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New Server Need Help Setting Up


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I recently just started up a server through a server host and I am having trouble sorting through the files and finding what a I need to do and how to add the things I want.


Traders dont have anything set up in them

Dont have zombies

No safezones


Im just trying to run Epoch, Bornholm for the map, and the RHS stuff just for some weapon and vehicle variety, but i have no idea how to get it working. Any help would be greatly appreciated 


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I suggest you go to the Epoch Discord for more timely help. However,

Zombies: be sure you have ryan's zombies and demons in your -mod= list

Safezones - do a quick search here for scripts. there are a few you could use.

Adding items: you need to manually add the items you want the traders to carry. Start by defining price lists for them. You would modify \epoch_config\cfgPricing to do that.

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