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  1. I am not sure this works anymore..it was for the 10.6.2 version...i havent played dayz for some time now but i guess a lot of variables have changed since then. If i is a path related bug then make sure all folder paths are inside double quotes. From the start of the path till the end.
  2. Here is the log+error without the Kron functions running for this query: _key = format["SELECT ObjectID, ObjectUID, Classname, CharacterID, Worldspace, Inventory, Hitpoints, Fuel, Damage, StorageCoins FROM object_data WHERE Instance=%1 AND Classname IS NOT NULL LIMIT %2,1",dayZ_instance, _i]; _response = _key call server_hiveReadWriteLarge; diag_log format["::::::: 1- Before compile ::::: %1",_response]; _response = call compile _response; _response = _response select 1 select 0; LOG: "::::::: 1- Before compile ::::: [1,[[2,3,"VaultStorageLocked",881,"[126,[6326.18,7802.88,0.00143433],"76561198017478031",[[-0.892854,0.450347,0],[0,0,1]]]",[[[],[]],[[],[]],[[],[]]],"[]",0.00000,0.00000,3000610]]]" Error in expression <881,"[126,[6326.18,7802.88,0.00143433],"76561198017478031",[[-0.892854,0.450347,> Error position: <76561198017478031",[[-0.892854,0.450347,> Error Missing ] The Wordspace (and also Hitpoints) cells because they are Varchar, they come back as strings "[126,[6326.18,7802.88,0.00143433],"76561198017478031",[[-0.892854,0.450347,0],[0,0,1]]]" not arrays, thus breaking the code. Without the Kron functions to convert them back to arrays (by removing the double quotes) the whole thing breaks. Same goes for the server_publishvehicle files, server_playerSetup etc...since Character_data table also has arrays stored as varchar in the db. That's what i mean. But in the end, I think mass replacing the "[ and ]" strings to [ ] for the whole result that comes back from the database is much easier and faster than to take care each individual varchar value. Arma2Net also has this bug...but for some weird reason when you are sending the whole query inside double quotes like this: _data = format["Arma2NETMySQLCommand ['%2',""%1""]",_key, DB_NAME]; SQL_RESULT = "Arma2Net.Unmanaged" callExtension _data; negates the problem...and the values come back as arrays....so you dont have to do the KRON parsing.
  3. Hi Biggy, Yeah i know that. Maybe a better example would be the server_monitor.sqf (here). The problem is that you have to call compile the result and then select the array (the select 1 select 0 part). While what you said is true..the select part always breaks in the server_monitor because the varchar entries come back as strings even though they are as arrays in the database. So i would have to do what you said almost everywhere for every single varchar entry that comes from the database....which of course is tedious and not to mention crazy :) There has to be an easier way to 'tell' extdb3 how to treat the outcome of the query...like it does with non-async calls. Premade queries have that option (look here), but since i dont want to rewrite every single query as a prepared statement (some people might wanna write their own sql queries for their own crazy mod ideas) having a robust 'hive_write', instead of 20 different queries helps a lot to that end. Arma2Net wasnt like that...i remember having the same problem with Arma2net at some point..but adding the queries inside double quotes for some reason negated that effect. I contacted the author of arma2net about the battleye block, and he sent a request to them to add it to their exception list. Hopefully we'll be able to return to A2Net at some point.
  4. [Update]- fixed SingleCurrency stuff again. If you want to use zsc stuff this will fix the Vaults not storing coins in them. - Disabled testkit for now (init.sqf at the bottom). Cause it interferes with base building....if you want to test things out without building, just enable it.
  5. [Update] - fixed server_playersync.sqf to save coin value to db - testkit fixes
  6. - Added Testkit by ebayShopper. Press ~ ingame to get the GUI. You can test code in the dialogue box there and also use some common admin type commands.
  7. hehe it was a hintSilent for the 1062 version of the hive mission. No animals were harmed in the making of this film. :)
  8. Another update, Fixed player_switchModel.sqf, server_functions.sqf, player_monitor.sqf to properly retrieve and update player stats in the db. Also added Safezone triggers
  9. How do you convert the gold bars to coins ? Silly me...the CfgServerTrader.hpp was not loaded
  10. Guys i pushed some changes up...I was playing with WAI (it works fine btw, all you have to do is search/replace /z/addons/dayz_server/ type of paths to plain dayz_server/) and noticed that the emu-server was not spawning events properly...Also the player was not assigned to the playableUnits array properly, so just redownload the affected files if you want. Changed files are here: https://github.com/Sandbird/Dayz.Epoch.1062.3d.Editor.Hive.Mission/commit/591aa33628d75184512eb533aef78701326dd0f6 or you can just check the CHANGELOG i uploaded
  11. Sandbird


    I think It should go into server_playerSetup.sqf not server_playerLogin. Under line: if (_lastInstance != dayZ_instance) then {_randomSpot = true;}; I am not sure what : "%ClassnameItem%" is but i guess its a generic class object.
  12. extDB3 is a real b...h to work with. It uses premade SQL queries instead of allowing you to easily create your own queries inside .sqf files. I've played around with an asyncCall script (dayz_server\extDB\custom\asyncCall.sqf) trying to allow the use of my hive calls (ie: search for server_hiveReadWrite) but its not working well with VARCHAR types in the database. I had to use some very shameful ways to fix values coming from the database (varchar values) that were coming back inside quotes (ie: "[blah, blah]" when it should come back as [blah, blah]). You can see my trickery inside \dayz_server\compile\server_publishVehicle2.sqf line 46. I am manually removing the quotes and convert the string back to a proper arma array. If anyone knows how to properly tell extDB3 to return these values as arrays and not strings feel free to share it cause every time i see that ugly code i am pulling my hair :P The same goes for the server_monitor.sqf which spawns Hive Objects. I guess the biggest reason why it takes so long to spawn a lot of vehicles on from the db is because of this. Thats why i only leave like 30-50 vehicles in my db. It's pointless loading a full db with player bases etc. Edit: Oh also in the server_monitor.sqf i separate the player buildings from the epoch vehicles etc into 2 arrays. (_BuildingQueue + _objectQueue). So first i am spawning all the buildings and then all the vehicles...This way if a car is on the 2nd floor of a building it wont randomly spawn on the ground and then 2 floors spawn on top of that. Just something to keep in mind...i dont know if 10.6.2 is taking care of that bug some other way...i had that on my 10.5.1 server so i thought to keep using it since it's bug free. The separation is happening in line 80. If its a building it adds it into the Buildings array, otherwise in the vehicles array...and further down in line 344 it starts spawning first the Buildings and then the Vehicles. if ((_response select 2) isKindOf "ModularItems") then {
  13. A lot of things have changed since the last version. This time you can also build items properly (just use the action Enable Keyboard actions) when you want to enable keystroke capture. For example Right click a safe to start building and then enable the mouse wheel action to allow rotation with Q,E etc. Since there is no (display 46 in the editor it was the only hacky way i could think of to capture keystrokes)
  14. Dayz.Epoch.1.0.62 - 3d.Editor.Live.Mission with Database interaction -=Youtube Demo=- What is this A custom mission file for the purpose of testing/writing scripts for DayZ Epoch without the need of a server. It emulates the dayz_server and dayz_mission files, so you can write scripts using the 3d editor. No need to use a dayz_server for debugging anymore. We all know how time consuming that is. Features Full Database integration (yes thats right... [:)] I would suggest to have a maximum of 100 objects in your object_data table for faster results. Took 5 min to load 10000 objs from my real database, so also make sure you dont go crazy with the MaxVehicleLimit, MaxDynamicDebris values in the init.sqf Fully working GUI, zombies, hit registration, addactions, everything! Write code and execute it on the fly. No need to start a server and join with a client to test things. 100% of your scripts will work! (dynamic weather, default loadouts, custom scripts etc) 2 setups. A default 3d editor player with a default loadout or a Real database character based on your UID Includes most of BIS_fnc functions, so actions like BIS_fn_invAdd will work (i've added most common ones...more included though...check details bellow.) Everything works...when i say everything i mean EVERYTHING !. (Spawning objects on mission start, traders (buy/sell), maintenance, character update, events, stats...etc) New Features! All .FSM files have been converted to .SQF meaning the mission acts as a full fledged server / client merge. New character creation has been ignored though, so the server expects that the client that is about to connect exists in the database. The server will start, wait for a 'fake client connection to happen' (you pressing the Preview button), and then it will load your character from the database, spawn Hive objects and create new based on your MaxVehicleLimit values etc, then initialize the events and finally spawn the character to his worldspace location. Use AdminTools to spawn any Perm, Temp vehicle you want, including buildings, crates etc. Building objects is working as expected with a little AddAction trick. Unfortunately the primary display (eg: findDisplay 46) isnt working inside the editor. That means that building stuff or placing objects is very hard to do since we can't 'capture' keystrokes. Further details below after the Installation instructions. Arma2Net is not allowed by Battleye anymore, so i am using extDB3 now. Requirements: A mysql server on the same machine as your Arma2 editor. Well...a remote PC would work as well...just make sure YOU ARE NOT using your original database. Make a copy of it!. This mission will interact with your database ! If you don't have a mysql server on your pc...i suggest you get WampServer. It's the easiest php/mysql server out there. Installation Head over to the GitHub where the project is. Click Download on the right sidebar, and extract the rar file. Copy the 3d.live1062.DayzEpochTemplate.Chernarus mission file in your \My Documents\ArmA 2\missions\ folder If your active Arma profile is not the default one, then you probably should extract it in the \My Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles 2\missions\ folder, otherwise you won't be able to find the mission inside the editor. Copy everything inside "Arma2OA root folder" in your root Arma2OA folder (the same folder where @DayZ_Epoch_Server, MPMissions are). The real_date.dll...(Thanks to killzonekid) is used to get your machine's date/time to be used for live day/night cycles inside the game (...you can set a fixed day if you want...details bellow). The tbbmalloc - tbbmalloc_x64.dll files are provided by extDB3. They shouldnt interfere with your normal game, but they are needed for the mission to be able to connect to your MySQL server. (Make a backup of your original ones if you want, just be safe.) EATbaseExporter is used by the AdminTools, and allows you to export bases to an .sqf format so you can import them afterwards to your server. Now edit -=START HIVE MISSION=-.bat which was placed in your Arma2 folder, and fix the paths to their proper values. If you are using DZLauncher then the @Dayz_Epoch folder is probably where i placed it myself. Battleye needs to be disabled inside the editor otherwise the extDB3 addon will not work. The .bat is taking care of that. It will disable Battleye after 7 seconds. Depending on your machine, if you see that the time isn't sufficient, raise that value a little bit. A sample Database has been provided with me as a character and a basic loadout. You can of course use your own database, just remember to delete most of your Object_Data table vehicles. The more vehicles you have there, the longer it will take for the dayz_server to spawn them. If you just want to write a script independent of cars etc...why wait 5 minutes for the server to spawn 10000 vehicles :) Open "ArmaOA\@extDB\extdb3-conf.ini" and add your test database data there. I named the test SQL DB dayz_cherno [dayz_cherno] IP = localhost Port = 3306 Username = dayz Password = mypass123 Database = dayz_cherno # dayz_cherno is the name of the database (change it in both values) # localhost is your mysql server (could be an IP value as well) # 3306 your mysql port # dayz is your database username # mypass123 is your database password When the game launches, press Alt+E, select Chernarus, then Load mission 3d.live1062.DayzEpochTemplate.Chernarus Open \My Documents\ArmA 2\missions\3d.live1062.DayzEpochTemplate.Chernarus\init.sqf Go to line 61 and start editing the values there. DB_NAME is the name of your database (same as the extdb3 config file). Add your PlayerUID value (same as the DB one) in line 72. (That the player you want to load from the database) Depending which map you want to use, you have to change the dayZ_instance variable and also the MarkerP values (line 62) based on your mission.sqm file. Its for the Hive to spawn random vehicles, roadblocks and mines at proper locations based on the map. Just read the comments there for how to get the values. Its really simple. Just copy paste stuff from your mission.sqm file. Default setup vs Database setup There are 2 ways of initializing your player. A live database player based on his UID in the character_data table (coordinates, medical states, inventory etc) A default 3d editor player with a basic loadout. (Ignores Hive Loadouts and initial vehicle spawns) Default setup (extDB3) [DefaultTruePreMadeFalse = true;] This option is now the default one, because it's so much easier to set up, plus a lot of things have changed in the 1062 Epoch version. I couldn't totally separate the server files from the client files, so in the end a Database is necessary for the Mission files to work properly. To setup your character with this method, leave DefaultTruePreMadeFalse to true; Everything is database based..so no need to do anything else. The mission will start with all your stats, inventory, conditions and spawn you where your world coordinates are. Premade Character Setup [DefaultTruePreMadeFalse = false;] This setup DOES NOT initialize the character based on a database entry, or does any HIVE related queries on mission start. (like load objects etc). Instead it uses some premade stats that you set, and only uses the Database on updates (buy vehicles etc) The loadout of the player is set in the init.sqf in line 77 player setVariable ["CharacterID", "1", true]; // Set here the characterID of the player. It can be anything...just leave it 1 if you want. player setVariable ["playerUID", "111111", true]; // Set here the playerUID of the player you want to have. player setVariable["Z_globalVariable", 100000]; player setVariable["Z_BankVariable", 100000]; player setVariable["Z_MoneyVariable", 100000]; player setVariable["humanity", 11000]; player setVariable["humanKills", 10]; player setVariable["banditKills", 20]; player setVariable["zombieKills", 30]; player setVariable ["friendlies", ["222222","333333"], true]; //Both DZE_Friends and this must be set for friendlies to work properly DZE_Friends = ["222222","333333"]; Everything else should work fine with the database....like traders, salvaging, etc...Unfortunately since the 1062 ver had many differences from the 1051 one, i couldn't really make this Profile option a standalone one, without any Database interaction. So in order for you to minimize any errors in the log file, i would suggest you load my sample db file provided, and also change those CharacterID and PlayerUID values in PLAYER_Data and CHARACTER_Data tables to the ones you set up here, just in case.... The Premade character setup is for people that want to fast debug a script they are making and don't want to wait for the Hive to load all map objects and authenticate the player first. Further Details to change (in both Profile Cases) The description.ext, mission.sqf, mission.biedi files have your character's name in them. Just search for the word Sandbird in all of them and change it according to the PlayerName value you have in your Player_DATA table for your PlayerUID value. Example taken from description.ext. DONT change the actual My_Player text. The mission file needs that string to read what you typed in the name field. class My_Player { name="Sandbird"; face="Face20"; glasses="None"; speaker="Male01EN"; pitch=1.1; }; Important info Init.sqf values DefaultTruePreMadeFalse = true; // True: Read player's data from the database (based on UID), False: the normal player the editor has StaticDayOrDynamic = true; // A static date is set at the bottom of \dayz_server\init\server_function.sqf. Set this to false if you want real time/date inside the mission. DZEdebug = false; // Set to true if you want a more detailed log file Enable Keyboard actions (menu option) // (findDisplay 46) wont work inside the editor. That means that building stuff or placing objects is very hard to do since we cant 'capture' keystrokes. I kinda fixed this with a trick. In order to build something first you have to initiate the building action (holding the object in your hands) and then scroll with your mouse wheel and select Enable Keyboard actions. This will create a layer on your screen capturing your keystrokes thus allowing you to change orientations etc. Pressing ESC twice after and it will close the fake display and return to normal play mode. You will have to do this every time you want to build something. Related to coding Since the Editor has some limitations because its not a real server some things will never work. For example: _playerUID = getPlayerUID player; will never work in the editor. To get the _playerUID you have to do this: _playerUID = player getVariable ["playerUID", 0]; This is the most important thing to remember. Lots of scripts use getPlayerUID. You have to remember to change it every time you want to use it. Of course the player value is just an example here. If you were inside a loop and it had (getPlayerUID _x) then you have to rewrite it like this: (_x getVariable["PlayerUID",0]) findDisplay 46 does not work in the editor. If you are using/making a script that uses Display 46 try using my Enable Keyboard action. It might work in your case. publicvariableServercommands don't exist in the editor. There is no server to accept the command. If you want to use addpublicvariableeventhandler you can do it with call/spawn commands. You can find the handlers usually in the PublicEH.sqf. Example: PVDZE_plr_Save = [player,dayz_Magazines,false,true]; publicVariable "PVDZE_plr_Save"; can be written like: PVDZE_plr_Save = [player,dayz_Magazines,false,true]; publicVariableServer "PVDZE_plr_Save"; // keeping this so when you move the code to the real server you remember to add it. [player,dayz_Magazines,false,true] spawn server_playerSync; // what to call is usually inside publicEH.sqf. In this case search for PVDZE_plr_Save in the PublicEH file and check the call it makes in the end. You could also change the publicVariableServer to publicVariable. That should work inside the editor. But keep in mind these changes wont work on the live server, since one command broadcasts something to the server while the other just to the client running it. I would suggest you keep the original value and do the PublicEH call instead, marking it down with some debug comments next to it, so when you are done and want to transfer the files to your live server you just remove the call and everything should work as expected. Don't forget to change the paths when you are adding addons to test/modify them. For example, notice the differences here: player_switchModel = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "dayz_code\compile\player_switchModel.sqf"; player_checkStealth = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\player_checkStealth.sqf"; The first line will look up for player_switchModel.sqf inside the editor mission files, while the 2nd one will go to the @Dayz_Epoch map file and get the .sqf file. Same thing applies for the dayz_server files (server_functions.sqf). Once you are done with your script and you have added new compile lines, you need to fix them back to their proper values before you upload them to your live server. If you are missing any BIS_fnc functions then check the folder dayz_code\system\functions and see if it's available there to include it in the compiles.sqf. Set DZEdebug = true; in the init.sqf. And ALWAYS check your RPT log file for debugging. Its located at : %AppData%\Local\ArmA 2 OA folder. Related to mission file included You'll notice when you start the mission there are 2 bots standing there. If you double click the soldier you'll see that he initiates this script scripts\BotInit.sqf. I left that in purpose in case you want to do some scripting that requires 'another player', and you want to initialize the fake player like that. The other bot can be deleted. I just left it there because i was testing a Tag Friendly script, and needed a 3rd 'player' that has me as a friend. I've included a simple Fireworks script i made a while back only this time i used some better effects taken from aliascartoons work. Just add a 'SMAW_HEDP' into your inventory and right click on it to test it out. Here is how the old script used to look like Fireworks. Also you'll find a little 'hat script' in the files, just right click a 'IRStrobe' item to add a hat to your player. Both script were written inside the editor using the mission file above...just a small example to show you how easy it is to write code there. The @extDB folder contains a folder called debug_files. These .dlls (when replaced the ones provided) activate a more detailed log file (found under arma 2 operation arrowhead\logs folder). It will show ALL MySQL queries going in/out of the database. Very useful if you are running any custom SQL queries and the RTP log file isn't enough. Final Notes These are heavily modified files...Dont overwrite them with your own files. Add to them instead of replacing them. If you are writing scripts that dont require the server to restart, then you can just go to 2D editor and press Preview again after you make the changes. No need to hit Restart. As long as you are doing changes that doesnt affect the Hive loading you can basically run things on the fly. For example in the init.sqf at the bottom i added a Add BankMonkey example. That command just loads the custom\money.sqf and shows a simple extDB3 example on how to select/update a DB table. Since this command doesnt require the server to restart, you can just hit Preview, test things out, and if you want to make changes, go back to 2D Editor, edit your changes in the money.sqf file and hit Preview again. No need to hit Restart and wait for the dayz_server functions to do their thing again. The whole purpose of this project was to not waste any more time trying to code on this god forsaken Arma engine. And a personal note....You will NEVER find an easier way to code stuff for Dayz....period. This is the fastest way to write code and see it in action. Hope this code will help you write code faster and easier ! ### Credits This mission file would not be possible without the help of these addons/people DayzEpochTeam | http://epochmod.com killzonekid | http://killzonekid.com extDB3 | https://bitbucket.org/torndeco/extdb3/wiki/Home ebayShopper | https://github.com/ebayShopper/TestKit JasonTM (for the latest beta AdminTools)| https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/44863-release-epoch-admin-tools-v-1107-test-branch/
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