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  1. So there are two kinds of hacks that are popular currently, the first is basic script injections, you want to make sure you have your BattlEye Filters up to date, then you can make exceptions and additions as needed, https://github.com/DayZMod/Battleye-Filters, you stop most of the hacks but some slip thru, another option (if you have a lot of time to adjust the filters) is to log all execVM in the server which can be done by 1 execVM, the exceptions can be made accordingly, you post the log in this tool https://chilloutbude.eu/bef/, and put it in the line. so it would look like !"xxxxxxxxxxxxx". The second kind of hacks is memory hacks, or known as dll injections, these cannot be stopped, not until BattlEye updates their signature check. Otherwise you are doing the right thing, just ban them as they come, but dont get discourage, be persistent. Not sure if this helps you but I hope you get something out of it.
  2. Expherion

    BE Filters

    So I am trying to set up my BE Filters to log every execution that is not authorized so I can better crackdown on regular script cheats, can anyone help me out and verify if this is correct? This is iComrade's by the way, i got it from discord, it just seems there is an error in it, so if someone could, please make sure this is correct, thanks.
  3. Expherion


    Does anyone have an antidupe script which forces players to be frozen for any # of seconds before and after opening/closing a safe? Additionally to prohibit logging out within any given # of meters of a storage object or vehicle? And if they do it deletes their gear? If someone could provide one it would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  4. Be careful with these kinds of scripts, we had it in our server, and when we reached 40-50 players our loyalty script just crapped the bed, it gave players the amount of money "any" so they could withdraw and deposit infinite amounts of money, I am not saying this to discourage anyone but to encourage that someone makes a safeguard against it. good work though!!!
  5. https://gyazo.com/12e31ee8044b7ddcb85067cd0407696f https://gyazo.com/2a810e5f74ef0eabb3b377a7e4c5f955 https://gyazo.com/d613493578e87742086ffe83dfe37a77 The only thing I have changed is I have installed DZMS, the issue happens with and without it so I do not believe it is the root of the problem.
  6. When you say structure, do you want me to upload the entire file? Or just want the file names are and paths?
  7. I used the PBO out of the Epoch server files download and I am still getting the same issue,
  8. Yes, I read the comments thankfully, the DB went smooth, also I love those videos man keep em coming, should I just copy the files out of the duplicate?
  9. I also do have the $PBOPREFIX$ file
  10. So I am trying to set up a LAN server in order to better understand the ins and outs of a server, but everytime I install everything, I can run it once, then I get this in my server RPT and I wait to start authentication 1:39:04 "PRELOAD_ Functions\init [[<No group>:0 (FunctionsManager)],any]" 11:39:04 "MPframework inited" 11:39:05 "dayz_preloadFinished reset" 11:39:05 Warning Message: Script z\addons\dayz_server\init\server_functions.sqf not found 11:39:05 Warning Message: Script z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_spawnTraders.sqf not found 11:39:07 Warning Message: Script z\addons\dayz_server\system\dynamic_vehicle.sqf not found 11:39:07 Warning Message: Script z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf not found 11:39:07 Warning Message: Script z\addons\dayz_server\traders\chernarus11.sqf not found So you know , I have all of the current 1061 files downloaded off of the EpochMod website, I followed WorldWideSorrow's Video exactly, my database is seemingly running fine, any help is much appreciated.
  11. Since, I have fixed the syntax in the first line regarding missing quotes
  12. When players check the inventory of a body, their game crashes with a memory error reading: "The instruction at 0x00000000093FF7B referenced memory at 0x000000000000028. The memory could not be read." I know this is the typical sign of a memory hack but it just doesnt make sense, anyhow below is my client RPT and server RPT. Client RPT: SERVER RPT: 13:44:19 "HIVE: WRITE: "CHILD:305:19:[207.0454559,[7625.081543,14101.0136719,-0.042511]]:0.319078:"" 13:44:19 "HIVE: WRITE: "CHILD:306:19:[["glass1",0.551241],["glass2",0.770735],["glass3",0.313598],["glass4",1],["glass5",0.143],["NEtrup",0.952],["motor",1],["elektronika",0.119245],["mala vrtule",0],["velka vrtule",0],["munice",0],["sklo predni P",0],["sklo predni L",0],["glass6",0]]:0.00393701:"" 13:44:21 "HIVE: WRITE: "CHILD:305:516:[297.537811,[5566.70459,8209.673828,69.569092]]:0.947496:"" 13:44:21 "HIVE: WRITE: "CHILD:305:0:[19.433748,[5918.741699,6915.0205078,79.643951]]:0.987595:"" 13:44:22 "HIVE: WRITE: "CHILD:305:457:[266.978577,[7023.502441,9360.577148,0.0323181]]:0.884355:"" 13:44:22 "infiSTAR.de PlayerConnected: DISCONNECT - [BFM] Justin(76561198145384835)" 13:44:22 "INFO - Player: [BFM] Justin(UID:76561198145384835/CID:9) Status: LOGGED OUT, Location airfield [046050]" 13:44:22 Client: Remote object 60:0 not found 13:44:22 Client: Remote object 60:5 not found someone please help, thanks ! also here is my spawn classes if this could be the problem
  13. Expherion

    Capture Points

    Hello!!! I need some help, does anyone have a Capture Point script that is functioning on 1.0.6? The owner of the server desperately wants a Capture point style event where players must brawl for control over an area for around 10,15 minutes, then a crate spawns, granted players are in the vicinity, and if they are not in the vicinity, the crate is empty. If someone is willing to share this script or has it for a reasonable price (keep in mind my organization is not for profit), then I would be highly appreciative and so would the community!!! Please help a fellow out! Thanks in advance!!!
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