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  1. Helion4

    Make Epoch great again! (Endgame motivation)

    well, some of that is correct. Nobody can stop server hosts from making their servers easy. It all comes from the hosts trying to tempt players onto their servers by making it easy, I think. (I dont think infistar visits theses forums anymore)
  2. Helion4

    vehicle and jammer

    I havent heard of anyhting like this existing, so it looks like you would have to create the scripting to make this work.
  3. Helion4

    Traders Overhaul Discussion

    I think some more work could be done to refresh the trader setup as it is now, some of the ideas that @TheVampire laid out in the O.P. are interesting, as I myself have been thinking about extending the start items in the vanilla traders to incorporate some more useful items. Removing Safezones would simply cause server hosts to run scripts enabling them again, Safezones are far too entrenched into these survival mods to be removed, as many players see no-safezone servers as an open opportunity for griefing. Having the devs also spend time adjusting prices is also somewhat a waste of their time, in my opinion. The prices are at the mercy of individual server admins to change at will. And they will be changed, as they are now, on a server to server basis. I personally like the way the traders are setup right now. It is the most realistic version of trading I have experienced in mods so far. I also do see the point of those that like the organized and categorized listings of other traders. I can agree that having specialist traders that will deal with items not of their speciality, but only at a at lower values could be an interesting concept. However, players are sometimes lazy and making them travel to different parts of the map will be unpopular. Could an option in this respect be a trader that bought any item for a lower price at every trader location: - E.G: Player goes to Weapon Trader to sell looted rifles, but also has many food items to sell. The weapons trader will not buy food, but the Wholesaler trader will buy anything at a reduced price. Other ideas to incorporate into this could be to make some traders be affected by toxicty levels: - if your toxicity is to high they will not trade with you. Like they think you may be infected and are scared to trade with you. However this conversation eventually ends, I think the best direction to take would be to try and stick to the ideals of the mod, instead of the player. If I were to have my own way, and dam it hell, I wouldn't have traders that sold weapons or food, maybe even health items. I would only have them sell vehicles and some base building objects. But this would be an unpopular concept, because just like @KPABATOK I also long for the hardcore style experience.
  4. Helion4

    How to change loot spawn rate?

  5. Helion4

    The Epoch Mod Hoverboard is here.

    Yes, but it wont drive you home
  6. Better late than never.
  7. @webbie Edit the lines. You will notice some lines have a ' - ' symbol next to them and are in pink ::::: Those lines are old and need to go. The green lines with ' + ' are the new code that should replace the pink lines above them. You can see the line numbers next to them to be sure if they need to be replaced. Additional new code is simply identified with + symbols at the start of each new line.
  8. Helion4

    Need help server set up

    Hey, welcome to Epoch! You posted in the Arma 2 section but we'll let you off with that. To help get you started it would be good if you read this post. Just to get the gist of what setting up a server entails, and a few things you should be aware of that will help you on your way to understanding server setup. In Epoch you can search things on the map with Space-bar menu, such as trash piles - barrels - baskets - crates - boxes - garbage bins and you can find loot, but along with searching in the trash comes Toxicity and other things... Also Lootable furniture will spawn in some buildings that will hold better loot. The furniture can spawn AFTER you have been in the building, so to test if the loot is working in its default way, run through a town then go back to the start of a town and check for loot. There is another script that can be run in Epoch to put loot on the floor of buildings you can find here, many servers out there use this to enhance the loot for their setup. Again read through the posts - especially the last few pages - as thats where the most up to date information is located. And after all that if you still have problems, dont hesitate to ask on the EpochMod official discord where I'm sure you will find help if you need it. https://discord.gg/0k4ynDDCsnMzkxk7 Good Luck!
  9. Helion4

    Epochproblems all server not connectable

    Yes it is an Arma problem. People are reporting that switching your game into 32bit mode will help until Bohemia push a fix.
  10. Helion4

    Storm islands Coming Soon !!!!

    Dude, that's a kick in the nuts for sure. Hopefully it wont be long before you're back on it. Seems like all your bad Arma luck - stacked, and dropped all at once.
  11. Helion4

    Server Help

    Yeah I jumped on both your servers yesterday with -showscripterrors enabled and was hit by these ( on both overpochins & overpoch ) Error Undefined variable in expression: dze_submarine File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Chernarus\dayz_code\compile\fn_selfActions.sqf, line 204 File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Chernarus\scripts\TakeClothes.sqf, line 9 Error in expression <earEntities ["CAManBase", 10]) > 1; if (_playerNear) exitWith {dayz_actionInProg> Error position: <_playerNear) exitWith {dayz_actionInProg> Error Undefined variable in expression: _playernear File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Chernarus\scripts\TakeClothes.sqf, line 17 Error in expression <_up.sqf","",5,false,true]; Error position: <DZE_SubMarine removeAction sub_up; in just a couple of minutes my client .rpt had risen to over 20k lines with these errors. Clients might be struggling to send or receive data if they are being clogged up with a constant stream of errors. Providing some more info will enable others to give you more help. Are these problems experienced on one, or both of your servers? Here's a link to some of my client side .rpt https://pastebin.com/rbh2kecy
  12. Helion4

    Server Help

    Hey man, you should really start by fixing the client errors on both your servers. Then make sure you fix any errors in the server rpt. One error can sometimes be the cause of others, even when they seem unrelated.
  13. Helion4

    Make Epoch great again! (Endgame motivation)

    A lot of this is all down to play style of the Arma-mod players. There, I said it. Most players will only play if they have a Sniper rifle. **** Did you reach 'end game? oh then I'll delete everything you own and you can go play only using LMG's then, enjoy**** Most people buy a heli and Lift-sell every vehicle they can find. ****how about starting over and you can only use ground vehicles?**** Most people buy everything **** well next play through, you cant use the traders to buy weapons or vehicles or food or meds etc, choose one. **** From A2 to A3 this seems to a repeating pattern, and when players say they are bored, they never want to change - they want the mod to change. I played Tetris on the Nintendo Game Boy, for hours & hours & hours and eventually I got bored. My friend pointed out to me that I should turn the Game Boy upside-down and play....it was like playing a new game!!!! And what was better, once i got bored of playing upside-down I flipped it right side up again and the experience changed AGAIN! I did this multiple times, until the Amiga500 came along. Changing the way you play can have so much affect on a game! As @TheVampire points out, the server host can make the difference in stretching out play towards end game with new and inventive ideas, but I also believe server owners should trust more in the core mechanics of the mod too, for example:- Making loot spawn more frequent = speeds up 'end game' Removing Antagonists = speeds up 'end game' adding 100 spawn points = speeds up 'end game' Black Market traders full of everything = speeds up 'end game' PVE = An obvious fast track to end game much much quicker than anything else. All these things affect the speed of reaching end game, and have to be balanced properly ( or even not included in a server) to ensure risk/reward is a reasonably tough decision to make. That's what made the Dayz mod (& other early Arma-mods) phenomenon an incredible experience, many players had something they hadn't known before then. FEAR of DECISION. Now there is no fear, because - "i'll just buy my sniper & big pack back if I die". This, this is also a big problem. There simply cant be anything unknown nowadays. With admins spawning all items/vehicles/weapons in - to YouTube videos showcasing a latest update, nothing is left to be discovered. And I imagine if all epoch devs kept quiet while working on new content, we would have even more posts like "is epoch dead" and many more players and server hosts will abandon hope. There are a couple of interesting ideas in this thread.
  14. I believe you have to deploy the Helipad via right click deploy anything. So this says you need a toolbox and a ruby to be able to deploy a Helipad.