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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I've setup a new computer running microsoft server 2016 so that it can run my server permanently from that. Currently I'm running it from my main PC, which is alright but it means I have to leave it on all the time which is a big strain and uses more power then the computer running microsoft server. I managed to transfer all the files succesfully and export/import the database for my players however when I launch it, no error I can see happens as it allows me and other players to connect to the server, but once connected it gets stuck on 'waiting for server to start authentication' until it times out. The one thing I am seeing is normally when a player connects it starts spamming out green lines '12:42:04 HiveExt(0): [Information] Result: ["PASS",[2017,12,4,13,42]]' like that, however on the new computer it just sits on 'Game started' and never puts a new green line. Below is my mission rpt Steps I took to move the server 1 - Backup everything 2 - Install heidisql/xaamp 3 - Transfer over database and server files 4 - Give permissions to database that are exactly the same 5 - Redo paths for my launch/restart bats (this was fine) 6 - Launch server, no error I can see, allows players to connect and download mission then gets stuck on waiting for server to start authentication I've tried using a clear database too which didn't work, it must be some option I'm missing.
  2. Hi! Someone has battleye files? I just do not know what to do with mine Only admintools and other bugs So is someone ready for a file? Battleye / all txt. Thanks for help
  3. Hello everybody, I am looking for the DayZ Origins Building System files, If anybody has them could they please share/send them to me in a private message as I am going to need them for a new project that I am creating. Thank you.
  4. Hello :) I want more vehicules in EPOCH, so i would like to use gunned vehicules. In which files must i write the modifications ? epochconfig.hpp ? Which syntax must i have to used to ? Thanks for any smart reply :)
  5. Hi have anybody the Files for Panthera 3.1(config.cpp and mission.sqm). THX 4 Help
  6. Hello, so i think i remember a post, will search it later, where someone wrote the server files will not be GSP exclusive... On the Vert hosting homepage we can preorder Epoch Mod Server, Release time ETA: 1-2 weeks .... Here is my question, we get server files in 1-2 weeks ? or just GSP exclusive and we have to wait for 0.5 release ?! Best regards, Daniel btw: poor Aussie guys, extra 35 bugs for hosting in Sydney ?? same price policy like DayZ Standalone private Hive :lol:
  7. Hi, I have a dedicated cloud server with 32 GB SSD drive, and Windows Server 2008 R2. It's impossible to put 22 GB of game files on it to run the Epoch server. The problem is lack of disk space. There is any way to make a server using less disk space? Thank you a lot. Andre Luis.
  8. We run our server through Vilayer and we a few days ago Vilayer admitted to having a mess up and admitted to it, however they are more or less in a "your problem bro" type mood and aren't being much help. As the title says the server will restart, but will not load our safe/lockbox/vehicle gear. Along with that the mess-up vilayer had also corrupted ALL of our database backups so I have a slight feeling the server may be corrupted and we may have to reset the whole database which is our last resort if not helped soon. -Thanks
  9. Hello! I have just purchased a brand new Day-Z Epoch server, but I am currently having some issues finding out how I can install Sarge AI to my server. If you know how please get back to me in reply to this thread, or email me at [email protected] Thanks!
  10. I keep running into a lot of problems with the new patch... Now when I try to join my server I get that error: Any Ideas?
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