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  1. Well, a complete reinstall did the trick. Now I'm back to the original issue - how to start the server before the game, so I don't have to kill the server if the game freezes.
  2. Cheers Mig, saw that post. In my case, the server was working this morning. I only started mucking around with it because I couldn't restart Arma once the server was running. Game froze and I had to reboot, which dumped the server and the guys playing on it (testing *cough* ). Uncool. See, I found that if you try to start Epoch using Dayzlauncher, after the server is running, simply drops from Steam back to the server console. Turns out that Steam sees A2OA is already running and stops. Starting Epoch first and then the server is fine. When I first started writing stuff for Dayz, a few years back, this didn't happen. So I tried using the steamApp ID to launch the server using a desktop shortcut from Steam, but it fails the Battleye initialization every time. steam://rungameid/33935 -port=2302 "-config=D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\PantheraServer\panthera.cfg" "-cfg=D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\PantheraServer\basic.cfg" "-profiles=D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\PantheraServer" -name=server "[email protected];@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server;" I could still start the server using the standard batch file, just not before launching the game. This is fine when I am simply test running scripts but not when people are on the server. "Sorry guys, game's crashed I need to restart everything" followed by the inevitable "Can ya wait a couple (40) minutes while I finish this mission and put everything in my safe". Then I went down the rabbit hole of using the SteamCMD process, with no joy as I couldn't get the server to start with BE using the appID. I tried a heap of other stuff as well, with no joy, and eventually gave up. I needed a fix so launched the game, started the server and discovered I'd broken it . [very sad face] As soon as the server tries starting the hive it reports the error above. So now I've just finished uninstalling all the runtime libraries before rebooting and reinstalling and I'm typing this while I wait for Arma 2 to install from Steam. I should have A2OA and the Beta installed sometime tomorrow evening and I'll start again.
  3. I run a dedicated server on my machine for testing purposes. An issue I have been having is that Steam doesn't let me start the server and then the game, so I was trying to sort that out. After several days of searching for answers, it seemed like the steamcmd line was going to work - I could start the server first and then the game, but the server was failing the Battleye initialisation. Fed up, I decided to shoot some zombies and followed the old routine of starting A2OAfirst, then the server. Server now hangs on Authentication as it fails to connect to the hive. I'm getting the following in the console (No lovely green hive read/writes at all); 15:41:17 XXXX uses modified data file 15:41:17 Player XXXX connecting. 15:41:18 Mission DayZ Epoch Panthera read from directory. 15:41:20 Player XXXX connected (id=yadayada). 15:41:26 Roles assigned. 15:41:26 Reading mission ... 15:41:39 Mission read. 15:42:04 Game started. and in the server report; 15:41:57 Error in expression <erver_hiveReadWrite; _outcome = _result select 0; if (_outcome == "PASS") then {> 15:41:57 Error position: <select 0; if (_outcome == "PASS") then {> 15:41:57 Error select: Type String, expected Array,Config entry 15:41:57 File z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf, line 23 Driving me crazy. I've reinstalled the server, database, all the c++ redistributables - all the usual stuff Any ideas what else I can try?
  4. Which one? There are so many....
  5. Darce

    [Release] Customize your debug_box

    Yeah, strange that squad.xml works but nothing else does
  6. Darce

    [Release] Customize your debug_box

    Yup, not going to stop trying though :ph34r:
  7. If you feel the need to jazz up your respawn point, hopefully this will help you. An example: Tools required: Notepad++ PBO Manager (or similar) M3Editor ( Many thanks to Maca134 for this awesome tool) This pack from github Unzip the github files to your hard drive. The amphi.altis folder needs to be placed in "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Arma 3\missions Load A3 with Epoch and M3Editor and start the amphi.altis mission. It will start with the default debug_box and clone vats we all know and love. Use your mouse-wheel to select "Delete" and you'll be left with the basic teleporters. The little orange sphere is there to represent _respawnwest. This is where your players will come into Altis initially. You can use the delete button at any time to remove all items within 35 meters of the sphere (Items placed with the M3Editor can be cleared from there). Mouse-wheel to Spawn, and you'll be presented with a demo scene of an ancient amphitheater. Note that the teleports have moved (they're behind you!). Cool? Restart the mission for the next bit. Now mouse-wheel to select the M3Editor, and load the amphi.sqf project file. You should now have a spiffing ancient amphitheater with three teleporters. Have a play around, move stuff, get familiar with the editor. Press Esc to exit the editor and run around, mouse-scroll to go back. Clicking anywhere on the map will transport you there. Once you're happy, you need to "export to sqf". amphi_sqf.sqf is an example using the amphi project. Now the fun starts... Load spawn.sqf into Notepad++, this is to test the scene you have created will actually load into the game properly. Some items placed in the editor may bounce, explode, or vibrate like crazy in "the real world" :D Load your sqf export into Notepad++ and copy the _obs array to paste over top of the same array in spawn.sqf. In spawn.sqf, cut the "Transport_C_EPOCH" lines from the _obs array and paste them into the _final array. This tells the script where you want them moved to. Restart the mission, hit Spawn and see the changes you have made. Once you're happy with the results, follow the same process with the cloneroom.sqf within the "cloneroom\serverside" folder from the github files. All that remains now is to pack the cloneroom folder into a pbo file and place that within your "@Epochhive\addons" folder. Flash up your server and, all things going well, you'll be running around your shiny new spawn point. What can go wrong?: Nothing happens: Check your server_rpt file. If there is no reference to cloneroom, then you have packed the pbo incorrectly, perhaps there's no prefix? "x\addons\cloneroom". If it is there, but you have some weird error, check to see if the last line of your _obs array ends with a comma. That's naughty, don't do it. Only part of my scene is loading: You have fallen foul of a formatting error. It'll be one of those double-damned ; My teleporters are sending me to the wrong places: Swap around the lines of the _final array until they match up. Use a pencil and paper, this took me ages the first time :wacko: But what is the go with "UserTexture10m_F"? This is for your custom signs, Remember that big, ugly LXM advert in the amphiteatre? That's one of them. If you decide to use this, then the image files need to be packed into your mission.pbo (until I can figure a way to store images in the cloneroom.pbo) Have a look at the original spawn.sqf, line 52 to see how these are formatted. Good luck, hope this helps you out.
  8. Darce

    #SEM - Simple Epoch Missions v0.8.1 + 0.8.3 test

    Using stock epochAH, players get kicked and an admin ban if they run over mission AI. Redis log is showing ": Crypto: -150". I 'think" it's when the semclient SEM_Krypto_AIroadkill publiceventhandler triggers. Why players aren't being kicked for gaining crypto on killing AI is beyond me. Players get put on the bans.txt and can't get back on until the entry is removed and the server is restarted. I'm in favour of punishing roadkilling mission AI, but that's a tad drastic! Any ideas on how to fix this? (Without disabling the stock AH)
  9. Darce

    Taxi & Bus | Transport for Arma

    I was in a mood. Cheers for the quick reply though, may I take it the Americanisation of the soon-to-be-ever-so-miserable tribal people is well on the way? Regarding the first kil. The cab smacked me in the head as it suddenly took off and flew in roughly a westerly direction. It then vanished. Perhaps a setPos immediately before deletion? I've seen a number of scripts do that for some reason. It's like a sanity check, "Is the cab actually there before I delete it?" Who cares, vaporise the sucker! The second kill was when Fangio masterfully took a left turn, and a section of wall and a tree, nearly a house with a small child playing out front. I was ejected, no seatbelt, and splatterated across the aforementioned house. The kid thought it was funny. I had no intention of getting out of the cab, I got spat out. Regarding pathing, perhaps you could have a chat with Donnovan who released the snazzy which uses a nice little routine for finding crossroads. Then the dummies only have to path between; works for his convoys (who, incidentally, are also guilty of running over pedestrians). Yes please, I'd appreciate getting into your script, tearing it to pieces and seeing just what can be done. I run strictly enthusiast, no pay to win, no don't give me money, I'm not paying for it anyway, buy yourself a lot of booze and do funny things on the server type servers (look up "Mullet Mayhem" for A2 or A3 if you want to see some bad scripting hidden behind pretty graphics). I'd also be keen to learn more about the encryption process you used, I take it was done in grepWin with a regex script?
  10. So I come up with a snazzy little script to do 'stuff'. It's got pretty pictures and everything! I even have it running from an addon pbo (didn't that take some figuring out?) Now, if I pack those images into the mission pbo I see the pix no problems. If I repath them from "art\michalangelo.paa" to "x\addons\snazzy_little_script\art\michalangelo.paa" then it says it's unable to load it. :( I really, really hate large mission files. Maybe one day I'd like to make my script do comical noises as well, but that aint gonna happen until I can stuff the resources off to one side on the server. Has anyone figured out how to do this? Care to share?
  11. Darce

    Taxi & Bus | Transport for Arma

    Runs like a charm, straight out of the box, following your install instructions. Running on my test server it works as advertised, although it could do with a few tweaks. I called a cab from Edessa (grid 071,110) and clicked on Kavala for the destination. It drove around aimlessly for a bit then seemed to settle on a route, but it after driving off the track and heading up a hill it stopped (grid 065,116) then, after a slight wait, it teleported West just before being deleted - killing me in the process :o I then grabbed a cab from the cab rank at Stavros. Thieving bugger wanted to charge me more than a 1000 crypto for the journey (good thing I'm a bigger thief and had the cash). He confidently took off west, but we had an incident with a tree as we left Neochari and I was thrown from the back. Fangio was in full race face mode and failed to realise his paying passenger was now laying bleeding on the side of the road with a branch stuffed up his ******, he refused to stop and is probably even now going house to house in Kavala with a bunch of mates and a baseball bat trying to find his fare-evading passenger :ph34r: . Any chance of getting a plain text version? I always modify/fiddle with scripts, normally to reduce filesize by cropping variables, changing jpg to paa (much smaller files, and I like to add my own 'flavor'). I know quite a bit could be saved just by reducing the length of your variables. Cudos for getting this up and running, double it for releasing it for add four cudos points for instructions which actually work, and throw in another for introducing me to grepWin (handicap final cudos by .666 for using the double damned thing on your package {I meant your code, not your 'package'}) Seriously, well done. Oh yeah, nice work around the key press issue! :)
  12. At a guess I'd say it's trying to deal with a bad trader? Check your traders are correct
  13. Love your work Darth ;) To get the full DragonFyre working I also had to add ,"JSRS_Environment","JSRS2_Distance","DragonFyre_Titan" and for emmenboy.. the whitelistedcfgpatches for the lite version... ,"DragonFyre_LITE_Environment","DragonFyre_LITE_Bullethits","DragonFyre_LITE_Explosions","DragonFyre_LITE_Sonic_Cracks","DragonFyre_LITE_230mm_Titan","DragonFyre_LITE_Air_Weapons","DragonFyre_LITE_35mm_Autocannon","DragonFyre_LITE_120mm_Cannon","DragonFyre_LITE_Gatling","DragonFyre_LITE_Autocannon","DragonFyre_LITE_DAGR","DragonFyre_LITE_DAR","DragonFyre_LITE_Minigun","DragonFyre_LITE_30mm_Cannon","DragonFyre_LITE_Gau8","DragonFyre_LITE_155mm_AMOS","DragonFyre_LITE_M134","DragonFyre_LITE_LMGRCWS","DragonFyre_LITE_GMG20","DragonFyre_LITE_GMG40","DragonFyre_LITE_127","DragonFyre_LITE_Skalpel_ATGM","DragonFyre_LITE_Skyfire","DragonFyre_LITE_Veh_Titan","DragonFyre_LITE_4Five45","DragonFyre_LITE_ACPC","DragonFyre_LITE_MX","DragonFyre_LITE_M6","DragonFyre_LITE_Khaybar","DragonFyre_LITE_M320R","DragonFyre_LITE_EBR","DragonFyre_LITE_FS2000","DragonFyre_LITE_M200","DragonFyre_LITE_P07","DragonFyre_LITE_NLAW","DragonFyre_LITE_PDW","DragonFyre_LITE_Rahim","DragonFyre_LITE_Rook40","DragonFyre_LITE_RPG32","DragonFyre_LITE_Scorpian","DragonFyre_LITE_Titan","DragonFyre_LITE_TRG20","DragonFyre_LITE_UGL","DragonFyre_LITE_SDAR","DragonFyre_LITE_Vector","DragonFyre_LITE_Zafir","DragonFyre_LITE_Zubr45","DragonFyre_LITE_Movement","DragonFyre_LITE_FighterPlane3","DragonFyre_LITE_CAS_Plane1","DragonFyre_LITE_AH99_Blackfoot","DragonFyre_LITE_AH9_Pawnee","DragonFyre_LITE_UAV_1","DragonFyre_LITE_CH67_Huron","DragonFyre_LITE_CH49_Mohawk","DragonFyre_LITE_Mi290_Taru","DragonFyre_LITE_Mi48_Kajman","DragonFyre_LITE_UAV_2","DragonFyre_LITE_Po30_Orca","DragonFyre_LITE_CAS_Plane2","DragonFyre_LITE_UH80_GhostHawk","DragonFyre_LITE_WY55_Hellcat","DragonFyre_LITE_Boat_Armed_1","DragonFyre_LITE_2S9_Sorcher","DragonFyre_LITE_AFV4_Gorgon","DragonFyre_LITE_AMV7_Marshal","DragonFyre_LITE_BTRK_Kamysh","DragonFyre_LITE_FV720_Mora","DragonFyre_LITE_IFV6a_Cheetah","DragonFyre_LITE_IFV6c_Panther","DragonFyre_LITE_M2A1_Slammer","DragonFyre_LITE_M4_Scorcher","DragonFyre_LITE_M5_Sandstorm","DragonFyre_LITE_MBT52_Kuma","DragonFyre_LITE_MSE3_Marid","DragonFyre_LITE_T100_Varsuk","DragonFyre_LITE_ZSU39_Tigris","DragonFyre_LITE_Hatchback","DragonFyre_LITE_truck1","DragonFyre_LITE_Hunter","DragonFyre_LITE_Ifrit","DragonFyre_LITE_Offroad","DragonFyre_LITE_Quadbike","DragonFyre_LITE_Strider","DragonFyre_LITE_SUV","DragonFyre_LITE_truck2","DragonFyre_LITE_Van","DragonFyre_LITE_Truck3""
  14. Darce

    [Release] Briefing for Arma3 Epoch

    Nice one Suppe! :) and if you want colours, use html colour tags (RGB = #RRGGBB) <font color='#FF0000'>Red Dot</font>: Dead Trader<br/> and it appears like ... Red Dot: Dead Trader use img tags for images, <img image='map.paa' /> will show the image <img image='art\map.paa' width= 360 height= 360/> will set it's size to 360 x 360
  15. Darce

    What am i doing wrong? (paa file creation) fixed

    Answer: Flatten layers in Photoshop before saving as tga.