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  1. Ive just found a error in the cfgloot folder in the dayz_code.pbo in the epoch mod folder 1.0.6. You can find the line in cfgloot/buildings/military.hpp -> They both can be found in the file. but they discribe the same building. There wont show any error though because one of the buildings is wrong written. Pls fix. Thanks class Land_buova4_winter: MilitarySpecial // winter version of military barracks { zedPos[] = {{-1.95361,2.57813,-1.1084},{5.46289,2.5791,-1.1084},{1.29346,-2.16211,-1.09839},{-1.78369,-0.166992,-1.09839},{-5.39355,-2.11719,-1.09839},{-5.4707,2.58203,-1.09839},{-1.80664,-1.97559,-1.09827},{5.38965,-1.75781,-1.09827},{-9.1499,-2.55859,-1.09827},{1.4668,-0.129883,-1.09814},{-4.77881,0.0498047,-1.09814},{-8.32617,-0.144531,-1.09814}}; lootChance = 0.3; lootPos[] = {{-0.39,-2.02,-1.1},{-5.67,1.68,-1.1},{-1.95,2.58,-1.11},{5.46,2.58,-1.11},{6.37,-1.22,-0.93},{-0.24,-1.04,0.1},{-3.53,-0.38,-1.1},{-5.39,-2.23,-1.1},{-6.78,-1.34,-0.7},{-9.07,-0.53,-1.1},{2.97,-0.92,-1.1},{1.11,-2.35,-1.1}}; }; class Land_budova4_winter: MilitarySpecial { lootPos[] = {{-7.73389,0.300049,-1.09824},{-7.7666,1.97388,-1.09824},{-5.85645,1.92651,-1.09824},{-4.82373,0.194336,-1.09824},{-4.82715,-2.00244,-1.09824},{-8.09766,-2.28149,-1.09824},{-3.06787,2.24805,-1.09824},{-1.65283,-1.91821,-1.09824},{-1.41309,-0.034668,-1.09824},{0.266602,1.76807,-1.09824},{1.28369,0.289307,-1.09824},{1.81982,-2.28687,-1.09824},{4.37549,2.14941,-1.09824},{5.61865,1.71338,-1.09824},{5.06787,-1.74316,-1.09824},{2.54785,2.33716,-1.09824}}; };
  2. For some reason there is no loot spawning in object a2 and the namalsk buildings even though ive added those into the loot table lol.
  3. It worked now. I feel like it had to athenticate for a long time and now it is kinda working. Loot is a bit low on the server right now but ill try to higher it. dunno yet how to though.
  4. Hey I am also looking forward to host a vanilla dayz Namalsk server. For me it seems like if i customize the loot table i cant log in it stucks at waiting for authentication.
  5. Hello, anyone know to increase the loot? For example more mags for weapons and more single loot piles then group loot piles? thanks jam
  6. @Saije See it is not that hard as expected :)
  7. @Saije Alright man. That's awesome to hear!
  8. Is there a way to add custom buildings in the latest epoch version? In the it worked with _nil = [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\addons.sqf"; in the ifServer section. Now it doesnt. Any help my code in the addons.sqf looks sth like this: _vehicle_0 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ["Land_Mil_ControlTower", [6541.1475, 8493.415, -2.0742416e-005], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _vehicle_0 = _this; _this setDir 298.33878; _this setPos [6541.1475, 8493.415, -2.0742416e-005]; };
  9. You need to unpack ur dayz_server.pbo Then you need to open up the server_cleanup.fsm, i recommend notepad++. search for: Check for hackers and the Code should look sth like this: "//Check for hackers" \n " {" \n " if(vehicle _x != _x && !(vehicle _x in _safety) && (typeOf vehicle _x) != ""ParachuteWest"") then {" \n " diag_log (""CLEANUP: KILLING A HACKER "" + (name _x) + "" "" + str(_x) + "" IN "" + (typeOf vehicle _x));" \n " (vehicle _x) setDamage 1;" \n " _x setDamage 1;" \n " };" \n " } forEach allUnits;" \n "" \n "/*" \n If you cant find it search just for "hackers" Should find this: spawn server_checkHackers; If so, open up the server_funktions.sqf and search for: "server_checkHackers" Should find something like this: server_checkHackers = { if (DZE_DYN_AntiStuck2nd > 3) then { DZE_DYN_HackerCheck = nil; DZE_DYN_AntiStuck2nd = 0; }; if(!isNil "DZE_DYN_HackerCheck") exitWith { DZE_DYN_AntiStuck2nd = DZE_DYN_AntiStuck2nd + 1;}; DZE_DYN_HackerCheck = true; { if (!((isNil "_x") || {(isNull _x)})) then { if(vehicle _x != _x && !(vehicle _x in PVDZE_serverObjectMonitor) && (isPlayer _x) && !((typeOf vehicle _x) in DZE_safeVehicle)) then { diag_log ("CLEANUP: KILLING A HACKER " + (name _x) + " " + str(_x) + " IN " + (typeOf vehicle _x)); (vehicle _x) setDamage 1; _x setDamage 1; sleep 0.25; }; }; sleep 0.001; } count allUnits; DZE_DYN_HackerCheck = nil; }; You can now try to comment the line in the server_cleanup.fsm or server_functions.sqf out. Gl and let me know if it worked.
  10. HELLO EVERYONE, does anyone have an idea on how i could add warmlcothes into my epoch namalsk server? I cant find the cfgsurvival.hpp, any help?
  11. hello guys, are there any scripts updated for 1.0.6? Bloodsucker, Blowout, customLoottable? Please link it down below. Thanks
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