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  1. FloAtompilz

    Scream and dance

    is the Dance script working on 1.0epoch?
  2. hey ok i would  accpet your help ^^ what do you need my mission file only ? 

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    2. FloAtompilz


      it is possible then we can add us in steam? for sendeing my mission file pls?

    3. Donnovan


      Yes! My Steam is Donnovan. I'm going home and will send you the link.

    4. FloAtompilz
  3. FloAtompilz


    Ok i got is now thx for little epxlanation ! ;) i got an other question ! i added the ( //FIXED ZOMBIES ON DEDICATED SERVER) to the file brpvp_zombies_infected_city.sqf in the second line is this right? or will they spawn randomly and also market on the map ? or only if i set it like this //FIXED ZOMBIES ON DEDICATED SERVER BRPVP_fixedZombiesAmount = [ [[1],[10],35,["Athira"]], [[1],[10],35,["Pyrgos"]], [[1],[10],35,["Feres"]], [[1],[10],35,["Zaros"]], [[2],[15],40,["NameVillage"]], [[2],[15],40,["NameVillage"]], [[2,3],[40,60],100,["NameCity","NameVillage"]], [[4,5],[120,160],150,["NameCityCapital","NameCity"]] ???
  4. FloAtompilz


    ok i tryed to add these but im not able to get it right can some one explaine me how i do the right way to add the script? please
  5. update 0.4 and arma 1.66 crashed Igiload knows anyone some help to fix it ??
  6. FloAtompilz

    server Loading too long

    Hey Guys my server needs almost 10 min to start and i observed the the epoch hive needs solong to load up !!!! knows anyone some answere ??
  7. FloAtompilz

    Max Vehicle Limit? HELP!!!

    hey you can set the vehicle limit in the @epochhive \addons \serversettings\config.cpp there are there all vehicle whos on the map change the numbers of spawn thtas what i have chaned for more
  8. got some one positions for tanoa ?
  9. FloAtompilz

    Dedicatet Host creation stuckd

    thats happen ! all files are 0.3.9 i add the @Epoch but still the same problem :(
  10. FloAtompilz

    Dedicatet Host creation stuckd

    i fixd the first problem but now i got this one acutally problem it is Addon'A3_epoch_server'reqires addon'A3_epoch_config'
  11. FloAtompilz

    Dedicatet Host creation stuckd

    Hey guys after i updated my epoch server !!!! i cant start it ! only message i get it is Dedicated host Createt and then happen nothing more like this kn
  12. FloAtompilz

    Datenbak Braucht sehr lange !!!

    my problem it is it takes sometimes 45 min for restart
  13. FloAtompilz

    Datenbak Braucht sehr lange !!!

    HAllo zusammen kann mir evtl einer helfen ! mein server ladet unnormal lange die mission is einwandfrei im hive sind nur ATM und missionen woran kann das liegen?
  14. FloAtompilz

    [scarCODE] introCamera by IT07

    link it is down 404 error pls reup