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  1. Tanoa Server is up to date Arma 3: 1.90 Epoch: 1.30 IP: arma.no-ip.info Port: 2302
  2. Altis Server is up to date Arma 3: 1.90 Epoch: 1.30 IP: arma.no-ip.info Port: 2402
  3. Thank you He-Man... without this : [] spawn { disableSerialization; waitUntil{!isNull (findDisplay 46)}; }; admin menu and view distance changes work again together.. how ever that makes sence..
  4. Since 1.3 it's breaking admin menu, when i add this...May someone please help me for a solution ?
  5. Hi Cruzado45 I did not sort them by myself (not even shure, if it's possible to sort them) usually when you bought something it's in your inventory and ready to use. Enjoy
  6. Last version is working fine for me. rtp is not showing any errors. All missions spawn. (No HC) Thank you for your great work again @Ghostrider-GRG
  7. ...he didn't sit down, and loot didn't come down from the air.. same here with the hostage mission.. answers: "Thank you for freeing me. Must return home" .. and nothing more happens. (No Loot, no finishing mission, and he doesn't go home) if he's shot, after doing the mission, he is still thankful to be free again: https://picload.org/view/dopoorra/ecd7ab3233e690d5aa1461653088c9.jpg.html Edit: I was wrong, now at capture leader i was getting a first crate (parachuting from the air). No info like "mission done/clear" came. Mission is still marked at the map.
  8. Same here at the test. Client files up to date, all AI killed: talk to the capt -> just sais: "I surrender". No loot spawn
  9. Seems like the upload is bigger or not done yet. Or I have the wrong link to experimental maybe. The blck_custom_config.sqf i found here was uploaded 14 days ago. https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/blckeagles-revisited-RC/tree/Experimental/%40GMS/addons/custom_server/Configs
  10. Tested 1.81 Experimental.. For players it seems to work fine. In RTP it shows:
  11. @SneerI can not reproduce and get no error in my rtp... did I see right you wrote: disabl#eUserInput true; ? than # is not needed here is a zip of a one which is not limited to the safezone and comes with a custom action-icon: https://www.file-upload.net/download-13148501/scriptBlaze.zip.html
  12. Sounds awesome... yes please, if you find it :) Edit: On my version the "stoned"-effect (drunk) just shows up for 2 seconds and go away then again. idk why
  13. That's truly cooler, yes (At least mine gives more sence to the hempplants ;) )... maybe they would be not that hard to model for someone in the community and add to Epochmod vanilla than. Self rollen ones would be nice aswell ;)
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