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  1. Building/Crafting Ideas for future development

    Dayz Standalone does not allow community hosted servers or modding at this time.
  2. Advanced Crafting (without the alchemy)

    It seems you may have placed the code block in the wrong place. The instructions say - " above tame dogs code " you have placed it above "dog actions" Try moving the block of code to be above if (dayz_tameDogs) then { in your fnselfactions.sqf
  3. Building/Crafting Ideas for future development

    @krimich Dayz Epoch is for Arma 2 not Arma 3. For Arma 3 Epoch, simply go to the Steam Workshop here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=421839251 Launch Arma 3 with Epoch selected Mod to load then go into game and search the server list for epoch servers. For Dayz Epoch on Arma 2 - google dayz launcher.
  4. BEC Bug after Last Update

    Hello, Everybody had problems with Battleye after the 1.78 update. The 1.80 update seems to have fixed most problems for most people, are your servers all updated to latest patch? Also there were some changes to the way BE works:- :Battleye traffic was moved to a separate port : 2306 so check all your settings again, and check the relevant firewall ports are all open.
  5. Just started getting this in RPT

    I think I remember something similar a while ago, turned out to be either an item in a door or floor inventory space in the database OR there was once a playerID in a door FRAME (without the door). I put it down to server lag as the reason for it happening. Might be a similar problem that your having. G.L.
  6. Planting gardens

    Stand in garden - open garden inventory - place seeds in garden inventory - wait for seeds to grow.
  7. AI patrol in vehicles around the map

    There's a few being used here are some links to try Sarge A.I A3_Vemf Missions addon ( may not be what you're looking for )
  8. battleye initilization failed on client

    Did you try setting the port number +4 more than it is? E.G server port=2304 BE port=2308 A3 changelog 30th Nov. - Tweaked: BattlEye traffic was moved to a separate game port (2306 by default)
  9. Help with reddis

    Sorry to hear you are having such troubles, and that it's been 3 weeks. If you join the discord and ask for help, there will be someone around to help you. I will say though, the server should still start and you should be able to connect and play - even if redis isnt connecting to the server (it's happened to me several times).....on server restart however you will notice that nothing has been saved, not your characters data nor vehicle spawns etc. That being said, also please make sure that you are running the most up to date server & client files and that you have followed the installation, which as you mention, is somewhat similar to exile. Before the 1.0 release there were some occasional black screen errors preventing log in, but they have since been resolved so it's worth checking you have up to date files as the 1.0 release was around approx 3-4 weeks ago so you may have some old files still in there, its gotta be worth checking. Also, if you have installed any non default scripts or addons its worth checking those to make sure they are still compatible with 1.0, and have been installed correctly. Server files can be gotten from here : https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch Also check your server is running the latest client files which you can get from Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=421839251 Link for Discord : https://discord.gg/0k4ynDDCsnMzkxk7 I have also just noticed you posted in another thread that was having a similar problem as you, did you see his edit and solution, and have you checked your server for the same? EDIT: Array in admin menu was not correct enclosed. now I got it running.
  10. Sarge AI

    Nice! Welcome Dango & thanks for bringing this over, I have many fond memories of this AI system from Dayz Epoch.
  11. experimental now or wait?

    Hey @Sneer, ( seen any of those sapper heads recently? ) You can subscribe to the Experimental Client & Server on Steam, just search the Arma 3 section for Epoch by[VB]Awol and choose the experimental. As for using Exp on a live server, well it's possible - but not advisable, as at this time, daily constant updates are being added by the team. So needing to update the server and your clients will be a pain in the a*&. If you want to play-sample 1.0, or even join in testing please feel free to join one of the official test servers - EpochExperimental|Bullet Buffet @ 2302 or 2302 (Experimental client is needed) If you do find bugs or have suggestions, then you can post those on this forum in the bug section or on the github page here > Github 1.0 Issues Thanks.
  12. rad_pot_iodide.p3d

    Thanks again fixed for next build.
  13. rad_pot_iodide.p3d

    Thanks, @natoed This should be fixed in the next Exp. build
  14. Over9000 Epoch Panthera

    I logged on to this server as Panthera was somewhere I hadn't visited in a long time. The hosts were online at the time and I was greeted with friendly interaction. I didnt have much time to get anything of importance done but from what I saw - the map was laid out with many points of interest. I came across numerous vehicles ready to be fixed up and taken if I had wished to do so, The loot was exactly how I like it (how it should be, lol) well balanced! The zombies were also a challenge! :) and it has been too long since I was on a server where they were at least able to run after me. There's so much more I didnt have time to discover, but I will be returning. My fps was stable and high throughout my time on Panthera and thats a bonus. You can tell there has been a lot of loving care put into this edition of Panthera by people that still hold passion for A2 DayZ Epoch, so this server will be a place I will be returning to, ***VISIT PANTHERA*** it's available on the Dayz launcher.
  15. Arma 2 Epoch and Admin Tools are hell

    Hey. There is a lack of install guides for admin tools because the majority (read 99.5%) of server hosts use infistar which is a paid for ( 29.99 EUR, lol ) module and has it's own install guide. I dont even know if the admin tools available here on these forums will even work on the updated files. That being said, the community is still engaged with these free admin tools - https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/7501-release-epoch-admin-tools-v1100/?page=111#comment-294262 " Really want to get my server up and running " your server will run fine without any admin tools ya'know This is the Arma 3 Q & A section. You might get better help in that thread I posted or even in the Arma 2 section of the web site, good luck!