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  1. Sever Help

    And with this attitude, do you expect help? I just wondering .............
  2. Bury Body ?

    Exactly you NEED an Etool to bury bodys with the "normal" script allready. If you have no Etool you do not get the option. Same with slaughter a body ...... no knive, no option.
  3. [Release]//\\ [No one left back!]

    Dont think that works. It´s not a client side problem, it´s a server problem. Serverside is a addon folder who holds all the pbo´s from the client arma folder.
  4. [Release]//\\ [No one left back!]

    Ok boys, I run into the following prob ........... from my server RPT: Do I need the community based addons? Can I install this?
  5. [Release]//\\ [No one left back!]

    @juandayz Ok, so the BAT file is the same like my command line? After that I must find a way to message players who join they must download some files. Space for that is no problem ...... we lay it on our website.
  6. [Release]//\\ [No one left back!]

    @juandayz Another question ......... what the heck is a BAT file and where I find it? I have a command line and it looks like:
  7. [Release]//\\ [No one left back!]

    Fine ...... I must wait for finishing the upload ...... I have a very bad connection atm
  8. [Release]//\\ [No one left back!]

    @juandayz Ok. But the serverkey for the unsung mod must be placed in the key folder in the root, right?
  9. [Release]//\\ [No one left back!]

    Ok mates, enough joking ....... where do I put the pbo´s? In the AddOns folder in the root? Or better in the addons folder in the @lingor directory?
  10. [Release]//\\ [No one left back!]

    @oldmatechoc Damnrelentless mean we could make a auto downloader or launcher for the server. Thats one way. On the other side, you know I give a sh.. of foreign players, I play with friends and well known guys. Foreign players dont stay longer than 5 minutes on our server ..... mostly till they die the first time. No tanks, no jets, not militarized, no fuc.... startmoney, no basekit, just nothing. You want some? Work your ass off ........ thats our credo. Our server has one goal ,,,,,,,, to kill you and take all your goods ....... just the fittest of the fittest survive ....... esspecialy that one who team up with other players. Average survive time is lesser than 10 minutes for new players if they dont ask for help and info.
  11. [Release]//\\ [No one left back!]

    @juandayz I dont want the complete Unsung Vietnam Mod, just some vehicles. My hope was to add the pbo files for that vehicles and get/make new bisigns for epoch ....... as I say, I have no clue about bisigns. They looks very similar for me, i.e. AH1G "Cobra" AH64 (allready usable in Epoch)
  12. [Release]//\\ [No one left back!]

    @juandayz my hope was that you or @oldmatechoc can help me with that ;)
  13. [Release]//\\ [No one left back!]

    Funny! But I run into another prob atm .......... I´m trying to add some "old" vehicles into our lingor server. Something like the AH1G "Cobra" (the Vietnam original) or the M113 A1 (also original Vietnam) or the original riverine boats (Zippos). I allready have the pbo´s for it ....... with bisign´s ......... but there are for the Unsung Vietnam Mod. My prob is, I have no clue about bisign´s ............
  14. Modded Vehicles in A2Epoch

    Try this:
  15. Vehicle HiFi for

    @_Lance_ Sry bro, not yet. Juandayz try it, but it seems it produces errors while playing.