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  1. Edited, thanks for letting me know! :D
  2. Prisoner Zombie: https://imgur.com/a/kCnr595 Install: Download (142 KB) overall_prison_co.paa Put the .paa into a folder on your mission file named textures Example: YourMissionFileName.Map\textures\overall_prison_co.paa In your custom compiles add the line: zombie_generate = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "dayz_code\compile\zombie_generate.sqf"; into if (!isDedicated) then { From the Epoch client copy: dayz_code\compile\zombie_generate.sqf to: MPMissions\YourMissionFileName.Map\dayz_code\compile\zombie_generate.sqf In your zombie_generate.sqf find the line: _agent = createAgent [_type, _position, [], _radius, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; directly below it add: if (_type == "z_worker2") then { _agent setVehicleInit "this setObjectTexture [0, ""textures\overall_prison_co.paa""];"; processInitCommands; }; Note: If you want to edit where the zombie can spawn redirect your CfgLoot to your mission file and edit the files in: Configs\CfgLoot\Buildings Add/Remove "z_worker2" in zombieClass in whichever building.hpp you want to enable/disable this zombie type from spawning in I prefer to have this guy only spawn in military zones :) Remember to edit battleye filters
  3. https://youtu.be/b-MtH3sAKvU Download Link https://github.com/sam563/map/blob/master/skalka.sqf Before https://imgur.com/FAxEtFH After https://i.imgur.com/wDCll41_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium HOW TO INSTALL add map\skalka.sqf to your mission file In your init.sqf in if (isServer) then { add the line: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "map\skalka.sqf"; INFO To disable vehicle wrecks, dead bodies, tents etc... to fit better into epoch change: _apocalyptic = true; to _apocalyptic = false;
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