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    I like computers. I am currently in love with Epoch even though it has no hoverboards yet - nobody's perfect!

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  1. mgm

    The Epoch Mod Hoverboard is here.

    Amazing. Thank you @Helion4
  2. mgm

    Taxi & Bus | Transport for Arma

    so did you try running it on latest version of arma3/epoch? how did it go?
  3. mgm

    Taxi & Bus | Transport for Arma

    I got a PM asking for the source code - here it is - remember last update was august 2016 so you will need to update the code to make it work again: EDIT fixed the link! http://www.filedropper.com/tfasource 7zip password is three lowercase letters: 'tfa'
  4. That's great - thanks axeman. I saw your status update BTW - welcome back :)
  5. mgm

    Taxi & Bus | Transport for Arma

    Hi, This mod is quite old now (last update was in 2016-05) so it won't work unless you go through the files & update it. Personally I still didn't give up on this idea and I will at some point come back to this project and finish it however not anytime soon. If you or anyone would like to work on this, I will be more than happy to answer any questions. Thanks
  6. Glad to hear business is back on track. I don't mind taking a look at the code if you ever find a minute to upload somewhere and thanks for looking at it.
  7. hey axeman, how did the testing go? :)
  8. mgm

    Antagonist Avoidance

    axeman, this thing works, you get all the funding you ever need!
  9. mgm


    ...so no conspiracy here then, huh? dam I really felt we were close this time. moving on to next conspiracy theory then. only 7 million left in my google list.
  10. mgm


    It's a conspiracy by many mod developers to get you. They're at it again! Someone help
  11. mgm

    Whats happened to EPOCH ??

    Thanks for the good news axeman. Zombies are the second best thing in Epoch, right after hoverboards! I hope performance will be acceptable with large-ish hordes.
  12. mgm

    Whats happened to EPOCH ??

    Of course we are. it is the number one thing that will change Epoch forever. what happened to ilanavis?
  13. mgm

    Scripting my first Epoch Addon - Experienced Advice Needed

    Can't wait to read more about your adventures in Epochland. More details in future installments please. Gruesome Arma errors and horrors of troubleshooting that one missing comma in source code is what ticks me most in scripting sci-fi.
  14. mgm

    Earplugs Script

    I don't know if the other errors impact the operation of earplugs. basically earplugs is a very small script, if it's not working it's got to be something basic (antihack, corrupt file, file not loading etc.). however, if you already have errors maybe earplugs is not even getting a chance to kick in so I'm saying if you reach a "clean, working state" before you try to add this, then we can (hopefully) quickly troubleshoot what's wrong with this one. either fix the others or maybe temporarily remove all and just run earplugs.
  15. mgm

    Earplugs Script

    This one is easy - happy to help troubleshoot but you need to do your prep work first. I checked your server RPT it is full of errors. Fix the errors first, then we can talk about this one.