x31357400) - network ID 2:1694 - no main subgroup Group B 1-1-A (0x31357400) - network ID 2:1694 - no main subgroup Group B 1-1-A (0x31357400) - network ID 2:1694 - no main subgroup Group B 1-1-A (0x31357400) - network ID 2:1694 - no main subgroup Group B 1-1-A (0x31357400) - network ID 2:1694 - no main subgroup Group B 1-1-A (0x31357400) - network ID 2:1694 - no main subgroup Group B 1-1-A (0x31357400) - network ID 2:1694 - no main subgroup "Loading custom client compiles" DEPLOY: loading version 2.8.2 ... "DZE_Hotfix_1.0.6.1A: dayz_NutritionSystem patched" CLICK ACTIONS: loading... DEPLOY: waiting for login... "mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Takistan\scripts\REsec.sqf:Monitoring Remote Exe..." ["Sent to server: PVDZ_plr_Login1",["players uid",B 1-1-A:1 (Thug)]] ["Sent to server: PVDZ_send",[B 1-1-A:1 (Thug),"dayzSetDate",[B 1-1-A:1 (Thug)]]] "PLAYER RESULT: true"
  6. UPDATE Aug. 27, 2017: Still doing it 4 years later, WOW
  7. Ok, I went around Taviana and found all the crates that are part of the map. These are the ones that the circuit boards spawn on. Since in epoch they have no use. What I would like to do is spawn very good loot on them, but out of the 35 crates, every restart it will only spawn 6 items. Leaving 29 crates with nothing on them. Does anyone have a script that can be modified to do this. I have the world space cords needed and will share.
  8. 3rd Edit @Tech_Support So now I start your batch file. It starts, server starts and bec starts. When I shut down the server, the server closes and your batch file closes and after about 30 seconds the bec shuts down. Then nothing??? Never mine about the below: Forgot to put the bat file in the root of server. New problem. When I start the bat file it start the bec and the server starts. Whats wrong is that bec shuts off. Whats left is the server running and your dos batch file running. Edit: I fixed the above by adding --dsc to the end of start BecTavi13.exe -f Config.cfg. So it looks like this: start BecTavi13.exe -f Config.cfg -- dsc ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Tech_Support When I run the bat file, the dos screen comes up. Then it starts the backup and I checked the backup location to see that they were there. That part works. Then it says: bec started. Then I get a white popup error that says: BecTavi13.exe Windows cannot find 'BecTavi13.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. I set the following up in a .bat file called SERVER_RESTART_Tavi.bat This is what I put in the file below, you will notice that I changed BEC.exe to BecTavi13.exe. I always rename the bec and they alway work.
  9. Server starting 2 ports

    @Tech_Support thank you for the information.
  10. Server starting 2 ports

    The steamqueryport is 2366. When 2365 starts it always shows it being 2366. I posted this on Friday the 11th at 08:56 PM. Has not happened again. Prior to Friday, the last time it happened was on Monday the 7th. So it does not do it all the time. Would you be willing to share?
  11. Server starting 2 ports

    I am my own server host. I built a dedicated server for that server. Had a talk with myself and still can't find the right out come. lol
  12. Will give it a try, thank you
  13. @salival Updated Taviana. Still has a little bounce when rekeyed, but does not fly into the air. Much better. Thank you
  14. Server starting 2 ports

    Don't know if I posted in right section. I have an Epoch Taviana server. the port is 2365. Sometimes when BEC restarts the server, it starts 2365 and 2377. One thing I noticed is that it starts port 2377 first. It causes players to lag and it affects their ping. Does anyone know why it would start two ports? OR where would I look? I don't see anything in server or mission RPT.
  15. @salival Thanks for your work. I am building a Takistan Server and will install it first. Will update to let you know how it goes.