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  1. I don't have any other way to tell the people still active on this forum. The server has been taken offline. The owner has taken the server offline. There were to little players playing the server to keep it alive, is what the reason is. Thank you all for taking the time for reading the post, hope you can find your server soon. Take care, and see you in Chernarus! Mogilevka is where I am at!
  2. Server is still online, we're planning a server event for all that join! Will update the post when we have a date.
  3. So the issue is not present anymore? Hahaha, understandable.
  4. The server is still live and well! Some new people are joining here and there, hope they enjoy the stay!
  5. Wait, like they here you all the time? From the moment you join? And without pressing any keys?
  6. infiSTAR has been added to the server! It would be possible to /vote day-night right now. Some people might not like this, inform Drashyy if so.
  7. New players are joining the server, let me or Drashyy know if you came from this website! :)
  8. Hallo all, First I want to say i'm not the owner of this server. I just really like the server! Why? Well it reminds me of the good old days, and it has an 'OG Epoch feeling'. This is because the map isn't edited and the loot is really balanced. You can't just join, get 25000 coins and start shooting with a tank. It's not like those servers. Ow and another thing, if you open up a map, you won't see like 300 activities all going on at once, not turbid at all. The server also uses the original silver/gold system and everything you find/build/shoot feels really rewarding. The addons added to the server really add something special to the experience on the server, and not distract you from the original feeling. I have just played for a few days on the server, and there a few standard players (and the owner is really kind!). But we're still looking to share this amazing experience with other people who might be searching for the 'OG Epoch feeling'. Already sold? Here is the Server IP: port: 2302 , Server name: [EU][PvP] GGWEZ DayZ Epoch Chernarus - FreshDB | HC | Gemcrafting Link to loading screen and rules: https://imgur.com/a/kIsfXaX Features: Deploy Bike (old bike). Gem Crafting (static Weapons, decorations and more). AI Base. Custom Vehicles. Missions. Indestructible bases. Take Clothes. Spawn Selection. Custom Economy and Loot (Really well balanced IMO). Lift object with heli. Custom Trader City (Really cozy). Refuel at gasstation. Dogs. Street, -Buildinglights (for at night). and much more! Mods: @Epoch There also is a Discord channel where you can meet up and share info (like about the AI base or player builds). Discord: discord.gg/M6w2fun Staff: Drashyy & Mfkrp9 & EditedSnow If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me! Hope to see you in Chernarus. Edit 10-05-2020: I'm now part of the staff! Im a moderator on their discord.
  9. Thank you for your aswer and the heartwarming story. This is so true.
  10. Hy, I recently started playing A2 Epoch again after quite some time and the last few days i was wondering were it all started for me.. Then i remembered (also is in my 'about me' on this forum) that it was a server hosted by a fellow Dutchie named [AOS] Emmen. Well my question(s) is/are simple: What was your first ever (long term) server called that you played on? and is it still around to this day? And what made it so special? I hope you guys can still remember your roots.
  11. Hmmm, haven't noticed any changes tbh.
  12. Ahh oke, and i don't think that @falconsan is still working on this map..
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