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  1. Voltan

    Epoch 1051 WAI Error.

    Sorry guys, I have sorted it, was missing a crucial file, which I would have expected to stop WAI from working at all.
  2. Hey guys, (@salival hoping you can assist here buddy) I will preface this by saying that I am using Epoch and server files provided by @Ultima_weapon I am getting this error in my console from WAI: I found something related here on page 7 here: https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/43666-release-wicked-ai-223-106/page/7/ But this did not fix my issue. Here is the spawn_group.sqf: and the spawn_static.sqf: Anyone know what could cause this?
  3. Voltan

    Maps available?

    Are there any that don’t work anymore, how do I find out what mods are required to run all the maps? Like Fallujah for example?
  4. Voltan

    Maps available?

    Hi, Can anyone give me a list of all maps that work with the current version of Arma 2 Epoch? DayZ Launcher shows a much smaller list than the original lists out there that had Fallujah, Zargabad, Utes, Trinity etc. thanks.
  5. This error means that you do not have the maps specific key in the Key folder on the server.
  6. That error is saying a file is missing. Have a look at this location on the client side and make sure the file dialog.hpp is put there. mpmissions\dayz.epoch.chernarus\admin tools\
  7. We would need the server .rpt file to be able to tell what is going on as this is fairly vague.
  8. I know it has been a fair while, but are you still trying to do this?
  9. Hey mate, you can find more info in this thread. https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/46262-getting-origins-taviana-3x-map-working-on-overpoch-server/
  10. @Bricktop I have tried to install this script exactly as per instructions, and I get this error: Any ideas?
  11. I run a Tavi map server and I have players moaning constantly like they are in pain, but they aren't. Goes away when they die, but after a restart, they either spawn in with broken legs again or moaning again. Quite irritating. Does anyone know more about this? Have a fix?
  12. I used clickActions instead of the right click script that came with it. I used this syntax: ["ItemAmethyst","Start Crafting!","execVM 'scripts\Buildables\Amethyst.sqf';","true"], ["ItemCitrine","Start Crafting!","execVM 'scripts\Buildables\Citrine.sqf';","true"], ["ItemEmerald","Start Crafting!","execVM 'scripts\Buildables\Emerald.sqf';","true"], ["ItemObsidian","Start Crafting!","execVM 'scripts\Buildables\Obsidian.sqf';","true"], ["ItemRuby","Start Crafting!","execVM 'scripts\Buildables\Ruby.sqf';","true"], ["ItemSapphire","Start Crafting!","execVM 'scripts\Buildables\Sapphire.sqf';","true"], ["ItemTopaz","Start Crafting!","execVM 'scripts\Buildables\Topaz.sqf';","true"], ["ItemLightbulb","Start Crafting!","execVM 'scripts\Buildables\Lights.sqf';","true"]
  13. What part isn't working? Not spawning weed around the map? Can't smoke weed? More detail please
  14. In your server.rpt it shows that infistar is banning your player for frame injector, which is an issue with infistar I have found. In AHconfig.sqf in server side infistar files change: /* revert onEachFrame */ _REF = true; /* true or false */ to false.
  15. This worked like a charm. Thanks @seelenapparat
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