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  1. Buildings on Tanoa

    Ok, I figured out what script was spawning the buildings but unfortunately I can't name it as it was given to me on condition that I not share it. (Hasn't been made public yet). Problem solved.
  2. Buildings on Tanoa

    Very strange. I tried disabling Black Eagle and A3EAI mission systems thinking they might be spawning them but the buildings remain there. Those are the only scripts I've added/updated recently. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Buildings on Tanoa

    Hello. I've recently noticed some new buildings on my Tanoa server (Grid: 107107). I have no idea where they came from so I thought maybe one of my mission systems was spawning it but after disabling each mission system the buildings remain. I also checked in the editor and made sure they weren't part of the Tanoa map...they aren't. They are very sloppy in their placement also, so they don't look like they belong there. Here are some pics: http://tinypic.com/m/k1t8om/4 http://tinypic.com/m/k1t8oh/4 http://tinypic.com/m/k1t8ok/4 http://tinypic.com/m/k1t8oj/4 Anyone here running Tanoa have these buidings? Very strange... Thank you.
  4. I mean spawn far away like in WAI missions (They spawn in SW corner of the map and travel to mission). Also I wanted to ask about a strange bug. Sometimes the AI at missions seem to be frozen in place. They seem to be dead but are still standing and aiming their rifles...very strange. Thanks.
  5. That sounds great. Is it possible to have the support aircraft spawn a distance away from mission so it has to travel to it and surprise the players doing the mission?
  6. Hello. Yesterday (about the time we got the A3 update) I started having problem joining my server. When I try to join I spawn in next to my character (near the ground) and eventually get the "Authentication Failed, Disconnect and try again" message. Other players can join and play the server no problem. I tried verifying my game and deleting my profile to make a new one but this didn't work. I also tried reinstalling A3. Here is my Client and Server rpt: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2yfll135a4mexx4/Client.rpt?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/lkooqg32n5oa77p/Server.rpt?dl=0 Thank you. Edit: Working now. I removed most of my mods and was able to join. Then I added the mods back one by one and it seems to be fine now...no idea...
  7. Hey thanks natoed, I didn't expect a solution. I had tried a few things I found in the BM thread but had no success. Works great now .
  8. I just tried it with the Ifrit O_MRAP_02_hmg_F and I just get a message that I'm trying to sell it twice. I do see it in the trader menu though when I'm selling. I checked the class name in my trader menu list.
  9. Oh really. I have BM traders and was unable to sell. I'll check the class names to be sure they're in trader menu. Thank you.
  10. I see, just curious. :) BTW, I've been meaning to ask... Will the mission vehicles be sellable sometime in the future? Thanks.
  11. I ended up using my old debug folder and it works fine. I saw this in the new deleteMarker.sqf : //////////////////////////////////////////// // Delete and change Mission Markers // 7/10/15 // by Ghostrider-DbD- ////////////////////////////////////////// // delete a marker //diag_log format["blck_fnc_deleteMarker:: _this = %1",_this]; private["_markerName"]; _markerName = _this select 0; //deleteMarker _markerName; _markerName = "label" + _markerName; deleteMarker _markerName; //diag_log format["deleteMarker complete script for _this = %1",_this]; Why are those lines commented out?
  12. Check your debug folder. Some of the lines in deleteMarker.sqf are commented out. I just recently updated and noticed this.
  13. Unable to enable Zeus

    Did you get help at the SLZ thread? How did you try to run it?
  14. Unable to enable Zeus

    I wrestled with this and ended up using Seelenlos Zeus https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/189185-seelenlos-zeus/ The only version I could get to work was v1.3 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dxfu6klzht46lmi/AABzAPSuF0GM2bPOtRi1R32ba?dl=0&preview=%40SLZ_1.3.rar 1.3 works fine for me though. I get all content from the mods I'm running also.
  15. Stringtable.xml https://www.dropbox.com/s/dk2mtmrck47jgkb/Stringtable.xml?dl=0