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  1. Exile mod tanoa map Blckegls mission system Ver 6.58 Build 48
  2. I use a script where the time is faster in the game (time.sqf) but through your mission script is no longer correct in the older version has caused no problem
  3. EXILE MOD Tanoa Map 23:38:02 Error private: Type code, expected Array,String 23:38:02 File q\addons\custom_server\Compiles\Units\GMS_fnc_processIlleagalAIKills.sqf, line 14 23:38:52 "[blckeagls] missionSpawner:: (298)end of mission: _cords [6061.31,7626.56,0] : _markerClass RedMarker1 : _aiDifficultyLevel red _markerMissionName Bandit Camp" 23:38:52 "_fnc_addLiveAIToQue:: -->> _aiList = [R Graveyard:11,R Graveyard:9,R Graveyard:3,R Graveyard:8,7bde0080# 1701950: b_fullghillie_f.p3d,R Graveyard:5,R Graveyard:4,7b8e6040# 1701990: basicbody.p3d,R Graveyard:13,R Graveyard:2,R Graveyard:7,R Graveyard:12,7c334080# 1702034: o_fullghillie_f.p3d,R Graveyard:6,7e134080# 1702243: basicbody.p3d,7e02a040# 1702256: b_gen_soldier_f.p3d,R Graveyard:10,7e04e040# 1702383: basicbody.p3d] || _timeDelay = 1200"
  4. Looks good no more error message thank you for your good work
  5. In the game ran everything as with the previous version but in the RPG log is a entry but since you know better
  6. Hello the skrypt installed as the old version but now comes this error message And a problem I had before the current version that if one to the loot crate comes all ai disappear without the one kills them and they disappear under 1 min where one has arrived at the crate. That's all for exile mod. Are still a few eboch helicopter in exile // Unarmed Helis provided for reference. // ["B_Heli_Transport_03_unarmed_EPOCH","O_Heli_Light_02_unarmed_EPOCH","I_Heli_Transport_02_EPOCH"]; Sorry for my english