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  1. Hey Crizyz!, welcome back bro :) Yeah the evac works the same way. You can set up any chopper you want as long as it has fuel and it's not damaged it will come to you. I know what you mean about the virtual garage. Unfortunately we couldn't use the one i made because i used a .dll file for it that is now getting blocked by battleye. But i contacted the author of the addon and he requested from Battleye to whitelist it. Hopefully when they do it, i'll be able to bring it back....although this VG works the same way. We did put a lot of work into the files, converting the server to 10.6.2 wasnt an easy task. Only wish there were more people playing A2 these days :)
  2. Here is the log+error without the Kron functions running for this query: _key = format["SELECT ObjectID, ObjectUID, Classname, CharacterID, Worldspace, Inventory, Hitpoints, Fuel, Damage, StorageCoins FROM object_data WHERE Instance=%1 AND Classname IS NOT NULL LIMIT %2,1",dayZ_instance, _i]; _response = _key call server_hiveReadWriteLarge; diag_log format["::::::: 1- Before compile ::::: %1",_response]; _response = call compile _response; _response = _response select 1 select 0; LOG: "::::::: 1- Before compile ::::: [1,[[2,3,"VaultStorageLocked",6946928881,"[126,[6326.18,7802.88,0.00143433],"76561198017478031",[[-0.892854,0.450347,0],[0,0,1]]]",[[[],[]],[[],[]],[[],[]]],"[]",0.00000,0.00000,3000610]]]" Error in expression <881,"[126,[6326.18,7802.88,0.00143433],"76561198017478031",[[-0.892854,0.450347,> Error position: <76561198017478031",[[-0.892854,0.450347,> Error Missing ] The Wordspace (and also Hitpoints) cells because they are Varchar, they come back as strings "[126,[6326.18,7802.88,0.00143433],"76561198017478031",[[-0.892854,0.450347,0],[0,0,1]]]" not arrays, thus breaking the code. Without the Kron functions to convert them back to arrays (by removing the double quotes) the whole thing breaks. Same goes for the server_publishvehicle files, server_playerSetup etc...since Character_data table also has arrays stored as varchar in the db. That's what i mean. But in the end, I think mass replacing the "[ and ]" strings to [ ] for the whole result that comes back from the database is much easier and faster than to take care each individual varchar value. Arma2Net also has this bug...but for some weird reason when you are sending the whole query inside double quotes like this: _data = format["Arma2NETMySQLCommand ['%2',""%1""]",_key, DB_NAME]; SQL_RESULT = "Arma2Net.Unmanaged" callExtension _data; negates the problem...and the values come back as arrays....so you dont have to do the KRON parsing.
  3. Hi Biggy, Yeah i know that. Maybe a better example would be the server_monitor.sqf (here). The problem is that you have to call compile the result and then select the array (the select 1 select 0 part). While what you said is true..the select part always breaks in the server_monitor because the varchar entries come back as strings even though they are as arrays in the database. So i would have to do what you said almost everywhere for every single varchar entry that comes from the database....which of course is tedious and not to mention crazy :) There has to be an easier way to 'tell' extdb3 how to treat the outcome of the query...like it does with non-async calls. Premade queries have that option (look here), but since i dont want to rewrite every single query as a prepared statement (some people might wanna write their own sql queries for their own crazy mod ideas) having a robust 'hive_write', instead of 20 different queries helps a lot to that end. Arma2Net wasnt like that...i remember having the same problem with Arma2net at some point..but adding the queries inside double quotes for some reason negated that effect. I contacted the author of arma2net about the battleye block, and he sent a request to them to add it to their exception list. Hopefully we'll be able to return to A2Net at some point.
  4. New server Name: Terpos Epoch>>Casino|BBuild|Gates|CCTV|VG|Events|Coin|Tow|Evac|Rewards A small presentation of the mods: More to come soon....
  5. [Update]- fixed SingleCurrency stuff again. If you want to use zsc stuff this will fix the Vaults not storing coins in them. - Disabled testkit for now (init.sqf at the bottom). Cause it interferes with base building....if you want to test things out without building, just enable it.
  6. [Update] - fixed server_playersync.sqf to save coin value to db - testkit fixes
  7. - Added Testkit by ebayShopper. Press ~ ingame to get the GUI. You can test code in the dialogue box there and also use some common admin type commands.
  8. hehe it was a hintSilent for the 1062 version of the hive mission. No animals were harmed in the making of this film. :)
  9. Another update, Fixed player_switchModel.sqf, server_functions.sqf, player_monitor.sqf to properly retrieve and update player stats in the db. Also added Safezone triggers
  10. How do you convert the gold bars to coins ? Silly me...the CfgServerTrader.hpp was not loaded
  11. Guys i pushed some changes up...I was playing with WAI (it works fine btw, all you have to do is search/replace /z/addons/dayz_server/ type of paths to plain dayz_server/) and noticed that the emu-server was not spawning events properly...Also the player was not assigned to the playableUnits array properly, so just redownload the affected files if you want. Changed files are here: https://github.com/Sandbird/Dayz.Epoch.1062.3d.Editor.Hive.Mission/commit/591aa33628d75184512eb533aef78701326dd0f6 or you can just check the CHANGELOG i uploaded
  12. Sandbird


    I think It should go into server_playerSetup.sqf not server_playerLogin. Under line: if (_lastInstance != dayZ_instance) then {_randomSpot = true;}; I am not sure what : "%ClassnameItem%" is but i guess its a generic class object.
  13. extDB3 is a real b...h to work with. It uses premade SQL queries instead of allowing you to easily create your own queries inside .sqf files. I've played around with an asyncCall script (dayz_server\extDB\custom\asyncCall.sqf) trying to allow the use of my hive calls (ie: search for server_hiveReadWrite) but its not working well with VARCHAR types in the database. I had to use some very shameful ways to fix values coming from the database (varchar values) that were coming back inside quotes (ie: "[blah, blah]" when it should come back as [blah, blah]). You can see my trickery inside \dayz_server\compile\server_publishVehicle2.sqf line 46. I am manually removing the quotes and convert the string back to a proper arma array. If anyone knows how to properly tell extDB3 to return these values as arrays and not strings feel free to share it cause every time i see that ugly code i am pulling my hair :P The same goes for the server_monitor.sqf which spawns Hive Objects. I guess the biggest reason why it takes so long to spawn a lot of vehicles on from the db is because of this. Thats why i only leave like 30-50 vehicles in my db. It's pointless loading a full db with player bases etc. Edit: Oh also in the server_monitor.sqf i separate the player buildings from the epoch vehicles etc into 2 arrays. (_BuildingQueue + _objectQueue). So first i am spawning all the buildings and then all the vehicles...This way if a car is on the 2nd floor of a building it wont randomly spawn on the ground and then 2 floors spawn on top of that. Just something to keep in mind...i dont know if 10.6.2 is taking care of that bug some other way...i had that on my 10.5.1 server so i thought to keep using it since it's bug free. The separation is happening in line 80. If its a building it adds it into the Buildings array, otherwise in the vehicles array...and further down in line 344 it starts spawning first the Buildings and then the Vehicles. if ((_response select 2) isKindOf "ModularItems") then {
  14. A lot of things have changed since the last version. This time you can also build items properly (just use the action Enable Keyboard actions) when you want to enable keystroke capture. For example Right click a safe to start building and then enable the mouse wheel action to allow rotation with Q,E etc. Since there is no (display 46 in the editor it was the only hacky way i could think of to capture keystrokes)
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