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  1. this dll works on my server
  2. you can try this : http://rnrportal.ru/forum/index.php?/topic/178-кик-всех-игроков-рестарт-сервера-отображение-р/
  3. I think about custom lobby dialog is possible without change epoch addons ?
  4. I will try use old cheat as admin panel on server side
  5. you can try: CSAT: Admin-Tool & Anti-Hack Epoch Admin Tools V1.10.0 But infiStar is best admin tools, if delete anti-cheat part it will be amazing
  6. Nice debug, thank's for share
  7. nice :D sex with sheeps "CENSORED" text on middle of screen or animation?) what your's server name?
  8. Linux

    Remove item

    You can try this: ruby_fnc = { private ["_rnd","_chance"]; _chance = 25; // Chance to loose a ruby _rnd = round(random 100); if (_rnd < _chance) then { player removeMagazine "ItemRuby"; SystemChat "You lost ruby :("; }; }; if (soundVolume == 1) then { 1 fadeSound 0.25; cutText [format[" Earplug - 25%"], "PLAIN DOWN"]; sleep 1; [] spawn ruby_fnc; } else { 1 fadeSound 1; cutText [format["Earplug+ 25%"], "PLAIN DOWN"]; sleep 1; [] spawn ruby_fnc; };
  9. what about server_player_setup.sqf? _playerObj setVariable ["humanity",_humanity,true]; Why mod sending this variable to all players?
  10. i will optimize this script and post here) You can add includes for comfortable work with this file, nice work, thank you for publish that script.
  11. Linux

    PV checks

    Hello, i have a problems with cheaters on my DayZ Epoch Server, they connecting to lobby and execute scripts. This script double objects to db/clear db/Killing random players with not reason for this and more more more. It makes another server, they trying DDoS, but when i bought security - started cheatin on my server. How i can make pv check and block not needed?
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