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  1. Great addon! I don't know if anyone else is having issues with spawn rate of zeds? I'm creating a dedicated CO-OP/LAN Epoch server, and I feel that this spawn rate is way above our heads. In less then a minute I'm being chased by more then 25 zeds. Now I looked through all the files I could find, searched every forum for more information but I cannot figure out where to set the spawn rates. I tried configurating the ZClasses.sqf to spawn only 2 zeds max on every difficulty level, and tried to edit the fn_init.sqf as well, but it feels like everything I do doesn't get saved. ( I've used PBO manager to edit my PBO's ) I've been trying for days now and hoping someone knows more about this!
  2. Hello everyone, I've been trying to setup a private server for local use, and I've been trying for days to get this script working. I keep getting the same error @Sneer gets; HALV_Spawn_map.LineMarker It always occurs when players access the menu, and after this they are stuck in the spawn chamber. Now I've also seen that I dont get the spawn options for ChernarusRedux, there are only three available options. None of them work. ( in the .rpt it also says remoteexec not allowed, but I'm not using battleEye since its for LAN only ) I'm not an expert on this field, so I probably got it configured wrong. But I'm absolutely clueless. Does someone know how to fix this? PS. I found it weird that there's no ChernarusRedux in the spawn_locations.sqf, only Chernarus. Do I need to change the name Chernarus to ChernarusRedux? ( if someone needs some files, let me know. I can upload files at a later time today if necessary ) Thanks in advance! EDIT: Figured out Epoch was still blocking some code from running, fixed it!
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