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  1. Seems older client files of origins are also offline, 1.7 can't be downloaded anywhere. Even on fishy websites.
  2. I've been searching for server files for ages and these files get deleted left and right. Does anyone still has the ZIP file ElDubya generously provided?
  3. Did you check this line? ;Negative values will disable this feature ;0 means that ALL empty placed items will be deleted every server restart ;A positive number is how old (in days) a placed empty item must be, in order for it to be deleted ;CleanupPlacedAfterDays = -1 Should be in your hive.ext.
  4. Great addon! I don't know if anyone else is having issues with spawn rate of zeds? I'm creating a dedicated CO-OP/LAN Epoch server, and I feel that this spawn rate is way above our heads. In less then a minute I'm being chased by more then 25 zeds. Now I looked through all the files I could find, searched every forum for more information but I cannot figure out where to set the spawn rates. I tried configurating the ZClasses.sqf to spawn only 2 zeds max on every difficulty level, and tried to edit the fn_init.sqf as well, but it feels like everything I do doesn't get saved. ( I've used PBO manager to edit my PBO's ) I've been trying for days now and hoping someone knows more about this!
  5. Hello everyone, I've been trying to setup a private server for local use, and I've been trying for days to get this script working. I keep getting the same error @Sneer gets; HALV_Spawn_map.LineMarker It always occurs when players access the menu, and after this they are stuck in the spawn chamber. Now I've also seen that I dont get the spawn options for ChernarusRedux, there are only three available options. None of them work. ( in the .rpt it also says remoteexec not allowed, but I'm not using battleEye since its for LAN only ) I'm not an expert on this field, so I probably got it configured wrong. But I'm absolutely clueless. Does someone know how to fix this? PS. I found it weird that there's no ChernarusRedux in the spawn_locations.sqf, only Chernarus. Do I need to change the name Chernarus to ChernarusRedux? ( if someone needs some files, let me know. I can upload files at a later time today if necessary ) Thanks in advance! EDIT: Figured out Epoch was still blocking some code from running, fixed it!
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