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  1. Thursday 31 Jan will be the date of the update. This update has seen us focus on adding some ported Vehicles, Weapons & Backpacks. Those of you that played Arma 2 & DayZ Epoch will recognize some of the included content. As well as adding more content, we have improved many things, and also fixed some others, some highlights of the update also include:- The E-pad Tablet, can be used for server hosts to add custom scripts, server info and even supports html - some apps are included by default (see github changelog) Suicide option with animation Rusty textures for some vanilla A3 Vehicles Admin Menu - you can now 'Search All' configs when spawning objects Loot Rebalance - improvements to the logic of the loot spawner. Jail wall & lockable jail door models are now included in the base building object selection As always, please visit the Epoch discord or post here on the forum if you have suggestions, ideas and requests for further updates. To view a more detailed Changelog visit - Changelog - GitHub Enjoy Epoch 1.3
  2. Locked. This is not the appropriate place for your complaints.
  3. Be carefull when offering to pay for things. Non creators cannot sell other people products. If that happenes and the creator finds out, you could for example have your server DMCA'd for breaking I.P. Licences. You should only pay for somebodies time to install these things for you as everything you want is available for FREE!
  4. welcome back Kiwi Sad to hear of the troubles you have had, nobody deserves any of it. But happy to see you return to Epoch!! I tried to join the Discord but the link seems to have expired ;) Good Luck with your project mate.
  5. sounds like the server isnt reading the sever_config. Re-check your install and if you need it heres a video guide to help out JasonTM's Guide to install
  6. @JakeQue Arma 3 Epoch? dayZ safe vehicle. I think not. Also if the variable _heli is not defined as such in the original, then adding that will not help anything?
  7. Are you for real? Firstly I thought the smily face was enough of a hint towards a fun little jibe... Secondly, where in your o.p was the question or the request for help? If you cant be arsed to even type out what it is you came here for, then dont expect people to take it seriously, Snowflake.
  8. That's nice, thanks for sharing... Did you read that error? Your custom added, event1.sqf, has an undefined variable that needs fixing.
  9. Helion4

    Epoch Mod

    Epoch Mod is currently at version 1.2. Some servers may not be using the latest version for some reason unknown. Subscribe on Steam to keep up to date. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=421839251
  10. Ryans Zombies is a massive performance hit, according to every server host that has ever used it. They say it is badly optimised. Maps can also affect performance sometimes, hosts say the Chern. Redux is a performance hog, for example. Personally I would not be bothered by those numbers, and only really be worried when players come to you with reports of server lag - (which is VERY different from client lag, and often includes things like AI rubber banding over 30 meters, or building objects not saving because the Database is struggling) - or stuttering or worse, like not being able to connect to the server at all. for more info, you could repeat the test with only Epoch active on Altis, this way you get baseline and you modded server results.
  11. Lol, I was on your Lithium server last night thinking "what the hell is this eb4e mod? and why cant I find it on the workshop?" Now I know! GG, G-GRG!
  12. If I remember correctly, you simply cannot take the vehicles when using DZAI - unless the DZAI spawner has been re-written. As for stopping locked vehicles being salvaged, you need to find this > ****DZE_salvageLocked = true; //Enable or disable salvaging of locked vehicles**** in ConfigVariables.sqf and change that to false.
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