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  1. Kenobi

    Increase antagonists

    Hi, not sure, but probably mpmissions\epoch.Altis\epoch_code\compile\EPOCH_unitSpawn.sqf start at line 162 - case "I_Soldier_EPOCH"..........
  2. Kenobi

    Increase antagonists

    mpmissions\epoch.Altis\epoch_config\Configs\CfgEpochClient.hpp antagonistRngChance there are other variables to play with... cheers
  3. Crash sites are spawned only once right after restart, you can modify number of these sites of course. Try latest modified script on last page. I don't know what kind of mission you use, if you don't have yet some, you can try some from this thread. You can modify mission spawn time in config, of course. https://epochmod.com/forum/forum/71-ai-missions/
  4. Omg, i tried to find them but with no sucess. I was blind. I suggest add this to cfg prices and loot tables in next epoch updates because epoch crafting recipes need this. Thank you Tarabas.
  5. Hello, Our survivors are thirsty. They need water purification tablets because dirty water smells very bad and is full of parasites. When they can expect tablets to be added? :-)
  6. Interesting.. I downloaded client 1.1.0 from HTTP#1 link on Epoch main page right after was born :-) protocol = 1; publishedid = 455221958; name = "EpochExperimental"; timestamp = 5248253343742751592; Thanks for help. PS: Checked now, on HTTP#1 link is still this stuff :-)
  7. Helo, yesterday players noticed, that A3Launcher automacically detect my server as experimental 1.1.1 so A3L starting Arma with exp. client automatically. Than game version don't match of course. Until yesterday everything was fine. At what kind of settings on server is this related, or some issue in A3L? I don't know, because on server no changes for some weeks since last epoch update 1.1.0. Thanks for help.
  8. Heli is out of fuel after some time so I added this code to file fnc_vehicle_patrol.sqf and now heli is flying all day long :-) Put code below anywhere between: while{_run}do{ and last bracket: }; // Refuell code START if (fuel _unit <= 0.2) then { _unit setFuel 1; diag_log "***[Sector] Vehicle refuelled sucessfully***"; }; // Refuell code END
  9. Thanks for quick reply, it works :-)
  10. Hello, players noticed that Sledge don't works on wreck. So I tested it on all possible weapons on one certain wreck and result is: 70x with Sledge negative 70x with Maul negative 9x with Sword positive Anyone with the same issue? I don't know how much is random maximum but more then 70x is too much i think. Thanks, if you will take a look on it :-)
  11. Kenobi

    A3E Take Clothes

    Grahame, thanks. But items copy is still possible, but only once. Steps to reproduce: 1) Throw away actual uniform from your body. 2) Take uniform from dead body through inventory to your body. 3) On dead body use TakeClothes through space key. This will cause, that you will have the same uniform on your body and on dead body and items in uniform will be copied.
  12. Kenobi


    Another issue is that players can be killed by zombies in range of ProtectionZone_Invisible_F.
  13. Kenobi


    I am so sorry, now it works great and thank you, He-man :-)
  14. Kenobi


    OMG, i see fail :-) ';
  15. Kenobi


    Exactly ;-) BRPVP_processZombieHit = compileFinal ' params ["_uTarget","_damage"]; // {_uTarget setHitIndex [_forEachIndex,_x + _damage,true];} forEach (getAllHitPointsDamage _uTarget select 2);'; //He-Man fix _hits = getAllHitPointsDamage _uTarget select 2; _uTarget setdamage ((damage _uTarget) + _damage); {_uTarget setHitIndex [_forEachIndex,_x + _damage,true];} forEach _hits; //He-Man fix
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