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  1. Do you know where its located? I could go look but easier if you know already :S Edit: Might have found it (CfgBuildingLootPos.hpp) inside Mission file right? GroundSpawnChance = 0; should do it i think I was wondering what those damn random red markers on loot was..
  2. Anyone else have only 1lootpile spawning in everybuilding after the ArmA3Server update a few days ago? Im running it on Chernarus Redux and it worked before the update, I tried reverting back to right out of the box and changing the buildings for chernarus with a 100% Spawn chance to see if it works but only get one lootpile per building and this Error in .RPT if (({_x == _loot} count exclcontainer_list) > 0) th> 14:46:46 Error position: <_loot} count exclcontainer_list) > 0) th> 14:46:46 Error Undefined variable in expression: _loot 14:46:46 File loot_addon\LSpawner\fn_LSgetBuildingstospawnLoot.sqf..., line 146 14:46:46 Error in expression <d", "repairkit", true]; }; and a few"FEW" !!LOOTSPAWNER WARNING!! No building positions
  3. EpochMod - Chernarus Redux |HighLoot|AI Missions|Zombies|VehicleTraders| DISCORD Server IP: Mods and Scripts: Epoch Chernarus Redux CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps CUP Units CUP Vehicles CUP Weapons CBA DS Houses Ryan Zombies Safe Trader Zones Custom Trader Cities Custom Vehicle Traders Custom AI Missions Kill Feed Messages Status Bar Come join the fun and chaos that will be! Be sure to report any bugs you find and/or encounter! Server IP: DISCORD
  4. Have anyone gotten this to work on Chernarus Redux? i have crash sites outside and inside the the map (FAR outside the map) I feel like its dependent on some epoch code / config not being correct for Chernarus Redux but idk. I have tried messing around with the code for a few hours now with not luck of getting the crashes closer. If it helps then pretty much all the EpochEvents spawn way outside and inside the map as if it were Altis or something lol https://imgur.com/a/YGataga Edit: Figured it out i guess, in @epochhive\addons\epoch_server_settings\config.cpp set worldsize to 12000 atleast i did dontknow if thats anywhere to correct but works it seems. and in @epochhive\addons\epoch_server_settings\configs\maps\chernarusredux.h set worldsize to 0 to default to config.cpp instead also fixes other EpochEvents from going outside map boundaries. Hope it helps someone else :)
  5. That sure did fix it thanks lol, Guess i didnt look close enought when editing that my bad, Thanks man! Got a few restrictions got everything added exept for this setDamage didnt know how to go about that one lol Just ended up deleting the setDamage.txt as i couldnt figure out how to add the restriction lol
  6. RPT Well i've gotten 1zombie spawn when i was doing a mission, After the mission i tried going into the nearest town and waited for like 10minutes and nothing spawned
  7. I've installed this mod hopeing for Zspawns but havnt seen any yet, Got a few Restrictions first and made them acceptable, Im able to join the server now but still no zombies, Im running ChernarusRedux i went into TriggerPositions.sqf and edited it to run with the ChernarusRedux content and changed the safezone from the fn_init.sqf with the ones on ChernarusRedux and thats pretty much all and i do have Zombies and Demons running as it should still no zombies :S Any help is appreciated here :)
  8. Alright man i'll give it a try and be right back :D Works like a sharm now! Thanks alot man been pulling my hair out all day trying to fix this, Finally i can get onward with the server ^^
  9. Ok soo do i need to remove the filter from Scripts.txt aswell or just remove the addWeaponCargo.txt? :)
  10. 09.08.2018 12:21:06: SpreadKiller ( ID - #0 "V_HarnessO_brn" 15:3 GroundWeaponHolder
  11. I've increased the maxAddWeaponCargoPerInterval aswell, Didnt seem to do anything, And for the complete restart of battleye shouldnt that just be closeing the server and all the batchfiles running along it?
  12. So my epoch server is running ChernarusRedux and i've added Loot_spawner script for spawning loot as it didnt spawn anything without it, And i've added all the ArmA3 Vest's Helmet's and such, But when i pickup helmet's or Vest's i get the AddWeaponCargo Restriction #0 i've then been looking on google and everywhere for a fix trying to add them to the AddWeaponCargo.txt just cant seem to get it to work What I've tried Nothing seems to work spent the night and the whole day trying to figure this out so any help is appreciated! :)
  13. Creds to you man lol, every install guide should update ther guide so that it tells you to copy the (1)Key from @Epoch to the main install folder lol... Works now appreicated alot man!
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