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  1. Hi, Work this in epoch ? Thx
  2. how to have u origins vehicle to work? pls write tis me! thx
  3. okay, i chang and not work. When i go in the body then finish the event. So what is wrong now?
  4. Hi, Death body and marker is there, but nothing in the body inventory. Maybe i do something wrong?
  5. Hi, For me this one is working fully: humanity_up.sqf humanity_down.sqf
  6. hi guys, i have a little problem with this script. Player buy humanity but does not drain money! Humanity changes but coin not. How can i solve this? thx, Corpulio_Hun
  7. Thank u dude! Its a big help! How u did the big pack of mods? You can write an example pls? Thx for your help! corpulio_Hun
  8. Hi all, pls help me how to put in only server side this http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16520 or other armaholic mod. thx Corpulio_Hun
  9. hi, Now work this script in epoch
  10. Can u tell me pls what number is "findDisplay"? thx
  11. Thx! @theduke pls tell me the vg menu number :)
  12. hi, I have a big problem with VG. When the server have a lag (some player have always lag because dont have good pc), u multiple hit "get vehicle " button(u use makro button in mouse), then duplicate VG the vehicle but multiple time. Only one key open ca 5-6 same time spawned vehicle. Someone have the solution? I need this quick! A half server player duplicate the vehicle :( Pls help me. Thx! Corpulio_Hun
  13. Corpulio_Hun

    Cloth change

    hi all, I have a problem with cloth changing in epoch! When player change cloth,then duplicate the bacpack content. How can i resolve this problem? Thx for the help! :) Corpulio_Hun
  14. hi all, Someone have maybe working vehicle protection in safe zones? It will be a big help for me! thx Corpulio_Hun
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