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  1. if i want more then 3 admins it doesent work #define ADMIN_LIST ["765611980283313xx","765611980171856xx","765611980293472xx","765611979965042xx"] #define ADMIN_NAMES ["xxx","xxx","xxx","xxx"] only the first 3 get acces to t he admin tool
  2. Hi ,@salival with your custom Hive .dll server wont start :-( may an issue with nitrado
  3. Some Feedback: If you want a unique Server with unique Scripts and a lot of costum then play on this server. the most server are copy and paste . Why can i this say? I had own Servers a few years :-) btw english not my native ;-)
  4. it runs with static fine. have you comment out the settings in the scheduler?
  5. I lost 140 h of map making ,my hd and my backup hd go to heaven at the same time
  6. hi, not much a bit more vegatation and buildings , have no time atm, im moving into a new home i hate it. To many garbage to move from my old House to my new one . Maybe my funproject will be a never ending Story AND i lost a bit interested in arma 3, waiting for new content after 5000 hours arma 3
  7. Here a scrren shot only scroll menu and then nothing http://fs1.directupload.net/images/180221/cjy52q6h.jpg 9:28:49 "[halv_spawn] waiting for default 'Debug_static_F' to be build in Beketov @ (062858) [6277.23,146.377,0]" 9:30:26 "[halv_spawn] found some default teleporters ... _deletedefaultteleporters: 'true'" 9:30:26 "[halv_spawn] sendt teleporters and default positions to clients, 0 textures build"
  8. case "beketov":{ [ [[6290.43,6822.26],0,"Bolshie"], [[8193.14,6328.79],0,"Skotinino"], [[12711.6,7148.63],0,"Quarry"], [[16252,15367.2],0,"Vehrnee"], [[13324.7,19119.5],0,"Dubionki"], [[4219.08,15477.1],0,"Shalaevo"], [[3088.86,16853.4],0,Kulibino"], [[2526.06,10939.7],0,"Zhukovo"], [[3654.31,7851.13],0,"Kuzhadon"], [[7148.93,9345.31],0,"Tuk"], [[688.43,4276.01],0,"Troitsa"], [[6324.71,2980.35],0,"Kaldykovo"], [[15252.9,828.243],0,"Karavayki"], [[19152.6,3158.21],0,"Naleskino"] ] };
  9. i have no errors thats the problem and halv spawn loaded in the rpt. Im confused i tryed a few maps i used the halv spawn years and have no problems , Fallujha, Mske, Kerama and all works^^
  10. Aloha, the spawn works with every map, i thought^^ now i try Beketov and i only get the scroll menue select spawn and then nothing, no Errors client and serevrside. Every Map work fine Namalsk, Essseker Taki Tavi and bla bla but not Beketov and yes i add beketov to the spawn locations. Anyone get an Idea,
  11. Cubitron


    Hi, its only on my Testsererver and i have atm no enough time , im moving to a new House Next 3 Weeks im out of Order
  12. Cubitron


    No reaction on smokes and they disappear very fast after kill after 2-3 sec
  13. Cubitron


    Working great, one thing you get dmg but the dmg dont show in the epoch debug monitor. always Damage 0.0000
  14. Cubitron

    any working EpochZ

    Aloha, maybe any have a working EpochZ, i found a old github and get this run but i can unlock cars with the addon if i remove the addon every works fine again 22:38:03 Error in expression <ockOwner = _playerUID; if (_playerGroup != "") then { _lockOwner = _playerGroup;> 22:38:03 Error position: <!= "") then { _lockOwner = _playerGroup;> 22:38:03 Error Generic error in expression 22:38:03 File epoch_server\compile\epoch_vehicle\EPOCH_server_lockVehicle.sqf, line 36 22:38:05 Error in expression <ockOwner = _playerUID;
  15. Cubitron


    öhm ooook im a long time out from epoch Arma 3 but wtf are the players then ? class Item4 { dataType="Group"; side="Civilian"; class Entities { items=1; class Item0 { dataType="Object"; class PositionInfo { position[]={4665.0093,5.4559002,10026.328}; angles[]={0,4.7169838,0}; }; side="Civilian"; flags=7; class Attributes { isPlayable=1; }; id=6; type="VirtualMan_EPOCH"; }; }; So im a bit confused
  16. Cubitron


    in Epoch all Players are civillian and now vannila files on altis with youre init. no scripts nothing
  17. Cubitron


    Playerside is civilian Yeah Epoch Namalsk, i can test with Altis if that be easier Error with one million no speaker spam 11:58:34 No speaker given for Azibo Achebe 11:58:34 No speaker given for Nuru Osmani 11:58:34 No speaker given for Zaim Ngige 11:58:34 No speaker given for Gamba Ekwensi 11:58:34 No speaker given for Ed Newton 11:58:34 No speaker given for Maalik Okonkwo 11:58:34 No speaker given for Jahi Igwe 11:58:34 No speaker given for Noah Miller 11:58:34 No speaker given for Batou Madaki 11:58:34 No speaker given for Maalik Madaki 11:58:34 No speaker given for Henry Wilson 11:58:34 No speaker given for Corey Wood 11:58:34 No speaker given for Gao Yeung 11:58:35 No speaker given for Davu Balewa 11:58:35 No speaker given for Wu Chen 11:58:35 No speaker given for Jake Jackson 11:58:35 Error in expression < }; } forEach BRPVP_fixedZombiesAmount; BRPVP_addZombieBrainSV append BRPVP_walk> 11:58:35 Error position: <BRPVP_addZombieBrainSV append BRPVP_walk> 11:58:35 Error Undefined variable in expression: brpvp_addzombiebrainsv 11:58:35 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Namalsk\brpvp_zombies\brpvp_zombies_infected_city.sqf, line 47
  18. Cubitron


    Aloha , i try it on namalsk i changed the center and first spawnposition but they are standing still like soldier with gun in hand and some have godmode Zombies click me
  19. no i have vanilla loot and its clientside error no server error in the logs Solved, had an error in config varibales
  20. Aloha, i think i build a error in my mission but i cant localize if i remove building, i have to relog to build again the remove process are not fninishing Example if i remove a cinderwall this is my error Error in expression <0; _refund = _x select 1; if (_objType == _class) then { {_selectedRemoveOutput> Error position: <== _class) then { {_selectedRemoveOutput> Error ==: Typ Array, erwartet Zahl,Zeichenfolge,Objekt,Seite,Gruppe,Text,Config entry,Display (dialog),Control,Team member,Task,Location File z\addons\dayz_code\actions\remove.sqf, line 201
  21. Nice one, works but i can set the helipad without money after placement i have -100000 coins
  22. Aloha, one problem if i craft a gyro it spawns 2 gyros ["ItemToolbox",[0,8,2],7,0.1,true,true,false,true,false,true,true,["CSJ_GyroC"],[],["PartVRotor","PartEngine","PartFueltank"],"true"],
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