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  1. Hey thanks natoed, I didn't expect a solution. I had tried a few things I found in the BM thread but had no success. Works great now .
  2. I just tried it with the Ifrit O_MRAP_02_hmg_F and I just get a message that I'm trying to sell it twice. I do see it in the trader menu though when I'm selling. I checked the class name in my trader menu list.
  3. Oh really. I have BM traders and was unable to sell. I'll check the class names to be sure they're in trader menu. Thank you.
  4. I see, just curious. :) BTW, I've been meaning to ask... Will the mission vehicles be sellable sometime in the future? Thanks.
  5. I ended up using my old debug folder and it works fine. I saw this in the new deleteMarker.sqf : //////////////////////////////////////////// // Delete and change Mission Markers // 7/10/15 // by Ghostrider-DbD- ////////////////////////////////////////// // delete a marker //diag_log format["blck_fnc_deleteMarker:: _this = %1",_this]; private["_markerName"]; _markerName = _this select 0; //deleteMarker _markerName; _markerName = "label" + _markerName; deleteMarker _markerName; //diag_log format["deleteMarker complete script for _this = %1",_this]; Why are those lines commented out?
  6. Check your debug folder. Some of the lines in deleteMarker.sqf are commented out. I just recently updated and noticed this.
  7. zeus

    Did you get help at the SLZ thread? How did you try to run it?
  8. zeus

    I wrestled with this and ended up using Seelenlos Zeus https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/189185-seelenlos-zeus/ The only version I could get to work was v1.3 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dxfu6klzht46lmi/AABzAPSuF0GM2bPOtRi1R32ba?dl=0&preview=%40SLZ_1.3.rar 1.3 works fine for me though. I get all content from the mods I'm running also.
  9. Stringtable.xml https://www.dropbox.com/s/dk2mtmrck47jgkb/Stringtable.xml?dl=0
  10. Search the thread for the trader script. Your questions have been asked several times and all the answers are there. Here's the one for crypto: https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/34661-release-hs-blackmarket-16-new-trader-system-special-trader-blackmarket/?page=38#comment-274543
  11. Hi natoed.

    I was wondering if you lost your sounds for SM Zomb?

    I'm not getting any groans or screams since A3 updates.


    1. natoed


      PM sent

  12. I already did a fresh install of server and all seems to be good now. I did forget about the @epochhive stuff though so thanks for the suggestion.
  13. Yes I had GTX add -autoInit to the command line. Sorry about the link. Now I've updated My Epoch files to the 757 build I'm not running any mods besides Epoch and no scripts running. I still get the message Server not ready (Error 2) Here is my server rpt: https://www.dropbox.com/s/trd44i350duzt6n/arma3server_2017-06-24_08-00-41.rpt?dl=0 @Drokz Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working. I'm wondering if it's a problem with GTX... Thanks for the replies.
  14. After the 1.72 update I am unable to join my server. I get this error: Server not ready (Error 2) I tried disabling all my mods except for Epoch but I still got the same error and was unable to join. Anyone else here had this problem? My server rpt: https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=Arma3_x64_2017-06-22_18-03-51.rpt Thank you.
  15. Thank you, He-Man.