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  1. Helion4

    Extended Base Objects for Epoch V 0.1

    Lol, I was on your Lithium server last night thinking "what the hell is this eb4e mod? and why cant I find it on the workshop?" Now I know! GG, G-GRG!
  2. Helion4

    2 questions about DZAI and cars.

    If I remember correctly, you simply cannot take the vehicles when using DZAI - unless the DZAI spawner has been re-written. As for stopping locked vehicles being salvaged, you need to find this > ****DZE_salvageLocked = true; //Enable or disable salvaging of locked vehicles**** in ConfigVariables.sqf and change that to false.
  3. hmm, I made a test server a few days ago didn't need to put any keys in it. I wonder what defines the need or not to have keys in there? EDIT: I had keys check disabled
  4. It would seem there are problems with the @epoch files in your servers directory. You can see from your screen shot that server and client keys are different. Re-check that the client files are up to date and both server and your game are using the same @epoch files and since you have followed the above setup I would recommend to re-check your server install steps against this updated install instruction set > https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/44751-dec2017-arma-3-epochmod-server-installation-and-setup/ Specifically this part: 4. Copy the Client Files to your Server Copy your @Epoch folder to your "EpochServer" By default it should be located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@Epoch" By copying the client files from your Arma 3 game folder, you ensure that, at least, your server and client files are both using the same files. good luck.
  5. Infistar uses Steam ID so the only way to do this is have your admins use a different steam account with another copy of the game. or, how about just not pressing F2 while playing?
  6. Helion4

    AI Very dumb

    Yeah, very helpful ^^ @Warburgg This isn't really the place for Vanilla Dayz Mod help. I suggest you join this Discord where you will find extensive help, guides and downloads specifically related to the Vanilla Dayz Mod. https://discord.gg/VHaAx8 Good Luck.
  7. Helion4

    Server list not showing mission name or game type

    also check your 11_chenarus.cfg has no errors, usually this behaviour is seen when the server.cfg is not being read properly.
  8. its been a while since I did anything A2, but in your 11_chernarus.cfg Steamport = 2304 - when it should be 2302? < this port should also match your start.bat config. Steamport should always be lower than SteamQueryPort, if my memory is right. I would also, because you are troubleshooting, start with a blank basic.cfg and let Arma auto fill it. Then when/if needed you can tweak it for your player numbers/ connection. This will rule out any nonsense from the basic.cfg being the cause of this problem. If neither of the above makes any difference, I am willing to bet it is something to do with your home router setup or even your ISP may be purposefully blocking some traffic needed, some ISP's do not allow certain kinds of traffic like a game server. Good Luck!
  9. Helion4

    Napf for A3 Epoch

    Hey there. I just threw up a test server using the Napf version you link to in your first post and everything worked fine first time. From what you've posted - the only difference I see is in your start.bat. You need to have Napf in the -servermod, and I think you need to add these " at beginning and end where you have spaces in names. Here's my start.bat [email protected]; -serverMod="@EpochHive;@Napf Island A3;@CUP Terrains - Core;" Give that a try.
  10. Helion4

    signature missmatch

    (moved to relevant forum) Hey Millkit, welcome to Epoch and the forums! Firstly, I would suggest finding out if the Epoch Server files Nitrado are providing are up to date. The latest Epoch version is 1.2. Secondly, make sure your Epoch client files are up to date by subscribing to the Epoch mod via the Steam Workshop. Files here Epoch Mod Once you have ensured that both Server & Client files are 1.2 we can move on to the next steps for troubleshooting. :)
  11. Helion4

    signature missmatch

    You have posted this in the Arma 2 section, but you mention Zombies & Daemons - which is an Arma 3 mod. Which game is it you are trying to setup a server for Arma 2 or Arma 3?
  12. Helion4

    Storm islands Coming Soon !!!!

    I cant promise you anything like dedicated time, I got so many other things on the go, but I may be able to get some stuff out for you. So if you send me a list of models/ideas you need making, I am willing to have a look over it and try to get some made for you.
  13. Helion4

    Logging in after server restart and hard restart?

    Hello. 1) You have posted in the Arma 2 section. 2) This is the Epoch mod Forum. 3) This is NOT the place to ask questions about other mods. Thank you.
  14. Helion4

    Make Epoch great again! (Endgame motivation)

    well, some of that is correct. Nobody can stop server hosts from making their servers easy. It all comes from the hosts trying to tempt players onto their servers by making it easy, I think. (I dont think infistar visits theses forums anymore)