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Found 21 results

  1. Make Your Own Server Hive Make all your servers run on one database. Sync Character(gear, location) and banks(if using SC) across all servers. Even with different maps Requirements: Working Epoch Server Database Access to your Database and HiveExt.cfg Database Manager (HiediSQL) Common Sense Time In this tutorial we will be combining only 2 servers together, you may add any more server if you like. We will be working with Server 1 - Chernarus and Server 2 - Taviana Configuring your Database Please backup your database prior to applying any of the changes below Using hiediSQL or a similar program to execute these Statements to your database you will be working with -- adding new tables to your Database ~ [GG] Gr8 CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `object_data_1` ( `ObjectID` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `ObjectUID` BIGINT(24) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `Instance` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL, `Classname` VARCHAR(50) NULL DEFAULT NULL, `Datestamp` DATETIME NOT NULL, `LastUpdated` TIMESTAMP NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, `CharacterID` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `Worldspace` VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL DEFAULT '[]', `Inventory` LONGTEXT NULL, `Hitpoints` VARCHAR(512) NOT NULL DEFAULT '[]', `Fuel` DOUBLE(13,5) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1.00000', `Damage` DOUBLE(13,5) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0.00000', PRIMARY KEY (`ObjectID`), INDEX `ObjectUID` (`ObjectUID`) USING BTREE, INDEX `Instance` (`Instance`) USING BTREE ) COLLATE='latin1_swedish_ci' ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=74383; CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `object_data_2` ( `ObjectID` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `ObjectUID` BIGINT(24) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `Instance` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL, `Classname` VARCHAR(50) NULL DEFAULT NULL, `Datestamp` DATETIME NOT NULL, `LastUpdated` TIMESTAMP NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, `CharacterID` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `Worldspace` VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL DEFAULT '[]', `Inventory` LONGTEXT NULL, `Hitpoints` VARCHAR(512) NOT NULL DEFAULT '[]', `Fuel` DOUBLE(13,5) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1.00000', `Damage` DOUBLE(13,5) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0.00000', PRIMARY KEY (`ObjectID`), INDEX `ObjectUID` (`ObjectUID`) USING BTREE, INDEX `Instance` (`Instance`) USING BTREE ) COLLATE='latin1_swedish_ci' ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=74383; This will add 2 Extra tables to your database named object_data_1 & object_data_2. These will be used to the 2 servers the objects (bases and vehicles) will read and write from. We want to keep the objects independent for each server to prevent conflicts. Now Execute this script ALTER TABLE character_data ADD Worldspace1 VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL DEFAULT '[]' AFTER Inventory; ALTER TABLE character_data ADD Worldspace2 VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL DEFAULT '[]' AFTER Worldspace1; This will make 2 different worldspace fields for our 2 servers, since they are different maps, we want to keep the positions seperate from other server. But the overall character and gear will Sync on both servers. Configuring your HiveExt.cfg Now to the easy part. Grab your HiveExt.cfg from both of the servers and open them. Find: ;Enables you to run multiple different maps (different instances) off the same character table ;WSField = Worldspace ;If using OFFICIAL hive, the settings in this section have no effect, as it will clean up by itself [Objects] ;Which table should the objects be stored and fetched from ? ;Table = Object_DATA For Server 1 Replace to: ;Enables you to run multiple different maps (different instances) off the same character table WSField = Worldspace1 ;If using OFFICIAL hive, the settings in this section have no effect, as it will clean up by itself [Objects] ;Which table should the objects be stored and fetched from ? Table = Object_DATA_1 For Server 2 Replace to: ;Enables you to run multiple different maps (different instances) off the same character table WSField = Worldspace2 ;If using OFFICIAL hive, the settings in this section have no effect, as it will clean up by itself [Objects] ;Which table should the objects be stored and fetched from ? Table = Object_DATA_2 Make sure both servers are running on same database. Thats it, for a basic 2 server Hive.
  2. Rust

    Editing GUI in

    I've been looking at old resources of GUI's however nothings been working out, the closest I got was following an old tutorial from, it worked however it also overlapped with the base gui images/values of hunger/blood etc so I ended up removing it was what I used Is there anything similar that can be used in
  3. FYI, this guide is for advanced arma coders. This guide will assume you know how to pack/unpack PBO's, edit files, and are comrfortable with coding. You must also have an understanding of locality as in client vs server side. A note on locality: Your mpMissions folder is NOT only client side. When I started coding I made this assumption and I was wrong. Lesson 1: Event Handlers Basics Event handlers are the bread and butter of Arma2 MP coding. They are little logic functions that the server sets aside until they are called by a public variable. In my experience they have very low overhead so don't be afraid to make use of them. example 1: Change players skin Add this code to the bottom of your init.sqf (in your mpMission) // expects: [_playerUID,_CharacterID,_skinClassName] // this line says ONLY run on the ClientSide. The server will see this and ignore it. This means that when a client gets this command, they and only they will execute this. if (!isDedicated) then { "PV_ChangePlayerSkin" addPublicVariableEventHandler { // handle our packet. _this select 0 returns the PV name, _this select 1 returns our input packet _packet = _this select 1; // should contain [_playerUID, _characterID, _skinClassName] _playerUID = _packet select 0; _characterID = _packet select 1; _skinClassName = _packet select 2; // set our player to the skin [_playeruid,_characterID, _skinClassName] spawn player_humanityMorph; }; }; Ok so now we got our event handler set up, if any client sends the PV "PV_ChangePlayerSkin" all clients connected will execute this event handler. Here is how we send the command to all players. This code can be called anywhere, on a client, or from the server itself. example: PV_ChangePlayerSkin = [_playerUID,_CharacterID,_skinClassName]; publicVariable "PV_ChangePlayerSkin"; But you may be asking, how do I set just a single player's skin instead of everyone on the server? We do this with publicVariableClient. I am unsure if you can call this command from clientside as I only use it serverside but here is how you do it regardless. // lets assume we want to set our cursorTarget's skin (the player we are looking at) _player = cursorTarget; _owner = owner _player; // owner command returns the client # we will need for the next step. _playerUID = getPlayerUID _player; _characterID = _player getVariable ["CharacterID","0"]; _skinClassName = "FR_GL"; // my personal skin PV_ChangePlayerSkin = [_playerUID, _characterID, _skinClassName]; _owner publicVariableClient "PV_ChangePlayerSkin"; // only send the PV to the specific client Now when we send our public variable we only send it to the client we wish to. There are a myriad of ways to get player objects loaded into memory but that will be covered later.
  4. heres a video that shows you how to make an epoch server http://youtu.be/1HW4xhVwsns
  5. Hello, this video shows you how to install an overpoch server: and this one how to add custom loot tables: Greetings, Matijs PS: question, am I not allowed to make a topic about overpoch? I'm not sure why my previous post got removed, because this will only bring more people to epoch?
  6. Hey Guys! :) I'm here for you to gather all the scripts that work for Epoch mod! I can also help with scripting, just check the the bottom of the post. THE CREDITS ARE INCLUDED IN THE TUTORIALS! Here is the list: -Remove junk only from roads and from custom places -Add right click option to items -Deploy bike (only works with the script above) -Snap building -Dayz Epoch admintools -No fog script -Prevent loot and zombie spawn in safe zones -Halo jump on spawn -EMS - epoch mission system with IKEA missions -Refuel - Repair - Rearm station -Epoch safe zone commander (anti backpack stealing, god mode) -Debug monitor -Custom loading screen -Self bloodbag -Custom permanent map markers -Full moon nights -Craftable zombie shield -Pre-made custom bases, towns, structures, camps etc... -Vehicle service points -Set Viewdistance -Building Snapping 1.6 -[Epoch] Edit/remove trading animations -Enhanced spawn selection [updated] -DAYZ GROUP MANAGEMENT - TAG YOUR FRIENDS -COMMUNITY AGN -BOOST FOR CARS -WEAPON ATTACHMENTS -SPAWN A DOG WITH RIGHT CLICK -MULTIPLE CHARACTER SUPPORT -Trade From Vehicles 2.0 - Loyalty reward system - AND MANY OTHERS! This is the growing list, if you have any question, just ask me! You can find the tutorials HERE I'M NOT ADVERTISING ANY SITES, I JUST ALREADY GATHERED THE TUTORIALS THERE SO I DON'T HAVE TO POST THEM HERE AGAIN Thanks, and have a good day! :)
  7. Introducion I was looking into a Problem, where the FPS drops, when players enter a City or any Place with a large amount of Objects placed. After fushing around a while i have noticed, that actually ALL Objects are being updated. This includes houses, cras cutters, bins and fences, as also Modular Buildings like Wooden Walls. So my thought was, that counting and updating all of those Objects may result in a massive Server Load. For testing purposes i made up an array with all arma2 Buildings and a check to not Update those. Result: All of these Objects where un-breakable, can't be killed or damaged anymore. Also a slight FPS increase, but nothing really "breaking". Before we Start You must notice, that these changes make all Objects invincible. Also it is highly recommended to create a Backup, before you start editing. Requierements: - PBO Manager (For editing Server Files) - A custom "variables.sqf" in you Mission Folder Setting up the Variable for Objects that should not be updated (Client side) These Changes are made in the variables.sqf, located in your Mission Folder. Changing server_updateObject.sqf These changes are made in dayz_server.pbo\compiles\server_updateObject.sqf - This does not effect any custom mods you might have installed, for example the Vehicle Key (thanks, sir - that thing is awesome). Removing unnecessary Functions This is yet still not effecting any mods (not so far i know) - but will result in a faster update of objects, because first of all we'll be using "if", instead of "switch" (If is concidered to be much faster, then switch) and secondary, we will use one function for all Hitpoint actions such as "killed", "damage" or "repair". Keep in mind, that you can customize the array of object, that should not be updated by simply adding or removing an object, but please note: DO NOT, AT NO TIME, NEVER put Objects like Doors, Safes or other Objects that requiere some sort of action - in that array. Reason: As you for example open a Door, the State well more likely the "position" of the door is being updated, forcing the door to actually open. If you forbid this, you obviously can't open Doors anymore. This does not effect Objects like for example Loot, Stairs, Ladders, etc..
  8. Hello, here are my files on how I run my start/restart and how I monitor the server. There are better ways to do it, but this has worked for me for the last year. I had also shared this on the ALRPG forums, you might have seen it there as i see some familiar names here. Anyways, I use a folder called arma3serverconfig, not the one that EPOCH recommends, but all the same applies, its all about directory paths anyways In the folder where your battle and BEC are you'll want to create a few files. The first being restartserver.bat @echo off taskkill /f /fi "status eq not responding" /im arma3server.exe taskkill /f /im arma3server.exe timeout 1 taskkill /f /fi "status eq not responding" /im arma3.exe taskkill /f /im arma3.exe timeout 1 taskkill /im Bec.exe taskkill /f /im cmd.exe /fi "windowtitle eq servermonitor.bat" timeout 2 echo Kill all instances for safety timeout 6 ::CHANGE THE DIRECTORY BELOW TO THE PROPER LOCATION set becpath="C:\arma3serverconfig\Bec\" cd /d %becpath% start "" /min "Bec.exe" -f Config.cfg timeout 1 echo Battleye has started.. timeout 1 echo Starting ARMA 3 Server... ::CHANGE THE DIRECTORY BELOW TO THE PROPER LOCATION cd C:\Games\ArmA3\A3Master timeout 1 start "arma3" /min /high "arma3server.exe" -port=2322 "-config=C:\arma3serverconfig\config.cfg" "-cfg=C:\arma3serverconfig\basic.cfg" "-profiles=C:\arma3serverconfig" -name=SC "[email protected];@EpochHive;@AllInArmaTerrainPackLite;" -world=empty -nosplash -noSound -noPause -enableHT -malloc=system timeout 5 echo ARMA 3 Server has started ::CHANGE THE DIRECTORY BELOW TO THE PROPER LOCATION set ServerMonitorPath="C:\arma3serverconfig\" cd /d %ServerMonitorPath% start "" "servermonitor.bat" echo Server Monitor has started. Have Fun timeout 3 exit Make sure you change your directory locations, then we need 3 more files servermonitor.bat ::Made by eRazeri - edited by [midgetgrimm] @echo off title servermonitor.bat :start C:\Windows\System32\tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq arma3server.exe" 2>NUL | C:\Windows\System32\find /I /N "arma3server.exe">NUL if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="0" goto loop echo Server is not running, will be started now :: SET DIRECTORY TO PROPER LOCATION start "" /min /wait "C:\arma3serverconfig\restartserver.bat" timeout 30 echo Server started succesfully goto started :loop cls echo Server is already running, running monitoring loop :started :: THESE ARE WERFAULT AND TASK KILLS taskkill /f /im WerFault.exe /fi "WINDOWTITLE eq Arma 3" C:\Windows\System32\timeout /t 80 C:\Windows\System32\tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq arma3server.exe" 2>NUL | C:\Windows\System32\find /I /N "arma3server.exe">NUL if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="0" goto loop goto start Again make sure to chagne your file locations and all that noise... 2 more to go next is stopserver.bat @echo off taskkill /f /fi "status eq not responding" /im arma3server.exe taskkill /f /im arma3server.exe timeout 1 taskkill /f /fi "status eq not responding" /im arma3server.exe taskkill /f /im arma3server.exe timeout 1 taskkill /im Bec.exe timeout 3 exit Now this we need to call via BEC through the scheduler, so make sure you add a task in the scheduler.xml, like this, make sure you set correct filepath and how many hours until it runs <job id='8'> <day>1,2,3,4,5,6,7</day> <start>040000</start> <runtime>040000</runtime> <loop>0</loop> <cmd>C:\arma3serverconfig\stopserver.bat</cmd> </job> Now for the last is the log rotator. you can use the one Epoch kindly provides are use this rotate_logs.bat - I didn't write this one, but make sure you change and edit the file directory. @echo off :: Based off of Server Launch Script by r4z0r49 :: Script Modified and fixed by Sykotix - http://dayz.sykotix.com :: :: Usage: dayzsrv-log-rotater.bat servername :: Example 1 - Will update using default profile: dayzsrv-log-rotater.bat :: Example 2 - Will update using profile for US6: dayzsrv-log-rotater.bat US6 :::::::::::::: CONFIG :::::::::::::::::: :: Set your Arma2AO Base installation directory. LEAVE OFF THE ENDING \ set arma2srvpath=D: :: Set your Default server profile name. This is the name of the directory that stores your server.cfg :: This will be used in the case that you don't launch this script without the server param. :: Example: cfgdayz, US6, Chicago13, ect :: DEFAULTPROFILE set srvname=arma3serverconfig :: Delete Original log files after they have been rotated? This keeps your logs more organized and saves space. :: This will not work unless the server is stopped first. This option works best set to 1 when using FireDaemon's Pre/Post Service tab set deloriglogs=1 ::::::::::: ADVANCED CONFIG :::::::::::: :: Don't touch anything below this point unless you know what your doing. :: Setting Server Profile to Use IF "%1"=="" ( set servername=%srvname% ) else ( set servername=%1 ) TITLE DayZ %servername% Server Log Rotater :: Set Debug Mode set debug=0 :: Set Debug Timeout in seconds set dbsecs=10 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: STOP EDITING :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :: Display Debug output if %debug% == 1 ( echo Server Name = %servername% echo ArmaII Server Path = "%arma2srvpath%" timeout %dbsecs% ) :: Set Time and Date SET HOUR=%time:~0,2% SET dtStamp9=%date:~-4%%date:~4,2%%date:~7,2%_0%time:~1,1%%time:~3,2%_%time:~6,2% SET dtStamp24=%date:~-4%%date:~4,2%%date:~7,2%_%time:~0,2%%time:~3,2%_%time:~6,2% ::Make Date Stamp if "%HOUR:~0,1%" == " " (SET dtStamp=%dtStamp9%) else (SET dtStamp=%dtStamp24%) ECHO Todays Date and time (%date%)(%time%) / %dtStamp% if %debug% == 1 ( timeout %dbsecs% ) echo (%date%) (%time%) Starting Log Rotation. :: Make the Rotated Log Directorys if exist "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs" goto maketsdir mkdir "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs" :maketsdir if exist "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%" goto makebedir mkdir "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%" :makebedir if exist "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye" goto rotatelogs mkdir "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye" :rotatelogs :: Starting Log Rotation. If there are any other logs, just follow the format below, and make sure to NOT touch any of the varibles. copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\arma3server.RPT" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\arma3server.RPT" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\server_log.txt" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\server_log.txt" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\attachto.log" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye\attachto.log" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\addbackpackcargo.log" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye\addbackpackcargo.log" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\addweaponcargo.log" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye\addweaponcargo.log" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\deletevehicle.log" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye\deletevehicle.log" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\remotecontrol.log" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye\remotecontrol.log" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\selectplayer.log" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye\selectplayer.log" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\setvariableval.log" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye\setvariableval.log" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\teamswitch.log" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye\teamswitch.log" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\waypointcondition.log" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye\waypointcondition.log" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\waypointstatement.log" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye\waypointstatement.log" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\scripts.log" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye\scripts.log" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\createvehicle.log" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye\createvehicle.log" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\mpeventhandler.log" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye\mpeventhandler.log" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\publicvariable.log" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye\publicvariable.log" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\publicvariableval.log" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye\publicvariableval.log" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\remoteexec.log" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye\remoteexec.log" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\setdamage.log" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye\setdamage.log" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\setpos.log" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye\setpos.log" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\setvariable.log" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye\setvariable.log" copy "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\addmagazinecargo.log" "D:\arma3serverconfig\RotatedLogs\%dtStamp%\BattlEye\addmagazinecargo.log" echo (%date%) (%time%) Logs are backed up now... echo (%date%) (%time%) Removing original log files. del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\arma3server.RPT" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\server_log.txt" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\attachto.log" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\addbackpackcargo.log" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\addweaponcargo.log" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\deletevehicle.log" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\remotecontrol.log" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\selectplayer.log" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\setvariableval.log" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\teamswitch.log" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\waypointcondition.log" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\waypointstatement.log" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\scripts.log" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\createvehicle.log" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\mpeventhandler.log" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\publicvariable.log" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\publicvariableval.log" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\remoteexec.log" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\setdamage.log" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\setpos.log" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\setvariable.log" del /Q /F "%arma2srvpath%\%servername%\BattlEye\addmagazinecargo.log" if %debug% == 1 ( timeout %dbsecs% ) :: We're done here. exit This is what I use and it works well. I saw 2 others on here that are nice too, but it's always nice to have options. Cheers Then just run the restartserver.bat and you should see your logs rotate, then BEC starts, then A3 starts. Once all started that closes and starts the server monitor and just keeps in check until restart. Try to never shut down the database as it takes a few to finish syncing. Thanks, really loving epoch now, can't wait until it gets completely opened up!
  9. So I have been getting a lot of help from here with setting up my server, so I figured I would start making Tutorials on what I have learned. As follows are the instructions to change the starting gear from the default "bandage/painkiller/flashlight" to what ever you want, and how to set up custom gear for different users based on their UIDs. This is not completely my work, some came from Axeman and AsianKid. Original Post Setting Up the Default Load-out (no custom loadouts) To start, this is tested on, and uses variables that Epoch Devs added to the Server Code. DefaultMagazines = []; DefaultWeapons = []; DefaultBackpack = ""; DefaultMagazines is for any item you place in your primary(food, ammo, parts, money) or secondary(bandages, clips, m203 rounds) inventory. DefaultWeapons is for any guns/rifles or kit(hatchet, map, Bbnoculars, NVGs) items. DefaultBackpack is as it would sound, the pack you start out with. You will also see DefaultBackpackWeapon = ""; in my loadout script, I assume it adds items to your back pack, but I don't know its limitations, if I can use guns and ammo. Inserting it into your code is easy. Open the init.sqf in your mission folder or mission.pbo. At about line 20 of a stock Epoch init.sqf file you will find this: // DayZ Epoch config spawnShoremode = 1; // Default = 1 (on shore) spawnArea= 1500; // Default = 1500 MaxHeliCrashes= 5; // Default = 5 MaxVehicleLimit = 300; // Default = 50 MaxDynamicDebris = 500; // Default = 100 dayz_MapArea = 14000; // Default = 10000 dayz_maxLocalZombies = 30; // Default = 30 Below this, add the following: //Default Loadout DefaultMagazines = ["ItemBandage","ItemBandage","17Rnd_9x19_glock17","17Rnd_9x19_glock17","ItemMorphine","ItemPainkiller","ItemWaterbottleBoiled","FoodSteakCooked"]; DefaultWeapons = ["glock17_EP1","ItemFlashlight","ItemHatchet"]; DefaultBackpack = "DZ_Patrol_Pack_EP1"; DefaultBackpackWeapon = ""; Here I have configured the default load-out to be a G17 and 2 clips, 2 bandages, one Morphine, Painkillers, Clean Water, Cooked Steak, a Flashlight and Hatchet. You can change the variables your self to what would be best for your server, including removing everything so players don't even get the stock dayz load-out. Custom Load-Outs (includes default load-out) But, you want even more controls, like load-outs for donators or admins. Thats easy, instead of the above we are going to put all the settings in a loadout.sqf and save that to a "Scripts" folder in our mission folder or mission.pbo. First, create a new folder in the Mission folder or PBO named Scripts. Then Create a new text document in that folder called "loadout.sqf", is will warn you that you are changing the file type, thats ok. Copy this code into your new lodout.sqf: //Default Loadout DefaultMagazines = ["ItemBandage","ItemBandage","17Rnd_9x19_glock17","17Rnd_9x19_glock17","ItemMorphine","ItemPainkiller","ItemWaterbottleBoiled","FoodSteakCooked"]; DefaultWeapons = ["glock17_EP1","ItemFlashlight","ItemHatchet"]; DefaultBackpack = "DZ_Patrol_Pack_EP1"; DefaultBackpackWeapon = ""; //Admin Loadout if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["12345678","98765432"]) then { //Admins: Nobody, Somebody DefaultMagazines = ["ItemBandage","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","17Rnd_9x19_glock17","17Rnd_9x19_glock17","ItemMorphine","ItemPainkiller","ItemBloodbag","ItemWaterbottleBoiled","ItemWaterbottleBoiled","FoodSteakCooked","20Rnd_B_AA12_74Slug","20Rnd_B_AA12_Pellets","20Rnd_B_AA12_Pellets","ItemGoldBar10oz"]; DefaultWeapons = ["glock17_EP1","AA12_PMC","Binocular_Vector","NVGoggles","ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemGPS","ItemWatch","ItemKnife","Itemtoolbox","ItemCrowbar","Itemetool","ItemHatchet"]; DefaultBackpack = "DZ_LargeGunBag_EP1"; DefaultBackpackWeapon = ""; }; //Moderator Loadout if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["14725836"]) then { //Moderators: ThatOtherGuy DefaultMagazines = ["ItemBandage","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","17Rnd_9x19_glock17","17Rnd_9x19_glock17","ItemMorphine","ItemPainkiller","ItemBloodbag","ItemWaterbottleBoiled","ItemWaterbottleBoiled","FoodSteakCooked","8Rnd_B_Saiga12_Pellets","8Rnd_B_Saiga12_Pellets","8Rnd_B_Saiga12_74Slug","ItemGoldBar10oz"]; DefaultWeapons = ["glock17_EP1","Saiga12K","Binocular_Vector","NVGoggles","ItemMap","Itemtoolbox"]; DefaultBackpack = "DZ_Backpack_EP1"; DefaultBackpackWeapon = ""; }; //Pro-Donator Loadout if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["96385274"]) then { //Pro-Donators: MoneyBags DefaultMagazines = ["ItemBandage","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","15Rnd_9x19_M9SD","15Rnd_9x19_M9SD","ItemMorphine","ItemPainkiller","ItemBloodbag","ItemWaterbottleBoiled","ItemWaterbottleBoiled","FoodSteakCooked","8Rnd_B_Beneli_Pellets","8Rnd_B_Beneli_Pellets","8Rnd_B_Beneli_74Slug","ItemGoldBar10oz"]; DefaultWeapons = ["M9SD","Remington870_lamp","Binocular","ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemFlashlightRed","ItemKnife","ItemMatchbox","ItemHatchet"]; DefaultBackpack = "DZ_GunBag_EP1"; DefaultBackpackWeapon = ""; }; //Donator Loadout if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["456789123"]) then { //Donators: Nobody DefaultMagazines = ["ItemBandage","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","ItemMorphine","ItemPainkiller","ItemGoldBar","15Rnd_W1866_Slug","15Rnd_W1866_Slug"]; DefaultWeapons = ["glock17_EP1","Winchester1866","ItemMap","ItemFlashlightRed","ItemHatchet"]; DefaultBackpack = "DZ_ALICE_Pack_EP1"; DefaultBackpackWeapon = ""; }; Hit save then start looking it over. Here we set the default loadout, then we check to see if the player is anyone we know from admins to donators, and set their loadout outs accordingly. You will need the Players UID you can ask them for it, or if they have been on your server and you have database access then you can find it under "player_data". In the code put their UID in the same place you see the seven or eight number groupings surrounded by parenthesis " and seperated by commas , if you are setting more than one user for that group. I also write their names at the end of the line in the order that they are placed so I can go back and remember them later. You can edit the different load-outs for each User Group and add more by copying one group and changing the UIDs. Safe the file and Open your init.sqf in your mission folder or mission.pbo. Fine the following lines: if (!isDedicated) then { //Conduct map operations 0 fadeSound 0; waitUntil {!isNil "dayz_loadScreenMsg"}; dayz_loadScreenMsg = (localize "STR_AUTHENTICATING"); //Run the player monitor _id = player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {_id = [] spawn player_death;}]; _playerMonitor = [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\player_monitor.sqf"; _void = [] execVM "R3F_Realism\R3F_Realism_Init.sqf"; //Lights //[0,0,true,true,true,58,280,600,[0.698, 0.556, 0.419],"Generator_DZ",0.1] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\local_lights_init.sqf"; }; Above "//Run the player monitor" add the following: //Custom Loadouts [] ExecVM "Scripts\loadout.sqf"; Now we have called the load-out script, and the world is a better place. Save your work, upload your files, and start your server to test out the scripts. Remember, you have to re-spawn for it to work. UPDATE So with each update the epoch devs are giving us server admins more varibles to call and edit in our init.sqf. My hope is they will add a varible to set the default skin when you load in. (logic must be applied when users select between a Male and Female character. Either it ignores females, or it allows for a array to be set: ["Male_Skin","Female_Skin"]) Further, I would like to make it easyier to set up items in these arrays, but as with everything, it becomes hard. I myself had to visit no less that 5 diffrent sorces to find all the "Item IDs" for diffrent items. But, my current data base is pretty current, with most of the non-OP items listed. Here is a link of the items you can buy and sell on my server all listed by their "ItemID" and organised in a way thats easy to read. As for posts 8-13, I can give no reasoning why the script is failing for them. I my self have broken it many times by forgetting a comma between UIDs, but this only leads to players not getting their custom loadouts, I have not experianced any server issues or stalls from this edit, and I will be the first to admit I dont always know what I'm doing and I am always breaking my server with something.
  10. *** Pin This Please *** Interested in helping the DayZ Community ? Learn to make your own Scripts SQF PDF Turtorial Sripting Commands ArmA2 New Scripting Commands List ArmA 2 New Scripting Commands List ArmA 2 OA Control Structures Data Types SQF Snytax Operators Mission Editor ArmA2/OA Scripts and Demos Please Like This Post If it Helps You Thank You.
  11. Hello guys here is my new epoch server tutorial on my channel more will be coming out soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HW4xhVwsns&ab_channel=TheFlyingJetsvvvv
  12. Just a simple little thing i had an idea for, and wanted to share it. So first of all make a custom_traders.sqf file in this add: customTraders = ["Skin1","Skin2"]; VIP = ["4567547","1243124"]; //PrivateTrader if ((getPlayerUID player) in VIP) then { menu_Skin1 = [ [["Category1",123]], [], "neutral" ]; menu_Skin2 = [ [["Category2",123]], [], "neutral" ]; }; Now navigate to your mission folders init.sqf, and right under: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "server_traders.sqf"; Add: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "YOURFOLDER\custom_traders.sqf"; So it should look something like this: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "server_traders.sqf"; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "YOURFOLDER\custom_traders.sqf"; All done, dont forget to actually create a category and change the 123, with the category number. This is my first post :)
  13. Hey guys here's my Basebuilding Tutorial more well come https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBR7YHA-KYc&list=UUBXGM3Xy1vAd9irNvjtQRbA
  14. I realize that there are a good many videos out there on how to setup a DayZ Epoch server, but this one in particular uses MySQL Workbench (Which I have found is not used in ANY video). I recommend using MySQL Workbench because it is free and you don't have to go through some back alley to get it like Navicat Lite. The tool is much better than Navicat Lite and gives you all the power you need over your server SQL for editing traders, players, vehicles, and whatever else you need to. I have gotten a good amount of positive feedback from this video and this gave me the idea to post it here. I figured it has helped a good deal of people on youtube and that it may help a good deal of you here. If you have any issues setting up a server this video should get you up and running in no time. Install Video
  15. What we are doing: Setting up an automated build process to compile the server and mission PBO on restart Why: Ever needed to make changes to your server but had to wait for server restart? Ever missed that window and had to wait another 3 - 4 hours till your next restart cycle? I hate that! Requirements: PBOmanager, notepad++, firedaemon(optional) or knowledge of editing your batch scripts, a dev environemnt (you do have a dev environment don't you?), a dedicated server Difficulty: Advanced Ok guys, as stated before it is a huge pain in the ass to have to wait till your server goes down to push changes. Why not automate it so that you can make your changes and be done with them? So to start off you really should have a dev environment that mirrors your production environment. I'm talking about a dev server here people. Quick and dirty, just copy and paste your folder containing the Arma2OA install (you know the folder with @DayZ_Epoch_Server in it) to another directory. Doesn't matter what the name is but you need to make changes here before you make them on your production server so you can verify that you didn't break anything. Step 1: Install PBO manager if you have not. you can get it here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16369 Step 2: If you do not have unpacked folders of your PBO's living next to them in their proper directories, unpack your pbo's so that you have a folder with the same name in the same directory. This is where you will make your changes. Step 3: Create a batch script to run BEFORE your server starts. This PBO will automatically pack up the folder into a PBO overwriting your old one. Here is the content of my batch script "pbopack_dev.bat" (note that this is for the dev server, your path will not be the same" "C:\Program Files\PBO Manager v.1.4 beta\PBOConsole.exe" -pack "D:\dayz\DEV_Epoch1\@DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server" "D:\dayz\DEV_Epoch1\@DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server.pbo" "C:\Program Files\PBO Manager v.1.4 beta\PBOConsole.exe" -pack "D:\dayz\DEV_Epoch1\MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus" "D:\dayz\DEV_Epoch1\MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus.pbo" Step 4: Integrate batch script into your current server restart method. I use firedaemon, if you use a batch script, just make sure you run the previous batch before you start your server but after you have shut it down. for firedaemon users, just add the batch script to the "pre-service programs". Give it a nice 15 second timeout to ensure we didn't start the server too fast. That's it. Verify it works without breaking anything and you can implement this for your production servers. Development and Deployment strategy: Ok so I touched a little about this earlier but you MUST use a development environment. Any programmer who has worked in a professional environment will know that you NEVER EVER EVER make changes to production code. Firstly, its dangerous, secondly, it makes you look bad if you break a critical system because you were too lazy to test it properly. Always make changes to your dev server first before you migrate those changes to the live prod environment!!!!! Ideally, you would want to have an exact mirror of your production server so that you can accurately verify your changes don't break something. Here's how I do it. Initial Setup: 1. Copy entire DayZ server directory to a new one (this only needs to be done once) 2. Backup your DayZ database and insert it as a new one (I use "DayzEpoch_DEV" for this) 3. Modify your hive.ini so it points to your dev database 4. Make changes on dev server and verify results. After Setup: 1. Delete "@DayZ_Epoch_Server" and "mpmissions" directories from the DEV server folder. 2. Copy over "@DayZ_Epoch_Server" and "mpmissions" from your PROD server folder into the DEV server folder. 3. Make changes you need to the folders (no need to recompile as our script above does that for us) 4. Verify changes Migrating changes from DEV to PROD on a Live server: 1. TEST YOUR CHANGES IN DEV 2. Navigate to your PROD server directory and delete the PBO's unpacked folders you wish to modify 3. Copy the unpacked folders from your DEV server to the PROD server 4. Wait for server restart to automatically recompile the folders into PBOs
  16. Hello, I made a video on how to install admin tools by phoenix on dayz epoch. http://youtu.be/Mil0hgZzvJo Next part on how to add more menu's to it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjlN58OaE9s&feature=youtu.be http://dayzepoch.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3719-tutorial-how-to-add-more-menus-to-the-admintools-on-dayz-epoch-2nd-tutorial/ Greetings, Matijs
  17. Hello friends on the internet, :) my name is Simon and I try to make my own Epoch server. I try now for a month, but no luck. I've looked at many Tutorials, articles, and users instructions, and they did not help either much. I have gone through this tutorial many times, but no luck (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3vgAWLF-8M) someone who can give a better description, but also not just a copy of the instalation of dayzepoch.com because I do not really understand it, But if they can explain it better, you are welcome to post it below Regards Simon.
  18. I am curious on the process of how to add new guns to my epoch server. If you could link a tutorial or give me a brief description here that would be great. Anything to really get me started because after doing some research nothing has stood out to me to be very helpful. Thanks!
  19. Are you done with walking everywhere? Do you not want to run 7 kilometers and get KOS at the trader zone? Then you should join our Epoch Panthera Server. We have Admins with lots of experience dealing with players. We are willing and able to fix anything that is going wrong. Also, we have a TESTING server that we use to fully implement any addon that you specify into the game without restarting the main server. This exists so there aren't constant restarts every 30 minutes. IP: TS: gpudayz.teamspeak.net Current Features: Safe Zone Traders Self Bloodbag 300+ Vehicles Admin Events Custom Antihax Safe Base Buildiong Donator Loadouts Tame able Dogs PVP and Clans Restart WARNINGS!! Testing Server 3 Hour RESTARTS Coming Soon: Ai Missions Custom Events You CHOOSE what to Add! Server Details: 50 Slot Server Epoch 1.03.1 Panthera 2.9 AntiHack
  20. Hey there im currently running a version server of epoch over at survival servers, But they don't seem to of updated over to 1.0.3 yet, Was wondering if anyone here knew how i could do this manually? Thanks - DarkWolf
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