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  1. Thank you and very nice work on this, Also thanks for mentioning me my man. You are very welcome
  2. Well here i am with a strange client sided error i cant seem to fix regarding spawning randomly on the group in utes, or maybe im blind spawnrandom.sqf attached below
  3. no actually not chernarus, the one for utes https://github.com/domuk/404Wasteland-Utes This right here^
  4. [] execVM "server\init.sqf"; This line here in the init for the mission file, im pretty sure is the problem.. i cant seem to figure out why that isnt calling correctly . The folders are clearly there it just isnt calling it
  5. Been trying to get a wasteland utes server going for a bit now and am stuck at something. Im getting this error /utes/functions/vehicle.sqf not found Where is the correct path that the server files is supposed to be at for wasteland? Im new to wasteland in general, have only messed with epoch files
  6. Who remembers the wasteland utes server called fpsu?
  7. Oh nice I'm going to have to give this one another shot once more I imagine.. thank you dearly for posting this for me mate
  8. Hey thanks for the report but I'll continue to add to this for you on another report of storage sheds not working. Are you running infistar on there with the storage sheds working? We are running infistar which I think is part of the problem. We are indeed having an almost identical issue as the above in that you can't store anything in the sheds when first placed but if anyone else except the person that placed the shed tries to it works fine. After restart anyone can access and store stuff in them including the owner
  9. Thank you salival what exactly is it that was needing changes? Think you can point me in the right direction and I could check this out myself?
  10. Any word on this update or a possible fix for this, im getting the exact same issue as above
  11. Currently no, well the virtual garage is saving vehicles just fine but the player list is wiping on restart (when you add friends to the garage manage menu list)
  12. Hmm strangely enough it appears to be saving the player id correctly in the inventory slot in the database when you first deploy it and add yourself to it but as soon as you add one vehicle to the garage it overwrites the player id with the vehicle in the database. Therefore after restart the vehicle will remain in the garage menu but the player list is wiped (as per the database as well)
  13. Mate thank you heaps, that actually did the trick for the vehicles saving. They are saving and spawning just fine now. The garage friends list is not saving now though [["T72_TK_EP1","12226","0","0",[[[],[]],[[],[]],[[],[]]],1,3.439e-04,[]]] This^ is how the database looks after readding yourself to the garage manage menu friends list
  14. Also this is what the database looks like after a vehicle is stored [["76561198052276084",[74,105,109,66,101,97,110,66,105,110,103,66,97,110,103,101,114]]] ^this definitely is not right not sure why it is ending up like this or how
  15. This here is the garage stored vehicles Also i have already changed the _uid to _objectuid while attempting to fix all of this to no availability
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