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  1. Hey, congratz on making it through! Epoch is still going strong in its A2 & A3 form. I understand how you might see the Discord as being that, but I know there are still people on there willing to discuss, just start a conversation and see what happens.
  2. Oops, thats what happens when i think before coffee I see you mention "Somehow since i added a lot of scripts this appears:" and you do also mention that without spawn script enabled you still get the error. The best advice to you, is to test with default epoch files and no scripts. If error still exists then its probably a game file issue. If on default server files the error is removed, then you are introducing the error with one of your scripts, so a method of instal 1 script - test that script, should be taken to find out where the error comes from. Good Luck.
  3. File mpmissions\dayz.epoch.chernarus\description.ext, line 22: '.loadScreen': Missing ';' at the end of line did you fix this error and try again?
  4. Top - Land_MBG_Police_Station Bottom -Land_MBG_Shanty_BIG
  5. RIP. never knew each other, but seemed a good guy with a big heart

  6. Dont forget to Joint the discord for more https://discord.gg/0k4ynDDCsnMzkxk7
  7. All these images can be found on our discord, if you are not a member already, hop on and keep up to date with the progress of the mod.
  8. The team is working on it right now. We cannot give you any time for release at this point. You can keep up to date on our discord server https://discord.gg/0k4ynDDCsnMzkxk7 And if you have any skills and free time you could also contribute to creating the mod, see here
  9. You are running 2 instances of BEC right? One for each server, with the settings relevant to each server?
  10. @Reaper5150 You can slap me if I'm wrong, but pretty sure I'm not - Epoch Is NOT all based on coins. Coins are an addon to vanilla Epoch, so you need to revert the relevant files that your installed coins addon required you to change. Or look for some settings within the coins addon to revert maintenance back to vanilla currency. I cant be much more help as I havent dabled in A2 for a couple of years. Here is the coins addon that Salival made for that may be usefull for you. Salivals addon
  11. Helion4

    satellite event

    My memory is bad, as I havent actually played in while, but I think it needs to be broken down, like an ore vein.
  12. will be fixed in next update. ( I had thought you mena the vehicles from the mod CUP), the new vehicles introduced in Epoch 1.3 are from Arma 2, as are the CUP vehicles. Epoch has no connections with CUP.
  13. hey, the new safe uses the dyna menu, as you can see in this video https://plays.tv/video/5c9926466b9589c5c6
  14. Helion4


    Hey @umfufu You can also download the client files from - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27245 https://www.moddb.com/downloads/start/77703 would it possible for you to explain what issues you have had with the Steam download, so we can ensure it is not an issue we have caused, thanks.
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