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  1. # 1 E-P-O-C-H P-R-O G-A-M-I-N-G Hello all and to every one that played on the EPOCH PRO server, it has been a little since we have temp shut the servers down. But good news is it will be coming back very soon once we get a few more issues with some new code iron out. But keep on the look out for one of the best servers there was from the time epoch was released and lasted close to 3 years as one of the best and most populated servers for a long time. There will be alot of new changes and also new admins for the server, Me , measels , and a few more admins will be coming back but not all the admins will be back, i have made a few changes on the admins this go around. So thanks to all who played and keep a eye out on the server popping up soon to come.
  2. I think it's a known issue since the update same issue on my server, if any one has a fix please post it.
  3. Yeh having the same issue with the map markers going away, there is ai missions but no marker for them, at the start of the server i have all 4 spawn in with in a 30 min time period all is good there. Then at the 30 min marker the last one spawns in so all 4 are on the map at the 30 min mark and all markers can be seen. after the first 2 r cleared its like 2 missions still spawn in without markers for players to see but then the other 2 do.
  4. Welp server crashed again even after a fresh install of windows server 2012 , all new arma 3 files and the new version build of epoch, what would make it keep crashing every 2 hours.
  5. Yeh I just did a complete server reinstall because I did speak with Darwin from Bohemia and used those performance.exe and the server still crashed even with out your ai missions running so we had a bad issue some where but was a mess but all is back up and running fine so far.
  6. Yeh they did show a issue some how i repacked the folder in the folder by mistake once i removed it it works just fine, was a noob error lol, just lets get the ai to be more trigger happy when players r near the mission lol
  7. viper179

    Game crash

    playerAddaction_FindDisplay46 its a arma 3 bug with ui get namespace variable, so its not you man its arma 3 with all there fucked updates they cant seem to get right.
  8. Having a big issue with the new update also seems if more than 60 players r on after 2 hrs the server will crash every time with the new updated missions
  9. hey i dont see no post below your last edit have the mission system on github been updated for this issue. And also i cant click your github link for some reason either.
  10. viper179

    0.3.8 and CUP

    like it comment get removed nice the truth shall set you free.
  11. Hey ghost i just checked the configs and yes those options are there i have all 3 of them turn to false but this error still pops up in the rpt <_blck_versionDate,_blck_version]; if (blck_spawnMapAddons) then { call compile> 2016/12/29, 19:30:46 Error position: <blck_spawnMapAddons) then { call compile> 2016/12/29, 19:30:46 Error Undefined variable in expression: blck_spawnmapaddons 2016/12/29, 19:30:46 File q\addons\custom_server\init\blck_init.sqf, line 9 also here is a screen shot of that file server side in the correct file path>>>>>>>http://prntscr.com/dq3x69 , also im seeing that only 1 mission spawns in at a time and another one doesnt spawn in until a player clears the mission but i have this set so it should not matter they should spawn in no matter what >>>>>> http://prntscr.com/dq3wc8
  12. Ha ha funny thing I just caught that about 30 min ago lol I was like damit vbawol why u do this lol but yeh got it working. Thank you though
  13. Ok where would we change the % amount players start off with , because when you die ie you r a new person when you come back so you should not be at 30% food and water right off the bat, where would the folder or sqf be located at i cant find it to save my life and yes i have googled for it and spent a few hours looking and i can not find it.
  14. Well yes you will have to add those weapons to the addWeaponCargo.txt and create exceptions for them using the be filters or you could just put a 1 infront of the 7 so it just logs it to the log file instead, if that is not a big worry for you.
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