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  1. Arma 2 Overpoch - Need Help.

    Very nice! (Haste fein gemacht) LOL
  2. As the message says ........ look in your publicvariable.log, check the reason, add a execption in your publicvariable.txt .......... problem solved.
  3. [Release]Custom infiSTAR tools

    @Hooty I know you have problems with my idea of Epoch .......... but is not it the purpose of a discussion to represent different opinions? I don't expect you to take my opinion .......... if you just accept it would be a step forward ;)
  4. [Release]Custom infiSTAR tools

    I agree with @JasonTM Don´t needed ........ Offence rules? First result = kick Second result = kill Last result = ban All I need to do a admin job ..........
  5. mlrs targeting system not working

    I would say the the ari computer did not work on Epoch.
  6. mlrs targeting system not working

    I would say this does not work on epoch complete. Aiming with the ari computer is for a military simulation like Operation Arrowhead ....... not for a postapocalyptic survival simulation like Epoch.
  7. ZNATION Epoch Vietnam War

    We change the IP of the server to:
  8. Pointless Freeze

    What do you think? It´s easier YOU change your keybinds? Or the game should change it?
  9. Next Update

    @lwbuk, our server is not listed in the launcher (to many mods) and whitelisted ....... so, it dosent care for me who´s "on top" ;)
  10. Next Update

    The problem is, how long did these players stay on the game? On your server? Fully militarized, 1 million startmoney, fully basekit ........ thats the servers where players get bored within days or hours. In my opinion ....... and I think in the opinion of BI ......... Arma, and with this Epoch, was never mentioned as a shooter. It´s a mil sim ........... with all the tactic and strategy who comes with this. And BTW ........ personally I found no "issues" in ........ I found more chances of a smarter gameplay.
  11. Next Update

    We DONT need more military vehicles or weapons. We need much more civilian stuff ....... like the Isolda Fleet or the Wings of Peace More military vehicles and more weapons only have a relatively short-term effect to inspire new players or keep existing players. Civilian add-ons increase the possibilities to give the game meaningful content around which you can build new stories. This is a medium- or long-term strategy in my opinion.
  12. The first and only EPOCH VIETNAM WAR Server! Weapons and vehicles exclusively from the Vietnam War era (nothing later than 1975)! - M113A1 (not A3) - M48 (MBT and Flamethrower) - Sheridan - UH1C and D (Slick, Dust Off and Gunship) - AH1G (not Z) - OH58 Kiowa - O2 Skymaster - M151 Willys Jeep - Dodge 3/4 ton - M35 Trucks - original SWIFT boats (Mk.1 and Mk.2) - vietnamese sampans - and many more Modifikations: - extraordinary AI: Vietcong Tree Snipers, Vietcong Tunnel Complexe, Vietcong Patrols on foot, vehicles and chopper. - very expanded building and crafting - no one left back modul - ZSC - well balanced economy - supply drops for players - booby traps - and many more PvE Rules! Trust us, you have enough problems than other players ;) (remember, the US was not winning these war) To be whitelisted contact me on Steam: Anhor Required extensions: @Dayz_Epoch ( @lingor @CBA_OA @UNS We assist with the installation. This server is not for short time players or just take a look, we prefer players with stamina and ambition! As most of us are 30+, we expect adult players to behave as well ..........
  13. Favourite map

    What is so hard about to copie a fu...... @folder into the OA folder?
  14. Favourite map

    @strimi does matter what others want? It´s your server, so it´s your favorit. We run a highly modified server, the only Epoch Vietnam War server global I think. The server is not shown in the launcher, the mods are unknown from them To play on our server the player must have @lingor, @CBA_OA and @UNS ......... beside @DayZ_Epoch. And he must be whitelisted BTW. If you look in the launcher list, there are not much server who has more than 3 or 5 players on ...... so it doesent matter whats on your server. With Epoch on Cherno you own one server out of hundreds. The problem are not the lazy players ....... the problem is to much servers ..............
  15. Sever Help

    And with this attitude, do you expect help? I just wondering .............