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  1. I came from the A2 Epoch Mod and startet now a A3 Epoch Server. Everything went fine till I try to add Ryanzombies ............ when I´m trying to join, I get kicked after some seconds with a black screen and the message "authentication failed". The server RPT repeats on and on these: Anybody willing and able to help? Regards Anhor
  2. I found the smartest way for me .......... whitelisting ......... thats it. I know, I know ....... no one can join the server. Right ...... no one can ,,,,,, because they need at first 4 GB custom addons bevor they can join. In case of that no launcher find the server. So it dosen´t matter to whitelist the server ,,,,,,,,
  3. Just a question .......... is YOUR PC allready the SERVER? You must install the redistributables on your SERVER, not only on your PC if the PC is not the SERVER.
  4. I repost this question from @S4M, because no one replied to this ......... and it´s in my own interest to have such a boat patrol.
  5. Same prob with DZAI. Player is i.e. in a M113, hatch closed ......... no reaction from the AI ........... hatch open, the AI firing on the player and vehicle (damage the vehicle). How can I fix this, so the AI is firing on armored vehicles too? (no RPGs at the AI)
  6. Anhor

    Chopper patrol

    Chopper patrols are mostly parts of a AI script like DZAI or something else. Look for DZAI, WAI or similar scripts.
  7. CfgServerTrader.hpp not found ........... says all. The file is a.) missing on the server, or b.) in a wrong place.
  8. Very nice! (Haste fein gemacht) LOL
  9. As the message says ........ look in your publicvariable.log, check the reason, add a execption in your publicvariable.txt .......... problem solved.
  10. @Hooty I know you have problems with my idea of Epoch .......... but is not it the purpose of a discussion to represent different opinions? I don't expect you to take my opinion .......... if you just accept it would be a step forward ;)
  11. I agree with @JasonTM Don´t needed ........ Offence rules? First result = kick Second result = kill Last result = ban All I need to do a admin job ..........
  12. I would say the the ari computer did not work on Epoch.
  13. I would say this does not work on epoch complete. Aiming with the ari computer is for a military simulation like Operation Arrowhead ....... not for a postapocalyptic survival simulation like Epoch.
  14. What do you think? It´s easier YOU change your keybinds? Or the game should change it?
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