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  1. Show us a copy of your scheduler file that calls this file. It’s the one that you need to modify during install so it would be the one with an issue most likely
  2. Yeah, you have it backwards. That will spawn missions of hero’s.
  3. AI vehicles are not meant for players, they are always locked, then disappear at the next restart.
  4. Will this work with epoch
  5. ErrorMessage: Include file z\addons\dayz_code\gui\description.hpp not found. This. Your server will not start if there are any files missing. Did you get this working?
  6. You have played on my server legend? Awesome to know. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it
  7. You visit my Oasis Winter Cherno server every day? Awesome, I have not been on it for a fair while myself, might have to come back on.
  8. Hi All, Is there any way I can make the server kill or remove AI that attack players in the standard safe zones built into epoch 1.0.7? It seems to remove Zombies, but doesn't do anything about DZAI, DZMS or WAI AI.
  9. Hi all, I am having several database errors coming up in HiveExt.log. I was looking at this because I am having issues: Namely, Players are logging in occasionally as fresh spawns (when they shouldnt), but do not get to choose their gender, just their spawn point, and they still have their coins. The errors I have found in HiveExt.log are very common throughout the log: 2021-05-13 22:11:27 HiveExt: [Information] Method: 205 Params: 76561198278450816:19:-1:-1: 2021-05-13 22:11:27 HiveExt: [Information] SQF Failed to pass both player coins and player bank values skipping update 2021-05-11 19:57:59 HiveExt: [Information] Method: 310 Params: : 2021-05-11 19:57:59 HiveExt: [Error] Error executing |CHILD:310::| 2021-05-11 19:50:12 HiveExt: [Information] Method: 303 Params: :[[[],[]],[[],[]],[[],[]]]:-1: 2021-05-11 19:50:12 HiveExt: [Error] Error executing |CHILD:303::[[[],[]],[[],[]],[[],[]]]:-1:| 2021-05-09 22:05:49 HiveExt: [Information] Method: 306 Params: :[[motor,0],[palivo,0],[wheel_1_1_steering,1],[wheel_1_2_steering,0.202],[wheel_2_1_steering,0],[wheel_2_2_steering,0],[karoserie,0.178]]:0.076: 2021-05-09 22:05:49 HiveExt: [Error] Error executing |CHILD:306::[["motor",0],["palivo",0],["wheel_1_1_steering",1],["wheel_1_2_steering",0.202126],["wheel_2_1_steering",0],["wheel_2_2_steering",0],["karoserie",0.177915]]:0.0762477:| I have no clue how to chase these errors, if anyone could assist me in fixing these, i'd be super grateful. These errors are very frustrating to the players on my server understandably.
  10. If I was going to spawn crates in 1.0.7, I'd give Salival's crate script a go, and modify it to my needs, changing all the classnames and spawn locations etc. https://github.com/oiad/lootCrate
  11. Your problem is right here: 16:06:52 Error Undefined variable in expression: wai_crate_setup I see in your spoilered part that your crate config calls on it many times, but where is it defined? Take a look through your old WAI files and search for wai_crate_setup and find where it was defined. As I don't have your full crate config file, I cannot look through the whole thing, but if it is defined in there, it is being defined late for the script, causing issues so it would need to be defined earlier.
  12. Hello there! The error message you're referencing is from player_getVehicle.sqf: if ((count _heliPad == 0) && ((_vehicle select 1) isKindOf "Air")) exitWith {localize "STR_CL_VG_NEED_HELIPAD" call dayz_rollingMessages;}; Which just says that it cannot see a _helipad within range. The list of helipads is defined by vg_heliPads, which is defined in ConfigVariables: https://github.com/oiad/modPack/blob/368d65c9d0d9ef0093f3d85b3b1074381be71fa2/DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus/dayz_code/configVariables.sqf#L188 Are the helipads that your players are putting down these types of helipads? What method are your players using to build helipads? Hope this helps
  13. Do you run a server? There are several spots you can change the settings on them in the configVariable.sql. You can change their movement speed and their damage. Is there a clearer question here?
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